Bathroom items that start with a specific letter

Bathrooms have been around since antiquity. The ancient Greeks and Romans used baths as a social gathering place, as well as a place to get clean. Bathrooms have changed drastically since then.

Even though bathrooms have gotten smaller, since they are mainly used just for families, the items in bathrooms have increased. Here are some items that many bathrooms have nowadays.

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Bathroom items that start with “A”

Air Freshener

Air Freshener 1Pin

An air freshener is something used to make a room smell cleaner. These can come in several forms. Sprays, candles, oils, and plug-ins are all types of air fresheners.


Artwork 1Pin

Artwork can be located anywhere in the home, including the bathroom. Pictures and sculptures can be used, as well as other forms of art.

Bathroom items that start with “B”

Back Scrubber

Back ScrubberPin

A back scrubber is a type of brush used to clean the bath while taking a bath or shower. It can be made of wood and is usually long so that the user can reach comfortably down the back to scrub away.

Bath Bomb

Bath BombPin

A bath bomb is a solid sphere that contains citric acid, baking soda, essential oils, and other ingredients. The bomb is dropped in a bath where it dissolves and fizzles into various colors and smells to enjoy while cleaning oneself.

Bath Canisters

Bath CanistersPin

A bath canister is a small container that is usually clear and holds small items used in the bathroom, such as q-tips, cotton balls, and bath salts. The canisters in the picture hold q-tips, makeup pads, and other smaller objects.

Bath Mat

Bath MatPin

A bath mat is a small mat usually placed in the tub and shower to prevent slipping while using either. A mat is usually clear and has suction cups on the bottom to prevent the user and mat from slipping around while wet.

Bath Rug

Bath RugPin

A bath rug is a small or large rug placed near the shower, tub, or towel. It can be made of cotton or another material and is a great way to prevent water from getting on the floor or from slipping while stepping out of the bath and shower.

Bath Salts

Bath SaltsPin

Bath salts can be used in the bath to help sore muscles relax after a long day at work. They can be made of sea salts or Epsom salts mixed with essential oils and dyes. Some jars and containers are pretty enough to display when not being used.

Bath Scale

Bath ScalePin

A bath scale is a weighing scale used in the bathroom. These can be made analog or digital. Most are simple and just need to be stepped on to read.

Bath Sheets

Bath SheetsPin

Bath sheets are large bath towels used in the bathroom. These large towels are great to get wrapped in after a bath or shower to keep warm and take off water so that you can quickly change into clothes.

Bath Towels

Bath TowelsPin

Bath towels are towels in various sizes to use when at the sink or shower. They can be made of cotton and other soft materials. The most common types are small face towels, hand towels, and large body towels.



A bathrobe is a long robe that covers most of the body. These are used to cover up the body after taking a shower or bath. Many are made of cotton or satin in a variety of colors and styles.



A bathtub is a large tub located in the bathroom that is used to bathe in. Many have an attached shower so that the individual can choose between either a bath or shower. Basic tubs are small, while spa tubs have jets and are large enough to fit comfortably in.


Bench 1Pin

A bench is a small seating area located in the bathroom. It can be used to undress and dress, as a place for décor or to store additional bathroom items. They are made of wood and other sturdy materials suitable for a bathroom.

Body Lotion

Body LotionPin

Body lotion is a lotion made to use all over the body. Many people prefer to use body lotion after a bath or shower to keep moisture on their skin longer with the help of the lotion. Most lotions are made in a combination of water, oils, and other ingredients.



A brush is a tool used to smooth out hair for styling and to get tangles out. A handle made of wood or plastic makes it easy to hold. On the other end are bristles made of hard and flexible material that can push through hair.

Bubble Bath

Bubble BathPin

A bubble bath is a bath filled with water and foamy bubbles. The bubbles are made from a mixture of soap and water. Many include various scents.

Another way to create a bubble bath is to pour liquid body soap into running water while the bath fills up.

