List of Colors That Start With “J”

There are several hues that are commonly recognized throughout the world. Today, we have many variations of the shades on the color wheel.

One way these are named is to associate the shades with something in nature, such as gemstones. There are many color names associated with gems of the same name, such as jade.

Below are samples of such names. Keep reading to find out what color words start with the letter j that come from gemstones and other natural findings.


Jade is a medium shade of green. It symbolizes one color that the gemstone jade is commonly seen in.

The green version of jade is commonly seen in jewelry and used to make figurines to display.

Japanese Carmine

Japanese carmine is a deep red color. In Japanese, the name is a combination of both cochineal and rouge. Rouge refers to cosmetics, and cochineal to an insect.

This is a variation of carmine, a deep red. The hue comes from a pigment that is also known as Imperial. 1523 is the first known written use of carmine as a color term in English.

Japanese Violet

Japanese violet is a bright purple and one of many web colors. This hue comes from a group of shades popular since 660 CE and used in dyes for kimonos.


Jasmine is a light yellow. It symbolizes the light yellow and white seen on jasmine flowers. It was first written down as a color name in English in 1925.

There are many varieties of jasmine grown around the world. Many of the plants bloom white or light yellow flowers.

Jazzberry Jam

Jazzberry jam is a medium-deep shade of magenta-pink. It symbolizes one of the colors that is in jam when made with certain berries.


Jet is a shade of black. It is also known as jet black. Jet symbolizes the shade of the mineraloid jet.

It was first used as a color name in English in 1450. The iPhone 7 made use of jet on this cell phone model.


Jonquil is a bright shade of yellow. It is the hue seen on the inside of the jonquil flower. This name was first used to refer to the color in English in 1789.

Jonquil are native to the Mediterranean area of the world. This flower is also known around the world as the daffodil or Narcissus.

June Bud

June bud is a bright shade of yellow green. It is a more muted version of spring bud. June bud is one of many variations of the color spring bud, a bold yellow green.

Spring bud is also known as spring green. It was first used as a color word in English in 1766.

Jungle Green

Jungle green is a bright green color and similar to spring green. Jungle green was first used as a color name in English in 1926. Crayola made the color in 1990.

There are several variations of jungle green, from darker versions to almost black versions of the original color.