29 Fashionable Mansion Bedroom Ideas

Mansions can range in size of 8000 to 20000 square feet of floor space today. The number of bedrooms can vary, but a large house must have at least six bedrooms to qualify as a mansion. Although many people think of mansions as huge, sprawling residences on expansive grounds, mansions can also be palatial city apartments.

Mansion bedrooms are known for their ultra-luxurious size, layout and décor. They often have large windows, a glass wall or sliding glass doors leading to a balcony terrace. The spacious layout and elegant structure of these rooms make them every interior décor expert’s dream to design, furnish and enhance.

Whatever your favorite style of décor may be—classic elegance, modern minimalist or ultra-chic contemporary—be assured that your idea of the perfect mansion bedroom décor awaits your approval.

29 mansion bedroom ideas with luxurious high-fashion design and décor include the following selections:

Modern Bedroom Renovation with Antique French Décor

Modern Bedroom Renovation with Antique French DecorPin

This recent renovation of a luxury home bedroom includes furnishings and décor with 18th-century French elegance. The ornately carved head and food boards of the king-size bed are finished in antique gold hues. The sand and tan silk bedding, smooth beige walls and gold door paneling add a soft, pleasing ambiance.

A richly textured silk tapestry in gold and light cocoa add luxurious accents on the wall above the bed. Lit with crystal wall sconces and small recessed ceiling lights, the room has a gentle, opulent allure. The two main modern design elements, the polished hardwood flooring and recessed spotlights, blend with and enhance this unique and stylish interior.

Sophisticated Modern Mansion Bedroom with Spiral Staircase

Sophisticated Modern Mansion Bedroom with Spiral StaircasePin

This modern-chic mansion bedroom features a balcony-style loft area behind the bed. Leading to the balcony is a stylish spiral staircase. The walls have rich redwood paneling with insets of beige leather strips patterned in large geometric diamond designs. One entire wall displays a large section of this lovely leather décor.

A nubby-weave rug in cream and dark tan frames the large double bed with sleek, satin-sheen bedding and fluffy white pillows. The design of this open-plan, streamlined bedroom and its primary décor have a very large-scale appeal. However, the two compact white chests with decorative accents and the plain, natural-wood floor lend warmth and visual balance.

Shabby Chic Mansion Size Bedroom with Charming Bay Window

Shabby Chic Mansion Size Bedroom with Charming Bay WindowPin

This shabby-chic bedroom design for a mansion displays the casual elegance of a light teal bedspread with pumpkin and white pillows. The shallow canopy-valence and curtains over the head of the king-size bed in pumpkin with green trim have a vintage walnut frame. The soft teal-grey rug, antique white china and artwork resemble French-country décor.

The elegant bay window adds retro style and allure to this fashionable bedroom interior. This large expanse of window space is decorated with filmy white curtains bordered by rich pumpkin drapes, matching those of the canopy-valence. The low vintage bench with coral and grey pillows in front of the window and the rustic crystal chandelier accentuate the room’s warm shabby-chic style.

Modern Master Bedroom in a New Luxury Mansion

Modern Master Bedroom in a New Luxury MansionPin

This warm, friendly master bedroom in a recently designed luxury mansion offers soft natural light from a white door and windows along one wall. Sunlight filtering through the curtains gently brightens the entire interior. The gentle grey walls and white woodwork and ceiling along with its centered white and gold pendant lamp add to the soft lighting effects.

The lightly polished walnut chest, nightstands and bench lend natural beauty to the room. The double bed’s tufted deep-grey headboard and beige and white bedding are enlivened by a bright orange throw and pillows in orange, beige, cream and amber. Modern table lamps in dark grey with white shades and a light beige rug emphasize the room’s light, airy ambiance.

Cozy Mansion Design Bedroom Corner with Panoramic Views

Cozy Mansion Design Bedroom Corner with Panoramic ViewsPin

This cozy room corner is a mansion-design bedroom that offers glorious panoramic window views. The two large-pane windows are nearly floor-to-ceiling in this elegantly appointed interior. The filmy white lace curtains filter external light without obstructing the lovely natural outdoor scene.

The small-scale silver-blue parlor chairs and the compact bed with its beige patterned duvet and light blue pillows display 1930s style and size. The vase of lavender-blue flowers on the small table by a window accent the soft blue hues of these furnishings. Elegant pendant lights and a bedside lamp in smoked glass with slender iron framing exhibit Art Deco allure.

The overall atmosphere of this room’s interior is calm, vintage elegance. Yet the charming shiplap wood-plank flooring suggests rustic simplicity. What gives this welcoming room its ultimate charm and pure beauty is the spectacular view of the surrounding landscape provided by its two large windows.

