List of Colors That Start With “H”

Blue is considered the most popular color by men, women, and the world. Several studies have been taken to support this.

For those who do not like blue, there are plenty of other hues to choose from. Here are some shades that start with the letter h.

Han Blue

Han blue is a blue pigment made in ancient China to use in art such as wall paintings, beads, terracotta, and ceramic vessels. It is also known as Chinese blue.

Han Purple

Han purple is dark blue, or electric indigo. It is purple in the sense that the hue is between blue and red but does not look like traditional purple. Han purple also goes by the term Chinese purple.

Hansa Yellow

Hansa yellow is part of a family of organic compounds that are used as pigments for art. The pigment is also known as arylide yellow and monoazo yellow. They are used in building paints, plastics, and inks.


Harlequin is a bright green that is right between green and chartreuse green on the color wheel. It was first used as a color term in English in 1923.

Harvest Gold

Harvest gold is a vivid orange yellow. It was a popular color to use in the kitchen in the 1970s.

Heat Wave

Heat wave is a particular hue of orange. It represents one color that flames from a fire produce.


Heliotrope is a bright pink-purple. It symbolizes the color of the flower produced by the heliotrope plant. The word was first used to refer to a color in English in 1882.

Heliotrope Gray

Heliotrope gray is a pale purple color. It was first used to refer to a hue in English in 1912.

Hollywood Cerise

Hollywood cerise is a bright purplish red. The shade was used on a colored pencil in a set that was popular in the 1950s known as Venus Paradise.


Honeydew is a very light shade of green. It is considered a pastel hue of spring green. Honeydew symbolizes the color of the honeydew melon fruit.

Honolulu Blue

Honolulu blue is a shade of cyan-blue that is medium dark. It represents the color of the waves just off the coast of Honolulu in Hawaii. The color is also seen on the uniforms of the Detroit Lions, an American football team I Detroit, Michigan.

Hooker’s Green

Hooker’s green is a green pigment with a combination of gamboge and Prussian blue. It is commonly used in artist paint colors.

Hot Fuchsia

Hot fuchsia is a bright shade of fuchsia, a bright purple color. Fuchsia represents many of the colorful flowers seen on the fuchsia plant.

Hot Magenta

Hot magenta is a bright reddish purple. Crayola created this color in 1986.

Hot Pink

Hot pink is a bright purple red. The web color is seen as “hotpink”.

Hunter Green

Hunter green is a dark yellow green. It symbolizes a shade worn by hunters in the 19th century. It was first used as a color term in English in 1892.

Source: Wikipedia list of colors.