45 Mansion Kitchen Design Ideas

Many kitchens are built in a standard way and plenty look the same. A luxury kitchen is anything but ordinary.

A luxury kitchen is truly a sight to see. Each kitchen is built unique to fit the design and look of the rest of the house. Below are 45 mansion kitchen design ideas to inspire you.

Most mansion kitchens have common features. Keep reading to learn more about some of these impressive features.

Cabinets in luxury kitchens can be custom made to fit the needs and wants of the homeowners. Mansion owners enjoy large stoves and refrigerators to have plenty of space to cook for guests. Many of these are based on restaurant type stoves and refrigerators.

Another important part of a mansion’s kitchen is one or more islands. An island is both beautiful and functional in mansion kitchens. Some have sinks, storage, a stove, garbage compactors, and other features that the homeowners will use in, on, and around their kitchen island.

Many mansion kitchens have beautiful tile or hardwood floors. These both add to the look and style of each kitchen. Tiles are not as common, but can be used to add some décor in the kitchen.

Customized lighting features are also a must in mansion kitchens. Small, drop down lights to beautiful chandeliers are used, based on the look of the kitchen and wants of the owners. Different types of lighting can be used for a unique look.

Glass cupboards are perfect for those who want to show off their china and glassware. Marble and granite countertops add style and beauty, and are a great way to add value to a luxury home.

Back splashes made of tile are another feature in mansion kitchens. Tiles may blend in well with the rest of the artistry of the kitchen, or intricate designs may be created with the tile for a unique look to the backsplash.

Stainless steel appliances add to the look of a mansion kitchen. Dishwashers, stoves, microwaves, ovens, and other appliances will look even better in a mansion kitchen when they are made of stainless steel.

Below are 45 gorgeous examples of mansion kitchens with some or all of the above features.

Luxury Kitchen

Luxury KitchenPin

This modern luxury kitchen is perfect for those who prefer little color. The interesting patterns on the walls and the curved design of the kitchen make up for the lack of colors in this space. A houseplant in a similar gray-colored pot goes well with the grays and whites in this mansion kitchen.

Steel details on the chair, lighting, and kitchen appliances mesh well with the grays in the rest of this space. The gorgeous lighting on the recessed ceiling and other lights cool down this beautiful modern mansion kitchen.

Modern Luxury Kitchen

Modern Luxury KitchenPin

This beautiful mansion kitchen mixes some old and new elements and design for a truly one-of-a-kind kitchen. The island has a beautiful cream-colored marble top, which goes well with the cream in the wall and tan tiled floors. Wood details on the island cabinet and kitchen cabinets are a beautiful contrast with the creams in the rest of the kitchen and dining area.

Beautiful chandeliers add light and style to the kitchen and living space. The red leather couch adds some color and is a nice contrast with the creams and browns seen throughout this space.

Luxury Kitchen with Island

Luxury Kitchen with IslandPin

The grand kitchen island is the focus of this gorgeously designed kitchen. The design on the floor tiles are designed in a way to add emphasis to the island above it. Dark, red Cherrywood on the cabinets and drawers brighten up this kitchen space.

Gold trim along the columns of the island and around the cabinets and handles add some extra elegance to the space. Family and friends can choose their favorite wine by easily picking a bottle from the storage space below the island. The beautiful tiled backsplash matches well in the flooring of this impressive kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Island

Luxury Kitchen IslandPin

This beautiful kitchen space has some color and plenty of windows to enjoy natural light coming in. The gray-blue on the kitchen island cabinets go well with the light gray window curtains. The cabinets on the left blend in beautifully with the intricate patterns in the floor tiles.

Three small drop lights give just enough light to the kitchen island space. Enjoy plenty of outdoor views while washing dishes and entertaining guests in this space.

Geometric Lights Luxury Kitchen

Geometric Lights Luxury KitchenPin

This modern luxury kitchen looks sleek with basic colors and beautiful design.
The white cabinets stand out among others with cutouts that add interesting shadow to the entire area. Brown drawer handles are a great way to maintain basic design with function.

