List of Colors That Start With “N”

Each color seen around you represents a word or has a powerful meaning around it. For example, purple was associated with royalty for a long time since it was an expensive dye a long time ago.

Some colors have a meaning that changes over time, while others hold true to what they symbolize. Below are colors that begin with the letter n.

Nadeshiko Pink

Nadeshiko Pink is a light hue of pink. It is also known as Japanese pink,. Nadeshiko represents what the ideal Japanese woman should be like.

The term also refers to a flower that blooms in shades of pink.

Napier Green

Napier green is a medium hue of green. It is close to the British racing green hue used on race cars.

This all started at the 1903 Gordon Bennet Cup, when the British cars were in shamrock green to pay respect to the Irish, since the race was held in Ireland that year.

Naples Yellow

Naples yellow is an inorganic pigment that was applied to painting from 1700-1850. It is also known as antimony yellow.

It can brighten to a muted yellow. Naples yellow is one of the oldest synthetic pigments known. It was made by the Ancient Egyptians.

Navajo White

Navajo white is actually a very light yellow color. It is similar to the shade used on the background of the Navajo nation flag. The paint is only known as “Navajo White”.

This shade of paint was popular to use in homes in the 1970s through the 1990s in the United States. It was on the X11 color list in 1989.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a very dark hue of blue. This shade of blue has been worn by Royal Navy officers since 1748. Other navies all over the world started using this blue in their uniforms as well.

Navy blue was first used as a color term in English in 1840.

Navy Purple

Navy purple is a bright shade of purple. It is also known as lavender indigo. Even though navy is a shade of blue, this color looks more purple than blue.

Neon Blue

Neon blue is a medium dark hue of blue. It was first known as a color word when blue neon lights came out in the 1920s.

Neon Brown

Neon brown looks like a dark orange hue. A business may use this shade in their logo when they want to promote feelings like excitement, creativity, and confidence. Healthcare and fun places like playgrounds may feature this hue.

Neon Carrot

Neon carrot is a regular shade of orange. Businesses may use this hue in their marketing when they want people to think about technology, pleasure, and enthusiasm. The company BT uses this color.

Neon Cyan

Neon cyan is a bright and light shade of cyan. It is also known as light green. People will be reminded of fruitfulness, passivity, positive health, and the environment when they see this hue on advertisements.

Neon Fuchsia

Neon fuchsia is a light red hue. Brand logos will use this color to evoke impulsion, an appetite, anger, safety, and comfort.

Neon Gold

Neon gold is a “generic orange”. It looks to be close to a shade of mustard. When used in ads, people may think about creativity, the home, friendliness, and warmth.

Neon Gray

Neon gray is a generic gray hue and very close to the color gray. When used with brands, people may think about accessibility, transparency, technology, being graceful, and glamorous.

Sony and Oracle are brands that make use of this shade of gray.

Neon Dark Green

Neon dark green is also known as just dark green. When used in advertising, people may relate this hue to energy, positive health, passiveness, and fruitfulness. Western Digital uses this shade of green.

Neon Green

Neon green is a very bright shade of green. It is close to lime green, which it is close to on the color wheel. Neon green has more red than blue in it.

A design can look exciting when using this hue. It will go well with pinks and should be used as an accent color because it is so bright.

Neon Pink

Neon pink is a very bright hue of pink. It was first made alongside luminescent paint in the 1920s. Neon pink is sometimes mistaken for hot pink but is more vivid.

Neon Purple

Neon purple can also be called lavender indigo or light blue. When used in branding, people may think about self-expression, serenity, and coldness.

Neon Red

Neon red is also known as generic red. It is used to instigate survival and tactical thinking, loudness, and a higher heart rate when used in company promotions and marketing. Instagram uses this shade of red.

Neon Scarlet

Neon Scarlet is a bold red.

Neon Silver

Neon silver is also known as Chinese silver and is a light gray.

Neon Tangerine

Neon tangerine is a shade of orange.

Neon Yellow

Neon yellow is a bright hue of yellow.

New Car

New car is a tint of blue.

New York Pink

New York pink is a dark yellow pink.


Nickel is a dark shade of green, similar to the nickel used in United States currency.

Nintendo Red

Nintendo red is a bold shade of red and pink that is used by the company Nintendo.

Non-Photo Blue

Non-Photo Blue is a light shade of greenish-blue that is used in print and graphic design.


Nyanza is a light shade of green and similar to mint green.