Modern Master Bedroom with Dramatic Shipwreck Picture

Modern Master Bedroom with Dramatic Shipwreck PicturePin

This sleek, modern master bedroom design offers colorful natural sophistication. A beige wall behind the bed displays four framed rectangular golden monochrome canvases illuminated by spotlights. In the center of these canvases is a large dramatic picture of a shipwreck.

The dynamic mustard-toned wall near the bed has a dark wooden door with several rectangular smoked-glass insets. The dark wood hues match the deep brown lower wall sections bordering the large bed’s white quilted headboard. The white bedding with magenta, lavender, and cocoa accents is enhanced by the multi-toned wood floor’s glorious natural hues and the modern teardrop pendant chandelier.

Luxury Bedroom in a Stylish Rustic Mansion Setting

Luxury Bedroom in a Stylish Rustic Mansion SettingPin

This intriguing luxury bedroom design in a rustic-style mansion includes a vintage metal frame double bed with a fashionable gold satin-finish quilt. The dark, worn shabby chic parlor chair and small molded table lend more rustic character and charm. The large pipe-framed screen behind the bed exhibits a boho-style print that aligns with the black, white and soft gold lacquered bed stand.

Although dark, this room radiates relaxed warmth and casual comfort. The floor displays a wide-plank modern version of vintage wood flooring. The unique combination of furnishings and décor in this rustic mansion bedroom creates an eclectic interior that is also quite appealing and livable.

Spacious Mansion Bedroom with Stunning Window-Wall

Spacious Mansion Bedroom with Stunning Window WallPin

The large, open-plan expanse of this ultra-modern mansion design bedroom balances the huge floor-to-ceiling window that composes one wall. The low minimalist bed and side table in charcoal with light grey bedding beneath the window align with the room’s simplistic sophistication. The S-shaped slender molded chair and large flat tray on the bed enhance the streamlined theme.

The two large framed photos of a stylish young man hint at celebrity and an artistic lifestyle. The large window-closet with handsome stone tiling exhibits two chic male jackets that add to the contemporary décor. The pale beige wall-to-wall carpeting accentuates this massive bedroom’s large-scale dimensions and even larger visual proportions.

Classic Mansion Décor for Contemporary Bedroom

Classic Mansion Decor for Contemporary BedroomPin

The elegant classic lines of the furnishings and décor for this contemporary bedroom design in a mansion are timeless. Structured cushioning in white and neutral tones blend pleasingly with rich mahogany furniture. These dark-wood elements include a queen-size bed and matching chests as well as tall console cabinet units with open shelving above.

Candles, plants, books and framed photographs decorate this interior. As a master bedroom suite, this open-plan bedroom and sitting room have a partial divider with a stylish arched doorway connecting these areas. Beige carpeting throughout and tall windows with Venetian blinds lend pleasing soft light to this sophisticated interior.

Modern Seaside Mansion Designer Bedroom with Splendid Views

Modern Seaside Mansion Designer Bedroom with Splendid ViewsPin

The stunning ocean views from two adjoining window-walls in this modern seaside designer mansion bedroom are amazing. Awakening in the room’s large white-quilted bed with clusters of large, fluffy neutral pillows in early morning light would be astounding and inspiring. Gazing across the blue water toward the distant horizon is like viewing the water from a large ship deck.

Beyond the simplistic wooden desk and large computer screen is a wooden counter that is also the back support for a long couch with more spectacular water views. The wide-plank red-oak flooring adds pure natural color and beauty to this spacious bedroom. Beyond the window-walls is a lovely outside deck for enjoying soft sea breezes.

Luxury Mansion Bedroom with Beautiful Wood Floor and Ceiling

Luxury Mansion Bedroom with Beautiful Wood Floor and CeilingPin

This spacious modern mansion bedroom has soft blue and white walls and a king-size bed with beautiful blue bedding. The brilliant blue bedspread with a light blue throw and pillows enhances the wall hues as the colorful central focus of the room. Natural sunlight from the wall of floor-to-ceiling sliding glass windows brightens the entire bedroom along with two white china globe-shaped pendant lights.

The major design element of beauty in this large, appealing room is the lustrous natural wood used to create the floor and matching ceiling. The gorgeous color variations of the Brazilian teak wood are all that is need to complete the room’s elegant décor. With a moderately polished finish, both floor and ceiling absorb and reflect natural light from the windows to create a lovely radiant glow.

