List of Colors That Start With “V”

Colors come from different places. Web hues have been popular since the creation of the World Wide Web. HTML web shades were created in 1997 with only 16 colors.

That number has grown exponentially since 1997. Below are several hues that start with v.

Vampire Black

Vampire black is a shade of black and a web color. It is used in media to help others think about boldness, sports, and prestige. iStock uses this color in their branding.

Van Dyke Brown

Van Dyke brown is a dark brown named after Anthony van Dyck, a painter. It is also known as Cologne earth or Cassel earth.


Vanilla is a pale greenish-yellow hue. It is also an off-white color. Vanilla was first used as a color word in English in 1925.

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla ice is a pale yellowish-pink shade. This web color has been used since 2001. This was the year it was first included on the color list.

Vegas Gold

Vegas gold is a medium greenish-yellow. This gold represents the glamor of the Las Vegas Strip.

Vegas gold is an official athletic color for several teams, such as the Vanderbilt Commodores, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and Colorado Buffaloes.

Venetian Red

Venetian red is a bold red hue. It is made from pure ferric oxide. This red is now made with synthetic red iron oxide.


Verdigris is a bright blue-green. It is a green pigment acquired by applying acetic acid to copper plates. It can also be achieved when brass, copper or bronze is unprotected from seawater or air for a period of time.


Vermilion is a bright reddish-orange. It is made from powdered mineral cinnabar, a red form of mercury sulfide. This red pigment was widely used during the Renaissance, Ancient Rome, and the Middle Ages on artworks and manuscripts.


Veronica is a bright shade of violet. It is also known as X11 purple.

Veronica is the traditional name for this hue of purple. It was first written down as a color word in English in 1919.

Vine Green

Vine green is a very dark shade of green. This web color is used in designs to promote energy, personal growth, and relaxing.


Violet is close to the color purple. Its name comes from the violet flower that blooms flowers in similar colors.

Violet, along with purple, had ties to royalty, since purple dye was very expensive. It was first used as a color word in English in 1370.

Violin Brown

Violin brown is a dark shade of brown. It is used in advertisements to help people think about clothing, femininity, and simplicity.


Viridian is a pigment that is blue and green. It is made of hydrated chromium(III) oxide. It has more green than blue in it.

The name comes from the Latin word viridis, which means “green”. It was first written down as a color word in English in the 1860s.

Viridian Green

Viridian green is more blue than green. It comes from the “Pantone Textile Paper eXtended (TPX)” color list.

Vista Blue

Vista blue is a shade of light blue. It is a web color used in advertisements to promote health care, serenity, and human life.

Vivid Amber

Vivid amber is a dark yellow. It is used in branding to help people think about affordability, youthfulness, and self-esteem. Vivid amber is also known as Chinese gold.

Vivid Auburn

Vivid auburn is a reddish-brown shade. The web color is used in brand logos to represent seriousness, longevity, and agriculture. The name comes from a specific shade of red hair.

Vivid Burgundy

Vivid burgundy is a bright red. It is a shade of burgundy used to color hair. Burgundy is a shade of dark red.

The name comes from a color of Burgundy wine from France.

Vivid Cerise

Vivid cerise is a dark pink hue. The web color is used in advertising to help consumers think about playfulness, energy, and sweetness. Airbus is a company that uses this shade of pink.

Cerise comes from a French word that means cherry. It was first seen written in English in 1845.

Vivid Cerulean

Vivid cerulean is a light shade of blue. Companies use this web color in their media to promote health care, coldness, and serenity.

Cerulean is a blue between azure and a dark sky blue. It comes from the Latin word caeruleus, which means “dark blue, blue, or blue-green”. Cerulean was first used as a color term in English in 1590.

Vivid Crimson

Vivid crimson is a dark shade of red. This web color is used in company branding to promote passion, feelings of affection and love, and food. The University of Arizona and Rutgers University use this shade.

Crimson is a red that comes from a dye made by the scale insect. It has been used in the English language since 1400.

Vivid Gamboge

Vivid gamboge is a shade of orange. Designs use this orange to help consumers think of health care, warmth, and pleasure. United Way, Amazon, and Lloyd’s use this hue in their branding.

Vivid Lime Green

Vivid lime green is a bright version of lime green. Lime is a yellow-green color that gets its name from the lime citrus fruit. It was first used as a color term in English in 1890.

Vivid Mulberry

Vivid mulberry is a bright purple-red. Mulberry symbolizes the hue seen in mulberry pie or jam. Mulberries are berries that grow in this shade.

Mulberry was first used as a color word in English in 1776.

Vivid Orange

Vivid orange is a dark shade of orange. Companies use this color in design to help others think about technology, warmth, and pleasure. The University of Illinois uses this orange in their branding.

Vivid Orange Peel

Vivid orange peel is a bright version of orange peel, a strong orange. It represents the shade of orange on the fruit’s outer peel. Orange peel was first used as a color word in English in 1839.

Vivid Orchid

Vivid orchid is a bright shade of orchid, a bold purple or magenta. Orchid is named after the plant that blooms flowers in bright purple. Orchid was first written as a color term in English in 1915 and included as an X11 color in 1987.

Vivid Raspberry

Vivid raspberry is a bright version of raspberry, a vivid red. Raspberry is named after the berry that is in a similar shade of red.

It was first mentioned as a color term in English in 1892. Colortura Publisher published a book about the raspberry hue.

Vivid Red

Vivid red is a bold shade of red. Companies use this red in promotions and marketing to promote thoughts of anger, impulsion, and transportation.

Vivid Tangerine

Vivid tangerine is a bright shade of tangerine, a vivid orange. It is named after the fruit with a similar color. This shade is used in graphic design to make images stand out due to its bold coloring.

Vivid Vermilion

Vivid vermilion is a shade of red and orange mixed together.

Vivid Violet

Vivid violet is a bright shade of violet and also goes by extreme violet.

Vivid Yellow

Vivid yellow is a bold shade of yellow, a primary color.