15 Mansion Entrances

An entrance to a home is a place to greet family and guests who come over to visit. It is also the place at your home where you will make a first impression to first-time visitors.

The way an entrance is designed is very important, since this might be the only space that a visitor sees when they come by.

Here are 15 beautiful mansion entrances to inspire you:

Oriental Rug Entrance

Oriental Rug EntrancePin

Colorful, oriental rugs cover the entrance hall in this beautiful mansion. The rugs cover wood floors. A geometric chandelier with dark-brown details hangs just above the entrance near the stairs.

The main entrance has walls painted in orange with white trimming and panels near the walls’ top and bottom. The opening to the stairs is decorated with similar white trimming. The walls near the stairs are bright with a coat of light yellow paint.

Fashionable House Entrance

Fashionable House EntrancePin

The outside entrance to this mansion is lit up with two wall sconces attached to columns on either side of the front door. A cobblestone-like road leads to double stairs with decorative rails to the front entrance. Multi-colored bricks cover the walls around the door and front of the house.

The front door is designed with geometric patterns and small windows. Smaller windows can be seen peeking out from either side of the columns.

Chandelier Mansion Entrance

Chandelier Mansion EntrancePin

The marble floors of this grand entrance form a design that looks like a carpet was inlaid into the polished floors. Marble stairs lead up to the main door. Windows covered in lace curtains filter in natural light near the entrance.

An ornate chandelier with plenty of crystals hangs from the center of the ceiling, just above the detailed floor. Two statues of dogs can be seen in carved shelves in the walls between two doors that lead to another room in this grand house.

Black Staircase Mansion Entrance

Black Staircase Mansion EntrancePin

A golden chandelier hangs from the ceiling in this beautiful entryway. White columns act as borders between other rooms in this huge house. The cream-colored floor with brown diamonds leads to other rooms and the white staircase.

Black metal with intricate designs creates a fancy border for the stairs with wooden handrails. A small table and chairs can be seen by the small wall where the staircase turns to the right.

Colorful Mansion Entrance

Colorful Mansion EntrancePin

Bright colors stand out against the white marble flooring in this mansion entrance. The sweeping staircase has iron handrails that follow the stairs to the second floor with curved floral designs.

Green chairs with gold legs sit between a wood table with gold details. White doors lined with gold and green lead to another room in the house. A bouquet of colorful flowers decorates the table next to the stairs.

Ornate Entrance Door

Ornate Entrance DoorPin

The gorgeous door to this mansion seems to glow in blue. Black metal with gold details create beautiful designs on this entrance. The lamps leading up to the door are also made with black metal and gold in a similar way.

A wall made of marble columns leads to a marble staircase and the huge door. Columns can be seen next to the door with floral designs at the top of each. The wall surrounding this door also include intricate designs carved into them.

Wooden Doors Entrance

Wooden Doors EntrancePin

A beautifully manicured lawn leads up some stairs to double doors made of wood. White columns emerge from the walls on both sides of the door. These columns look like they are supporting the porch with a triangular-shaped roof. A single light juts out from the porch to light the entrance at night.

Colorful flowers, hedges, and other plants line the spaces between the walkway to this mansion’s entrance. Large lamps sit on pedestals on either side of the pathway to brighten up the way in the evening.

Red and Wood Entrance

Red and Wood EntrancePin

The center of this entranceway has wood tiles to make it stand out against the white tiles in the rest of the room. Large, wooden doors with glass details greet guests before they enter.

The staircase is covered in wood with a steel railing. The railing has beautiful designs in the shape of delicate vines and leaves on it, also creating a functional piece of art.

The red chair and red vase with white flowers stand out among the neutral colors in this space.

Luxurious Mansion Entrance

Luxurious Mansion EntrancePin

Large columns support both stories in this luxurious mansion entrance. Polished floors give way to elegant furniture and décor along the walls and sides of the entryway. The walls are covered in damask wallpaper in cream, with artwork and mirrors hanging.

The doors to other rooms have green trimming on them, to add color to this gorgeous space. Even the space between the first and second story, by the railing is lined with floral designs.

Elegant Mansion Entrance

Elegant Mansion EntrancePin

Two huge doors with carvings greet guests at this house. Steps covered in red carpet lead up to the mansion. Two small trees in clay pots decorate each side of this entryway.

The doors are made of wood and include carvings and floral motifs. Each door includes small arches with windows near the top. Door handles in gold are attached horizontally on the bottom half of these grand doors.

Marble Staircase Entrance

Marble Staircase EntrancePin

The entrance to this mansion opens up to a marble staircase. Beige tiles cover the floors, as well as beige trimming on the bottom portion of the walls. White columns can be seen in the corner of the walls leading to the staircase.

There are also cream-colored columns with gold detailing on either side of the stairs. The railing is decorated with swirls of white and gold designs, leading up to the second floor of this house.

Golden Mansion Entrance

Golden Mansion EntrancePin

The entrance to this mansion shines in gold from top to bottom. Gold chandeliers with crystals that hang down float from the ceiling. The cream-marbled floors are decorated with gold details.

A golden railing separates the entrance from the adjacent room. White columns gilded with gold stand near the chandelier. The beige walls seem to shine in gold with golden trimmings.

The space on the ceiling around the chandeliers contain floral designs with gold details as well.

Elegant Mansion Entrance with Chandelier

Elegant Mansion Entrance with ChandelierPin

A huge chandelier hangs from the hallway of this grand entrance in a mansion. The floors are covered with beige tiles and dark-brown details. A large column leads to the dining room.

A marble staircase with iron rails goes up to the second floor of this grand house. The walls and ceiling are painted cream to make the space even larger.

Beige Mansion Entrance

Beige Mansion EntrancePin

The chandelier high up on the ceiling gives a soft glow to this beige entryway. A glass door leads to marble floors in different shades of sand and brown. The floral design on the floor seems to surround the chandelier with its many shaded lights.

Sandy columns topped with carved leaves and other details seem to hold up the walls in this part of the mansion. Metal designs can be seen through the door and windows on either side.

Blue House Entrance

Blue House EntrancePin

Granite steps lead up to a door to this bright-blue house. Short, white columns stand on gray bricks leading up to the glass door and porch. The door and windows are framed in white to make them stand out from the other parts of this house.

The door has several windows placed vertically and horizontally on the left side. The rest of the door is painted a dark blue. Iron railings lead up the stairs and border the porch next to the front door.

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