Kitchen items that start with a specific letter

The kitchen has been the central room for cooking and baking since antiquity. Ancient Romans and Greeks had stoves and ovens in homes for the wealthy, while others had to share kitchen spaces.

Over time, the look of kitchens has changed with many inventions that have come along with modern times. This includes what is used in kitchens. Here is a list of items in many of today’s kitchens that make cooking and baking easier.

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Kitchen items that start with “A”
Kitchen items that start with “B”
Kitchen items that start with “C”
Kitchen items that start with “D”
Kitchen items that start with “E”
Kitchen items that start with “F”
Kitchen items that start with “G”
Kitchen items that start with “H”
Kitchen items that start with “I”
Kitchen items that start with “J”
Kitchen items that start with “K”
Kitchen items that start with “L”
Kitchen items that start with “M”
Kitchen items that start with “N”
Kitchen items that start with “O”
Kitchen items that start with “P”
Kitchen items that start with “R”
Kitchen items that start with “S”
Kitchen items that start with “T”
Kitchen items that start with “V”
Kitchen items that start with “W”

Kitchen items that start with “A”

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum FoilPin

Aluminum foil is aluminum pounded into thin sheets to use in the kitchen for various purposes. It is packaged in a thin, rectangular box on a roll of cardboard. The foil is used to store food and to cover food while cooking.

Apple Corer

Apple CorerPin

An apple corer is an item used to cut away the core of the apple. It also simultaneously cuts the outer parts of the apple into slices. The outer part is usually made of plastic to protect hands from the sharp blades.



An apron is a piece of cloth tied around the waist to protect the chest and lower part of a person from spills while cooking and baking. An apron can be made of several materials in all kinds of colors and designs.

Kitchen items that start with “B”

Baking Sheet Pan

Baking Sheet PanPin

A baking sheet pan is a thin sheet used for baking. The sides are slightly raised so that food does not slip off. They can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, and other materials.



A baster is a device used to baste meats. The clear part is filled with butter or drippings, while the rubber part is used to apply the liquids to the meat while it’s cooking.

Biscuit Press

Biscuit PressPin

A biscuit press is an item used to make dough into small biscuits. The dough is placed in a tube and pressed into the right size and shape to bake with.



A blender is a machine used to blend together foods and liquids to make smoothies and sauces. Blades help to quickly chop up solid foods or liquify them.

Bottle Opener

Bottle OpenerPin

A bottle opener is a small item used to open up beer bottles and other glass bottles with a metal cap. The sharp end of a metal opener can loosen and open up the metal cap.



A bowl is a deep dish used to eat with cereal, soups, and salads. The sides are high enough to keep liquids and other foods from falling out.

Bread Knife

Bread KnifePin

A bread knife is a long knife used to cut bread with. The blade has a jagged edge so that it does not crush bread while cutting it.

Broiler Pan

Broiler PanPin

A broiler pan is a pan used to broil a variety of foods, such as vegetables, steak, and other meats and food.

Kitchen items that start with “C”

Cake and Pie Server

Cake and Pie ServerPin

A cake and pie server is a specially-shaped knife that can cut pies and cakes, then serve the desserts onto a plate with the flat piece.

Can Opener

Can OpenerPin

A can opener is a small device used to cut open cans. Blades are placed around the edge with the handles used to direct the blades around the can.

Casserole Dish

Casserole DishPin

A casserole dish is a large dishpan used to bake casseroles, desserts, and other foods in. Some are made of glass with lids to easily store after being cooked and cooled down.

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron SkilletPin

A cast iron skillet is a cooking item made of cast iron. These are healthy to cook with, since the iron go into the food while being cooked.

Chef’s Knife

Chef's KnifePin

A chef’s knife is a large knife used to cut a variety of foods in the kitchen. The one in the photograph has a metal blade with a plastic grip.

