List of Colors That Start With “Q”

People have been trying to imitate colors they see in nature for a long time. There is evidence of this in cave paintings that are thousands of years old, and artwork discovered throughout time.

A rainbow of hues continues to interest people in the variety of names there are for each one. Here are examples of color names that begin with the letter q.


Quartz is a dark shade of brown and gray. Quartz comes from the name of a crystal mineral. There is a variety of quartz that produces brown crystals called smoky quartz.

Queen Blue

Queen blue is a medium shade of royal blue. It was first written down as a color word in English in 1926. This blue was known as queen’s blue starting in 1661.

Royal blue is a deep blue that was made by a group of people that made clothes in Rode, Sumerset. They won a contest to create a dress for a queen.

Queen Pink

Queen pink is a pale shade of pink. It was first used as a color term in 1948. This shade comes from the Plochere Colore System, which is a color system used by interior designs since 1948.

Quick Silver

Quick silver is a light-gray hue. It is similar to the color seen on the metal, silver.

Companies use this web color to promote something classic, sleekness, and sincerity. Blackberry and Pac-12 are a few companies that use this shade.

Quinacridone Magenta

Quinacridone magenta is a deep shade of magenta, a purplish red. It is made from quinacridone dye, which is an organic compound that can be used as a pigment.

This color can be found in tubes at many art supply stores. Artists can create all kinds of tones of magenta by adding white to this pigment.


Quincy is a dark brown. This web color is used in advertising to encourage consumers to think about glamour, accessibility, gracefulness, and being transparent.