Lists of furniture that start with a specific letter

Furniture has been used by people for centuries, although the look and material have changed over the years. Even furniture that is made for more recent inventions, such as the computer or television, have been around much longer and used for other needs.

Most furniture we have today was first used by ancient civilizations, such as the Greeks and Romans. Below are interesting facts and details about much of the furniture you use in your home.

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List of Furniture That Start with “A”

Accent Chair

Accent ChairPin

This accent chair is made of wicker with fabric cushions. Small pieces of wicker are placed next to each other to form the back and arms of the chair. White cushions on the seat and back provide plenty of support for a comfortable sitting experience.

An accent chair adds to the room’s look and serves as a functional piece of décor when not being used. Variations of accent chairs have been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians 5,000 years ago. While the look, fabric, and design of the accent chair has changed over the years, it is still considered an important piece of furniture.

Accent Table

Accent TablePin

This accent table is made of wood and has a small drawer where unused items can be placed. Décor can be displayed on the top or bottom shelf.

An accent table is also referred to a coffee table, console table, and end table. They were popular in Italy and France and could be found in palaces and mansions in the 17 and 18th centuries.

An accent table can be a basic table with four legs, or unusually shaped to look like an art piece with two to four legs. They are usually made narrow to fit in hallways and entryways.



Airbeds were not available until after the first one was invented in 1889 by the Pneumatic Mattress & Cushion Company, located in Reading, Massachusetts. It wasn’t available to the public until 1896, when airbeds were sold by the Mechanical Manufacturing Company.

Airbeds are used today as temporary mattresses for guests or to use when camping. This airbed has some cushioning on top to provide some comfort when sleeping. The foot pumper inflates the bed, which can be deflated and stored away during the day. Long-term use is not advised, especially for those with back issues.



The Greeks started the chair trend thousands of years ago. Although the look, style, design, colors, and material have changed over the years, an armchair is still recognizable with its basic structure.

As its name implies, the chair seats one person and includes a place to rest the arms. A chair can cost a few hundred up to several thousand.

This armchair is upholstered with soft-gray fabric that is tufted by light-gray buttons on the back. The seat is in the same gray as the rest of the chair. The legs are made of small pieces of wood to support the rest of the chair.



The word “armoire” is similar to the Latin word “armorium”, a place to store armor. An armoire is a cabinet that is used for storage. They were referred to as presses during the medieval era and were used to store clothes and linen. Closets were not used then, so the armoire was a place to store personal belongings.

These stand-alone closets are still used for clothing but can also add décor to the bedroom as well as a focal point of interest. Original armoires were made of oak and other types of wood, which is still a common material used today.

This armoire has a basic structure, with two doors and a large drawer at the bottom. It is made of wood that has been stained a darker brown.

List of Furniture That Start with “B”

Bar Stool

Bar StoolPin

Bar stools were not commonly used until the beginning of the 20th century, so that more people could fit around a bar without spending more money. Today, there are many styles of bar stools used in homes, restaurants, and bars.

This bar stool is made in a vintage style with a cushion seat and metal base. The stool is made in a circular design, so a person can sit and turn around with plenty of room. A metal bar is in place so that the feet can rest from all angles.



Bassinets, or baby cribs, were not widely used until the 19th century. Crib means stall or manger in Old English. Modern cribs still have this kind of look to them today.

A bassinet is designed for infants and babies up to a few months old. Once a child can stand up and peak over the bassinet on their own, it’s time to move them to something bigger so they don’t fall out.

The bassinet in this nursery is draped in white blankets with a white tent-like cover to shade the baby from the sun. A soft moon, stars, and sheep hang from the top for the baby to play with as he or she falls to sleep in his or her bassinet.

Beach Chair

Beach ChairPin

Wilhelm Bartelmann made the first beach chair in 1882. Its nickname was “upstanding laundry basket” which looked like a basket with an open area on one side where the seat was located. Three sides and the top were shaded from the wind and sun.

Nowadays, the beach chair is a much simpler chair that can be easily carried to the sand. The beach chair in this picture can be folded and unfolded to sit in and carry.

The skeleton and legs are made of wood. Fabric with colorful stripes is stretched out and used as the seat and back.

Bean Bag

Bean BagPin

Bean bags have been around for a long time. The first ones were made of leather and small. They were used for games by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago.

Bean bags are still used for games, but larger ones were made into furniture in the 1960s. Today’s bean bag chairs are filled with beans with an outer shell made of synthetic material to comfortably sit on.

They are fairly inexpensive and come in all kinds of colors and designs. This bean bag is made of leather that was dyed a bright blue.



Beds have been around since the beginning of man. The oldest bed was found in South Africa and is about 77,000 years old. It was made of mats made from plant material. It was large enough to fit an entire family.

The bed has changed in size and materials over time but has mainly been used for sleeping at night. There are plenty of varieties and styles to choose from today.

This bed is lifted off the base due to the spring mattress beneath it. The bedframe and headboard are simple and beautiful in style.

Bedside Table

Bedside TablePin

Bedside tables were not commonly used until the mid-18th century in England. The top had a tray with a hidden commode in the base area. These nightstands were usually made of mahogany wood.

As time went on, these tables became smaller and more functional. Nowadays, you can purchase a bedside table made in a variety of materials and designs. They are made simple as well as elaborate.

The bedside table here is made of wood with several drawers for storage. It is painted a grayish blue with silver pulls.



Benches were used as far back as during the Roman Empire. They have been used to sit and sleep on, and also to eat from. Benches became less popular when chairs rose in use in the 16 century.

Benches are mainly used to sit on. Some include storage spaces just underneath the seat.

This bench sits in the hallway of the home, due to its narrow structure. The long cushion is upholstered with gray fabric and gray buttons are used in the tufted areas. Carved wood painted black keeps the seat off the floor.



Bookcases have been around for as long as books have been invented. Private libraries appeared in the late Roman republic era. Revolving bookcases, known as zhuanluntang, were seen in imperial China. Cupboards were used to hold books of wealthy people.

These cupboards were the early form of bookcases that are used today. The bookcase in this picture was built in the wall of this study. Many bookcases are self-standing, unlike this one.

A bookcase can be in many forms, colors, and materials. They also vary in price.

Bubble Chair

Bubble ChairPin

The bubble chair was not invented until the 1960s. The ball chair was made in 1963, and made by Eero Aarnio, a Finnish designer. He created the bubble chair, since the ball chair did not allow enough light in to read.

The bubble chair is suspended from the ceiling by a chain to create the feeling of floating. This one includes a cushion to comfortably read or rest in. They are mainly made of plastic and clear, to be seen from all angles.

Bunk Bed

Bunk BedPin

The bunk bed is thought to have been invented during medieval times when those in the lower class were trying to save space. They became popular when the military used them to sleep twice as many soldiers in one room.

Bunk beds are still used to save space, particularly in homes where there are multiple children sharing a room. The bunk bed in this room has a ladder to easily climb up and down the twin-size bed on top. The lower bed is larger to fit an older sibling or friend.

