List of Colors That Start With “A”

Colors have been used to describe various items, people, objects, and nature, as well as artwork since people have been around. Common colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Most people recognize these.

Many other colors exist between these, as variations of two colors, as well as light and dark shades of the hues above. Since computers have been invented, so have new shades. Below are various tints that begin with the letter “A”.

Absolute Zero

Absolute zero is a specific shade of blue. It is made up of mainly blue with some green, and no red. It is a deep blue color that is commonly used in digital design and home renovations.

Color code: #0048ba

Acid Green

Acid Green is a yellow-green color. This green can look a little different, based on if it is metallic, matte, on fabric, or on a screen. It can look lighter or darker, based on what the color is on.

Color code: #b0bf1a


Aero is a shade of blue, specifically a medium to light shade of cyan-blue. It will look slightly lighter or darker based on the screen used and what the color is applied to.

Color code: #00b9e8

Aero Blue

Aero blue is a specific shade of blue. It is a light hue of green-cyan. It is made up of mainly green and blue with some red.

Color code: #c0e8d5

African Violet

African violet is a light shade of violet or purple. The term, “African violet”, comes from the plant with the same name. While the flowers on this houseplant come in several colors, shades of purple are some of the more popular colors for this plant.

Color code: #b284be

Air Superiority Blue

Air superiority blue is a medium to light shade of cyan-blue. It was added by the US Army Air Force in 1956. They used this shade of blue as a camouflage when painted on the under sides of aircraft used for air-born reconnaissance so they would not be seen from the ground.

Color code: #72a0c1


Alabaster is a creamy, off-white color. It gets its name from the rock with the same name. The term comes from an Egyptian word that means “vessel”.

Alabaster was used to make reliefs, containers, and even windows for churches. Some alabaster is treated to look similar to marble.

Color code: #edeae0

Alice Blue

Alice blue is a light shade of azure. It was the favorite color of Alice Roosevelt Longworth, who was the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt. The color was painted on the USS Theodore Roosevelt in honor of Alice.

Color code: #f0f8ff


Alizarin is a shade of red. It is a red dye that comes from plant roots from the madder genus. It is a deep red color which has been used as pigment in paintings, in biology, and textiles.

Color code: #e32636

Alloy Orange

Is a type of deep-orange color. It was an orange color made in a set of Crayola crayons called Metallic FX due to their metallic color. They were made by Crayola in 2001.

Color code: #c46210


Almond is a type of off-white color. Although a real almond is brown on the outside, the inside is filled with off-white. This color is popular to use in the bathroom and throughout the house.

Color code: #efdecd


Amaranth is a color that is reddish-rose. It is based off the flower that comes from the amaranth plant. This perennial produces tiny flowers in a pretty red color.

Color code: #e52b50

Amaranth Deep Purple

Amaranth deep purple is a darker shade of purple and darker than the amaranth purple color. It was described in Maerz and Paul’s book, A Dictionary of Color, published in 1930.

Color code: #9f2b68

Amaranth Pink

Amaranth pink is a bold pink color. The name comes from the flowers of a plant with the same name. This color name was first used in English in 1905.

Color code: #f19cbb

Amaranth Purple

Amaranth purple is the name given for a specific shade of purple. It is the same color as the purple flowers of the amaranth plant. The term was first used in English in 1912.

Color code: #ab274f

Amaranth Red

Amaranth red is a brighter version of the amaranth pink color. It is also referred to as bright amaranth pink.

Crayola crayon made a fluorescent red crayon in 1990 and called it radical red, which is the same shade as amaranth red.

Color code: #ff355e


Amazon is a color named after the Amazon rainforest.

Color code: #3b7a57


The color amber is a combination of yellow and orange. It can also be considered a yellow-orange since there are equal shades of both.

It was first used as a color name in English in 1500. The name comes from substance amber, which is fossilized tree resin shades of yellow-orange. It is considered a gemstone and used to make into jewelry.

Color code: #ffbf00


Amethyst is a beautiful, transparent purple or lavender color. Its name comes from the amethyst stone, which is a type of quartz that comes in purple and other colors. The stone was very valuable until it became more commonly found.

Color code: #9966cc

Android Green

Android green is a type of chartreuse, which is a yellow-green color similar to the shade found in a French liqueur of the same name. Google named this color for the “Android robot” logo of the Android operating system.

Color code: #3ddc84

Antique Brass

Antique brass is a light shade of orange, similar to the color found on older pieces of furniture in brass.

Color code: #cd9575

Antique Bronze

Antique bronze is a brown with a green tint to it. It was first used in English in 1910.

