55 Beautiful and Fashionable Mansion Bathrooms

The modern commercially available toilet paper wasn’t invented until 1857, but bathrooms have been around much longer than that. We may spend a good amount of time keeping ourselves clean in the bathroom, so the room itself should look nice.

Mansion bathrooms go above and beyond to look impressive, some even similar to spa bath places. Here are 55 mansion bathrooms that will leave you in awe of this necessary room in the house.

Beige Mansion Bathroom

Beige Mansion BathroomPin

This mansion bathroom is covered in beautiful beige marble from top to bottom. The sink, bathtub, toilet, and bidet are all in white porcelain. The mirror above the sink has a frame made up of tiny gold tiles.

The bath and shower are located on opposite corners of the bathroom. A large rack hangs by the tub and sink for a place to hang towels.

Blue and Gray Mansion Bathroom

Blue and Gray Mansion BathroomPin

The floor and most of the walls are covered in weathered-gray tiles. One side of the shower wall has tiles in beautiful shades of turquoise and blue. These same colors are used as a stripe on the wall near the toilet and on the wall by the sink.

The tub, the shower floor and portions of the wall by the shower are decorated in small tiles that are black, white, and gray.

Windows Mansion Bathroom

Windows Mansion BathroomPin

The bathroom in this mansion has an outdoor feel with the large window by the spa tub. The tub seems to sink into the ground around wooden planks. Steps lead down to the toilet and double sinks.

A black slab above the sink separates the space from the bathtub. An enormous towel rack hangs from a black wall next to the stairs.

Modern Mansion Bathroom

Modern Mansion BathroomPin

This huge bathroom contains a sink, toilet, shower and separate spa bathtub. The toilet and sink are separated by a privacy wall that stops halfway up. On the top of the wall is a mirror that further shields the toilet from the rest of the room.

Three small lights dangle from the ceiling in front of the mirror. The oval shower is surrounded by clear glass with a door.

Gold Mansion Bathroom

Gold Mansion BathroomPin

This luxurious bathroom is dripping in gold features. The countertop, double sinks, and faucets are made of gold. The frames around the mirrors are also made of gold.

Accessories in between the sinks have gold details on them. The cabinets below the sinks are also decorated with gold details in the designs.

The walls have a combination of gold and tans tiles near the toilet and duvet. The lights on the ceiling are surrounded with gold trim. The bathtub, shower, and floor are all done in white.

Brown Mansion Bathroom

Brown Mansion BathroomPin

This beautiful mansion bathroom has glossy wood floors covered in a white mat. The same hardwood pattern covers the steps and space around the bathtub, and part of the wall behind the toilet. A slab of wood is used as the countertop for the double sinks.

Wood details can also be seen in the wall between the mirrors and sinks. The rest of the walls have beige tiles on them.

Mansion Bathroom with Tiles

Mansion Bathroom with TilesPin

This mansion bathroom is decorated in black and white with many designs. The bathroom and shower floors are covered in black tiles with white grout surrounding the tiles.

The walls are covered in several different types of tiles. The bottom tiles are made up of black and white stripes. The tiles at the top of the walls are decorated with tiny, black dots on a white background.

A strip of tiles with black-and-white scenes is in the middle of the walls. The trim near the top of the wall, on the curtain and top of the toilet are all in black.

Attic Mansion Bathroom

Attic Mansion BathroomPin

The attic bathroom is covered in soft gray and brown with pink accessories. The floor and shower walls have light-gray tiles on them. The vanity area, shelf above the bath, and other parts are covered in plywood.

A pink rug sits on the floor between the tub and toilet. Soft light shines through the skylights in this housetop bathroom.

Sandy Mansion Bathroom

Sandy Mansion BathroomPin

The floor and walls of this bathroom are covered in sandy-beige tiles. Half the tiles on the wall by the sink and shower have floral designs on them. The drawers under the sink stand out with their dark-brown color.

A sliding glass door reveals the inside of the shower, with walls in white and beige. A long mirror with floral designs in gold hangs on the wall above the sink.

Tan Mansion Bathroom

Tan Mansion BathroomPin

The toilet sits behind the door in this bathroom. Double sinks and mirrors are located on the opposite side of the bathroom. Steps near the wall lead to a shower-and-tub combo.

