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20 Llama Pillows

Llamas are originally from South America and are related to the camel. Their wool is used to make a variety of clothes, such as sweaters and scarves.

These pillows aren’t made of llama wool, but you can still enjoy a llama or llama-shaped pillow made of comfy material. Add one or several of these llama pillows to your collection at home.

Llama Pillow Kit

Llama Pillow KitPin

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Children will love making their own llama pillow with this kit. This kit comes with everything you need to make your very own llama pillow. Felt details for the face and saddle are included, as well as a variety of decorations for the head.

The main body is made of faux fur with plenty of stuffing for a soft and squishy pillow. This will make a great centerpiece pillow for a bed in a room decorated with llamas. It can also be stored in a basket or other container with stuffed animals when not in use.

Llama-shaped Pillow

Llama-shaped PillowPin

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This pillow is shaped like a llama with plenty of decorative elements. The llama wears a multi-colored necklace with pom-poms hanging from threads around its neck. The woven saddle is made of several threads in different colors that create a tribal pattern.

Colorful pom-poms hang from each side of the blanket. The llama is white with black hooves, ears, closed eyes, and a black nose. The llama’s fur and face are made of 45% felt and 55% polyester with polyester-fiber stuffing.

Llama Sequin Pillow

Llama Sequin PillowPin

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This cheerful llama is made up of tiny sequins all over its body. The sequins are reversible in pink and light blue. A colorful saddle sits on the llama’s back in turquoise, pink, yellow, and lavender on a white background.

The back of the pillow is made with soft, polyester in pink. This little llama is less than a foot tall and would make a great décor piece on a bed or couch with other pillows in similar colors.

Llama Decorative Pillow

Llama Decorative PillowPin

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This llama pillow is all white with a fuzzy body and a face embroidered on with back thread. Tiny feet are sewed in at the bottom. This pillow is made of polyester and can be cleaned by scrubbing off stains by hand.

This soft pillow would make a great addition to a nursery. Place it in the crib or on a chair as décor with other pillows and blankets. You can also add the pillow to a couch or bed which features other décor in white and cream.

Llama Hug Pillow

Llama Hug PillowPin

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This playful pillow in the shape of a llama is all white with dark eyes. The body is made of white cotton plush to make it comfortable to sleep and play with.

This stuffed llama pillow is 18 inches tall, making it a great play companion or additional pillow to sleep on. When not played with, the llama can be displayed on the bed or a couch as a décor piece. Add colorful pillows and blankets around to match with décor already in the room.

Holiday Llama Pillow

Holiday Llama PillowPin

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This llama pillow will make a great pillow to display on a couch, chair, or bed during the holidays. The llama’s coat is furry and 3-dimensional against the pillow. The llama’s neck is wrapped with a scarf decorated with white-and-red stripes.

It carries several presents on a red saddle on its back. Several green forest trees surround the llama on a light-gray background. Add blankets and other pillows in similar colors and styles during the holidays for a festive look on a couch or bed.

Pillow Pet Llama

Pillow Pet LlamaPin

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Flatten this llama out to make it into a pillow, or fold the middle together to turn it in a stuffed animal. High-quality chenille was used to make this fluffy llama.

The black eyes and eyelashes are surrounded by a white circle and brown fur that also covers the ears, back, and tail. The legs, belly, muzzle, and inside of the ears are all white. The nose and mouth are embroidered on with black thread.

When dirty, place in a white pillowcase, then in the washing machine.

Llama Accent Pillow

Llama Accent PillowPin

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This furry pillow is in the shape of a llama. The llama’s fur is all white, except for black eyes, nose, and mouth. It is wearing a pink handkerchief with colorful pom-poms and wearing a green, yellow, and pink blanket with pom-poms in different colors.

It is made of 100% polyester with 100% polyester fiberfill as the stuffing. Place this pillow on the bed in your child’s bedroom. Add other stuffed animal pillows to the bed.

Match this pillow with a bedspread and other décor in the room that has pink, green, and yellow in it.

Unicorn Llama Pillow

Unicorn Llama PillowPin

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This llama pillow has a colorful horn on the top of its head. The body is furry and the color pink, as well as its face, feet, ears, and tail. The cute face has pink cheeks and a brown nose, eyes, and mouth embroidered on.

