37 Living Rooms With a Fireplace and TV

Having both a television and fireplace is a common scene in modern living rooms. You can enjoy watching your favorite movie while keeping cozy with a fire burning in the same room.

There are several ways that fireplaces and televisions can be placed in the living room, along with décor. Get some inspiration with the living rooms below.

White Fireplace TV Living Room

White Fireplace TV Living RoomPin

The huge fireplace in this living room creates a cozy atmosphere. The large fireplace is surrounded by white bricks, that go all the way up the wall. A small mantle and blank space are located just above, where décor and a painting can be placed.

A small television can be seen off to the right side of the fireplace. The television may be hard for everyone to see, so placing it above the fireplace may be a better location.

Fireplace Between Windows

Fireplace Between WindowsPin

The fireplace in this living room is between two windows. The house must be modern, since older homes usually have the fireplace against a wall that has bricks or marble. There is plenty of space to add décor above the fireplace.

The television has a wall and table all to itself. The open spots on either side of the television is a great place to add some decorations and a lamp.

Striped Rug Living Room

Striped Rug Living RoomPin

The fireplace is built in a wall with dark-gray bricks that go up to the ceiling. The wall goes well with the black in the rug and other dark parts of the room. The brown shelf above the fireplace is a great way to use the space and show off some décor.

The black TV is against a white wall. Even though the television is in a corner, it’s large enough for everyone in the room to enjoy.

TV Fireplace Wall

TV Fireplace WallPin

The fireplace and television share a wall in this living room, with a thin layer of bricks to separate the two spaces. Shelves and cabinets are placed strategically around both to provide plenty of room to store and display items in this living room.

The black marble bordering the fireplace makes it look larger and goes well with the gray furniture. A picture of the family, or a large piece of art would look great on the wall above the fireplace.

TV Above Fireplace

TV Above FireplacePin

This beautiful living room is lit up with the natural light coming in from the tall windows. The light colors on the couch also brighten up the space. The stone border around the fireplace and details inside go well with the rest of the living room’s color scheme in light, neutral colors.

The television is a great size that fits well in the space above the fireplace. There is even room above to add a picture or painting.

Gray Walls Living Room

Gray Walls Living RoomPin

The television takes up a large amount of space on the concrete wall in this modern living room with minimal furniture. Décor can be added to the walls around the TV, but the sound system and table below make up for the lack of space used on the rest of the wall.

The modern fireplace can be enjoyed from either side of the gray wall. Addition décor on the wall would look nice but may take away from the minimal look of the rest of the room.

Side by Side TV and Fireplace

Side by Side TV and FireplacePin

This cozy living room has the television and fireplace next to each other. The walls change based on what is there. The fireplace has a nice pattern of brickwork in colors that match the brown walls and wood flooring.

The television fits well in the middle of the cabinets off to the side. Some décor could be added to the space around the television and fireplace, which would give the living room more personality.

Brown Living Room

Brown Living RoomPin

The neutral colors in this living room create a homey feel. The placement of the television and fireplace fits nicely with the space on this wall. There is a great balance of positive and negative space in this part of the living room.

The beige marble around the fireplace softens the space up and creates a border around the cabinets on both sides. Décor is positioned well next to the television. Décor can also be replaced with wall artwork.

Fireplace Below TV

Fireplace Below TVPin

The television and fireplace take up most of the space on the wall between the windows in this living room. Some décor could be added to the wall, but it also looks fine as is.

The modern glass fireplace shines when lit up and gives the room a nice ambiance. Guests and family can also relax while watching a movie on the television above. The windows can be opened or closed, based on personal preference.

Modern Living Room

Modern Living RoomPin

This modern living room has plenty of space for the fireplace and television. The fireplace wraps around the corner where the dining room table is located. The beige brickwork above the fireplace matches well with the light wood floors.

The wood wall is a dark contrast against the lighter bricks but works well in this space. The television takes up most of the space on the wall, with some areas for candles to be placed around the TV.

Brick Fireplace Living Room

Brick Fireplace Living RoomPin

The fireplace and bricks surrounding it take up most of the wall space on this side of the living room. The television is large but is set off to the side where everyone might not be able to see it. The TV might fit better above the fireplace where everyone can see it.

Abstract artwork is placed above the fireplace and blends in with the bricks behind it, since they are in similar colors. The wall space to the left of the fireplace has room for a picture or painting, instead of leaving it bare.

Wood Living Room

Wood Living RoomPin

This living room is filled with so much wood, it could be mistaken as a cabin. A large fire warms up the room and is located in the middle of the wall near a window. The placement of the furniture keeps the fire a central spot in the room.

A whiteboard sits on the mantle above the fireplace, which seems like such an informal item to have in this room. It would look much better to place a photograph or piece of art here. The television fits well in its spot around the cabinets.