The floors have wooden flooring, similar to tiles on parts of the walls. Brown tiles with floral designs can be seen on the wall by the tub and far wall. A skylight allows plenty of bright light in during the day.

Checkered Mansion Bathroom

Checkered Mansion BathroomPin

This beautiful bathroom is covered in tiny tiles in shades of gray and white to form mosaics all over. The wall above the toilet is covered in these tiles. The walls next to the sink and tub are decorated with these tiles, as well as cream and solid-gray tiles.

Two wall sconces are covered with silver and drip with crystals on either side of the mirror. Lights on the ceiling also brighten up this bathroom.

The sink, cabinets, toilet, and tub are all white and match well with the cream and grays on the walls.

Black Bathtub Mansion Bathroom

Black Bathtub Mansion BathroomPin

A black bathtub with white legs and a gold faucet stands near the window in this black-and-white bathroom. The walls by the mirror and toilet have tiny black tiles that shine in the light.

Shaded lamps with crystals hang from the walls on either side. Light-gray tiles with black squares cover the floors. A gold faucet with a sink is surrounded by a marble countertop in black.

Gray and White Bathroom

Gray and White BathroomPin

This bathroom is mainly designed in grays with some browns. Sheer curtains in tan let in some light and provide privacy in this room. The toilet seat is made of wood while the mat is made of brown-colored material.

The floor and walls are covered in solid gray and gray-and-white marble tiles. The faucet for the sink and tub are made with stainless-steel. The white toilet, sink, and bathtub go well with the white-and-gray marble tiles.

Tropical Mansion Bathroom

Tropical Mansion BathroomPin

Family and friends can enjoy panoramic views from this bathroom. Guests can enjoy views of the tropical plants and water from the large tub. The long mirror above the two sinks also adds more space in the bathroom.

The floors are covered with dark-brown wood floors. The walls are decorated with marble tiles swirling with tan and cream.

Hand towels are neatly rolled up in a basket in between the sinks for guests to use while visiting. Plenty of bright light can be enjoyed from the large windows.

Wood Mansion Bathroom

Wood Mansion BathroomPin

This mansion bathroom has a rustic look to it with the wooden walls and floors. Planks of wood were installed vertically on all the walls. Light-wood floors match up well with the walls.

The white sink sits above a dark-brown cabinet. The white tub sits on a dark-brown base with floral designs decorating the bottom. Metal shelves provide storage between the sink and toilet.

Floral curtains provide some design and privacy for the bathroom.

Tan Checkered Mansion Bathroom

Tan Checkered Mansion BathroomPin

This bathroom is decorated in tan and tiles of various colors. Small tiles in cream, red, black, and blue cover the area around the shower and tub, above the sink, toilet, and duvet.

The floors and walls also have large tan tiles in between the smaller ones. The wall by the shower and tub is decorated with a beautiful, floral pattern in tan.

The white sink has a large cabinet that opens up to a large space to store bathroom supplies. A glass door covers the bath and shower area so water does not come out and create puddles on the floor.

Brown and Tan Bathroom

Brown and Tan BathroomPin

This bathroom is beautiful with its simple décor and functional pieces. Most of the walls and floors have light-tan tiles covering the surface.

The wall and floor by the duvet have darker tiles that add some interesting design to this bathroom. The huge bathtub makes a great space to relax after a stressful day working.

Purple Mansion Bathroom

Purple Mansion BathroomPin

This beautiful bathroom is tan with purple decorations that add bright color in the space. A purple rug, towel, and candles are a great addition of color to this bathroom. A white elephant and white candlesticks are a great contrast with the purple.

The bathtub is elevated on a floor covered in light-wood planks. Wood planks stained a light-tan color also decorate the walls by the tub, duvet and toilet. Small tan and cream tiles cover the side of the elevated floor by the bathtub and wall behind the candles.

Wooden Mansion Bathroom

Wooden Mansion BathroomPin

The privacy screen between the toilet and shower is designed with geometric lines and painted over in white. The light-tan floors go well with the white bathtub, toilet, and duvet.

