List of Colors That Start With “W”

While there are only three primary colors, millions exist when combined with what we see in nature, art, and on the internet. There are many hues that exist without a name attached to it.

Below is just a small sampling of some colors with names. These are hues that begin with the letter W.


Water is a very light shade of blue. It represents the color of water. This web color is used in media to promote energy, water, and self-expression.


Watermelon is a light red or dark pink. It symbolizes the shade of the inside of a watermelon. This web color is used in advertisements to help consumers think about loudness, survival, and impulsion.

Watermelon Red

Watermelon red is a very dark pink hue. It represents a darker shade of the watermelon fruit. Brands use this shade to promote energy, love, and femininity.

Watermelon Yellow

Watermelon yellow is a bright shade of yellow. It looks similar to a yellow watermelon fruit, whose inner flesh is in the same hue. Companies may use this yellow to help people think about cheerfulness, energy, and sunshine.


Waterspout is a bright shade of light blue. It represents the shade of waterspouts that occur in nature during storms. Advertisements may use this hue to help others think of water, energy, and offices.


Wenge is an extremely dark brown hue. It is based on a tropical timber of the same name. This wood is used for staircases and flooring, since it is hard and heavy.


Wheat is a pale yellow. It looks similar to the yellow shade seen on wheat grain.

Wheat was first written down as a color term in English in 1711. It is a X11 web color.


White is the lightest of all shades. It does not have a hue and is considered achromatic.

The white seen on computer and television screens is made up of blue, green, and red light combined. It was seen as a symbol of purity in ancient times.

White Chocolate

White chocolate is a very light hue of brown. It represents the shade of white chocolate candy. People may think of simplicity, the outdoors, and ruggedness when they see this color in a company’s promotions and marketing.

White Coffee

White coffee is an extremely light shade of gray. Brands use this white in their logos to promote elegance, cleanliness, and glamour.

White Smoke

White smoke is a shade of white. It looks to be a light gray or purple and also goes by the name cultured.

White smoke is used to help others think of transcendence, wisdom, and traveling. Twitch and GitHub are a few companies that use this shade of white.

Wild Orchid

Wild orchid is a bold purplish-pink shade. It is included in the “Pantone Textile Paper eXtended (TPX)” color list. This hue is based on a color that orchid flowers can bloom in.

Wild Strawberry

Wild strawberry is a bright shade of pink. It represents the strawberry fruit. Companies may use this web color in their media to help people think about passion, impulsion, and emotions.

Wild Watermelon

Wild watermelon is a shade of pink and red mixed together. It symbolizes a hue of the inside of the watermelon fruit. Advertisements use this color to encourage consumers to think about food, love, and passion.

Willpower Orange

Willpower orange is a bold shade of orange. It is similar to the shade seen on the citrus fruit with the same name. Companies use this orange to promote health care, confidence, and caution to people.

Windsor Tan

Windsor tan is a dark version of tan and a shade of brown. It was first used as a color term in English in 1925. Original tan was first mentioned in the year 1590.


Wine is a very dark shade of red with some brown in it. It symbolizes the usual color of red wine.

Bordeaux is sometimes used in place of wine. Wine was first mentioned as a color word in English in 1705.

Wine Red

Wine red is a dark shade of red. It represents one hue that red wine is in.

Tactical thinking, feelings of affection and love, and loudness are all related to this hue when its used in advertising. United Way is one brand that uses this web color.

Winter Sky

Winter sky is a bright shade of pink. Brands use this web color to help people think about romance, playfulness, and warmth.

Winter Wizard

Winter wizard is a bright shade of light blue. People may think about water, energy, and human life when they see this web hue in a company’s advertisements.

Wintergreen Dream

Wintergreen dream is a soft shade of green. Designs include this web color to help others think about gracefulness, cleanliness, and middle-ground.


Wisteria is a light shade of purple. It is also known as light lavender. This hue of lavender is based on a plant that blooms flowers in light purple.

Wisteria was first mentioned as a color term in English in 1892. Crayola made a color in this shade in 1993.

Wood Brown

Wood brown is a light yellowish-brown. It is similar to the color seen on wood and is considered an orange-brown.

Wood brown was first mentioned in a book published in 1886 called Nomenclature of Colors for Naturalists, Compendium of Useful Knowledge for Ornithologists.

Source article: List of colors from Wikipedia.