Bathroom items that start with “C”


Cabinet 1Pin

A cabinet is made up of drawers and doors to store items that are to be kept in the bathroom. Most cabinets are located under the sink. They can be made of wood and store towels, soaps, first aid items, and toiletries.



A candleholder is a structure used to place candles so that they can safely burn. The ones in the photograph are made of concrete in a basic form. Candleholders can also be more elaborate and look like a décor piece with a candle or several candles.


Candles 1Pin

Candles are pieces of wax with a wick located in the middle that makes light as it burns.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling FanPin

A ceiling fan is a fan attached to the ceiling. Chains hang down so that the lighting and speed of the fans can be controlled. Most have several wings to cool down the room.


Chair 1Pin

A chair is a piece of furniture that can be sit on. Some come with or without armrests. The one in the photograph is made of wicker and can be used as a resting place or another area to store towels and other bathroom items.

Clog Remover

Clog RemoverPin

A clog remover removes hair and other materials from a drain in the sink and bathtub. One type is in a liquid form and cleans out the drain with various chemicals. Another clog remover is a device, such as a plunger used to suction water.



A comb is a device used to get tangles out and to style hair. It contains teeth made of plastic and other hard material. Some are made with handles with others are not.

They also are made in a variety of colors and styles.

Contact Lens

Contact LensPin

A contact lens is a soft item used to place in the eyes to see better. They are circular-shaped and fit over the iris and pupil to help people see close up and far away. Different types are made to fit the needs of various eyes.

Contact Lens Case

Contact Lens CasePin

A contact lens case is a place to store contact lens when not being used. They are usually made of plastic and come with two compartments to fit a pair of contacts. They can easily be stored in a medicine cabinet or other small area.

Cosmetic Bag

Cosmetic BagPin

A cosmetic bag is a bag used to store makeup and other small cosmetic items. The bags are usually small and can fit items such as lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, and small lotions. These bags come in a variety of styles and colors.



Cosmetics are a group of items used to enhance features on the face and other parts of the body. They are made in a variety of materials and come with instruments for easy application, such as brushes and sponges. Creams, eyeliner, and lip gloss are all examples of cosmetics.

Cotton Ball

Cotton BallPin

Cotton balls are small balls made of cotton. They have many uses in the bathroom, such as for putting on or taking off makeup, applying to wounds, and more. As the picture shows, cotton balls look similar to natural cotton.



Curlers are small, hollow cylinders wrapped around hair to make it curly. They are applied to wet hair and worn overnight or taken out once hair is blow-dried. They can be made of plastic with Velcro to help hair stay in place.

Bathroom items that start with “D”

Dental Floss

Dental FlossPin

Dental floss is a long piece of thread used to get food items out from between teeth. They come in a small box with a lid. Many brands cover floss with wax and a flavor, such as mint or cinnamon.



Deodorant is a substance used on the body to block unpleasant smells from body odor. Many can be applied as a solid under the armpits or as a spray all over the body. They usually come in a plastic container in different scents.



A diaper is an underwear used mainly by infants who have not been potty trained. These are also used by adults who have a hard time controlling their urine. Diapers can be made of cloth, which need to be cleaned, or of disposable materials and only worn once.

Disinfectant Spray

Disinfectant SprayPin

Disinfectant spray is a spray used to clean surfaces and items. The spray contains chemicals to keep out substances that can cause illnesses, such as viruses and bacteria.

Drying Rack

Drying Rack 1Pin

A drying rack is a simple piece of furniture where are variety of clothes can be hung to dry. The rack can be made of plastic or metal and in different shapes where different types of clothes can be hung.

Bathroom items that start with “E”

Ear Cleaner

Ear CleanerPin

An ear cleaner is a small item used to clean around and inside the ears. Q-tips made of cotton are commonly used to clean the outside of the ear. Other instruments can be used to carefully clean the inside for those who have a buildup of wax.