This bunk bed is made of wood, while another popular material is metal.

List of Furniture That Start with “C”



The first cabinets were usually used to store important papers and other valuable items. Most were on a stand to keep them off the ground. All kinds of items can be kept in cabinets.

Cabinets can be used in any room in the house where extra storage is needed. Most are made of wood but can be made with other materials.

The cabinets in this kitchen house dishes, glasses, china, and other accessories that can be used in the kitchen. These cabinets are made of wood and painted over in white.

Cabriole Sofa

Cabriole SofaPin

The cabriole sofa was made popular in the 1700s by King Louis XV. The wooden frame of the chair can be seen from the side, adding to the beautiful design of the couch. It is set apart from other sofas due to the curvature of the legs, which go out then down to the floor.

The basic look of this sofa has not changed in modern times. This couch has gold leaf decorating the outer skeleton of the beautiful sofa. The cushion and seat are upholstered in a gorgeous gray fabric.

Camelback Sofa

Camelback sofaPin

Thomas Chippendale was the creator of the camelback sofa in the late 18th century. The couch is named since the middle and sides are arched, similar to the humps on a camel’s back. This couch looks elegant when up between windows, so that family and friends can enjoy sunlight from outdoors while talking to each other from the inside.

The wooden frame is exposed on this camelback sofa. The fabric all over the cushions, arms and back of the couch are covered in a fabric decorated with a damask pattern in gold and yellow.

Camping Chair

Camping ChairPin

Portable chairs have been used since 800 AD. The chair consisted of two pieces of a board with a hold cut out horizontally from each side to easily put together and take apart when traveling.

Modern camping chairs have been around in Europe and the United States since 1855. They were very similar to today’s lighter camping chairs, made of wood and metal.

The camping chair in the photograph is made of bright-blue fabric with armrests and a cup holder. The legs and skeleton of the chair are metal. These chairs only cost a few dollars and upward.

Canopy Bed

Canopy BedPin

Canopy beds were first used in China during the 14th century and were made of brocade silk. They were popular in medieval Europe to give noble families some privacy, since they slept in the great hall of their castle, along with their servants.

Instead of thick draperies around the canopy part of the bed, are thin and sheer fabrics. It has lost its function for privacy and is now considered a part of the décor around the bed.

The canopy of this bed is covered in sheer fabric in yellow and peach, which match the pink pillows and comforter on the bed beautifully.



The chair has had many changes throughout history. Different forms of chairs have been used for thousands of years. The act of sitting was not widely used until organized religion made bench sitting popular. The Chiaveri chair invented in Italy in 1807 is the predecessor of the modern chair that is popular today.

This version of the modern chair has a basic structure and function. It is made of wood with a flat seat, four legs, and a partially-open back with wooden slats. Inexpensive material means this is affordable for many people.

Chaise Lounge

Chaise LoungePin

Chaise lounge means “long chair” in French, which is fitting for this type of chair. It is a long seat that was made popular during the 17th and 18th centuries as a place to rest during the day.

This chaise lounge is a great place to lay around or read during the day if you don’t want to do so in bed. A chaise lounge is also a great alternative when a bed is being used.

The legs and structure of this lounge are made of carved wood. The fabric over the seat, back, armrest and pillow are decorated in cream-colored stripes.

Chess Table

Chess TablePin

Chess is from the country of India and has been played for 1,500 years. The first chessboard appeared in Europe in 1090, but the first chess table was not made until the 18 century.

The chessboard is typically made on top, with drawers for storage on the sides. Designs range from basic tables to ones with elaborate designs.

This chess table is made of polished wood and gold details. It is round with small drawers located on four sides.

Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield SofaPin

A chesterfield sofa is a couch with arms as high as the back with plenty of buttons and tufting. This sofa originated in Great Britain several hundred years ago, and is still a popular choice of couch.

Most of these couches are made with leather with button tufting and nail heads used to trim the couch. Some modern types use lighter material, such as velvet, but the basic design remains the same.

This Chesterfield sofa stays true to the classic, with leather upholstery, tufted buttons on the back, arms, and below the seats, with nailheads along the front.

Chests of Drawers

Chests of DrawersPin

This furniture piece was based on chests made in the 17th century with drawers located in the base. Drawers made up the chest by the 1680s. Some have two small pull handles at the top to create a larger table space. Pulls were made of brass or wood.

This chest of drawers is made of wood with a natural wood top. The lower part is painted blue with black metal pulls. Tall legs keep the drawers off the ground and provide storage space.

These are great to use as décor pieces and to place a lamp on top of to use in an entryway or hallway.

Club Chair

Club ChairPin

A club chair is an armchair overlaid in leather with thick upholstery for a comfortable seating experience. This chair was used in gentlemen’s clubs for men to relax while having a drink. The chair is from France and created in 1929.

It has straight lines and a low back, used in clubs and restaurants. Nowadays there are some variations to the chair, such as some that can swivel or recline. The one in the picture is vintage with leather upholstery and short back.

Coat Rack

Coat RackPin

A coat rack is a small piece of furniture used to hang coats on. These are usually self-standing and can be seen near the door in the entryway of a home.

They are similar to hat racks and can fit a variety of items, such as hats, scarves, and coats. Coat racks have been around for a number of years, although styles have changed.

Coffee Table

Coffee TablePin

Coffee tables were not needed until the first coffee house opened in London in 1652. Visitors in these coffee houses needed a place to set their cup down between sips.

The modern use of coffee tables placed by a couch or sofa came about in 1938. Coffee tables can be made of glass, wood, metal, and other materials. The first ones were 27 inches high, while coffee tables today are made lower, at about 18 inches high.

This coffee table is made of wood with a drawer on one side and an open space for storage on the other side. This is one of many styles of coffee tables today.

Computer Desk

Computer deskPin

A computer desk is a desk specifically made where a computer can sit on the top of the table, with space and areas for related equipment to also sit on or around the table.

The corner computer desk in this photograph has several sections to place folders and other items that can make it easy to work on a computer from here. This table is made of wood, while others can be made of steel, metal, and glass.

Computer Table

Computer TablePin

A computer table is very similar to a regular table with a flat top and four legs. There may or may not be sections to fit other parts of the computer on or around the table.

The home office pictured uses two tables for the computer and other work items. These types of tables can also be used for multi-tasking, since one is used for the computer and the other to file work.

Conference Table

Conference TablePin

Conference tables have been around for as long as people have had a need to discuss important events and make decisions. The one in the picture is rectangular and seats people around it with one person at the head who leads the discussion.

Conference tables have several shapes and styles, based on what is needed. Some are circular, while others are rectangular and seat everyone on one side.

Console Table

Console TablePin

A console table is a side table that is thin enough to stand against a wall in an entryway or hallway. Console tables are similar to side tables, except they are usually taller and larger.