Contemporary Mansion Bedroom with Vaulted Ceiling and Wood Beams

Contemporary Mansion Bedroom with Vaulted Ceiling and Wood BeamsPin

This light, open and enchanting contemporary mansion bedroom design features a vaulted ceiling and natural wood beams. The king-size bed with white bedding is on a central raised platform, also in white. The pristine white walls and light wood flooring emphasize the unpolished beauty of the two tall vertical natural wooden beams beside the bed.

The bed’s large grey headboard, the neutral rugs and the handcrafted pinewood chest lend pleasing soft colors to this large bedroom interior. The large black molded chair and goose-neck lamp across the room add a grounded sense of stability to this light, dreamy room’s design. A major attractive design feature is the dark-framed arched doorway with double glass doors leading to a balcony.

Spacious Master Bedroom in Elegant Modern Mansion

Spacious Master Bedroom in Elegant Modern MansionPin

Displaying calm, relaxing neutral tones, this spacious master bedroom in a mansion offers the ultimate comforts. Featuring a king-size bed with brown-trimmed white bedding, the room’s décor is enlivened by a bright orange coverlet and stylish pillows in an orange, gold white, amber and beige pattern.

Across from the bed is a charming fireplace setting with two beige upholstered easy chairs and a round brown leather coffee table. Decorative items on the mantelpiece and built-in shelving along with a beautiful scenic painting add character to the room. French doors and tall windows with Venetian blinds at the far end of the room lead outdoors to the terrace.

Elegant Mansion Bedroom with Wood Coffered Ceiling and Beautiful Reading Nook

Elegant Mansion Bedroom with Wood Coffered Ceiling and Beautiful Reading NookPin

This luxurious mansion bedroom features a stunning wood coffered ceiling along with a stylish reading nook. The dark tones of the large vintage mahogany bed with elaborate carving and the room’s detailed woodwork emphasize the rich earth tones of the overall décor. The antique chest and settee along with the fluffy sheepskin throw lend a charming ambiance of shabby-chic style.

The light wood flooring and the pastel blue and white bedding lighten the room’s quiet, sedate coloration. The beautiful circular reading nook with tall windows adds charm and allure, and the decorative patterns on the upper walls of the room enhance the elaborate woodwork. Recessed ceiling lights and a combination chandelier and ceiling fan along with the panoramic scenic view through the windows and balcony door lend additional stylish appeal.

Ornate Mansion Bedroom with Vintage Furnishings and Style

Ornate Mansion Bedroom with Vintage Furnishings and StylePin

This elegant mansion bedroom décor in neutral colors includes stunning wall tapestries in silver and white on light beige walls. The queen-size bed features an elaborate brocade headboard with carved wood framing in rose-beige. The matching bedside tables and vanity in rose-beige exhibit ornate wood-crafting and antique brass hardware.

The classic china bedside lamps with silk shades and the vanity mirror with its silver frame add traditional fashion to the room. The rose-beige vanity stool has a brocade upholstered seat and carved wooden legs. Luxurious floor-length white filmy curtains bordered by tan drapes dress the window, and a patterned woven rug in beige adds warmth.

Classic Cottage Style Design for a Charming Mansion Bedroom

Classic Cottage Style Design for a Charming Mansion BedroomPin

This vintage-style bedroom in a mansion offers charming classic-cottage décor and ambiance. In rich neutral shades, the unique mix of décor in this room includes traditional, rustic, and shabby-chic style elements. The rustic bed design with its padded headboard and footboard in beige and dark cocoa hues is complemented by bedding and multiple thick pillows in white, beige and deep brown tones.

Three small beige cushioned stools at the foot of the bed along with the plush cream-colored easy chair and ottoman lend classic elegance. The small table by the window with a plant and stoneware vase, the worn vintage rug and the bedside table’s vintage brass lamp with its silk shade bring strong qualities of shabby chick to this interior. The large attic-style arched glass-pane window adds charming country-cottage style.

Simplistic Mansion Designer Bedroom with Contemporary-Chic Style

Simplistic Mansion Designer Bedroom with Contemporary Chic StylePin

This chic, minimalist mode mansion designer bedroom offers contemporary style elements and allure. The elegant platform bed with its grey structure, matching grey textured throw and white bedding take center stage. Backed by a beautiful light natural timber wall with a matching cube-shaped nightstand, the bed adds sleek geometric fashion.

Two dark cocoa-hued shallow pendant lamps are suspended from a high loft-style ceiling in rich chocolate shades. A matching wall houses a floor-to-ceiling window wall admitting soft daylight. The grey marble floor and grey mat-rug lend pleasing continuity, while the modern grey fabric molded chair and single nightstand plant add modern comfort and natural charm.

