List of Colors That Start With “K”

Besides the basic colors such as red, blue, and yellow, there are plenty more seen in nature, art, and fashion. Many of their names come from what is already found in nature, such as flowers and minerals.

Other hues are named based on the term given to them in the language where they originated, such as India or Japan. Keep reading to find out several names of colors that begin with the letter k.

Kelly Green

Kelly green is a tone of green. Green is a mixture of blue and yellow and considered a secondary color. Shades of green can be found in nature among animals and plants.


Keppel is a bright bluish green and a shade of cyan. The color name has been used since 2001, when it was included as one of the shades on the Color List.

Key Lime

Key lime is a light shade of green. It is named after a fruit of the same name and in a similar color. The popular key lime pie is made from this fruit.


Khaki is a light hue of brown with some yellow. This color has been used on uniforms in many of the world’s armies and in camouflage.

Khaki has been used as a color term in English since 1848. This was when it was first seen on a military uniform. It is the same hue used on casual pants that are called khakis.


Kobe is a dark reddish brown. It is also made from iron oxide pigment, just like Indian red. Kobe was first written as a color term in English in 1924.

Kobe can also be considered a dark version of Indian red. Indian red is a pigment and is similar to ocher.


Kobi is a medium shade of purplish pink. It is a light version of red-violet that has been used since 2001. Kobi first appeared as a color on the Color List.

Red-violet is a color between red and magenta, closer to red than magenta. It is a purple color. Kobi is one of several variations of this hue.


Kobicha is a strong brown color. It is a traditional Japanese color that has been used since 660 CE. Kobicha is one of many dyes used to design traditional Japanese kimonos.

The name comes from a color of kelp tea. The word was also used as a synonym for flattery, similar to the English term brown nosing.

Kombu Green

Kombu green is a dark shade of green. Kombu is from a Japanese word that refers to a kelp eaten in East Asian countries.

It is also known as dasima in Korean and haidai in Chinese. Dried kombu has a dark green color and is widely used as a snack.

KSU Purple

KSU purple is a deep violet color. It is Kansas State University’s official school color. The school also calls this color royal purple.

White and silver are used along with purple on uniforms worn by the university’s athletic teams.