Electric Shavers

Electric ShaversPin

An electric shaver is a shaver that needs to be plugged in or charged to shave hair off the body. The blades rotate to quickly take off hair without the use of water or shaving cream. The one in the photograph has three blades, although others may have more or less.

Electric Toothbrush

Electric ToothbrushPin

An electric toothbrush is a toothbrush where the bristles move on their own when the brush is turned on. The brush moved up and down and in a circle to vigorously clean teeth.

Essential Oil

Essential OilPin

Essential oils are chemical compounds taken from plants that include the smell that the plant is known by. These oils can be mixed with water and other liquids to create perfumes and body sprays. Lavender is an example of a popular essential oil.

Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow PalettePin

An eyeshadow palette is a small palette that contains a variety of pigmented powders that can be applied to the eyes. These powders can add color and enhance the areas around the eyes. Palettes come in a variety of colors for women to wear.

Bathroom items that start with “F”

Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener 1Pin

Fabric softener is also known as a conditioner used on clothes while being cleaned to keep them from getting ruined or worn when air-dried. As the name implies, the liquid has chemicals that help to soften the clothes while being dried in the air.

Face Moisturizer

Face MoisturizerPin

Face moisturizer is a cream applied to the face. Moisturizer helps to soften the skin and keep in looking young and fresh. There are many types of creams based on the age and the type of skin a person has.



A faucet is a metal tube where water comes out into a basin in a sink, shower, or bathtub in the bathroom. There may be one valve near the faucet, or two on each side that allow hot and cold water to come out.

Flat Iron

Flat IronPin

A flat iron is an iron used on curly or wavy hair to make it straight. It is made with a plastic handle so that the user does not burn their hands when hot. The iron needs to be plugged in to heat up, then be used by men and women with long hair.

Bathroom items that start with “H”

Hair Clips

Hair ClipsPin

Hair clips are clips worn in the hair to keep it away from the face. They can be made of plastic in a variety of colors, or neutral colors to blend in with the hair. Hair clips can also be used as a decorative piece, such as jewelry for the hair and made of gold, silver, and jewels.

Haircutting Scissors

Haircutting ScissorsPin

Haircutting scissors are shears made specifically to cut hair with. They are usually made much sharper than everyday scissors to cut hair precisely. Texturizing shears are a specific type used to make hair less thick with plenty of texture.



A hairdryer is a device used to dry and style wet hair. Most come with several settings to blow out hot or cool air, with low or high amounts of air being blown at a time. Some come with attachments to smooth out or add texture to hair as it’s being dried.



Hairpins are plastic or metal pins used to keep hair in place or to use as a decorative piece on the head. Many pins can be used to keep thick amounts of hair high on the head for a long period of time. They can be plain or stylish, such as the ones in the photograph.

Hand Cream

Hand CreamPin

Hand cream is cream used on the hands to soften them and keep hands from drying out. They are made of water, oil, and other substances to keep hands moist and cool. Hand creams can be unscented or scented with essential oils.

Hand Towels

Hand TowelsPin

A hand towel is a towel used to dry off hands after washing them in the bathroom. They are smaller than body towels, but larger than face towels. Hand towels can be made of cotton, polyester, or other fabrics that can take off water from hands quickly.

Bathroom items that start with “L”


Lamp 1Pin

A lamp is a light source used in a specific part of the bathroom. The lamp can be suspended from the ceiling or self-standing. Women prefer using lamps while applying moisturizer or makeup in the bathroom.

Laundry Basket

Laundry Basket 1Pin

A laundry basket is a container where dirty or clean clothes are placed before and after being washed. They can be made of plastic, cloth, bamboo, and other materials. These baskets usually are made with handles to easily carry to and from laundry machines.

Laundry Detergent

Laundry Detergent 1Pin

Laundry detergent is soap made to help clean clothes and other laundry in the washing machine. It can be in liquid or solid form. Mild chemicals can be mixed with essential oils and other liquids to make clothes smell great after being washed.