Modern Beige and Grey Bedroom in Classic Mansion Style

Modern Beige and Grey Bedroom in Classic Mansion StylePin

The large and luxurious cushioned bed in classic beige with a rose-beige duvet overlooks a spectacular forest view. This stylish upper-floor bedroom has sliding glass doors leading to a balcony. The deep grey wall behind the bed and rich grey leather easy chair along with the light grey carpeting accent the modern classic style.

The white bedside tables and white-shaded lamps with slender ceramic bases lend simple traditional style. Yet the central modern white rounded fabric lantern-style pendant light is a strong contemporary stylistic element. Its strength of style coaxes the nightstand lampshades into the contemporary fashion mode as well, offering a pleasing visual balance to the room.

Mansion Bedroom Idea with Stylish Color and Comfort

Mansion Bedroom Idea with Stylish Color and ComfortPin

This stylish king-size bed offers colorful bedding on a comfortable platform-design base. The rose-beige bed headboard is placed against a darker beige, slightly recessed wall. Two recessed ceiling lights and a pair of grey-green ceramic lamps with rounded white shades brighten the colorful bedding.

As the major focus in this attractive room, the spacious bed is decorated with cream-colored sheets and a multi-colored duvet. The duvet and a matching pillow brighten the room with the color combination of cream, green, gold, brown and aqua. Additional pillows in forest green cocoa add natural hues, and the pair of light beige bedside tables add pleasing arts and crafts style décor.

Modern Mansion Bedroom Design with Casual Elegance and Charm

Modern Mansion Bedroom Design with Casual Elegance and CharmPin

This welcoming bedroom interior in a mansion offers pristine white walls, ceiling, dresser and seating. A stylish contemporary molded chaise lounge with tufting is complemented by the large molded dresser stool. Luxurious, smooth bedding in white with a blanket and decorative pillows in rich cranberry red add color and flair to the room’s décor.

Deep silver-grey carpeting and a lower wall and window frame in charcoal hues lend depth and a pleasing stylistic contrast. Decorative items on the dresser-top include a round crystal tray with small crystal bottles, a cranberry-red box and a large grey vase with reeds and foliage. A small, long-necked nightstand lamp and the wall-length window framed in charcoal-grey fill this interior with soft, refreshing light.

Minimalist Mansion Bedroom View in Soft Neutral Shades

Minimalist Mansion Bedroom View in Soft Neutral ShadesPin

This streamlined modern minimalist design mansion bedroom as seen from above has a soft, warm glow of vitality. The beautiful hues of its natural hardwood floor are enhanced by the white bedding, thick beige blanket and pillows of both colors. The small white tube-shaped nightstands offer pleasing geometrical accents.

The single white pendant lamp provides light at night, while the floor-to-ceiling glass wall supplies plenty of daylight. The beige drapes continue the room’s simple neutral color scheme and offer privacy during night hours. This appealing bedroom’s major attraction is the fabulous panoramic view of the city-scape below from the tall glass wall.

Mansion Bedroom Interior with Shabby-Chic Décor

Mansion Bedroom Interior with Shabby Chic DecorPin

This intriguing mansion bedroom displays elaborate shabby-chic furnishings and décor. The vintage bed has luxurious light grey and black bedding accentuated by a cluster of decorative pillows in black, grey, pink and white. Serving as the bed’s headboard is a large rectangular mirror with an ornate silver frame similar to a second larger framed mirror on the adjacent wall.

A pair of antique white night tables with tall, opulent lamps resembling candelabra brighten both sides of the bed. A large decorative antique white console with open shelves and cabinets and small closets displays clothing and varied accessories behind the bed. The dark-stained walnut flooring and rich cocoa-toned walls add vintage ambiance and allure to this unique bedroom interior.

Minimalist Master Bedroom Design for a Modern Mansion

Minimalist Master Bedroom Design for a Modern MansionPin

In this modern minimalist design for a mansion master bedroom, the dark grey and white walls offer stylish sophistication. The low platform king-size bed’s white bedding is accented with a grey throw and matching grey pillows. In subtle contrast is the lighter grey headboard resting against the deep grey wall.

The light grey rug beneath the bed and the dark hardwood flooring continue the room’s simplistic color scheme. Adding a variation in neutral tones to this interior is the light natural-wood platform of the bed. The only strongly contrasting hues are the two delightful orange rectangular bedside tables in boxed geometrical style.

