List of Colors That Start With “O”

Colors can encourage a person to feel specific emotions. This is why using the right colors in branding for a company is so important.

Companies want to use colors to help potential customers make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing a product. Below are colors that start with o.

Ocean Blue

Ocean blue is a deep blue color. It represents the color of the deep ocean water. When used in design, ocean blue will make people think about travel, being simplistic, and sincerity.

Ocean Boat Blue

Ocean boat blue is a medium hue of cyan and blue mixed together. It is a lighter shade similar to ocean blue.

When used in advertising, peace, finance, and coldness are represented by this hue. Pac-12, NASCAR, and Trello are companies that use this blue.

Ocean Green

Ocean green is a hue of green and cyan mixed together. It looks more green than cyan. People may think about gracefulness, accessibility, and technology when they see this shade in a company’s promotion and marketing materials.


Ochre is a deep orange hue. The word comes from an Ancient Greek term that is spelled ocher in American English. Ochre is a pigment that comes from natural clay earth made up of ferric oxide with clay and sand.

Office Green

Office green is a deep green that is also known as dark green. People may think of technology, healing, and the environment when they see this shade in a company’s brand. Heineken uses this hue of green.

Ogre Odor

Ogre odor is a medium hue of red. It is also known as light red. People will think about passion, urgency, and being hungry when they see this color in a company’s advertisement.

Old Burgundy

Old burgundy is a very dark reddish-brown. Burgundy is a deep red hue. The first time old burgundy was written down as a color term in English was in 1926.

Old Gold

Old gold is a strong yellow hue. It can also look like a dark shade of olive. It was first used as a color word in English in the early 19th century.

The color has been used in politics and sports. A Cornish nationalist party uses it. The San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints are NFL teams that use it as well.

Old Heliotrope

Old heliotrope is a very dark purple. It also goes by the name old helio. This purple was first referred to as a color word in English in 1926.

Old Lace

Old lace is a very light yellow-green. It looks similar to old lace on tablecloths.

It is an original X11 color. Old lace is also used for Caucasian skin in art.

Old Lavender

Old lavender is a dark magenta or purple, almost gray shade. Companies may use this color to make consumers think about elegance, cleanliness, and glamour.

Old Mauve

Old mauve is a dark purplish-red. It was first used as a color term in English in 1925.

Old Moss Green

Old moss green is a dark shade of yellow. Companies may use this shade in design to promote self-esteem, cheerfulness, and energy in consumers. It is not a popular hue to use for technology.

Old Rose

Old rose is a medium shade of pink and red mixed together. It can also be seen as a light brown or dark pink.

Old rose may be used in advertisement to help the consumer think about clothing, seriousness, and long-lasting. It is usually not used with travel.

Old Silver

Old silver is a shade of greenish-gray. It was made to look like tarnished silver. Old silver was first used as a color word in English in1905.


Olive is a dark yellow and green hue. It symbolizes the shade of green or unripe olives. It was known as a color term in English in late Middle English.

Olive Green

Olive green is a greener shade of olive and olive drab. It was used on M1 helmets for the U.S. Army from 1941 and through the Vietnam War. It’s also known as “the ugliest color in the world”.


Olivine is a medium yellow-green shade. It represents the hue of the green mineral olivine. This green was first used as a color word in English in 1912.


Onyx is a shade of greenish-black. It symbolizes the hue of the mineral of the same name. Onyx was included in “Gem Tones”, a Crayola specialty crayon set that came out in 1994.


Opal is a web color that is a mix of green and cyan in a light shade. It represents one of many colors that can be seen in the mineraloid opal.

Opera Mauve

Opera mauve is a light red and purple hue. It was first used as a color term in English in 1927.


Orange is a mixture of red and yellow. Its complement is the color azure. It is named for the fruit orange.

Orange Soda

Orange soda is a medium hue of red. It represents the fizzy drink called orange soda.


Orange-yellow is a mixture of both orange and yellow.


Orchid is a bright purple. It symbolizes the shade of orchid flowers. Orchid was first referred to as a color word in English in 1915.

Orchid Pink

Orchid pink is a pale purple-pink. It is included on the Pantone Textile Paper eXtended (TPX) color list.

Orioles Orange

Orioles orange is the official color of the Baltimore Orioles, an American professional baseball team located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Otter Brown

Otter brown is a dark brown color. It represents the dark fur seen on otters.

Outer Space

Outer space is a dark hue of cyan and represents the darkness seen in outer space.

Outrageous Orange

Outrageous orange is a medium-light hue of red and orange mixed together.


Oxblood is a deep red color. It is also known as temptress. Oxblood was first used as a color word in English around 1695-1705.

Oxford Blue

Oxford blue is the dark blue seen as the official color of the University of Oxford.


Oxley is a hue of green.

OU Crimson Red

OU Crimson Red is a medium pink-red. It is seen on the Oklahoma Sooners logo and on the University of Oklahoma seal.