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London-Themed Bedroom – 15 Ideas

If you enjoy traveling, but can’t afford to, bring the traveling to you. Decorate your bedroom in your favorite place.

London is a popular travel attraction with so much fascinating history. Here are 15 ideas for a London-themed bedroom.

London Telephone Booth Charger

London Telephone Booth ChargerPin

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This London telephone booth night light can also be used as décor when not in use during the day. This telephone booth is a miniature replica of red telephone booths found all over London, England.

When your nightlight is plugged in, you just need to barely touch the top of it to turn it off and on, and to adjust the brightness of the light.

Three AA batteries are needed to use this nightlight, which are included. A USB charger is included as well, as an alternative charging option.

London Pillow

London PillowPin

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Place this London-themed pillowcase on your favorite square pillow to display on your bed. “London” is printed in black in the middle, with famous symbols and images of London around the word. The British flag, Big Ben, London bridge, a red telephone booth, and other images of London can be seen on this pillowcase.

This pillowcase measures 18 by 18 inches, so many pillows of this size can be placed under the hidden zipper. It is made of comfortable and durable linen cloth. When dirty, just clean in the washing machine to enjoy for a long time on your bed.

London Metal Sign

London Metal SignPin

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This metal poster will look great in a London-themed master or guest bedroom. Place on wall with other London décor. This metal sign is 6 by 12 inches, similar in size to automobile plates.

A heart designed as the British flag is used in place of the word “love”. The other words in “I love London” are printed in black letters. The background is white with faux dirt printed all over the sign.

Each corner has a hole drilled in to make it easy to hang on a wall. Just hammer two or four nails in the wall and hang to enjoy in your bedroom.

London Storage Organizer

London Storage OrganizerPin

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This London-themed storage container can be used to store laundry, toys, and more. Images and symbols of London can be seen on a white background. Images of red telephone booths, Big Ben, the British flag, double-decker buses, and more can be seen floating around in a pattern on the organizer.

When not in use, this storage bin can be folded flat to place underneath the bed, in a drawer, or in the closet. It is made of linen and cotton canvas, and it waterproof to last. Over 30 pieces of clothing can fit in this container.

London Canvases

London CanvasesPin

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Place these beautiful images of London in your London-themed guest or master bedroom. Each canvas shows a different black and white image of London with a red detail. A double-decker bus, British guard, and telephone booth are the main subjects of each canvas.

These canvases are 12 by 12 inches, so they will fit a variety of walls and spaces. Group them together or hang them on separate walls for a unique look. You can also mix and match them with other London-themed images.

London Duvet Set

London Duvet SetPin

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You will feel like you are living in London with this duvet set. This set comes with a duvet and two matching pillow shams. An image of a telephone booth and double-decker bus are seen in red, while the rest of the London image is in black and white.

Big Ben can be seen in the background, with buildings surrounding this and other familiar images of London. Add other décor to match with this duvet set, such as images of London on canvases and miniatures of red telephone booths.

British Flag Clock

British Flag ClockPin

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This alarm clock can also be used as a décor piece during the day. A vintage image of the British flag is used as the clock’s face. The rest of the clock is bright red to help it stand out among other décor in your bedroom.

This alarm clock can also be used as a nightlight. Place in your child’s room, or use as a décor piece in your room. Pair up with other London-themed décor and décor in shades of red.

London Decals Wall Décor

London Decals Wall DécorPin

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These imaginative London wall décor decals will look great in a London-themed nursery or child’s bedroom. You can create a black skyline of famous buildings in London, such as Big Ben, London Bridge, and the city’s large Ferris wheel.

A black silhouette of Mary Poppins flying with her umbrella can be placed above the city line. These decals are easy to stick to any flat surface. They can be removed and reused without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Mix and match these decals with other London-themed wall pictures, a bedspread, and familiar figures of London.

Telephone Booth Bookends

Telephone Booth BookendsPin

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Place these red London telephone booth bookends between your favorite books on your bookshelf, or between important papers and documents on the desk in your bedroom.

Each metal bookend is made of metal and powder coated in bright red. Soft cushions are attached to the bottom of each bookend so that they don’t ruin the surface they are placed on.

You can also use these bookends as décor pieces on a shelf in your London-themed bedroom. Make sure to have other red décor and images of London to match these bookends.

London City Figure

London City FigurePin

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This statue is a miniature replica of some of London’s most famous monuments and buildings. London’s large Ferris wheel, Big Ben, and London Bridge can be seen close together on this unique statue.

This statue is made of alloy metal and finished in Bronze for an attractive vintage look that would be a great addition to a London-themed bedroom. Place on a dresser, bedside table, or shelf with other décor pieces that represent London.

Enjoy bringing London into your home and bedroom with this statue.

British Flag Blanket

British Flag BlanketPin

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Drape this blanket of the British flag on your bed for décor and as extra warmth on cold nights. This blanket is a replica of the British flag with red and white lines crossed over on a dark-blue background. The edges are fringed with all three colors to add some extra décor and design to this London-themed blanket.

This blanket is made of cotton and can be cleaned in a washing machine when dirty. Add other British flag décor and London décor to your room to match your new blanket.

Canvas Wall Art Décor

Canvas Wall Art DécorPin

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This canvas set shows a beautiful replica of London from across the river. The green bridge that goes across the river leads to Big Ben and other buildings in London. The blue sky is filled with white clouds on a beautiful day.

Each canvas is 24 by 36 inches. They are framed and stretched, ready to hang in your London-themed bedroom. Place above your bed or on another wall in your bedroom with other London images and décor.

London Map

London MapPin

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Place this grid map of London on one of the walls in your London-themed master or guest bedroom. The black and white art print comes unframed. You can purchase a black frame or other color of frame to match the colors in your bedroom.

Add other black and white décor to your bedroom, as well as colorful London-based décor. Find other maps of London from other eras for an interesting wall art set to show visiting friends and family.

London Duvet Set

London Duvet SetPin

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This duvet set will look great in your London-themed bedroom. Familiar images of London are shown in black and white, with important features in bright red.

Red telephone booths can be seen on the side of the road. Red double-decker buses drive down the road, with the clock of Big Ben looming behind them in black and white.

This London bedding set comes with one duvet and pillow sham for a twin-sized bed.

London Telephone Booth Wall Art

London Telephone Booth Wall ArtPin

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This canvas art piece shows a red telephone booth in a cityscape done in black and white. The telephone booth appears to be on a bridge, with Big Ben behind. Several people stand next to the edge of the road.

Add other images of London in black, red, and white to your bedroom walls. You can also complete your London bedroom with London-themed bedsheets and shelf décor.

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