This pink llama pillow would look great on a little girl’s bed. Cover the bed in a pink bedspread and matching pink pillows. Place a lamp with a pink shade on the table next to the bed, with pink curtains covering the window.

Llama Shaped Pillow

Llama Shaped PillowPin

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Be the life of the party with this light-up llama pillow. This stuffed llama is great to use with children who are afraid of the dark. Turn on the switch located in the left front leg to use as a night light.

The lights change into 10 different colors. You will need to purchase 3 AA batteries for the lights to work.

Plush Llama Pillow

Plush Llama PillowPin

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This cuddly llama pillow can also be played with. The llama is completely white, except for its black ears, and embroidered brown nose and mouth. Small ears are sewn on its head, with little feet attached to the bottom.

You can choose from a 13.7 or 17.7 inches long pillow. Your llama is made of plush fabric with elastic cotton on the inside so that it can be easily squeezed.

Decorative Llama Pillow

Decorative Llama PillowPin

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Fortnite lovers will enjoy having this llama pillow on their bed or couch. The llama from the popular game is printed in four different colors on four squares within the pillow. Each square and llama are in a different hue for a colorful-looking pillow.

The outline around the images is blue with a solid-blue back. The pop-art design is printed on a plush throw pillow that feels as soft as velvet.

Waverly Llama Pillow

Waverly Llama PillowPin

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This decorative llama pillow will look cute on a bed with a comforter in similar colors. The pillow is shaped like a llama with a colorful necklace and blanket. The llama’s fur is gray with white swirls of fur all over.

The pom-poms around her neck are orange, pink, and turquoise. The blanket comes in a Southwestern pattern with turquoise and pink tassels.

Llama Toddler Pillow

Llama Toddler PillowPin

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Your toddler will love playing or sleeping with her llama pillow. The little llama is white with a blanket in purple and pink. A necklace of pom-poms in different colors decorates her neck.

The pillow is made of plush material with poly filler to be squeezed and cuddled by your toddler. It can be placed on a white chair or bed with llama-themed sheets when not played with.

Gray Llama Pillow

Gray Llama PillowPin

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This llama throw pillow will look great in a crib or chair in the nursery. A white llama with a black blanket decorates a square pillow that is light gray. Light-gray pom-poms decorate each corner of the pillow.

The pillow cover is made of 100% knit cotton with a cushion insert. You only need to spot clean it when it gets dirty. Drape a matching blanket over the crib or chair to match.

Llama Cushion Kit

Llama Cushion KitPin

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A crafty person or child will enjoy creating their own llama pillow with this cross-stitch kit. When completed, the pillow will have a white llama with blanket of different colors on its back with yellow tassels hanging down.

The background is blue with cactus growing out of the ground. The canvas is 16 by 16 inches and made of 100% cotton. The yarn is 100% acrylic for a super-soft pillow when completed.

Llama Travel Pillow

Llama Travel PillowPin

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This travel pillow is covered in white llamas, clouds, and stars on a pink background. The u-shaped pillow will support the head and neck during long periods of travel.

The fabric cover is made of 100% polyester. The insert is made from viscoelastic memory foam that is moldable and soft. Sleep comfortably with this pillow on long road trips and long flights.

Pastel Llama Pillow

Pastel Llama PillowPin

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This whimsical pillow has a llamacorn on it, with a white horn and wings. The pillow is covered in sequins that can be flipped over to change the color of the pillow.

The border and back part of the pillow are made of plush pink. Place on a bed covered in a pink comforter in a little girl’s room as a decorative piece that can also be played with.

White Llama Pillow

White Llama PillowPin

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This pillow has a white-and-gray llama on the front with a festive necklace and blanket. The llama is surrounded by a black border. The back of the pillow is yellow.

Tassels and pom-poms hang from her neck, with a blanket made in a rainbow of colors on her back.

Plush Llama Pillow

Plush Llama PillowPin

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This llama pillow looks more like a pillow that can be cuddled and hugged all day. This fluffy llama pillow is white with pink hooves and ears. The pink scarf around its neck has red flowers and green leaves all over.

Place on a child’s bed or chair to use as part of the room’s design. Add plenty of white, as well as pink items to the room, such as a lamp, bedspread, and curtains.

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