Living Room with Staircase

Living Room with StaircasePin

The wooden sweeping staircase opens up into a living room with wood and leather features. Beautiful, gray stones surround the fireplace and climb up the wall. There is plenty of space on the lower part of the fireplace to display décor, as well as on the mantle.

The television looks fine where it is located or could be placed on the opposite side of the fireplace. A nice amount of décor is displayed in the cabinets around the television and on the other side.

Stone Fireplace

Stone FireplacePin

The light-gray stones near the fireplace and beige walls lighten up this space, with the help of several windows on one wall. This home creates an outdoor feel with the cuckoo clock, deer bust, and leather couches.

The television is in a great spot in the room, although a smaller one could fit in the space above the fireplace. The plant in the decorative vase fills in this space nicely. The log mantle is a great use of space above the fireplace.

Wrap Around Fireplace

Wrap Around FireplacePin

The television can be seen on a table in one corner of the living room, with all the chairs facing each other and the TV. The large fireplace separates the living room from other rooms in the home.

The three-dimensional piece of metal artwork hanging above the fireplace is a good use of this space. Candles add a nice touch to the seating area made of marble around the fireplace.

Black Fireplace and TV

Black Fireplace and TVPin

The black around the fireplace and television give a modern and dramatic look to this space in the living room. The books on the shelves can be swapped with DVDs and décor. The brown walls, floor and light-colored couches help lighten up this space.

Some décor can also be added around the fireplace and television, since there is plenty of space between both. It really is up to what the owner wants in this space and how it will look with the rest of the room.

Luxury TV and Fireplace

Luxury TV and FireplacePin

This luxurious living room features a television and fireplace in two separate locations. The television has its own space on the wall to hang from. The lighting on the wall and two vases filled with flowers is a great way to decorate this space.

More lighting can be seen coming in from the windows next to the brown couch. The black fireplace wraps around a wall, so that people in several rooms can enjoy the heal and ambiance of it.

TV in Corner of Room

TV in Corner of RoomPin

The television fits in the corner where the cabinets are located. This is a great place for the TV to be, since everyone in the room can view it from wherever they are. The television would also fit above the fireplace.

The fireplace is also in a great place in the room. It is located around the center of the wall, with a door right next to it, which can be opened when it gets too warm from the fire. The chairs are set up so that people sitting in any spot can enjoy both the fire and television.

Stone Floor Living Room

Stone Floor Living RoomPin

The fireplace looks beautiful between the two windows in this living room. Some items can go on the mantle, but the lights and picture are placed on the wall to cover up a good amount of blank space.

The television is nicely nestled on the wall, surrounded by cabinets that make up the entertainment center. Décor and books are added to fill in the empty spaces above and around the TV, which works well for this space.

Large Brick Wall

Large Brick WallPin

The fireplace is surrounded by a large brick wall in this living room. Some décor is placed below and above the fireplace. There is plenty of space to add a picture or painting above it.

The television just fits in the center of the cabinet area on the wall on the other side of the room. All the shelves are filled with décor. More décor can be added above the TV.

Fireplace TV Room

Fireplace TV RoomPin

The large fireplace takes up the bottom part of the wall that splits this living room from the room beside it. The television fits nicely on the table in front of the windows.

The wall space above the fireplace is used well with décor and plenty of items on the shelves.

Bay View Room

Bay View RoomPin

A huge abstract picture takes up a lot of space above the fireplace, which is a great use of this space. The fireplace is off to the side on the wall, which seems like an odd choice. The television has its own table, with gorgeous views of the bay to the right.

If the family wants to redo the living room, they can add more space to the corner by placing the TV where the orange painting is. A table with books and DVDs can take the place of the TV stand.

TV Above Fireplace and Bookcases

TV Above Fireplace and BookcasesPin

The beautiful marble below and around the fireplace adds some color to this living room. It also matches the rug in the center of the room. The decorative fireplace has a large TV placed above it.

Placing identical bookcases on either side of the TV and fireplace creates balance and symmetry in this living room. The ceiling lights illuminate the items on the wall and décor in this space.

Beige Living Room

Beige Living RoomPin

This brightly-lit living room has both a TV and a fireplace. The fireplace is surrounded by beige tiles around and below. A pretty watercolor painting of pink orchids is lit up by lights facing the space above the fireplace.

The television sits on its own stand on the wall space between the windows and living room off to the right. The picture just behind the TV seems to be too much. A smaller or longer picture might be a better fit in this area.

Wood Wall Living Room

Wood Wall Living RoomPin

The television and fireplace share a wooden wall in this living room. The rest of the room is in light colors. Planks of light wood line up the part of the wall behind the fireplace and TV.

