List of Colors That Start With “D”

Colors add interest to the world and are a great way to describe something. Even within the color world, there are many variations with hues.

The color wheel shows the basic colors that many recognize, although there are many more. Here are some examples of tints that begin with the letter d.


Dandelion is a medium shade of yellow. It is similar to the color of the plant with the same name. Dandelions are known for their bright-yellow petals.

Dark Blue

Dark blue is a deeper shade of blue. Blue is one of the primary colors, along with red and yellow.

Dark Blue-Gray

Dark blue-gray is a medium shade of purple-blue. It is a mixture of both blue and purple with a grayish tint to it.

Dark Brown

Dark brown is a dark tone of the color brown. Brown is made with a mixture of yellow, red, and black. It is a shade that shows up frequently in nature.

Dark Byzantium

Dark Byzantium is a dark reddish-purple. Byzantium is a dark shade of purple. It was a color used by Byzantine and Roman emperors.

Dark Cyan

Dark cyan is a strong shade of bluish-green. Regular cyan is a green-blue and one of the subtractive primary colors with yellow and magenta. Cyan was first used as a color word in English in 1879.

Dark Electric Blue

Dark electric blue is a dark grayish-blue or dark cyan. The ISCC-NBS color list refers to this as electric blue.

Dark Fuchsia

Dark fuchsia is a dark shade of fuchsia, a bright combination of purple and red. Fuchsia is named after a plant that blooms red-and-purple flowers that hang down.

Dark Goldenrod

Dark goldenrod is a strong yellow-brown hue. It is a darker shade of goldenrod, which is a strong yellow. The tint gets its name from the plant that grows flowers in this golden shade.

It was first used as a color term in English in 1915. Crayola named a crayon that was a lighter version of goldenrod in 1958.

Dark Gray

Dark gray is a darker shade of gray. It is similar to charcoal, which symbolizes the color of burned wood.

Dark Green

Dark green is an extremely dark yellow-green. Dark green X11 is a different shade of this green.

Dark Jungle Green

Dark jungle green is a very dark blue-green. It is referred to just as jungle green in color sample #152 on the color list of ISCC-NBS.

Dark Khaki

Dark khaki is a moderate shade of greenish-yellow. It is compatible to the dark khaki of the X11 color names.

Various shades of khaki can be seen in pants worn by people that go by the same name.

Dark Lava

Dark lava is a very dark brown with hints of gray and yellow. It is the color of lava once it has cooled down and is turning into igneous rock.

Dark Liver

Dark liver is a very dark shade of pink that looks almost like a dark brown. Pink is red mixed with white but can be mixed with other colors to get various hues.

Dark Magenta

Dark magenta is a bright shade of purple. It is also part of the magenta color family. Magenta is made up of the same parts of blue and red.

There are three major types of magenta, which include process magenta, the web color, and the dye. Web color magenta is the most recent one, being made in the 1990s.

Dark Midnight Blue

Dark midnight blue is a deeper shade of midnight blue, which looks like the hue of a night sky during a full moon. The name also describes a darker version of indigo, a dye.

Dark midnight blue can look almost black when there is less light available. It is also close to the color navy, which is another dark blue.

Dark Moss Green

Dark moss green is a medium shade of olive green. It looks similar to the moss that covers rocks.

Green is a secondary color, made up of blue and yellow. Many types of green can be made by mixing various amounts of blue and yellow together.

Dark Olive Green

Dark olive green is a medium hue of olive green. It is used as a web color on computers.

This is a dark variation of olive, which is a deep yellow-green hue. It resembles a green olive or black one that is not yet ripe.

Olive showed up as a color word in late Middle English times.

Dark Orange

Dark orange is a bright tint of orange and is considered a web color. It is one of two web colors or orange.

Orange is a secondary hue that comes from mixing yellow and green together. It is right between red and yellow on the color wheel. The fruit orange is in a shade of this color.

Dark Orchid

Dark orchid is a bright shade of purple. Orchid is similar in hue to the flower with the same name. Orchid can range from a purple-gray to a purple-pink and red-purple combined.

Orchid was first used as a color word in English in 1915. The web color was not made until after 1991.

Dark Pastel Green

Dark pastel green is a bright yellow-green color. Green is a secondary color that is made by mixing blue and yellow together. Many shades of green have been made by combining different amounts of blue and yellow, as well as other colors.

Dark Purple

Dark purple is a deep shade of purple. Purple is one of the secondary colors. It is a mixture of red and blue.

Purple was first written down as a color word in English in 975 AD.

Dark Raspberry

Dark raspberry is a deep purple-red. It symbolizes the shade of the black raspberry fruit. The name also describes the hue of raspberries that have been boiled into a sauce or jam.

Dark Red

Dark red is a shade that is a deep reddish-brown. Red is one of the primary colors.

Dark Salmon

Dark salmon is a strong pink and yellow. Salmon is a color that looks like the flesh of the fish with the same name.

Dark Sea Green

Dark sea green is a medium hue of green, but on the light side.

Dark Sienna

Dark sienna is a dark red and brown. A similar paint was used on The Joy of Painting, Bob Ross’ TV show.