Lipstick is a type of cosmetic worn on the lips to add color and enhance the look of lips. Lipstick can come in a solid or liquid form and is available in all kinds of colors. It is made of a mixture of oil, wax, pigment, and other ingredients like beeswax.

Bathroom items that start with “M”



Magazines are publications in paper form that are published yearly, monthly, weekly, and so on. Pictures and articles are on specific topics, such as current events, gardening, men’s interests, and women’s interests. Many people have a stack of magazines in the bathroom while using it.

Makeup Case

Makeup CasePin

A makeup case is a container where makeup is located. They are usually made of plastic and include a small mirror and brushes to apply the makeup with.

Makeup Mirror

Makeup MirrorPin

A makeup mirror is a small makeup used specifically to apply makeup. Some have two mirrors: one that is regular and another that is magnified to help the person put on cosmetics. Many eyeshadow and other cosmetic cases include a small mirror on the inside.

Makeup Remover

Makeup RemoverPin

Makeup remover is a liquid that is made up of mild ingredients to take off makeup from the face. They can be water-based or oil-based.



Medications are various substances and drugs used to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions. They are usually in liquid or pill form and some need to be prescribed by doctors.

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine CabinetPin

A medicine cabinet is a small cabinet in the bathroom where medications can be stored when not being used. These cabinets are usually next to the washbasin or are hidden behind the vanity mirror.



Mirrors are thin pieces of glass that reflect images. Most bathrooms have at least one mirror, usually by the sink. People can check to see if they look ready to go out, put on makeup, and do their hair using a bathroom mirror.



A mop is a cleaning item with yarn, cloth, or other materials on one side of a long wooden or plastic stick. The long stick makes cleaning bathroom floors easy with the mop. The side with yarn is dipped in water mixed with soap, then pushed on the floor to clean it.



Mouthwash is a liquid used in the mouth to remedy all kinds of oral issues. Some types are used to reduce the chances of gingivitis, cavities, and bad breath. Mouthwash can be gargled or swirled around the mouth, then spit out.

Bathroom items that start with “N”

Nail Polish

Nail PolishPin

Nail polish is a lacquer that is placed on fingernails and toenails as a decoration and design. Polishes come in an assortment of colors and finishes. It is painted on nails as a temporary addition, but usually chips off after a week or so.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish RemoverPin

Nail polish remover is a liquid that takes off nail polish. Each has a different smell and can be dyed a light color. A cotton ball or pad is soaked with the remover, then rubbed onto the nail until the polish comes off.

Nail Scissors

Nail Scissors 1Pin

Nail scissors are scissors made specifically to cut nails on fingers and toes. They are small and some are curved to match the natural curve of nails. The skin around the nails can also be trimmed with these scissors to keep the area around the nails looking neat and clean.

Bathroom items that start with “P”

Paper Towels

Paper Towels 1Pin

Paper towels are papers made that can absorb liquids and then thrown out after use. They come on a roll with perforated sheets to easily tear off and use. These are great to use in bathrooms to quickly clean up then toss liquid or solid messes in the wastebasket.



Perfume is a strongly scented liquid that is made up of essential oils and other sweet-smelling components to place on the skin. It is usually placed in a decorative bottle to be sprayed on the body or applied with a wand.



Photos are images from cameras. Hanging up photos is a great way to add décor to the walls of the bathroom. Many people take their own photos or purchase them to decorate with.



A plant is a living thing that usually has decorative leaves and flowers that can look and smell great. These living organisms make great décor pieces in bathrooms and provide extra oxygen in the air.



A plug can be used in the sink or bathtub to keep water in while being used. Some have a chain attached to the plastic part to easily take out the plug after using the bath or sink. Most sinks and tubs come with a plunger attached.


Plunger 1Pin

A plunger is a handheld item used to release water from toilets, sinks, and bathtubs that are backed up with hair, liquids, and other items. The plunger is made up of a rubber suction cup on one end and a wood or plastic stick that is held with the hand.