The fireplace is decorated with tealight candles in front, with a row of standing candles in the back in an arched pattern. Two images in similar patterns decorate each side, with white furniture below them. The fireplace and TV stand out in their darker colors, which might be a bit too much compared to the lighter colors in the furniture and décor.

TV Fireplace Side by Side

TV Fireplace Side by SidePin

A wall made of marble tiles opens up to a gray wall, where the TV and fireplace are located. This interesting design can save space in a small room.

Colorful art and pictures can be attached to the marble wall on the top that matches the room.

Art Deco Living Room

Art Deco Living RoomPin

This art deco living room has interesting design around the fireplace. The beautiful brown marble around the fireplace is in the shape of a lopsided rhombus. The long mantle that takes up most of the length of the wall is made with the same marble.

Some décor takes up space on the mantle and shelf just above it. The top shelf is left empty, although it would look nice with some décor and houseplants. The TV sits off-center between two windows against a wall. There is plenty of space to add more décor to the wall.

TV Next to Fireplace

TV Next to FireplacePin

The golden hues in this living room can be seen reflecting off the television and fireplace. The fireplace and TV have plenty of space to sit next to each other. They share the mantle above, which has a nice amount of décor on it. The lights around the mantle and small window light up this area.

There is plenty of space to enjoy both the TV and fire on cold days and nights. The chairs and couch are positions so that family and guests can visit with each other while watching TV or getting cozy by the fire.

Small Living Room

Small Living RoomPin

There is great use to the small space in this tiny living room. There is a small opening for the TV to sit just above the dainty fireplace. The long couch faces both, with a chair to the side for family and friends to sit on.

During the day, the long curtains can be opened up to enjoy sunlight from the window behind the chair. A painting or picture can hang above the TV, as well as some wall décor on the opposite wall above the couch.

Large Living Room

Large Living RoomPin

The television in this huge living room has a wall to itself, just like the fireplace. A gorgeous chandelier gives off light in the middle of the room. The huge windows in the back also trickle in sunlight during the day.

Add décor below the TV and fireplace can add some personality and color to the room. There is also space to fit décor and paintings above the fireplace and above and around both sides of the TV.

Large Fireplace and TV Room

Large Fireplace and TV RoomPin

The fireplace wraps around one wall of the living room to the opening of another room in this house. Beautiful marble can be used as a sitting area around the fireplace. Décor can also be placed here.

The TV stands against a wall on the other side of the room. The room appears to be divided based on the placement of the couches. The red couch faces the television, and the white sectional couch partially faces the fireplace and other side of the room.

Country House Living Room

Country House Living RoomPin

The fireplace in this living room has a modern design with marble, but the top part exposes the pipe leading to the outside at the top. This exposed part fits well with the country style seen inside this wooden living room.

There is also plenty of space to add décor to the top of the fireplace. The television sits in the corner on its own table, which is a great use of space and entertainment.

Modern Living Room with Fireplace

Modern Living Room with FireplacePin

Bright colors dominate this modern living room. A warm fire fills up the hole that is surrounded in a bright blue space. Smoke from the fire goes up the pipe covered in black.

The red wall pops against the blue part of the fireplace. The green plants offer natural décor to this small living room. The television is off to the side on a table but can be enjoyed with the fire on cold nights.

Separate TV and Fireplace

Separate TV and FireplacePin

The television and fireplace are located on separate walls in this living room. There is an opening in the middle, which leads to the dining area. The cabinet containing the TV is painted bright red, which stands out against the neutral colors in this space.

Décor fills the shelves around the television, which is a great way to personalize the room. The fireplace is black on a white wall. There is space above the fireplace to add a picture or some other kind of décor.

Brick Wall Living Room

Brick Wall Living RoomPin

The beautiful fireplace stands in front of a wall made of red bricks. Older fireplaces have been surrounded by bricks, while this one is decorated with marble tiles in green. The bright-tan mantle matches the wood floors.

A picture or painting can be added to the wall above the fireplace. There is also space behind the television to add some décor. The room still looks nice, since there is plenty of design already built in the room.

Loft Living Room

Loft Living RoomPin

The space behind the television has been used well with several rows of shelves that go all the way across the wall. There is room on the shelves for more décor, but this is a nice use of the space. The dark-wood shelves perfectly match the wood beams on the ceiling.

The fireplace has a gray border with a blank wall above it. Another shelf with décor can be added in this spot.

Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary Living RoomPin

The gold wall matches well with the details and furniture in this room that are tan and white. The fireplace is built into the corner of this living room, with gold borders and marble on the space below the fireplace.

The television sits on a chest of drawers in a color that matches the wall behind it. The only thing this room needs is some pictures on the wall, with décor on the table.

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