Console tables first appeared in France in the 17th century in the form of large slabs. They have changed in form and design over the years, as seen in this distressed-blue console table with gold details.

Convertible Chair

Convertible ChairPin

A convertible chair is a chair that can change into a bed. Most convertible chairs only fit a twin-size bed, due to their size.

A convertible chair is a great choice for a small living space when you want to have guests stay over. They are also a great chair to use with medical patients who are too sick to move from a bed to a chair.

Convertible Sofa

Convertible SofaPin

A convertible sofa is also referred to as a sofa bed or sleeper sofa. It is a sofa that can change into a bed when needed.

A convertible sofa is a great choice for a sofa if you don’t have the space for a guest room with an extra bed. It is also a great choice if you live in a studio apartment and don’t have the space for a bed and sofa.



A cot is a small bed that can be easily folded and stored away during the day when it’s not in use. It is a great bed to use on a temporary basis if there aren’t enough regular beds or to travel with.

A cot should not be used for a long time due to the lack of support on the back. You can always have an extra mattress you can place on the cot for guests to help.



A couch or sofa has been used by humans since 2000 BC by the Egyptians. The word comes from “suffah”, which is Arabic for “bench. When sofas were first made, they were only used by rich people who could afford them.

The sofa has had many different looks and styles through the years, and today can be seen in many forms, designs, and materials. They also range in prices for all to afford.

This sofa has a padded seat, back, and armrests that are covered in a bright-gold fabric. The back is upholstered with yellow buttons.



Parents have been using cradles to put their babies to sleep for many years. Rockers were made from half logs to easily rock babies to a peaceful sleep. Although the look and material of the cradle has changed over the years, it is still used for the same function.

The cradle in this picture is made from different pieces of wood painted white. The hearts and other shapes carved in the wood make it a beautiful and one-of-a-kind piece. A small mattress is at the base for the baby to comfortably sleep on under blankets.



The cupboard was initially made as a place to store dishes and cups. These became popular in the United States in the late 19th century and continue to be an important piece of furniture in homes today.

Various drawers, cabinets, and shelves are built in to provide plenty of storage space. Many were made of wood, which continues to be a popular material used in modern cupboards.

The cupboard in the picture is wood painted over in white. Doors at the bottom provide storage, while the open cupboard at the top can be used as a place to store cups and other fine dishes.

List of Furniture That Start with “D”



Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were known to use daybeds in ancient times. They were mainly used for lounging on during the day. Chinese versions were so detailed that they looked like small rooms.

Daybeds come in all kinds of designs and materials. Different varieties have arms and railings that are high or low. Daybeds are a great use in children’s rooms and studies as an extra bed for guests.

This daybed works great in this small children’s room. A child can read or rest during the day and sleep on the bed at night.



The word desk means “table to write on” when translated from the Modern Latin word “desca”. This term originated in the mid-14th century but was not commonly used until 1797.

The desk became more popular with a modern school desk designed by Anna Breadin in the 1880s and steel desks in the early 20th century.

Today, desks are seen in an array of styles, sizes, and materials. The desk in this room has a wooden top with metal legs. There is plenty of room for a desk, books, and other items to place on the top.

Dining Chair

Dining ChairPin

Chairs have been around for a long time, but were not widely used until the 17th century, when they were made small and light. French makers were the ones who started making lighter and more enjoyable chairs to sit it. They started making all kinds of chairs for different uses, including dining chairs.

There have been many styles, looks, and materials used to make dining chairs over the years. These dining chairs have a basic skeleton and legs made of wood painted in a cream color. The cushions on the back and seat are upholstered in fabric with gold and light-blue designs.

Dining Table

Dining TablePin

The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks were known to use variations of dining tables to eat their meals from. Throughout the years, dining tables have been made from marble, wood, and metal. This is still true with today’s dining tables.

Four pillars attached to a top was the basic structure for dining tables, as it is today. Many tables are designed as decorative pieces, while others are more basic in structure and design.

This modern dining table has a basic structure with four legs and a rectangular top. The top is made from a slab of wood with the legs painted black.



A divan is a couch where one end can be placed against a wall or corner in the room. The first divans came from Persia and had tufted seats that were similar to mattresses.

There are also variations of divans that are mattresses. The divan in the picture is a lounging couch that can also be used as a bed.



Dresser was a term used in 16th century England to describe a place to dress the meats used for meals. At this time, dressers were mainly used in the dining room and kitchen. Once it reached the United States, to look and use had changed.

These new dressers were lower and used to store accessories used for makeup and clothing accessories. Soon, mirrors were placed above the dresser, as is the case nowadays.

Cost of a dresser varies, based on the style, material, and how much are readily available. The antique dresser in this picture would most likely cost more than a modern version.

Drink Table

Drink TablePin

Drink tables did not have much use until the 1920s, when people allowed more people in their homes for social events. The small tables are wide enough for just a few drinks.

Drink tables have gotten larger to accommodate more items in smaller homes. They can be used for game nights or a place to store necessities in the bathroom that are easily accessible.

This drink table blends in beautifully in the wine cellar. The table has enough space for several drinks and glasses. There is space to sit or stand while testing out wines.

List of Furniture That Start with “E”



Easels have their beginnings in the first century CE with Pliny the Elder mentioning an artist using what looked like an easel. Early forms of easels have also appeared in artwork from ancient China.

Artists have used easels throughout time and still use them to create beautiful works of art from. Artists still use easels to create paintings and drawings today.

The woman in this picture is painting on a canvas that is propped up on a wooden easel. Easels can also be used in place of a frame for pictures and prints today.

Easy Chair

Easy ChairPin

An easy chair is an armchair that is very comfortable to sit in. Variations of armchairs have been made throughout history.

The most recent types are chairs that can fit one person and are usually seen next to a couch in the living room. The one in the picture has a back pillow for even more comfort.

End Table

End TablePin

Basic tables have been used by the ancient civilizations up until now. Ancient Romans enjoyed relaxing on low couches with matching low tables.

End tables didn’t become popular until couches became widely used in living rooms. These are similar to bedside tables when it comes to size, although many are less bulky than the ones used in bedrooms.

This side table is dainty in size and form. It is made of metal and overlaid with gold leaf. The top is white and allows plenty of room for décor to match the couch and rest of the living room.

List of Furniture That Start with “F”



Humans have had a need for warmth throughout time, especially in colder areas of the world. Fire pits in ancient times were used before fireplaces were made. Medieval people started to move these pits indoors to make the first fireplaces.

The fireplace has changed over the years, but still provides warmth, no matter how different it looks over time. This fireplace has real wood burning in it, with a protective screen over the logs and fire area.

Many fireplaces nowadays use wood burners, electricity, or gas, which are safer than traditional fireplaces.

Floor Cushion

Floor CushionPin

Floor cushions have been used in Asian and other cultures as an alternative to chairs. These cushions are much more comfortable to sit on than the floor. Many cultures still use floor cushions today, although they are more seen as a décor piece than a functional one in many homes.