The dark-wood planks on the wall next to the toilet and bathtub is a great way to add some color to the white space in this bathroom. The tub sits on a white rug with an orange towel that adds more color to this space.

Purple orchids in a tan pot is a great addition of décor in this space.

Bright Mansion Bathroom

Bright Mansion BathroomPin

This bathroom is brightly lit from the one lightbulb hanging from the middle of the ceiling. The floor and walls have similar tiles in a light-tan color. The countertop and wall behind the toilet and duvet have small tiles in brown and tan.

The door sinks, toilet and bottom of the shower are all in white. Small, green houseplants in white pots with floral designs sit on a shelf behind the toilet area. A white rack hangs by the door where towels can hang to use.

Brown Tub Bathroom

Brown Tub BathroomPin

The old-fashioned tub in the corner stands out among the more modern appliances in this bathroom. The tub’s outside is finished in a brown crackle pattern with shiny, gold feet that hold it up off the ground.

The tiles on the floor and walls are tan and cream. Some tiles in the corner near the bathtub are decorated with tan-and-white flowers on a floral background.

The toilet and duvet have some décor near the bottom of each. The large sink sits on a cabinet with modern drawers.

Brown Mansion Bathroom with Oval Mirror

Brown Mansion Bathroom with Oval MirrorPin

The colors in this bathroom are white, tan, and brown. The shower is equipped with several showerheads and plenty of places to store soaps and shampoos. The gold rack looks like a functional decorative piece that shines.

The walls are covered mainly in light-tan tiles. Several strips of brown tiles with floral designs can be seen near the sink and between the toilet and duvet. The dark-wood floors match the dark pieces of tile on the walls.

Wooden Luxury Bathroom

Wooden Luxury BathroomPin

This bathroom has plenty of natural features in it. Several vases of colorful flowers decorate the top of the sink space and next to the bathtub. The wooden door, cabinets, and border around the window create an outdoor-like atmosphere in this bathroom.

This can also be seen in the brown towels hung by the door. The round mirrors bordered with brown also match the other wood features in the bathroom. A large brown rug covers the light tan tiles on the floor, which also go with the wood cabinets.

Gray Mansion Bathroom

Gray Mansion BathroomPin

Beautiful gray tiles in granite cover the walls in this mansion bathroom. Rows of thin tiles are mixed with rows of thick tiles to create a design. The medicine cabinet even opens up to this gray background.

A toilet peaks out from the corner, behind a small, black privacy wall. The stainless-steel rack next to the toilet can hang gray or colorful towels to use here.

The double sinks sit on a gray counter with matching towels underneath. The spa bath has plenty of jets to use to wind down after a long day at work.

Brown Checkered Bathroom

Brown Checkered BathroomPin

Brown-and-white tiles decorate the floor in this mansion bathroom. Dark-wood tiles cover the walls behind the toilet, sink, shower, and bath. A small cabinet with drawers stained a dark brown sits next to the white toilet.

The bath and ceiling are also white, which gives a great balance between the white and brown in this bathroom. The orange border around the mirror adds some color and matches the orange between the tiles on the walls. Small lights on the ceiling give light to this space.

Gray and Black Bathroom

Gray and Black BathroomPin

Tiles with light and dark-gray mosaic patterns decorate the walls in this modern bathroom. The side of the shower is covered in gray tiles for privacy. The large, white sink has some space for décor and accessories to store on the countertop.

The black cabinet opens up to some storage as well. The toilet is white with a small, silver wastebasket sitting next to it. A shelf space above the toilet is decorated with shells and bronze figures.

Powder Blue Bathroom

Powder Blue BathroomPin

Powder-blue walls and other blue-and-silver features give color to this gorgeous bathroom. The bottom half of the walls are designed with white bricks. A silver border separates the blue walls from the bricks.

The tiles made with blue-and-white floral designs on the floor look like a large rug in the middle of the space. White-and-blue tiles in the shape of diamonds cover the shower walls, while tiny tiles in various aqua shades decorate the shower floor.

The mirror decorated with a beautiful floral border in silver also serves as a décor piece in this bathroom.