Bright Modern Bedroom for a Mansion with High Ceilings

Bright Modern Bedroom for a Mansion with High CeilingsPin

This bright, attractive modern mansion bedroom with high ceilings and a wall of windows has white, sand and beige-colored walls. The white wall behind the bed has a creative design of narrow ladder-style shelving. The white ceiling has several recessed spotlights, and the light natural-wood bedside tables have slender deep charcoal-toned lamps with shallow rounded white shades.

With light pinewood flooring and a nubby-weave medium-brown rug, this room displays simple natural beauty. The thick, rich chocolate-colored bedspread decorated with chocolate and beige pillows adds fashion and character to the room décor. The squared, geometric window divisions align with the white wall’s ladder-shelves design in pleasing, artistic unity.

Contemporary Attic Bedroom in a Stylish Mansion Setting

Contemporary Attic Bedroom in a Stylish Mansion SettingPin

This charming contemporary attic bedroom in a fashionable mansion has a delightful garret-style slanted wall with two windows above the bed. This and the open, simplistic design of the room suggest an uncluttered boho style. The bright white walls reflect natural light from the windows on the lightly polished oak wood shiplap flooring, and a wall of built-in drawers includes one purple and one magenta drawer as color accents.

The simple white bed displays a bright magenta and grey coverlet and matching magenta decorative pillows. A dark wooden bench and a small dark-wood crate on either side of the bed lend boho character. The only contrasting element is the large rectangular wall mirror with its opulent shabby-chic silver frame with a grey fold-away counter on the wall beneath.

Designer Mansion Bedroom with Unique Fashion and Flair

Designer Mansion Bedroom with Unique Fashion and FlairPin

This warm and creative mansion bedroom décor is designer quality and unique in detail. The king-size bed is a modern open-canopy design with a dark brown frame above the bed supporting white ruffled curtains to conceal the bed when desired. This bed is the room’s central focus with elegant white quilted bedding and decorative pillows in earth tones.

In front of the bed is a stylish modern daybed in rich cinnamon-colored suede, and nearby window drapes in deep cocoa and white plaid fabric coordinate nicely. A dark wood-carved tray rests on the bed, and a tasseled silk throw in neutral earth colors rests on an arm of the daybed. Handsome handcrafted side tables with cream-colored china lamps with silk shades enhance the unique bed design, and two framed prints decorate the rich cocoa-hued wall behind the bed.

Simple Modern Mansion Bedroom Design with Natural Wood Walls

Simple Modern Mansion Bedroom Design with Natural Wood WallsPin

With the gentle luster of light natural wood walls and flooring, this modern mansion bedroom design is simple and appealing. The additional white walling reflects and enhances the room’s gentle, refreshing lighting. A low wooden pallet bed with soft beige bedding and pillows in beige and white accents the subtle hues of the wooden shiplap walls.

The low wood-plank shelving on each side of the bed serves as nightstands, displaying a small clock and other decorative items. Two dark-brown pendant lamps suspended on long cords from the high ceiling lend good reading light at night. A small green plant on the nearby windowsill thrives in the soft yet direct natural sunlight.

Stunning Mansion Master Bedroom with Dynamic Natural Beauty

Stunning Mansion Master Bedroom with Dynamic Natural BeautyPin

The dynamic beauty of this master bedroom idea for a mansion is due to its stunning red-oak wall behind the bed. Lovely chocolate-colored wooden blinds cover two windows on either side of the bed. Two rectangular bedside cube-style tables on either side of the bed in the same dark brown wood display modern beige and brown cone-shaped lamps.

A simple cocoa-toned canvas, two teardrop pendant lights and a pair of cream sconce lights accent the dark brown bed below. With its cream, brown and beige spread and decorative pillows, the bed and a cushioned bench at the foot of the bed enhance the lustrous red-brown walling. A dark brown sliding door leads to a contemporary spa bath design while accenting the overall room décor.

Lavish Mansion Bedroom Design in Light Neutral Shades

Lavish Mansion Bedroom Design in Light Neutral ShadesPin

The elaborate design, furnishings and accessories of the lavish traditional-style mansion bedroom offer lovely neutral shades. The elegant décor includes a large white bed with plush matching pillows and two matching vintage white bedside chests with ornate white china lamps and silk shades.

A large white vanity-style desk matches the bedside tables, and the straight-backed desk chair displays a brown and white patterned cushion that matches pillows on a white couch in front of the bed. Sheer white floor-length window curtains filter lovely natural light as it enters the room to be softly reflected by the rich dark-oak flooring. A silver framed wall mirror and a lavish crystal and candlelight chandelier add charming shabby- chic elements to this fashionable interior.

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