List of Colors That Start With “U”

Web colors were first invented in 1987 and are known as “X11 web colors”. Many more have been made with the creation of the World Wide Web in 1991.

These range from different shades of red to a variety of hues in white. Below are some colors that begin with u.


Ube is a light shade of purple. It is based on the name of a purple yam. Also known as greater yam, ube comes from the Asian tropics, but is now grown all over the world.


Ultramarine is a bright blue pigment made from grinding lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone, into powder. The name comes from the Latin term ultramarinus, which means “beyond the sea”.

It was a costly blue that Renaissance painters used. Johannes Vermeer was a painter known for using ultramarine in his paintings.

Ultra Pink

Ultra pink is a bright shade of purple that looks pink. It was a Crayola crayon color made in 1972. Its name was changed to shocking pink by mistake in 1990.

Ultra Red

Ultra-red is a shade of light red. This web color is used in advertisements to help people think about passion, love, and affection.


Umber is an earth pigment that is reddish-brown or natural brown. It is made up of manganese oxide and iron oxide. It is darker than sienna and ochre, also earth pigments.

Umber is called raw umber when it is in its natural state. Burnt umber is the name when it is heated to give it a darker look.

Unbleached Silk

Unbleached silk is a very light shade of red. It symbolizes the hue of silk before it is bleached. Brands use this shade to promote anger, impulsion, safety, and comfort.

United Nations Blue

United Nations blue is a shade of blue seen on the flag of the United Nations. The background is blue with a world map and two olive branches in white. This flag has been used to represent the United Nations since 1946.

Unmellow Yellow

Unmellow yellow is a very bright hue of greenish-yellow. It was made by Crayola in 1990. It is a fluorescent hue.

It is close to the shade of Laser Lemon but brighter. The crayon version may be a little orange.

UP Maroon

UP Maroon is a deep reddish-brown. It is the main color of the University of the Philippines. This shade of maroon represents fighting for freedom.

Upsdell Red

Upsdell red is a dark medium red, very close to fire engine red. This hue was named after Reverend G Upsdell, who was the first headmaster when King George V School in Hong Kong was moved to its new site after the Second World War.

This red started being used in 1963 in flags during night ceremonies.


Urobilin is a shade of yellow. It is the name of the chemical responsible for urine’s yellow shade. It is a dark yellow.