This room has a low table, which is more accommodating to cushions than chairs. Floor cushions are great to use in the living room when there are no more couches and chairs for guests to sit on. You can also choose cushions that match the color and décor in the room as well.

Floor Lamp

Floor LampPin

Lamps are one of those furniture pieces that have been a necessity to light the way for humans since the beginning of time. People during medieval times would light up lamps in rooms and the hallway with candles to see at night.

The floor lamp pays homage to these ancient versions. As its name entails, this type of lamp is self-standing on the floor. Some come with shades to cover the bulb, while others do not.

The cost varies, as does the materials. This floor lamp has legs similar to that of a tripod. The legs have a brass finish with a gray shade that matches one of the walls in this bedroom.

Folding Bed

Folding BedPin

The folding bed is a simpler version of the Murphy bed, which was invented by William Murphy in 1900, who wanted to find a way to make room for a bed in his one-room apartment in San Francisco.

A folding bed is great to use for traveling and camping, since it can be folded and taken with you. The convertible bed in this picture can be placed in a closet and taken out when guests come over to visit.

Folding beds usually do not have a standard mattress, which makes them great just for temporary use.

Folding Chair

Folding ChairPin

Folding chairs are popular to use at parties to seat a large amount of people. Ancient versions of these chairs have been found, so they have been very popular over time. Older ones had an “X” shape to them to easily put together and sit on.

Today, most folding chairs have the same basic look. Some are made of metal, while others are made of wood.

This metal folding chair has a rounded top to the back part and a square seat with four legs. Some have cushioning on them, which make these chairs more comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.

Foosball Table

Foosball TablePin

Foosball, or table football is a popular table game still played in many arcades today. Several men may have created the game in the early 1900s we now know as foosball. These men are Lucien Rosengart, Harold Searles Thornton, and Alejandro Finisterre.

This tabletop version of football is usually made of wood, with plastic handles and players. Each row of players is in a different color so that the two people playing know who their team is. The table in the picture looks very similar to the original tables created around 100 years ago.



The Japanese were the ones who created the futon as a bed made up of mats and thin mattresses. This type of bed is still popular for those who prefer a lower bed without a huge frame and headboard.

The futon in this picture is perfect for the loft bedroom with the low ceiling. Thin cushions are placed over the hardwood floors to mimic a mattress on a bed. A futon will work great for those who don’t have back problems or for temporary use.

List of Furniture That Start with “G”

Game Table

Game TablePin

Game tables are a later invention, compared to other tables. These tables appeared in Europe in the 11th century and gained popularity from there.

Backgammon had a specific table with lines and colors typical of the game. Gaming tables varied in style and size. Some game tables were decorated with needlework to reduce the noise of counters.

Board games and other games are usually played on the dinner table or coffee table, like the one shown in the picture. Another modern version of the game table is a square table made of metal that can be folded and stored away when not being used.

Gaming Chair

Gaming ChairPin

Since video games have only been around for the past few decades, a gaming chair was not made until 2006, so that gamers who spent long periods playing video games had a comfortable chair to use. Despite this recent invention, today’s gaming chair is highly sophisticated in make and style.

The gaming chair in the picture looks like a chair that belongs in the front seat of a racecar, with the red stripes against the black chair. The ergonomic style allows the player to rest their head on the pillow and keep their back straight.

I’ve been using a gaming chair to work from, and they are also very comfortable to use while typing on a computer.

Garden Bench

Garden BenchPin

Gardens have gone in and out of popularity throughout time. The garden bench is one of many sitting devices made to enjoy outdoor gardens. It gained popularity during the 1700s and 1800s as public parks and gardens were built.

The familiar garden bench that can sit two adults is still used today in public and private gardens. Many are painted green or made of green material to blend in with the plants. The bench here has curved arms to mimic stems and leaves.

Gateleg Table

Gateleg TablePin

The gateleg table originated in England and was brought over to America in the 17th century. The tables were built so that parts could be folded to fit into the small homes of the day. They were usually made of maple or other types of wood.

This gateleg table has a basic structure with three drawers for storage. Both sides can be folded over if extra space is needed. These tables are similar to folding tables that are popular to use at dinner and for games today.

Ghost Chair

Ghost ChairPin

A ghost chair is a chair made of one piece of plastic in a beautiful design by French designer Philippe Starck in 2002. The back is round, with an oval shape, with a square seat and four legs. It is very similar to the Louis XVI chair made popular while the French king ruled in the 1700s.

The ghost chair in the photograph is made of gray plastic in the same design as Starck’s original ghost chair. Since this chair is see-through, it will fit in many rooms in various designs and colors.

Glider Chair

Glider ChairPin

Outdoor chairs became more popular after World War II as people spent more time in their yards. One type was the glider. Most gliders were built as swings that would “glide” back and forth as the person would move their legs on the ground.

Some styles moved indoors, as the glider in this picture did. This glider is a combination of the original and the rocking chair. While many outdoor chairs were made of metal, this indoor version is made of wood with large cushions on the seat and back.

Grandfather Clock

Grandfather ClockPin

I still remember the loud ticking of my grandparent’s grandfather clock they kept in the hallway upstairs in their home. Galileo Galilei is credited in discovering the pendulum that would become widely used in grandfather clocks back in 1582.

Christian Huygens would later make the first prototype of the “long case clock” in 1656. These clocks quickly became popular. Most were made of wood, as this one is in the photograph.

These clocks were designed in various details and finishes. This grandfather clock is finished in light wood with floral carvings near the top and bottom.

List of Furniture That Start with “H”

Hall Tree

Hall TreePin

A hall tree is something of an open storage space in the entryway or hallway near the entrance of the home. It may or may not be located in the mudroom, as a place to take off and store shoes.

Places to store clothing and belongings have been around for centuries. The hall tree is a combination of these items and a great way to keep belongings in one place.



A hammock can create a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom or living room. They are usually made of sturdy fabric that can withstand a person’s weight while suspended from the ceiling, such as the one in the picture.

Hammocks were found to be used in Central America 1,000 years ago by the Mayans and other people in the region. They are considered an outdoor piece of furniture, although hammocks are also used as an alternative indoors.

Hammocks are very reasonably priced, with options to buy ones with stands, while there are plenty of styles to choose from that tie to trees and walls.



A hassock is very similar to an ottoman. They are both used to put your feet to relax. They have no storage, like many ottomans.

Hassocks can be made in many sizes, with or without legs. The one in the picture is made of one cushion upholstered in fabric with a floral design on top, while the middle portion is in solid purple.

Hassocks are usually made lighter than ottomans, which makes them easy to move around when you want to rearrange furniture in your living room. You can also use the hassock as a soft table for a magazine or book.

Hat Stand

Hat StandPin

Hat stands are also referred to as coat racks or coat trees, since they are used to hang coats, hats, and other items such as scarves. Modern hat stands usually have two rows of hangers. The top row is for hats and scarves and the lower row is for coats.