Orange Luxury Bathroom

Orange Luxury BathroomPin

Orange and cream are the main colors in this mansion’s bathroom. Bright-orange tiles cover the floor, around the bathtub, and part of the walls. Tiles with floral designs in orange and cream border the other tiles and corners of the room.

The cream and orange makes the white stand out in this room. Little décor is needed in this room, due to the orange-color and floral tiles. A white or lightly-designed shower curtain is the only other addition needed in this colorful bathroom.

Brown Floral Bathroom

Brown Floral BathroomPin

The colors in this mansion bathroom are brown and tan with floral patterns. Wood tiles cover the bathtub and cabinets. The walls are designed with light-tan tiles that balance well with the dark-wood ones.

In the middle of the walls and bordering the bathtub are tiles with floral designs on them. This design can also be seen near the bathroom’s sink. A light-tan rug can be seen on the floor, covering up some of the tiles.

Gray Marble Bathroom

Gray Marble BathroomPin

This mansion bathroom is decorated with beautiful marble tiles all over. These gray tiles cover the floor, walls, tub, and cabinets. A floral border in gold can be seen around the cabinets and mirror by the sinks.

Gold even surrounded the light fixture on the ceiling. A curved towel rack in gold hangs next to the tub. White or cream towels can be hung here to match with the cream-and-white details around this bathroom.

Decorative accessories in gold and cream can be placed on the counter as well.

Light Marble Bathroom

Light Marble BathroomPin

This luxurious bathroom includes a door to a sauna in the back. A large, spa tub sits on the right, with a mirror and sink on the left. This bathroom is decorated with light marble tiles and gold trim.

The drawers under the spacious sink are designed with floral motifs. The trim in the middle of the walls also has floral designs. The marble tiles all over the walls and floor make the bathroom glow in the light.

The beautiful gold trim near the top of the walls acts breaks up the tiles from the white ceiling.

Red Tiles Bathroom

Red Tiles BathroomPin

The red tiles on the walls seem to jump out against the tiles in white and gray in this bathroom. A glass door opens up to the shower, which also has red tiles with a white floor. A white robe hangs on the wall in the shower, away from the showerhead.

The wall next to the sink and toilet is covered in red, gray, and white tiles for a unique look. The gray tiles on the floor are a nice contrast against the bright-red tiles. The faucets and trim around the sink are silver, which matches well with the white.

Spacious Gray Mansion Bathroom

Spacious Gray Mansion BathroomPin

A huge shower with double shower heads and a bench is located in the corner of this spacious bathroom. Two sinks with mirrors are on opposite sides of the door.

A tub is next to the shower and along the wall. The cabinets by the sinks are covered in wood painted a soft gray. The tiles on the floor and walls are light-gray to keep the room looking soft.

Brown Designer Bathroom

Brown Designer BathroomPin

This designer mansion bathroom is simple and beautiful with chocolate and white as the main colors. The tub is surrounded by dark-brown tiles, which match well with the chocolate tiles all over the room.

A window with a tan shade can bring in natural light during the day. Lights on the ceiling brighten up the space in the evening.

A huge mirror hangs horizontally, just above the sink and countertop. Colorful towels can be hung on the stainless-rack that is located near the toilet and bidet.

Gray Tiled Bathroom

Gray Tiled BathroomPin

This mansion bathroom looks elegant in gray and silver. Tiny gray and white tiles cover the walls in the shower, around the sinks, and above the toilet area. A thick border in silver surrounds the mirror and sinks with beautiful, floral designs.

The rest of the wall space is kept white. Marble tiles in cream and gray cover the floor in this bathroom. A glass wall surrounds the shower area, so that the gorgeous tiles can be seen as part of the design in the entire room.

Decorative Tiles Bathroom

Decorative Tiles BathroomPin

This bathroom is located off the ground floor, due to the slanted ceiling in the corner. The tub fits wells in the corner of the room. Colorful tiles in orange, blue, green, and white with floral designs decorate the wall space above the bath.

Similar tiles cover the front of the table where the sink is located. Glossy-blue tiles decorate the wall near the toilet, with white-and-black tiles covering the space on the floor.

The mirror around the sink is trimmed in gold with white tiles surrounding the mirror on the wall.