Dark Sky Blue

Dark sky blue is a light green-blue. It is called sky blue in Pantone.

Dark Slate Blue

Dark slate blue is a medium-dark hue of blue and magenta.

Dark Slate Gray

Dark slate gray is a deep bluish-green.

Dark Spring Green

Dark spring green is a dark shade of yellow-green.

Dark Tan

Dark tan is a dark grayish yellow and a darker version of tan.

Dark Turquoise

Dark turquoise is a bright blue-green.

Dark Vanilla

Dark vanilla is a medium light hue of brown, similar to a dark version of the food.

Dark Violet

Dark violet is a bright version of violet. It is the same shade as pigment violet.

Dartmouth Green

Dartmouth green is a deep shade of yellowish-green and has been the official color of Dartmouth College since 1866.

Davy’s Gray

Davy’s gray is a dark gray and is named after Henry Davy.

Deep Cerise

Deep cerise is a bright purplish red. It has been called cerise by Crayola since 1993.

Deep Champagne

Deep champagne is a light-yellow color. This deeper version is named champagne in the 1955 Dictionary of Color Names as color sample #73.

Deep Chestnut

Deep chestnut is a dark red-orange. It was named chestnut by Crayola crayons. A special limited edition of this shade was named Vermont Maple Syrup.

Crayola renamed their “Indian Red” crayon to “Chestnut” in 1999 so that children would not think the color represented the shade of skin on Native Americans.

Deep Fuchsia

Deep fuchsia is a bright-purple hue. The Crayola crayon version is named fuchsia. Fuchsia is named after a plant that blooms flowers in shades of red and purple.

Deep Jungle Green

Deep jungle green is a dark bluish-green. It is named jungle green on the ISCC-NBS color list as color sample #147.

Jungle green was first used as a color term written down in English in 1926.

Deep Lemon

Deep lemon is a dominant yellow hue. It is a darker version of lemon, which symbolizes the color of the lemon fruit. Pantone named this tint “lemon” on their color list.

Deep Mauve

Deep mauve is a bright purple color. It is also known as French mauve and is a very popular color in France. The hue is called mauve in, a French color list.

Deep Pink

Deep pink is a shade of bright purple-red. It is typed in as “deeppink” using HTML to display the color on a computer screen.

Many variations of pink can be made by mixing different amounts of white and red together, along with other colors.

Deep Sky Blue

Deep sky blue is a bright greenish-blue color. It is a dark shade of sky blue and in the azure-cyan category of colors. This hue is also a web color.

Deep sky blue is also known as Capri. It was first used as a color term in English in 1920. Both terms are used interchangeably.

Deep Space Sparkle

Deep space sparkle is a moderate dark hue of cyan. Deep space sparkle is also the name of a website that provides materials to teach children art.

Deep Taupe

Deep taupe is a moderate grayish-red color. The name and color come from the “Pantone Textile Paper eXtended” list.

Taupe comes from a French word that means “mole”. It can be used to describe an array of gray-brown and brown-gray hues.


Denim is also known as Crayola denim and is a hue of cyan-blue. Denim is based off the traditional color of jeans that gets its color from indigo dye.

Denim Blue

Denim blue is a bold shade of blue. The name is based on the popular jeans that are made using a blue dye.


Desert is a lighter version of desert sand with a mix of yellow and brown. It symbolizes the shade of flat areas seen in the desert. Desert was first written as a color word in English in 1920.

Desert Sand

Desert sand is a pale shade of orange and yellow mixed together. It is very similar to the color of sand in the desert. The shade is also considered a dark tone of beige.

Desert sand was made into a Crayola crayon color in 1998. There are several variations of desert sand.


Diamond is an extremely light hue of yellow. It also represents one of the colors of the gemstone diamond, the hardest-known gem in the entire world.

Dim Gray

Dim gray is a dark shade of gray. It is considered a web color. The hue is one of the various mixtures of black and white.

Dingy Dungeon

Dingy dungeon is a pink-red hue. Red is one of the primary colors, along with yellow and blue. Pink is a light shade of red mixed with white.


Dirt is a hue of orange and looks like a light brown, similar to various shades of earth dirt. Orange is one of the secondary colors, along with green and purple. This one is a darker version of orange.

Dodger Blue

Dodger blue is a bright blue color. This bright version of azure is used on the uniform for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A lighter version of this color was used to decorate the Dodger Stadium. It is also the name of a blue web color that is used on computers for designing web pages.

Dogwood Rose

Dogwood rose is a bright version of the color red. It is also known as dogwood red.

The term and hue are taken from the dog rose, which is a wild rose that is native in Europe, as well as parts of Africa and Asia. It is a climbing rose that comes in many hues, including rose.

Duke Blue

Duke blue is a deep blue color. This blue is associated with Duke University. Duke uses several types of blue to represent the university, although this one is the main hue used.

Dutch White

Dutch white is a particular shade of white. It is a pale yellow.

The hue is included on the Resene Color List, which is well known in New Zealand and Australia. Dutch white was made in the year 2000.

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