The hat stand in the picture is made of wood, which is a popular material. Other designs are made in metal and a combination of manmade and natural materials.

Some stands look similar to tree branches, hence the “coat trees” name. Variations of hat racks have been made throughout the centuries, with some designed to look like pieces of art.



A headboard can add style and color to your bed and bedroom at large when it matches other parts of the room. Ever since the Egyptians used headboards, they have been made of wood, gold, upholstery, iron, and ebony. The look and style have changed throughout the years, but a headboard has always remained an important part of a bed.

This beautiful headboard is styled with upholstery that became popular in the 17th century and is commonly seen on beds today. Silver motifs at the top of the headboard make it fit for a queen or king.



Highchairs began being mass-produced in the 1950s and are still frequently used today. Historians have found highchairs as early as the 17th century, so these have been used by parents for several hundred years.

The design has changed over the years, but the main function has remained the same. Highchairs have been used as a place to seat young children to play or eat. Some have a basic design, like the plastic ones in the photograph, while others are more intricately designed with wooden carvings.

Hope Chest

Hope ChestPin

Hope chests are containers that are usually filled with family heirlooms, such as photographs, clothing, letters, antiques, books, and other items important to the family.

They were originally used for women who would have something to keep their belongings in once they were married. Hope chests come from a time when families would hand over goods and property when a marriage took place.

This hope chest has been restored to a beautiful white with blue-and-gray upholstery on top. It can be used to store blankets and as a seating area at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom.



The hutch in this kitchen is made of wood, with a glass door to reveal china and tea sets. This variation of the kitchen cabinet had a different look in the 18th and 19th century, when it was just a tabletop on a base.

Today, there are three types used. These are the buffet, kitchen, and china hutches. Each has a slightly different look and use.

The one in the picture appears to be a china hutch, where dishes can be displayed and viewed through the glass on the upper part.

List of Furniture That Start with “K”

King Bed

King BedPin

The king bed in this room looks regal in size and color. The concept of a king-size bed is a recent trend, made popular by the Simmons Company in the late 1950s. The royal size became even more well-known once the beds were featured in magazines like Life.

King size beds are about 76 by 80 inches, which is plenty of space for two adults. Bed frames are made of wood, steel, and other sturdy materials. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from, as well as a variety of duvet and sheet sets to match décor in your bedroom.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen IslandPin

Kitchen islands came into use in the Victorian era in the late 19th century. These crude tables were usually small and looked misplaced. Over the decades, the islands started to be built into the design of these rooms to become the beautiful part of kitchens they are today.

Islands are made in different shapes and styles to blend in with the style and fit into the kitchen they are built in. The island in this kitchen in equipped with cabinets, a sink, and a large enough space to make meals and eat from.

Kitchen Table

Kitchen TablePin

The kitchen table is a less-formal version of the dining room table and is usually located in the kitchen or placed to the side if there is an island. The white kitchen table in this picture would be a great place for informal meals with the family.

The kitchen table was also used as a place to prepare meals before the invention of countertops. They were basic tables with four legs, which are still used today for kitchen tables.

Kitchen tables nowadays can be inexpensive, while the more elaborately made ones can cost thousands of dollars.

List of Furniture That Start with “L”

Lawn Chair

Lawn ChairPin

A lawn chair is a great place to relax outdoors with friends and family. This lawn chair made of white plastic is a familiar site in many yards today. They are very inexpensive and come in many colors as well!

While lawn chairs are great for outdoor use, sitting in one for too long is not comfortable. A WWII fighter pilot by the name Fredric Arnold gets credit for the invention of the first metal lawn chair.

Lawson-style Sofa

Lawson style SofaPin

A Lawson sofa has clean lines and a simple, yet functional look. These sofas were made for Thomas Lawson around the turn of the 20th century, who was a financier. The original sofas had three cushions and seats.

The couch in the picture looks to be a smaller version of the original Lawson. It has straight edges and additional pillows for both sides.

Lift Chair

Lift ChairPin

A lift chair is a recliner that has a mechanism to lift the chair forward, making it easy to get in and out of. It is suitable for seniors, who may find it hard to get up and down due to their age.

Lift chairs come in a variety of styles and colors to match the room they will be in. The one in the picture looks comfortable with its blue tweed fabric.

Loft Bed

Loft BedPin

A loft bed is a great way to save space in a room. These beds are popular to use in children’s rooms, but can be built in any room where space is needed. Space to work or play is important in a child’s life, so it’s essential to make room for both.

The loft in this photograph is made of sturdy wood with an open space underneath for a desk or play area. More space is saved with drawers built into two sides of the bed. Wooden stairs lead to the sleeping area.

There is a variety of styles and materials to choose from to meet the needs of any budget as well.

Lounge Chair

Lounge ChairPin

A lounge chair is an armchair made to rest in. The one in the picture comes with a matching stool to rest your legs on.

The Eames lounge chair was introduced in 1956 and remains a popular choice today. It also came with a matching ottoman. The style has changed throughout the years, but people continue to love buying and sitting in lounge chairs.

Loveseat Sofa

Loveseat SofaPin

While couches have been around for a long time, loveseats are a more recent invention. The original loveseats were first made in the late 17th century for women when huge dresses with hoops and underskirts were in style.

Couples began using these seats as a place to have private conversations, hence the name loveseat.

These sofas have gotten larger and more comfortable over the years. This sofa is upholstered in pink fabric with some tufting on the back pillows. Four short wooden legs keep the couch off the floor.

List of Furniture That Start with “M”



The mantle is the shelf above the fireplace that can be used as an extra space for décor and other items. Fireplaces were originally used for cooking and warmth, but as they gained popularity, mantlepieces were added to display artwork and other decorative pieces.

Not all homes have fireplaces and mantles anymore, due to the recent invention of central heating. Mantles and fireplaces that are in homes are made of stone, bricks, and marble.

Some have a basic structure, while others are adorned with carvings and motifs that go around the fireplace. Many families use the space above to mount a flat-screen television.



A mattress is a must in any modern bedroom. I know I can’t sleep without one! The modern mattress I use, as well as many others, has only been around for a little over 100 years.

The bed spring was not invented until the end of 1869 by Platt S. Buell and Timothy Rose. Most mattresses before this time were stuffed with cotton, feathers, or other soft material.

Mattresses can be firm or soft, based on the user’s preferences and sleep needs. The thick mattress in the photograph is covered with many grooves and tufts for a comfortable night’s rest.



A minibar is a small refrigerator located in a hotel room that is stocked up with alcoholic drinks for travelers to enjoy during their stay. This one is empty, with a space for cups and other items to the left of the minifridge.

The idea of a minibar has long been attempted by hotel owners to provide their guests with drinks and food. The items were usually expensive to make up for the cost of buying the items, as well as other hotel expenses.

Mudroom Locker


Mudrooms have been around for a long time, although the term was not used until recently, around the 1950s. A mudroom is basically an entryway that is not as formal, with a locker and other storage for boots and other items of outdoor clothing.

