40 Awesome Mansion Foyer Ideas

A foyer is a great place to relax, greet guests, and store coats and other belongings. You can also show off part of your home’s beautiful architecture in the foyer.

A grand staircase, marble floors, and floral carpets are just a few things that can be found in a mansion’s foyer. Here are 40 entrances to mansions that will inspire you to redo yours.

Beige Mansion Foyer

Beige Mansion FoyerPin

A silver chandelier hangs near the stairs on the ceiling of this mansion foyer. Most of the room is done in beige with a wooden staircase. The wooden doors have vertical windows that bring in some light from the outside and add décor to this part of the room.

Two modern wall sconces light the area on both sides of the front doors. The dark-wood table is a great place to add some decorations and store items in the drawers. A tan-and-beige rug covers the beautiful sandy-beige tiles on the floor of this foyer.

Crystal Chandelier Foyer

Crystal Chandelier FoyerPin

The staircase shines in polished wood with metal rails that are decorated with spirals in a floral design. A crystal chandelier hangs above the staircase, lighting up this area of the foyer. Beautiful wood floors can be seen from the staircase to the other end of the house.

The walls are light gray with details. A small table with candles and a lamp stands in the hallway, along with a mirror.

Mansion Window Foyer

Mansion Window FoyerPin

The window above the door adds light and height to this mansion foyer. The black front door with a decorative window stands out against the white panels on either side. The gorgeous wooden staircase has floral details in the railing.

Creamy-marble tiles with brown details decorate the floor in this foyer and hallway. A detailed chandelier lights the space from the middle of the room’s ceiling. A glass table with wood legs stands next to a mirror in the hallway.

Grand Mansion Foyer

Grand Mansion FoyerPin

This huge foyer is done mainly in white with gold details. A golden chandelier hangs from the center of the ceiling in this room.

The table in the center has a black top with decorative gold legs. Colorful flowers are on display in the black-and-gold vase in the center of the table.

The floor is covered with polished white tiles and small black ones. A white fireplace with carvings is surrounded by light fixtures in the shape of candlesticks.

Luxury Home Foyer

Luxury Home FoyerPin

This foyer looks like it belongs in a cabin in the mountains with all the wood in it. A rug with floral décor sits on the floor near the wooden staircase. Lights in the shape of lanterns hang from the ceiling near the front door and stairs.

Wood beams cover the ceiling near the stairs. Chairs surround a side table with floral upholstery on the wall facing the stairway. Huge windows with wood frames allow plenty of light in during the day.

Double Stairs Foyer

Double Stairs FoyerPin

This foyer features double stairs covered in black floral carpeting. The handrailing is made of wood stained brown with white details. The walls remain white to make the room appear larger than it is.

A circular table made of polished wood had gold details on the legs. Orange candles surround a small palm tree in a black pot on top of the table in the middle of the room. Beautiful beige and tan tiles cover the floor leading to the rest of the house.

Carpeted Stairs Foyer

Carpeted Stairs FoyerPin

The stairs in this foyer are covered in tan carpet. Decorative carpets partially cover the wooden floors on the first floor. A gold chandelier with lights that look like candles hangs from the ceiling and around the stairs.

A grandfather clock and side table made with highly polished wood can be seen in this entrance. The walls are painted beige with the bottom part covered with white panels. The rails on the stairs are wood and white.

Wallpaper Mansion Foyer

Wallpaper Mansion FoyerPin

The walls in this foyer are covered with blue and pink flowers with green leaves on a white background. Double stairs covered in wooden steps go up two paths to the second floor of this mansion.

A red carpet sits in the hallway between the stairs on wood floors with geometric patterns all over the foyer. The silver chandelier hanging from the middle of the ceiling gives off plenty of light to brighten up this beautiful space.

Houseplants and flowers decorate the space between the stairs, as well as a deer figure and striped couch.

Hardwood Floor Foyer

Hardwood Floor FoyerPin

The one-of-a-kind hardwood floors stand out in this foyer. Each wooden square is decorated with a star in light and dark wood in the flooring. The stairs are covered in green carpet with white and wooden handrails.

A copper chandelier hangs around the circular staircase. Floral prints in frames cover the white wall alongside the stairs. A wooden chair with a white cushion stands to a table covered in a yellow tablecloth.