Color code: #665d1e

Antique Fuchsia

Antique fuchsia is a color that is dark purple and red. It was first used in English in 1928. Fuchsia is a flowering plant that blooms flowers in pinks and purples, which is where the color and name comes from.

Color code: #915c83

Antique Ruby

Antique ruby is a deep red color, darker than ruby. It was first used as a color name in English in 1926. It is named after the red gemstone.

Color code: #841b2d

Antique White

Antique white is a neutral color that is commonly used on the web. It is a light shade of peach. The name was first when X11 colors were first put together in 1987.

Color code: #faebd7


Ao is a Japanese color that is blue and green in English. “Ao” is usually attached to a longer word to specifically describe the color as more blue or green. There is a different word for green in modern Japanese, although the ancient Japanese language had no distinction for both colors.

Color code: #008000

Apple Green

Apple green is a similar shade of green that is on the outer skin of a Granny Smith apple. It is a little lighter than green, but darker than chartreuse. It was first recorded as a color name in English in 1648.

Color code: #8db600


Apricot is a color that is light orange-yellow. It gets its name from the fruit of the same name, although real apricots are darker in color.

Apricot has been used as a color name since the year 1851. Crayola made an apricot crayon in 1958. The word originated in Arabic.

Color code: #fbceb1


The color aqua is a green-blue, similar to cyan but brighter. Aqua and cyan are the same color on computers, but they look different on print. Aqua comes from the Latin term for water.

Color code: #00ffff


Aquamarine is a light shade of the color spring green, which is between green and cyan on the color wheel. The color is named after the gemstone with the same name. The term was first used as a color name in English in 1598.

Color code: #7fffd4

Arctic Lime

Arctic lime is a bright green color. It is a brighter shade of traditional lime.

Arctic lime was a color made in 2009. Crayola made a version of this color in their ultra-bright colored pencil collection, called eXtreme colors.

Color code: #d0ff14

Army Green

Army green is a deep shade of green and yellow mixed together. This shade of green has been used with the military since World War II. The tint is different based on each country using it.

Color code: #4b5320


Artichoke is a dark shade of green. It represents the color of artichokes that are fresh and yet to be cooked. The term was first used as a color word in English in 1905.

Color code: #8f9779

Arylide Yellow

Arylide yellow is a slightly darker shade of yellow. It also goes by the terms monoazo yellow and Hansa yellow. These terms refer to pigments made from a group of organic compounds.

These pigments are used in acrylics, oil paints, and watercolors, as well as ink, plastic, and building paints.

Color code: #e9d66b

Ash Grey

Ash grey is a particular shade of gray. It is used to describe the color of ash. The term was first used as a color name in English in 1374.

Ash is the gray material that is left after a fire burns on wood. This light shade of gray is still commonly used.

Color code: #b2beb5


Asparagus is a specific shade of green. It is a darker, muted shade of green. This color is named after the vegetable that grows in this shade of green.

This green was made into a color for Crayola in 1993 as part of their Name the Color contest they held that year. “Asparagus green” is another term for this color, which was first recorded in English in 1805.

Color code: #87a96b

Atomic Tangerine

Atomic tangerine is a particular shade of orange. It is a fluorescent, bright shade of orange with yellow and pink. Crayola created this color in 1990.

Color code: #ff9966


Auburn is a term to describe hair that is reddish-brown. It can be in shades that are medium to dark.

The word comes from an Old French term alborne, which means blond. Alborne comes from the Latin word alburnus which means “off-white”. Auburn was first used in English in 1430.

Color code: #a52a2a


Aureolin is a bold yellow color with hints of green. It is also referred to as cobalt yellow. Aureolin is a pigment that was first made in Breslau by Nikolaus Wolfgang Fischer, a German chemist.

It is used frugally in watercolor and oil painting. This pricey pigment is found in more watercolors and oil paints.

Color code: #fdee00


Avocado is a green color that is similar to the color of the outer skin of an avocado. It is a shade of dark yellow-green.

This shade of green was popular in the 1970s on metal surfaces, such as household appliances and cars. It was also a popular color used in shag carpets at the time.

Color code: #568203


Azure is a cyan-blue color that is compared to the color of the sky on a clear day. It is named after the mineral azurite, which has a deep-blue hue to it. The color is right between blue and cyan.

Orange is the complementary color to azure. It was first used to describe a shade of blue in the English language in 1374. The hue also gets its name from the lapis lazuli, a harshly-colored blue mineral.

Color code: #007fff