The idea was to prevent muddy boots and other dirty pieces of clothing from entering the rest of the house. The locker was the specific place where these items were stored while indoors. Now, these lockers are used as an alternative to an entryway closet.

Murphy Bed

Murphy BedPin

A murphy bed is a bed that can be folded away into a wall or closet. These beds are great to use in small rooms and studio apartments to save space during the day. They were originally invented in the early 1900s.

These beds lost their popularity but are popping up more recently since many people are downsizing to save money.

The Murphy bed in this picture is folded out on the wall of a child’s bedroom. It is twin size, although these beds can be made larger for adults.

List of Furniture That Start with “N”



A nightstand is a small table that sits on one side of the bed. It usually contains a lamp and other small pieces of décor. Some have drawers to hold books and other small items.

The ones in the picture are beautiful wooden nightstands in the shape of a tree trunk. Nightstands are similar to bedside tables and were not just used as a pretty side table next to a bed.

Commodes were stored in nightstands before toilets were invented. Many were made of wood over the years, but boxy and with drawers.

List of Furniture That Start with “O”

Office Chair

Office ChairPin

Office chairs are chairs specially designed for those who sit for long hours, working in an office. Some come with or without armrests. The one in the picture has a cushioned seat and back that swivels to easily move with the worker throughout the day.

These chairs may seem like a recent development, but Egyptian artisans around 1900 BC used tilted stools to do their work while sitting down. The crude chairs were nothing like the comfortable and ergonomic chairs we have today, but still provided a place for a worker to sit while doing their craft.



The ottoman is a footstool with legs to keep it slightly off the ground. Some have a lid with storage, as the one in the picture. They can be kept in front of a couch or chair as a footrest, or to the side or corner of a living room to store items in.

This small piece of furniture gets its name from the Ottoman Empire, where a similar low seat, called a hassock, originated. These updated versions come in a variety of materials, styles, colors and designs.

Some ottomans come with chairs in matching colors.

Ottoman Table

Ottoman TablePin

The ottoman table is a larger version of the ottoman. Many are made in the same style and materials as the ottoman footstool.

The one pictured is about the size of a coffee table, with leather-like material that is tufted with buttons all over. The legs are made of wood.

These would be more expensive than their smaller counterparts and look great with a leather couch in similar colors.

List of Furniture That Start with “P”

Park Bench

Park BenchPin

Park benches have been a popular seat choice for public spaces and parks for hundreds of years. In the 18th and 19th centuries, they were designed to blend in with their natural surroundings, created with wood or painted in natural colors.

This modern park bench is designed to match its surroundings, just like benches from days past. The seat and back are made of wood, with iron arms and legs for a durable and sturdy seat.

Patio Chair

Patio ChairPin

Patio chairs are chairs made with materials that can withstand the heat and cold from being outdoors all the time. You can find chairs on patios and yards. These two patio chairs are made of gray wicker weaved together to form the seat, back, arms, and legs of the chairs.

The white cushions make sitting on these chairs comfortable, although cushions have not always been available to sit on. More basic patio chairs are made of metal, stone, or wood, with no cushions. They are great to sit on for small periods of time.

Patio Table

Patio TablePin

The patio table was made to enjoy drinks and food outdoors while sitting in patio chairs. Some come with or without umbrellas. This round patio table is equipped with an umbrella to stay out of the sun on warm days.

Some come with or without chairs. Patio tables can be square, circular, and in the shapes of ovals or rectangles. They can also be made of a variety of materials best suited for the outdoors in a variety of prices.



Many homes have a piano that is kept in the living room for members to play on or use as a large piece of décor when left alone.

The piano is very similar to the harpsichord, which was made in Italy around the year 1500. The Italian Bartolomeo Cristofori made the piano since there was no volume control on the harpsichord.

There are different types of pianos, such as the baby grand and grand piano. The one pictured is a basic piano player.

Piano Bench

Piano BenchPin

The piano bench is an important part of playing the piano. The player needs a comfortable place to sit and play. The bench is usually long enough for two people to sit on, or for one person to play and be able to reach all the keys.

Many benches open at the top as a place to store music and other important items. Another type is a chair that is curved forward slightly so players can perform without wearing out their back.

Picnic Table

Picnic TablePin

Picnic tables are a common sight in parks and other public places. They can be made of metal, plastic, concrete, or wood, like the one in the picture. The seats are made of the same material as the table and can seat several people across.

There are over a hundred different types of styles to choose from, with prices ranging from one hundred to several thousand dollars. Some dining and kitchen tables are fashioned as picnic tables, with a bench on one side and chairs on the other.

Poker Table

Poker TablePin

The word poker was first introduced in a card game book called Hoyle’s Games in 1845. Since then, it has become a popular gambling game with people winning millions. The game can take a long time to play, so a special table was developed for it.

This poker table is round, with a polished wood border and carpeted middle part to quietly set down the chips. Grooves in the wood are for cards, chips, and money.

Pool Table

Pool TablePin

Pool tables typically have a carpet that is in a green shade, although other colors have been used. There are holes on each corner, as well as a hole on each long side. There is plenty of space for the balls in the lower level of the table.

Pool is a type of indoor version of croquet, which was played outside and made popular in Northern Europe in the 15th century. Billiard rooms didn’t start showing up until 1765. Today, some people have custom-made rooms for their billiards table.

Porch Swing

Porch SwingPin

A porch swing is a type of seat to have on the porch or other part of the yard. They are a great place to relax after a long day at work or a place to catch up with friends and family.

The porch swing is a type of swing that hangs from chains on the ceiling of the porch, as shown in the picture. Modern swings are usually made of wood and can seat several people at a time.



A pouf makes a great seat when other chairs or couches are being used. They can also be used as additional décor pieces when not occupied.

The pouf is similar to an ottoman and Hossack, except a pouf can be used to sit on, put up your legs, or as an extra decorative item in your living room or bedroom. A pouf can also be used as a soft table for a book or magazine.

Sturdy ones can be used as benches or tables for heavier items. The poufs in this picture are made of soft material and ideal for lighter items.

Pub Table

Pub TablePin

A pub table is a high table seen in many European pubs. It’s similar to a high bar and can even use the same stools so that people can sit comfortably while eating and drinking.

Two separate pub tables can be seen with high-back chairs in the picture. These tables have become popular alternatives to kitchen and dining tables in homes. Many come with highchairs suitable to the higher-placed tables.

List of Furniture That Start with “Q”

Queen Bed

Queen BedPin

Queen-size beds was not a term used until 1941-1965 when mattress makers started using the terms ‘king’ and ‘queen’ to describe the size of beds. Up until recently, beds were made smaller.

These larger-sized beds soon became more popular and now are widely used. Styles, colors, and material vary, as well as prices.

This queen-size bed has four posters made of polished wood with floral designs on the posters. The bed is high enough where steps are needed to get into it.