Posters are large pictures that are printed on thin or thick paper that are used to place on walls for decoration. Some people add framed posters to their bathroom walls that match the rest of the room.

Powder Puff

Powder PuffPin

A powder puff is a pad made of soft material and used to apply powder to the face and other parts of the body. Some include a small piece of ribbon on the back to easily hold to the face. Many powders come with puffs for easy application.

Bathroom items that start with “R”


Razor 1Pin

A razor is a handheld blade used to shave off body hair. One end is flat with the blade or several blades. The other end is long enough to comfortably hold with one hand.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves 1Pin

Rubber gloves are gloves that are used to protect the hands and forearms when using cleaning products in the bathroom. They are made of thick rubber so that harsh chemicals do not get on skin.

Bathroom items that start with “S”

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary PadsPin

Sanitary pads are pads worn by women to soak up blood while menstruating. The pad is placed on the underwear with an adhesive similar to a band-aide and worn until no longer needed.



Sconces are lights hung from the side of a wall. They are usually built by the bathroom mirror to easily see into the mirror while brushing teeth, hair, or doing makeup. These lights come in a variety of styles.


Shampoo 1Pin

Shampoo is liquid soap used to clean hair with. Most shampoo comes in a bottle that can be squeezed or pumped. These bottles are placed near the shower or in the shower for ease of use.



Shelves are flat places to store bathroom items or décor. Some shelves are built into bathrooms that are large enough. Other shelves can be built in smaller bathrooms above toilets and on walls.

Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy 1Pin

A shower caddy is a small shelf that fits on the showerhead to store soap, razors, shampoo, and other small items needed when taking a bath or shower. They can be made of metal or plastic.

Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain 1Pin

A shower curtain is a long curtain placed above the shower or bath to keep water in and for privacy. They can be made of polyester, cotton, or other fabrics. Curtains come in many colors and designs.

Shower Curtain Liner

Shower Curtain LinerPin

A shower curtain liner is a liner that can be placed on the inside of a shower, right next to the shower curtain. These are great to use with curtains that do not absorb water well or for an extra layer of privacy.

Shower Curtain Rings

Shower Curtain RingsPin

Shower curtain rings are the rings that the shower curtain is hung on. They can be made of metal or plastic and can come in many colors and designs to match the curtains and rest of the bathroom.

Shower Curtain Rod

Shower Curtain RodPin

The shower curtain rod is the rod where the shower curtain rings or curtain itself is hung. Many of these are suspension rods that are pushed tightly on the walls to easily place the shower curtain on.

Shower Gel

Shower Gel 1Pin

Shower gel is a type of thick liquid used to clean the body with when taking a bath or shower. Many have scents and dyes added so that they look and smell great.



Slippers are soft house shoes that can dry and warm feet after taking a bath or shower. They can be made of cotton and keep feet warm while in the bathroom.



Soap is a substance in liquid or solid form used to wash with when combined with water. Essential oils and color can be added so that each looks and smells different.

Soap Dish

Soap DishPin

A soap dish is a long, low dish designed to hold a bar of soap. The dish may be deeper around the middle to keep the soap from slipping out or have a bumpy bottom part to keep the soap in place when not being used.

Soap Dispenser

Soap DispenserPin

A soap dispenser is a container that keeps liquid soap inside. A lever can be pushed to release the soap. Some dispensers have a motion detector where a person just has to place their hand underneath to release the soap.


Sponge 1Pin

A sponge is a cleaning product used to absorb liquids to clean the toilet, sink, bathtub, shower, floor, and other areas of the bathroom. The many holes in a sponge help keep soap and water inside while cleaning.

Step Stool

Step Stool 1Pin

A step stool is a small tool for children and shorter people who have a hard time reaching the bathroom sink. The stool is usually made of plastic and about a foot high.

Storage Baskets

Storage BasketsPin

Storage baskets are baskets made of metal, plastic and wood that are used to store extra items in the bathroom, such as towels and toilet paper.