Citrus Juicer

Citrus JuicerPin

A citrus juicer squeezes the juice from citrus-based fruits into a container to use to make juices and other liquids to use for drinking and cooking.



A cleaver is a kitchen item with a broad blade that is used to chop meats to cook with. A cook or someone who enjoys cooking with large amounts of meat will find using a cleaver easier than using other kitchen knives.

Coffee Maker

Coffee MakerPin

A coffee maker is a machine that makes coffee. Coffee grounds are placed in a filter where hot water drips the coffee into a glass container.



A colander is used to strain liquids from food, usually after cooking. A colander can also be used to wash vegetables and beans in before cooking.



A corkscrew is a small device used to remove corks from wine bottles. The metal part is placed in the cork and screwed in, then screwed off.

Cutting Board

Cutting BoardPin

A cutting board is a flat board where meats, fruits, and vegetables are cut. They can be made of wood, plastic, and other hard materials.

Kitchen items that start with “D”

Dish Rack

Dish RackPin

A dish rack is a place to keep dishes while drying. The rack is usually made of metal and can hold a variety of dishes, silverware, and cups.



Dishes are kitchen items used to eat and drink with, such as silverware, cups, plates, mugs, and bowls. They come in many colors and styles to match the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen items that start with “E”

Egg Poacher

Egg PoacherPin

An egg poacher is a device that cooks an egg outside of the shell, versus boiling or simmering it.

Egg Slicer

Egg SlicerPin

An egg slicer delicately slices an egg after it has been boiled and cooled. An egg slicer is a great tool to have for those who prefer adding cooked eggs to salads and other meals.

Kitchen items that start with “F”

Food Storage Containers

Food Storage ContainersPin

A food storage container keeps foods fresh. These containers are usually made out of sturdy plastic with a thick lid to ensure the food stays fresh in the refrigerator or freezer.



A fork is a kitchen item with a handle on one side, and several points on the other to stab into foods, such as salads and meats.



A funnel is a kitchen utensil used to pour liquids and solids into various containers without making a mess.

Kitchen items that start with “G”

Garlic Press

Garlic PressPin

A garlic press is a kitchen tool used to press out the oil, juice, and pulp of garlic to use for cooking.



Glasses are kitchen items used for drinking. They can be made of glass or plastic.



A grater can slice cheese and other soft foods into small, thin pieces to use in various dishes.

Grill Pan

Grill PanPin

A grill pan is a pan used to grill meats and vegetables for meals. Raised edges make it easy to cook with these pans.

Kitchen items that start with “H”

Herb Chopper

Herb ChopperPin

An herb chopper is a long, curved knife with a handle on each end to easily chop up herbs to use in various recipes.

Honey Dipper

Honey DipperPin

A honey dipper is a kitchen tool used to collect honey to transfer from the jar to food. It has a rounded end with a handle and is usually made of wood.

Kitchen items that start with “I”

Ice Cube Tray

Ice Cube TrayPin

An ice cube tray is a tray used to make and store ice cubes. It is usually made of plastic with around 14 spaces to hold ice with.

Kitchen items that start with “J”



A juicer takes out juice from lettuce, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. The juicer crushes the juice from the food.

Kitchen items that start with “K”

Kitchen Scale

Kitchen ScalePin

A kitchen scale is a tool used to weigh foods. A kitchen scale can be used to weigh foods such as meats when a specific weight is needed for a recipe.



A knife is a long, sharp tool used to cut meats, fruits, vegetables, and other foods. The knife is made of metal with a softer handle.

Knife Sharpener

Knife SharpenerPin

A knife sharpener is a kitchen device used to sharpen knives that have become dull from being used frequently.

Kitchen items that start with “L”



A ladle is similar to a spoon with a deep bowl used to scoop out soups and other liquids to serve into bowls and plates.