List of Furniture That Start with “R”



Having a coatrack in the entryway is a great way to keep the area clean of coats, boots, and hats all over the floor and room. If there is no room for a closet or if the closet is already used, a rack can be put to great use.

The rack in this entryway has space for coats, shirts, and pants hung neatly at the top. There are bars at the bottom to place shoes on for those who prefer shoes off the floor and rest of the house. Other racks can be small, similar to ones for hats.

Reading Chair

Reading ChairPin

A reading chair is a sitting chair that is comfortable enough to read in. A cushioned chair with an ottoman is a great choice if you plan on spending a lot of time reading. Add a blanket to stay cozy too!

The reading nook in this home has a cushioned chair with an ottoman. A standing lamp provides plenty of light to read with during the night. The table on the side can be a great place for books, snacks, and drinks.

Recliner Sofa

Recliner SofaPin

The recliner sofa is a popular choice for people to relax in after a long day at work. Even ancient civilizations knew the importance of having a place to recline. Ancient Egyptians were known for their long chairs, which evolved into daybeds and the chaise lounge.

These seats gave way to the modern recliner. Recliners today come in many styles and materials, such as polyester and leather. The recliner in this picture has thick cushions over brown upholstery to keep people relaxed for hours.

Rocking Chair

Rocking ChairPin

Cracker Barrel is a great restaurant that keeps waiting diners happy by having a large supply of rocking chairs on their long front porch for anyone to use. Mothers are known to having rockers in the nursery to rock their babies to sleep.

These comfy chairs are usually made of wood with cushions over the seat and back. Some are made by weaving rattan, reed, and willow together so that the chair can withstand elements outside.

List of Furniture That Start with “S”



A safe is a box made of thick, sturdy material made to keep valuables. Many homeowners have a safe to keep cash, jewelry, and other expensive belongings away from possible burglars. Many hotels provide a safe in their rooms.

The Chubb brothers of Wolverhampton, England invented the modern safe in 1835. A fire safe is a variation that keeps important papers safe if a fire were to break out.

The safe on this shelf needs a special combination of numbers to be opened. It is small enough to hide in a closet or other closed space.

Sectional Sofa

Sectional SofaPin

A sectional sofa is a common site in standard living rooms today. They fit in a corner or close to the corner of the room so that people on either side can converse with each other. The sofa gets its name by being made up of smaller sections that can be pieced together.

These sofas come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, just like with other large sofas. The one in the picture has a matching ottoman. Coffee tables are another common piece seen near these sofas.

Settee Sofa

Settee SofaPin

A settee sofa is a small sofa made for about two people. It has a straight back and clean lines. The legs and base are made of wood with upholstered fabric on the top part.

The term “settee” was not commonly used until the 17th century, along with the word sofa. Loveseats are smaller versions of settees.

Side Chair

Side ChairPin

A side chair is a small, decorative chair usually without arms that is made to fit next to other chairs. These chairs are great to use around the dining table or in the living room when having a large party.

Side chairs can be made of wood, plastic, metal, and other materials. This side chair is made of woven wicker with wooden legs, so it can be used inside and outside. They are inexpensive but can be pricey when highly decorative.

Side Table

Side TablePin

This side table fits snugly next to the couch as a place for décor, a lamp, drinks, and other small items. It has a skeleton made of steel with wooden tabletops.

A couch isn’t the only spot you can place a side table. These can go next to a bed, desk, chair, and other parts of a room, such as a corner or against a wall.

Side tables can look plain but functional, such as the one in the photograph, or designed in such a way that it can stand alone as an art piece.

Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper SofaPin

A sleeper sofa is a type of sofa that can extend into a bed for family and guests to sleep on. Sleeper sofas are great to have when you don’t have a guest room or space for an extra bed.

Variations of sleeper sofas have been used for years, and are still popular today. Egyptians would place palms together to sleep on. The founding fathers of the United States also had sofas that would change into beds at night for guests.

Slipper Chair

Slipper ChairPin

Slipper chairs are great to have as an extra chair in the dining room or bedroom. They come in all kinds of patterns and can blend in with the décor when not used.

These accent chairs were originally made for high-class women that needed a place where they could sit with no trouble, while their maids put on their shoes, or slippers.

The one in the photograph is upholstered with gray leather and nails just below the seat with wooden legs painted gray.



Did you know that there are currently more than 17 types of sofas available? Their main goal is to keep you and your family comfortable while sitting. Sofas go through a lot in their lifetime, and are made sturdy and comfortable, no matter what they look like.

Some types of sofas include daybeds, couches, sectionals, chaise sofas, and loveseats. This sofa looks like a standard sofa that can fit up to three adults comfortably. The bright-blue upholstery would look great in a living room with a beach theme.

Sofa Bed

Sofa BedPin

A sofa bed is very similar to a sleeper sofa, since it is a sofa that can also be converted into a bed. One type of sofa bed is a futon, which is made so that the mattresses lay down to form a bed for family and guests to sleep on.

Usually only one person can fit comfortably on a sofa bed, or several small children. A sofa bed is great for a small space such as a studio apartment. The sofas come in a variety of styles and prices to choose from.

Standing Desk

Standing DeskPin

A standing desk is becoming a more popular alternative to a standard sitting desk due to its many benefits. I recently went to the doctor’s office and all the desks could convert from a sitting to a standing desk!

A person can burn more calories standing versus sitting. Ergonomics can improve with standing, which means people can save money by not going to the chiropractor as much due to back and neck pain.

The desk in the picture has a lower desk space that can fit a keyboard and mouse, with a higher desktop for the computer.



A stool is a common sight in many kitchens now, but that was not always the case. They were mainly seen in pubs and bars for years since the chairs were small enough to place directly next to each other to fit as many people as possible at the bar.

Many stools have a circular seat with four legs so that a person can sit in any direction. Some look more like highchairs. The one in the photograph is shaped to keep you comfortable while sitting, with the back slightly higher than the front.

Storage Bench

Storage BenchPin

A storage bench is a sitting bench that opens up to a storage space. You can usually find benches at the foot of beds, but they also fit under a window in the living room, the hallway, or entryway.

They can be used to sit on and to store extra items. The top and lid part are cushioned for comfortable seating, with a deep enough space to store books, blankets, décor, and other items. This one has decorative upholstery with nails and beautifully carved legs.

Swing Chair

Swing ChairPin

A swing chair is a chair that can be suspended from the ceiling or has a self-standing structure that it hangs from. These egg-shaped swings are a relaxing place to read a book or nap in the corner of the living room or bedroom.

These swing chairs are a modern version of porch chairs, with some outdoor versions available. They are made of wood, metal, and other sturdy materials. Add cushions and a blanket to make it more comfortable.

List of Furniture That Start with “T”



Tables have been around for as long as men have. Ancient civilizations, such as the Romans, were known to use tables for different activities. The table in the picture is a round dining table made of wood.

Tables are made in various materials and sizes to fit a variety of needs. Most homes now have tables in just about every room. We have six tables in our one-bedroom apartment!