Brown and White Bathroom

Brown and White BathroomPin

The brown tiles and marble in this bathroom give it a feeling of warmth. Brown tiles cover the wall where the showerhead is located. Small rocks on the ground in this area of the bathroom give it an outdoorsy look.

A huge mirror covers up most of the wall space above the toilet and sink. The mirror gives an allusion of more space in this bathroom.

The white sink sits on top of a brown-and-black marble countertop. The lighter marble floors brighten up this beautiful bathroom space.

Luxury House Bathroom

Luxury House BathroomPin

This bathroom is designed to make you feel like you stepped into another country with unique designs and color combinations. A chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling. Bright-colored tiles decorate part of the dark walls.

Red-and-white curtains are swept to the side of a tub and shower covered in tiny gold tiles. A weathered cabinet with a wood-topped sink and golden mirror add to the luxury of this bathroom.

Golden Mansion Bathroom

Golden Mansion BathroomPin

Soft gold and cream make up the colors in this bathroom. A golden chandelier with crystals lights up the room from the center of the ceiling. Golden tiles with floral designs decorate the top part of the shower wall, the tub, and middle part of the walls.

A large mirror with lamps covers part of the wall above the tub. The floor and steps leading into the bathtub are covered in cream-colored marble tiles. Sheer-white and yellow curtains add design to the window and mirror on the far end.

Shades of Brown Bathroom

Shades of Brown BathroomPin

This bathroom is made up of various shades of brown and tan. Wood-brown tiles cover the walls behind the sinks and toilet. Marble tiles in light tan decorate the floor.

Decorative tiles in white and tan with geometric designs cover the wall above the bathtub and by the towel rack. Decorative tiles are a great alternative to adding more décor to a bathroom.

Adding plain or decorative towels in white and cream on the silver rack would be a nice addition to this bathroom.

Gold-Framed Bathroom

Gold-Framed BathroomPin

The golden mirror with floral designs stands out beautifully in this mansion bathroom. The double sinks sit in between a countertop done in sandy marble. The walls behind the sink are covered in brown and white marble tiles.

The walls around the toilet and rest of the bathroom are decorated with tan-and-cream tiles in a floral design. Brown marble tiles are integrated into the design as well.

The faucets, toilet roll holder, and details on the cabinets all shine in gold to match the mirror.

Copper Mansion Bathroom

Copper Mansion BathroomPin

The walls shimmer with copper tiles that are decorated with a rough texture in this bathroom. Cream-and-copper tiles cover the walls around the bathtub. A copper cabinet, which stands between the tub and sink, is a great place to store extra towels and other bathroom supplies.

The metal rack next to the cabinet is a good spot to place towels and are within hand’s reach of the tub. A mirror hangs above the copper drawers and white sink.

Blue Mansion Bathroom

Blue Mansion BathroomPin

Deep-blue tiles cover the floors and lower-half of the walls in this colorful bathroom. Blue tiles also decorate the border around the ceiling and mirror above a blue sink.

Small tiles with ocean waves curl above the blue ones to create a beautiful design on the walls. The rest of the wall space is covered in marble tiles that are light gray and cream.

Chandelier Mansion Bathroom

Chandelier Mansion BathroomPin

This beautiful bathroom has a modern chandelier that swirls around its bulbs as it hangs from the middle of the ceiling. Dark slabs of wood are used to cover the bottom half of the walls. The same dark wood is used as a border around the shower door and trim around the walls.

The top part of the walls is beige with floral designs in white. The sink is surrounded by a marble countertop in grown and cream. The cabinets are made with dark wood.

Gray Bricks Bathroom

Gray Bricks BathroomPin

The walls of this bathroom are covered in tiles that look like gray bricks. The smooth tiles shine in the light coming from the ceiling. The top of the wall, above the height of the door, remain white.

The rest of the bathroom is done mainly in white with gold trim. The white door has designs made with gold. A gold faucet sits above the white tub and sink. A white statue sits next to the faucet near the mirror trimmed with a gold frame.

Glass Doors Bathroom

Glass Doors BathroomPin

This bathroom is beautifully decorated in beige, gold and white. The glass doors to the shower are etched with floral designs in white. The walls are covered in a shiny beige with designs.