Lemon Squeezer

Lemon SqueezerPin

A lemon squeezer is a kitchen tool specifically used to squeeze out the juice of lemons. A lemon is cut in half, then twisted onto the top part of the squeezer, with the liquid caught in the bowl at the bottom.

Kitchen items that start with “M”



A mandolin is a type of cutting blade used to slice a variety of foods. Some have several types of blades with different thicknesses to use with various foods.



Matches are made of paper that is stiff or tiny wood sticks used to start a fire for cooking. The rounded part is struck against a surface to ignite.

Measuring Cups

Measuring CupsPin

Measuring cups are used to measure different liquids and solids for baking and cooking. The largest is usually one cup.

Measuring Spoons

Measuring SpoonsPin

Measuring spoons are used to add small amounts of liquids and spices for cooking and baking. They are usually measured in tablespoons and teaspoons.

Meat Grinder

Meat GrinderPin

A meat grinder is used to chop up beef, chicken, and other meats into small pieces to use for cooking.

Meat Tenderizer

Meat TenderizerPin

A meat tenderizer pounds meat into thin pieces that are easier to digest once cooked, compared to larger pieces of meat.

Microwave Oven

Microwave OvenPin

A microwave oven is a small oven used to cook foods quickly. These ovens are great to use with leftovers that need to be quickly heated up.

Mixing Bowls

Mixing BowlsPin

Mixing bowls are bowls used to mix ingredients for meals and desserts. They usually come in several sizes and can be made of metal or plastic.

Muffin Pan

Muffin PanPin

A muffin pan is a pan with six or more enclosed cylinders to make muffins, cupcakes, and other small food items. The pan is made of material that can be placed in the oven to cook and bake.



Mugs are cups made of ceramic or metal that are suitable for coffee, tea, soups, and other hot items. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs.

Kitchen items that start with “N”



A napkin is a small piece of cloth or paper used to wipe the hands and mouth while eating. They can be made of cotton, silk, and other fabrics.



A nutcracker is a small kitchen tool used to crack open large nuts, such as walnuts. The nut is placed inside where the jagged edges are located that crack it open.

Kitchen items that start with “O”



An oven is a large appliance used to bake and cook a variety of foods in. It is made to get very hot and cook food for hours for meals.

Oven Mitts

Oven MittsPin

Oven mitts are mitts that are made thick enough so that you can safely take out pans from the oven when hot.

Kitchen items that start with “P”



A pan is a kitchen item used to cook foods on the stovetop. It is usually made of metal, stainless steel, or cast iron.

Parchment Paper

Parchment PaperPin

Parchment paper is a type of baking sheet lining placed over the baking sheet. The paper is coated so that food does not stick to it while being cooked.

Paring Knife

Paring KnifePin

A paring knife is a small knife used to make small cuts in foods, such as peeling the skin off an apple. It has a small blade with a handle for ease of use.

Pastry Brush

Pastry BrushPin

A pastry brush is a small brush used to glaze food over with butter, oil, or other liquids. They can look similar to a paintbrush, or have bristles made of silicone.

Pizza Cutter

Pizza CutterPin

A pizza cutter is a circular blade used to cut slices in pizza. The blade is made of metal with a plastic holder.



A plate is a round or square dish used to serve food on. It is almost flat, with the center more flatter than the edges to keep food on it.



A pot is a deep dish used to cook soups, stews, and other large meals on the stovetop. It is made with metal and handles.

Potato Masher

Potato MasherPin

A potato masher is a kitchen utensil used to mash up potatoes once boiled. The masher has a handle on one side, and a flat piece of metal or other hard material on the other side.

Kitchen items that start with “R”



A refrigerator is a kitchen appliance where perishable foods and drinks are placed to last longer. Many shelves allow for plenty of space for all kinds of foods and drinks.

Rolling Pin

Rolling PinPin

A rolling pin is a kitchen tool used to flatten dough to make into cookies, pastries, and breads. It comes with two handles and a cylinder that can continuously flatten food.