Tables can be used for eating, a place to put items when not in use, and to work on.

Tea Cart

Tea CartPin

Tea carts used to be a fashionable way to display and serve tea to family and friends, starting in the 1600s in England. The one in the picture has wheels, typically found on tea carts made in the early 1900s.

Several decades ago, these carts were popular until cocktail carriers replaced tea carts. You can still find older tea carts from antique furniture dealers and ones that are family heirlooms.

Not widely used today, a tea cart can make a nice side or corner table in the dining room or kitchen.

Trundle Bed

Trundle BedPin

A trundle bed is a bed on wheels that can be stored underneath the main bed in a room. My sister and I shared a trundle bed when we shared a small room in the home we grew up in.

This type of bed is a great alternative to bunk beds in case parents are concerned about a child falling from the top bunk. The trundle bed my sister and I had was twin size, which gave us plenty of space to play in the rest of the room when the bed was tucked under the higher one.



A tuffet is a variation of a pouf, hassock, and ottoman. Some have legs while others side flat on the ground. They can be used to sit on or put your feet up on.

The popular nursery rhyme “Little Miss Muffet” mentions how the girl sits on a tuffet. A tuffet is usually round and can be made of quilted fabric or other types of fabric with various designs.

The one in the photograph is made of leather with plenty of stitching all over and tufted buttons at the top.

Tuxedo Sofa

Tuxedo SofaPin

The tuxedo sofa is similar to the Chesterfield sofa, since the back and arms are the same height. The tuxedo sofa has a boxy look with clean lines, and many are upholstered with buttons.

The one in the picture is a deep blue, with cylinder-shaped pillows that add curves to the straight lines of the couch.

TV Stand

TV StandPin

The TV stand is a more recent invention, since the television has only been around for less than one hundred years. The first TV stands were small tables that a TV could be elevated on for the whole family to watch.

Stands have become more sophisticated over the years, with many that take up an entire wall to fit an entertainment system in. Others look more like long tables, like the one pictured. There is space for the lamp and décor on the other side of the television.

List of Furniture That Start with “U”

Umbrella Stand

Umbrella StandPin

The umbrella stand is a cylinder piece of furniture with one side open to place umbrellas in. These stands can be seen at store entrances and home entryways. These stands are a place to store wet umbrellas, so they don’t cause puddles in the home and other places.

The umbrella stand was first patented in the United States by African-American inventor William C. Carter. The one in the picture is made of brass, but these stands can be made in a variety of materials and designs.

List of Furniture That Start with “V”

Valet Stand

Valet StandPin

A valet stand is a piece of furniture used to hang men’s jackets and suits, without getting wrinkles from folding them or hanging them too close to other pieces of clothing. This item is small enough to fit in a closet or stand outside on its own.

A valet stand can be made of wood, metal, or other material that can have items hung on it. The valet stand in the photograph is used to hang towels from. It is made with metal with a polished-black stand.



A vanity is a dresser with a mirror set up as a place for women to put on makeup and do their hair. Cosmetics may seem like a recent invention, but there is evidence that Egyptians made highly-decorative boxes to keep their makeup in.

These small boxes morphed into a toilet table, which referred to the handkerchiefs that ladies in the 1700s wrapped their makeup in. The white vanity and matching mirror in the picture are delicate, although earlier ones were more elaborate in design.



The vitrine is a term for a display glass that many museums and stores use to display artwork and clothing. These display cases come in all shapes and sizes, based on what they display.

The vitrine is a great way to showcase a highly-valuable item from all sides for others to see. The one in the picture looks to be designed for jewelry or a small piece of art. Store fronts on main streets usually have large vitrines to showcase their items and to get customers to come in and buy from them.

List of Furniture That Start with “W”

Wall Mirror

Wall MirrorPin

Mirrors have been around for thousands of years. Early mirrors were most likely small enough to fit in a person’s hand and made of polished gold, obsidian, brass, or copper.

Today, mirror come in all shapes, sizes, and materials for the border. While the main purpose of a mirror is to see yourself, they have other uses as well. Mirrors used in various rooms in the house can make a room appear larger than it is.

The mirror in this photograph is used in place of a piece of art above the couch. The gold frame on the mirror can be considered a work of art on its own.



A wardrobe is a self-standing closet that usually contains clothes either folded or hung up. Growing up, we had a wardrobe in our back room that contained jackets and other items stored for later use.

The word “wardrobe” comes from an Old French term with “robe” and “to guard” in it. Nobility would store their clothing and items that were worth a great deal in their wardrobes.

The wardrobe in this picture looks more practical than ones from the past. It has a mirror in the center with two sliding doors on either side.



The wastebasket is a modern invention, although humans have used various ways to rid themselves of trash for years. Garbage collection started in England in 1875, and soon found its way to the United States in 1885. Large trash cans soon showed up outside as a place for people to throw their waste away.

Trash cans then found their way in homes. Small wastebaskets can be made of plastic, metal, and other materials. The one in the photograph has a foot pedal that opens up the lid to place trash in.



The waterbed is a recent invention and didn’t come about until 1833. My parents had a partial waterbed that was comfortable to sit and rest on during the day in my early years.

Waterbeds typically last longer and are more comfortable for the spine than traditional mattress beds. The waterbed in the photograph looks a little thinner than a regular mattress. When the bed is covered with a duvet and pillows, you won’t even tell the difference between the two.

Windsor Chair

Windsor ChairPin

The chair comes from the English town Windsor, where it was first made in 1724. The simple yet comfortable chair soon made its way to America, where it became very popular.

The Windsor chair has a curved back that is open, with thin legs used to support the back. The chair is made of wood with spindles attached to the back for support. Thicker legs support the seat and back of the chair. Variations of the Windsor chair can still be seen in many homes today.

Wine Rack

Wine RackPin

A wine rack is a popular piece of furniture in many homes today, usually in the kitchen or dining room. They come in all sizes, types, and designs, with some that are small enough to fit on a table, while others are large that they need their own room.

A wine rack is made so that the bottles are stored at an angle to keep the cork saturated with wine, which helps keep the wine fresh. The racks in the picture are made of wood, but wine racks can also be made of metal in other sizes and shapes.

Work Table

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A work table is a table used to do manual work from. They are usually plain and sturdy, since the tables may get dirty and even a little worn. The top needs to be thick enough to handle heavy materials and the wear and tear of manual work projects.

Work benches have been used for years, and most are taller than average tables since the person using the bench will most likely be standing while working. The work table shown is made of wood with a back wall to hang important tools from.

Writing Desk

Writing DeskPin

People have been writing for years, but a writing desk was not invented until the 1400s. Books were written by hand at this time, so a desk designed for writing was very important. Desk boxes were made after the desk so that people could write and carry books with them.

The modern writing desk is a combination of the original writing desk and box with places to store items. The writing desk in the picture is a place to write, as well as store pencils, papers, and other items to write with.

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