Other pictures decorate the walls near the front door.

Rug Mansion Foyer

Rug Mansion FoyerPin

A blue rug covered in floral designs stands between two white columns with gold details in this beautiful foyer. Two large plants in black pots decorate the space on either side of the staircase.

The stairs are white with gold handrails. The majority of this foyer is white with some gold décor. The walls leading up to the second floor are a dark-gold color.

A geometric-shaped chandelier dripping with crystals hangs from the ceiling in the center of this beautiful room.

Arched Doorway Foyer

Arched Doorway FoyerPin

The double doors stained a dark-wood color form an arch leading to this foyer. Light-gray marble tiles cover the floor. A wooden staircase with curved rails made of metal curves up to the second floor of this mansion.

A loveseat with yellow cushions in a floral pattern and decorative pillows sits just under the stairs. A cream-colored chair with tassels sits on the other side of the room next to a wooden table.

A mirror with a floral border hangs in between double sconces on the wall.

Wood Mansion Foyer

Wood Mansion FoyerPin

Wooden doors open up to tan tiles neatly placed in rows on the floor of the foyer. A red-and-black rug with floral designs sits just past the double doors. A small light-fixture hangs above the rug to greet guests and visiting family members.

A wood table filled with candles sits on the right side of the foyer, with an oval mirror on the wall. The large windows covered in white curtains on either side of the foyer contain a lounge area with pillows.

Floor Design Foyer

Floor Design FoyerPin

Wood makes up most of the design in this mansion foyer. Part of the floor is designed with wood and cream-colored tiles with a floral border to look like a rug. The rest of the floor is covered in tan tiles.

The doors, stairs, and panels on the lower part of the walls are all made of wood that has been stained a dark brown. Two huge candlesticks made of dark wood decorate either side of the double doors next to the stairs.

Detailed Floor Mansion Foyer

Detailed Floor Mansion FoyerPin

The beautiful floors in this foyer were meticulously inlaid with dark-wood tiles surrounded by light-wood border for a two-tone design. Dark wood surrounds the doors and lower border of the walls. The staircase steps and railing are also made of wood.

A black, floral vase stands in the corner near the stairs. A decorative privacy screen stands in the hallway under the stairs, made in a similar style like the vase. The white walls match the cream carpet on the stairs.

Blue Mansion Foyer

Blue Mansion FoyerPin

The blue carpet on the stairs stands out against the white walls surrounding it. A blue chair on the other end of the foyer also adds some color to this neutral space. The tan tiles on the floor contrast sharply with the more decorative tiles on the right side of the room.

The blue, gray, and beige tiles on the right are laid in such a way to make it look like there is a rug in the floor. Dried branches from a tree stands in front of the wall by the stairs, with a gold statue sitting on a pedestal made of wood.

Detailed Floor Foyer

Detailed Floor FoyerPin

The decorative tiles on the floor are partially covered by the small rug near the wooden doors. A thin window above the doors lets in some natural light during the day. Black, cream, and brown tiles are laid in the floor near the stairs in a pattern to look like a beautiful rug.

The wooden stairs are covered by a textured carpet in cream. The railing is also carved from wood. White walls contrast well with wood details in the foyer.

Blue Staircase Foyer

Blue Staircase FoyerPin

A blue carpet sits on the marble floor in front of stairs. The stairs are brown with wooden steps. The iron columns on the stairs lead to brown handrails on either side. The walls create more space in bright white and cream.

White Staircase Foyer

White Staircase FoyerPin

Boards made of polished wood line the floors in this mansion. A white staircase laid out with wooden steps climbs up to the second floor. Circular lights in the ceiling light the way in this grand space.

The stairs separate the foyer from the dining room with its blue walls. A cushioned bench with a cream pillow sits next to the stairway. Beige carpet covers the steps and matches the beige walls.

Black Mansion Foyer

Black Mansion FoyerPin

The black tiles in this foyer are highly polished to reflect the windows and other items in the room. The wood door by the yellow run is surrounded by large windows on both sides. Each windowpane includes a small section above it that is decorated with stained glass in a floral design.

Stone details can be seen just under the base of the windows. Red curtains decorated with a floral design are rolled up and hang above each window. One light fixture is attached to the ceiling.