Kitchen items that start with “S”

Salad Spinner

Salad SpinnerPin

A salad spinner is a tool used to remove water from lettuce. The spinning force makes the water leave the lettuce so that dressing can stick to it.

Salt Shaker

Salt ShakerPin

A salt shaker is a container where salt is stored. The top has tiny hole so that you can shake out the salt to place on food as needed.



A saucepan is a pan with a handle. It is deep enough to cook sauces or to boil water to prepare meals with.

Sauté Pan

Sauté PanPin

A sauté pan is a shallow pan used to sauté foods in a specific way. The handle allows the cook to move and turn the pan so that all the food gets cooked.



Scissors are kitchen tools used for various purposes, such as cutting meat, vegetable, and bags of food open.

Sharpening Rod

Sharpening RodPin

A sharpening rod is a special rod used to sharpen knives on that have become dull. They are made of metal and many knife sets come with one.



Shears are small scissors used to cut small pieces of food or plastic food containers open to use for cooking and baking.



A sieve is a utensil made of plastic mesh or wire used to strain liquids or to break up flour, sugar, and similar ingredients into smaller pieces for baking and cooking.



A skillet is a pan whose sides are slanted that can fry, cook, and brown various meats and vegetables for meals.



A spatula is a kitchen utensil used to flatten foods and to flip over foods while cooking and baking. It has a handle with a flat piece of metal on the other end.

Splatter Guard

Splatter GuardPin

A splatter guard is a metal piece of mesh set in a circular border with a handle to place over a pan to protect yourself and surroundings from grease and other liquids that splatter while cooking.



Sponges are used to clean dishes, countertops, and other kitchen utensils used for baking and cooking. The sponge can absorb soap and water for cleaning.



A spoon is a type of silverware used to scoop foods and soups for eating. It has a handle and shallow oval at the other end for eating.

Stainless Steel Skillet

Stainless Steel SkilletPin

A stainless steel skillet is good for searing meat. This type of skillet also works well for those who prefer ingredients with acid since it won’t react with the metal.

Stirring Spoon

Stirring SpoonPin

A stirring spoon can be a small spoon used to stir milk and sugar in tea or coffee, or a larger wooden spoon to stir ingredients together in a bowl.

Kitchen items that start with “T”



A kitchen thermometer is a special thermometer that takes the temperature of cooked items, such as meat. It will give the appropriate temperature for the meat, instead of relying on the cooking temperature of the oven.



Tongs are kitchen items used to hold and lift food items. The arms are usually long, with two flat, round pieces on the other end used to pick up foods.



Kitchen towels are pieces of cloth used to dry dishes once washed. They can also be used to absorbed spilled liquids on the counter and floor.

Trash Bag

Trash BagPin

A kitchen trash bag is a large, plastic bag used to store trash and old food items in the kitchen. Some have pull strings to easily close when taking to the dump.

Trash Bin

Trash BinPin

A trash bin is a container where the trash bag is placed. These can be made of metal or plastic. Some have a lever that can be stepped on to open.



A trivet is an item used to place hot dishes for cooling and serving. They can be made of cork or other thick materials that won’t get damaged by heat.

Kitchen items that start with “V”

Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable PeelerPin

A vegetable peeler is a small peeler used to take off a layer of skin from vegetables. A small blade is on one end, with a plastic holder on the other.

Kitchen items that start with “W”



A whisk is a cooking tool used to stir cream or to whip eggs. A whisk is made up of thin pieces of metal wrapped together on a handle.

Wine Rack

Wine RackPin

A wine rack is a rack used to store wine in. They can be made of metal or wood and can be small enough to fit on a table or counter, or large enough to stand alone next to a wall.

Wooden Spoon

Wooden SpoonPin

A wooden spoon is a large or small spoon made of wood and used to stir ingredients when baking or cooking foods. A long handle is on one side, with a slightly dished oval on the other side to catch food with.

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