The shower’s floor is covered with tiny tiles in various shades of sand, while the rest of the bathroom floor has large, beige tiles.

All the faucets are made of gold. The handles and legs on the table under the sink glisten in gold. The mirror even has a gold trim painted over to look worn.

Gray Marble Mansion Bathroom

Gray Marble Mansion BathroomPin

The walls, floor, and bath of this mansion bathroom are covered in beautiful marble with gray and cream swirls. The wall near the shower and tub stand out in a different color. This wall has tiny tiles in various shades of bronze.

Brown trim around the sink is similar in color to the wall on the far end of this bathroom. The toilet, sink, and tub are all white and blend in well with the marble tiles. There is a glass wall that partially covers the tub and shower area to keep water in this space.

Brown and Cream Bathroom

Brown and Cream BathroomPin

This bathroom is designed in beige with dark brown. Creamy-white tiles are all over the walls with some strips made of smaller beige tiles. These miniature tiles in beige are also in front of the bath area and the steps into the tub.

The shelves by the bath, window trim, cabinets by the sink, and parts of the wall are covered in a dark brown. The double sinks, bath, and toilet are all white. A large mirror with lights hangs horizontally above the double sinks.

Round Mirror Bathroom

Round Mirror BathroomPin

This bathroom features a round mirror lighting all around the mirror and shelves off to one side that can be used for décor and extra storage. The sink is shaped in a half-circle and sits on a countertop made with brightly stained wood. The tiles on the wall are made of beige marble, with the floors a lighter beige.

The tub sits in the corner where there are plenty of small tiles surrounding the bath and corner above this area. The brown tiles form an upside-down triangle in the corner of this bathroom that creates a beautiful design piece.

Blue Tile Bathroom

Blue Tile BathroomPin

Blue and white are the main colors of this mansion bathroom. The walls by the tub and mirror are designed with blue tiles done in a herringbone pattern. The rest of the walls, area surrounding the bath, and the floor are made with gray-and-white marble tiles.

A large mirror can be seen on the blue wall above the white bowl that is used as the sink. The same marble on the walls can be seen on the countertop. A washing machine sits below the sink.

Gray Floral Bathroom

Gray Floral BathroomPin

A silver chandelier hangs in the middle of this bathroom. The top half of the walls are covered in wallpaper with gray flowers and leaves. The bottom half have gray tiles on them.

The shower and bathtub are divided by a short wall. The gray cabinets below the sink have a mirror with a matching gray border just above the sink.

Pastel Luxury Bathroom

Pastel Luxury BathroomPin

This gorgeous bathroom is designed with pastel colors and gold trimming. Marble tiles in light pink cover the walls and floor of this bathroom. A huge column stands in the middle of the room next to the spa bath.

Gold is used around the trim of the shower, faucets, towel hangers, and on some décor around the bathroom. Curtains in various pastel colors can be seen covering a window on the far side of this bright room.

Wood Walls Bathroom

Wood Walls BathroomPin

Dark-wood panels cover the walls and shower floor in the bathroom. Light-wood tiles on the floor lighten up the room. The white bath, sink, and toilet also lighten up the dark parts of this bathroom.

A mirror surrounded by lights can be seen above the sink. A wooden cabinet with storage is just below the sink in a different shade of brown, compared to the walls and floor. The tub has plenty of storage space on shelves built in the outside part.

Black and White Bathroom

Black and White BathroomPin

The black-and-white checkered floor stands out among the white parts of this bathroom. The black tiles along the lower part of the wall, as well as the black trim also match this retro floor. The sheer-gray curtain partially covering the windows is a nice addition of color and design.

Cream tiles with some texture are located above the black tiles on the wall. The combination of black and white in this bathroom creates a beautiful design with a retro look.

Vintage Mansion Bathroom

Vintage Mansion BathroomPin

The walls in this bathroom are covered in beige wallpaper with damask design. The oval mirror is surrounded by a gold frame with beautiful designs. The tub is covered in the same beige designs as the bottom portion of the walls.

Shimmering, gold curtains hang on either end of the tub, pulled back to the corners. The large cabinet used for storage has designs on the drawers where towels and other items are kept.

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