Yellow Mansion Foyer

Yellow Mansion FoyerPin

The foyer in this mansion opens up to a grand staircase and plenty of places to sit by large windows. Two columns holding up the stairs stand in a water feature that takes up the space below and on each side of the staircase. Green houseplants stand next to the stairs and manmade pond.

A gold chandelier hangs high up on the ceiling of the second floor. Huge windows around the stairs stream in sunlight from outside. Couches with floral upholstery can sit plenty of guests in this beautiful space.

Gray Mansion Foyer

Gray Mansion FoyerPin

The white front door opens up to a wall with a table stained and polished a dark wood. A gray rug lays on the left of the foyer. A couch with gray-and-white striped cushions sits in the wall below several high windows.

Wood floors cover the foyer and nearby hallway. The wooden stairs are decorated with gray carpet that is similar to the rug near the front door. Wooden rails in brown and white lead up to the second story.

Beige Mansion Foyer with Bench

Beige Mansion Foyer with BenchPin

Marble tiles in beige cover the floors of the foyer and nearby room in this mansion. The stairs are decorated with the same beautiful marble on the steps. A border along the lower parts of the walls are also made with thin strips of this marble flooring.

A bench made of natural wood sits next to the stairs. A mirror made with the same natural wood is shaped to cover most of the wall near the stairs. The iron rails on the staircase stand out against the lighter colors in this room.

Windows Mansion Foyer

Windows Mansion FoyerPin

This foyer looks huge with the wall made of windows. Modern chairs in brown and black sit against the wall on the opposite side. A dark table with drawers stands by the wall and between the sitting chairs.

A rug in neutral colors with geometric designs sits on the floor near the chairs and table. A modern chandelier with lights hanging in different directions hangs above this space. Black tiles decorate the floor near the front doors.

Dark Wood Mansion Foyer

Dark Wood Mansion FoyerPin

Red bricks cover the floor of this foyer. The walls are bright white with wood furniture and details all around. Dark, wood beams can be seen on the ceiling above.

The stairs and staircase are stained a dark wood. An old-fashioned wooden bench with designs carved in sits next to the wall near the stairs. The door near the stairs is made and stained in the same wood.

Lights in the shape of candles are on the walls and near the doors made of windows on the far side of the foyer.

White Mansion Foyer

White Mansion FoyerPin

This mansion foyer is bright from the cream walls and white flooring. A beige rug with red trim covers up part of the white tiles on the floor. A side table stained a dark brown stands next to the stairs with a glass vase filled with white flowers.

An opening in the wall reveals the dining room with table and chairs. The stairs are laid with wood steps and a wooden handrail. The rest of the rail is wood painted over in white.

Blue Chair Foyer

Blue Chair FoyerPin

The wood floors match the beautiful wood staircase in this luxury foyer. A blue table with a chair sits in a nook near large windows. A large television hangs from a wall above a white entertainment center with geometric designs.

An abstract chandelier hangs in front of the entertainment area on the recessed ceiling surrounded by yellow light. A wood rail hangs on the wall on the other side of the wide staircase. Iron rails are used as part of the design on the other side.

Glass Door Foyer

Glass Door FoyerPin

The dark front doors are designed with stained-glass windows near the center. A black-and-white carpet with a floral design sits lengthwise in front of the doors on the wood floors. An abstract mirror trimmed in gold hangs on the wall below a chair with decorated cushions.

The wooden stairs are covered in the same carpet that is in front of the doors. Wood railings in white and brown go up the staircase. A living room with teal walls can be seen on the other end of the hallway.

Luxurious Window Foyer

Luxurious Window FoyerPin

Two wooden doors open up to a foyer with a wall full of windows. These huge windows bring in plenty of natural sunlight during the day. Sheer-white curtains hang to the side of the windows.

A palm tree in a turquoise pot grows between the windows and front doors. Beautiful marble tiles shine in the sunlight along the floor. Houseplants and décor are on display in the wall near the doors.

Wood and Stone Foyer

Wood and Stone FoyerPin

The foyer in this mansion is beautifully designed with a wood ceiling, stone details in the walls, and polished tiles on the floors. The lights hanging from the center are covered with a shade similar to a lamp. Floral designs are carved into the ceiling where the lamp hangs.