Bathroom items that start with “T”


Tissue 1Pin

Tissue are small, pieces of thin, soft paper used to blow noses and clean up small messes. These tissues can absorb all kinds of liquid and need to be thrown away once used.

Tissue Box Cover

Tissue Box CoverPin

A tissue box cover is a decorative cover that can be placed over a box of tissue. An oval opening at the top makes it easy to take out the tissue from its box.



A toilet is a container where liquid and solid human waste are disposed of. When flushed, the waste goes into a septic tank or sewer.

Toilet Brush

Toilet Brush 1Pin

A toilet brush is a brush used to clean the inside of a toilet with. Bristles are on one end of a long stick that can be held on the other end.

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper 1Pin

Toilet paper is thin pieces of soft paper used to wipe waste from the body, then flush down the toilet. This paper comes packages in several rolls.

Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder 1Pin

A toilet paper holder is a place to keep toilet paper to use when ready. This holder will easily unroll the paper when needed.



Toiletries are items used to keep oneself clean and tidy, such as soap, razors, makeup, toothbrush and toothpaste, and brushes for the hair.

Toiletry Bag

Toiletry BagPin

A toiletry bag is a small bag to place bathroom items in when traveling or to keep in when not being used.


Toothbrush 1Pin

A toothbrush is a small brush used to brush the teeth clean. One end has small bristles and the other has a stick to hold.

Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush Holder 1Pin

A toothbrush holder is a container used to hold toothbrushes when not in use. Some toothbrush holders are made to hang the brushes from the bathroom wall.


Toothpaste 1Pin

Toothpaste is a special paste made to clean the teeth with. It usually contains bleach and other ingredients to keep teeth white and gums disease-free.


Towel 1Pin

A towel is a piece of cloth, such as cotton or polyester, and is used to wipe the body dry after using the shower or brushing teeth.

Towel Rack

Towel RackPin

A towel rack is a rack to hang towels from. It can be a small hook, series of hooks, or long rods.



A tumbler is a small cup used to rinse the mouth with after brushing teeth. It is usually short and wide and comes in many styles and colors.

Bathroom items that start with “V”



A vanity is the area where the counter, sink, and mirror or mirrors are located in the bathroom. A group of cabinets are built underneath for storage space.

Bathroom items that start with “W”

Wall Hooks

Wall HooksPin

Wall hooks are single hooks placed on a wall or a group of hooks suspended on a narrow piece of metal or wood to hang towels from in the bathroom.



A washbasin is the sink located where the vanity mirror and cabinets are. This is the place where people brush their teeth, wash their hands, and get ready to go out.



Washcloths are small cloths used to wash the face, body, and hands. They are made of soft materials like cotton and come in an array of colors and styles.

Washing Machine

Washing MachinePin

A washing machine is a machine where clothes, towels, and sheets can be washed. Bathrooms that are large enough can have a washing machine in them.



A wastebasket is a small trash can where waste can be thrown away in the bathroom. The one in the photograph is made of metal mesh. There are many styles, materials, and colors to choose from to match the rest of the bathroom.



A wig is a hairpiece made of synthetic or real human hair. Men and women wear wigs to change their hair color and style, without putting stress on their real hair. Cancer patients who have lost their hair also use wigs.

Window Blinds

Window BlindsPin

A window blind covers a window in the bathroom. It is made up of long, horizontal pieces of metal, wood, or plastic that hang on a cord that opens and closes the slats when needed.

Window Curtain

Window CurtainPin

A window curtain is a long, piece of cloth, or two pieces used to cover up a window. A rod is installed at the top, where the curtain hangs from. Curtains can be made of cotton, satin, and other materials in all kinds of colors and designs.



Wipes are cleaning cloths that are wet and used to clean surfaces. Baby wipes are used on babies after they have urinated or defecated to clean them up. Most wipes come saturated in a cleaning liquid.

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