Wood beams attach to stone columns near the corners of this room. A circular table made with polished wood stands in the center of the foyer. Chairs upholstered in floral cushions sit between a window and table.

Gold Staircase Foyer

Gold Staircase FoyerPin

A gorgeous golden chandelier hangs from the ceiling of this beautiful foyer. Carved details can be seen in the ceiling doorways and arches leading to other rooms. The sweeping stair has marble steps with a railing made of iron and gold.

Natural light filters in the room from large windows. The wooden doors at the bottom lead to a floor laid with marble tiles in two different colors. The walls are white with carved images and other details.

Granite Staircase Foyer

Granite Staircase FoyerPin

Black and white are the main colors in this luxurious foyer. The doorway is lined in black with gold lines. The white marble floors have designs in dark granite along the edges of the room.

The staircase is laid with granite and marble for a beautiful design. An oval mirror just outside the doorway has a lamp on either side on a geometric table to light the way. Doors can be seen in black with gold details.

White Mansion Foyer with Marble Floor

White Mansion Foyer with Marble FloorPin

This foyer is white with details in black and gold. White columns stand behind a silver coat hat on the left side. A golden table can be seen behind the white door lined with gold.

Marble floors in white with black lines cover the floors. A geometric border in black with gold details can be seen on the floor. The walls are covered in wallpaper with geometric designs in cream and light gray.

Marble and Wood Foyer

Marble and Wood FoyerPin

Front doors open up to a white staircase that takes up the middle part of the foyer. A rug with floral designs covers part of the marble floor. A large houseplant grows in a white pot just under a wall sconce.

A white vase with a blue design sits on the front steps of the marble staircase. Iron rails with curved designs follow the steps up to the second floor. A huge wooden cabinet stands against the wall near the stairs.

Interior Design Foyer

Interior Design FoyerPin

Light-wood floors decorate the bottom space of this foyer. A chandelier and small lights brighten up this beautiful room. A rug in light blue, red, and tan decorates the floor in front of the table against the wall.

Light-gray wallpaper in a floral design covers the walls in this room and the room to the left. A porcelain vase with blue-and-white designs stands on the floor near the wall opening to the next room.

Luxury Residence Foyer

Luxury Residence FoyerPin

This foyer is decorated with columns and a wooden staircase. The columns are covered in cream-colored tiles with brown mosaic designs. The floors have beige tiles that are highly polished to shine.

Wood stairs with a steel rail lead up to a sitting area with plants. The white walls glow with lights.

Beige and White Foyer

Beige and White FoyerPin

Columns are on either side of the open space leading to a room with a fireplace on the left side of the foyer. A chandelier in the shape of a cylinder hangs from the ceiling. Glowing sconces light up the walls.

A gray curtain reveals another room on the right. The floor is covered in wood and the stairs are granite with a decorative railing.

Grand Piano Foyer

Grand Piano FoyerPin

A grand piano sits in the center of the foyer. A floral, tan rug lays on the floor beneath the piano and bench. Tan-colored tiles cover the rest of the floor.

The tan stairs have a border of polished wood on both sides. The iron rails have swirling lines to create a beautiful design.

Green Plant Foyer

Green Plant FoyerPin

The foyer is filled with bright, natural light coming in from outside. Tropical trees in white planters take up the side and corner of the foyer’s hallway. White polished floors shine, along with wood floors that lead to another part of the house.

The white walls and ceiling are broken up by tan tiles with texture. Several lights hang from the wall and ceiling to brighten up the space.

Brown and White Foyer

Brown and White FoyerPin

Dark wood floors lead to a staircase with cream steps and wood detailing on the sides. A cherry wood dresser and table sit below a matching round mirror. The white walls balance out the dark wood in this foyer.

Wooden rails are painted white or stained a dark brown. Houseplants with green leaves add some color to this space.

Tiled Floor Foyer

Tiled Floor FoyerPin

Tan and beige tiles cover the floor of this beautiful foyer. A glass table with iron legs sits against the wall where a picture with a gold frame is displayed.

A large houseplant in a black pot grows next to the staircase. The steps are covered in beige carpet with beautiful wood and iron rail.

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