The countertops also are kept basic with white marble. The two lights above the kitchen island are nicely designed to combine curves and straight lines while still looking simple but elegant, as the rest of the kitchen space. The beautiful dark wood floors are a great way to keep the kitchen looking cozy.

Wood Luxury Kitchen

Wood Luxury KitchenPin

This modern mansion kitchen is beautiful and functional. The moderately colored wood on the cabinets contrast nicely with the modern cream-colored bar chairs. The light-colored marble on the kitchen top and dining chair bring the two areas together nicely.

The modern minimal chandelier lights in the middle creates a focal space for the dining table and chairs. The soft ceiling lights give a relaxing ambiance along with the colors used in this kitchen.

Beautiful Mansion Kitchen

Beautiful Mansion KitchenPin

The gorgeous chandeliers and color scheme in this kitchen create a beautiful and unique space in this home. Lights seem to be surrounded by pinecone shaped light fixtures above the kitchen island, each looking like a piece of artwork. The lights and natural sunlight streaming in from the windows creates a glow on the soft gray in the kitchen.

Light gray cabinets and drawers match up nicely with the same gray color on the kitchen island. The gray and cream marble countertops go well with the beautiful tiled backsplash in similar colors. Bits of gold can be seen on the cabinet handles and chair legs in this elegantly designed kitchen.

Luxury Open Kitchen

Luxury Open KitchenPin

Minimal design and color are combined in this mansion kitchen. This open kitchen design allows for plenty of light and space to envelop the area. Gray chairs next two the kitchen island and around the dining table are a stark contrast to the white cabinets and countertops.

The gray panel on the island where the seats are make for a focal point of dark color. The gray shelves around the kitchen cabinets are a great way to bring this color into this space. The stainless-steel appliances and dark panel around the windows are also a great way to combine dark with light colors in this minimal kitchen design.

Mansion Kitchen with High Windows

Mansion Kitchen with High WindowsPin

This beautiful kitchen space features wood elements with cream and white as the primary colors. An island with marble top and wood cabinets, as well as matching chairs serves as a functional piece with a sink and storage space.

A stainless-steel microwave, sink and oven serve as functional pieces while adding a luxurious feel to the kitchen. Several types of lighting is used throughout this space to add plenty of light. High windows in the dining space provide additional natural light with added privacy.

Granite Island Kitchen

Granite Island KitchenPin

Soft grays and whites, combined with a dark wood tiled floor, create a beautiful modern luxury kitchen space. Even with just the two dangling lights on that hand over the kitchen island, the white in this kitchen is lit up by the natural light coming in from the window.

The gray and cream tiled backsplash creates a beautiful and simple design all around the kitchen. The valance above the window is a nice addition to this gray color as well. Gray marble countertops and gray décor also balances out all the white on the cabinets and kitchen island.

Contemporary Mansion Kitchen

Contemporary Mansion KitchenPin

This modern mansion kitchen has unique features with pops of color throughout the space. The cream and grays in the marble countertops blend in with identical looking tile backsplash design. Square lights dangle above the island from a tree brand, adding interest to this space.

The turquoise detail below some of the cabinets match well with the royal blue on the door and space above the branch light. The light wood cabinets and walls of the kitchen island contrast well with the cream-colored floors and cabinets in the rest of the kitchen.

Undersea Kitchen Design

Undersea Kitchen DesignPin

This beautiful mansion kitchen has plenty of color to contrast with the white space in the design. Light tan marbling on the countertops blend in well with the white on the walls and kitchen cabinets.

The backsplash is made up of large, wispy dandelions against a bright blue backdrop. It appears as if the kitchen is underwater with views of the deep, blue ocean. The island doubles as a table to save space and create an interesting look.

Some additional color is added with the multi-colored wine glasses and bowl of oranges on the island.

Modern Wood Kitchen

Modern Wood KitchenPin

The wood cabinets and red curtains give a farmhouse feel to this mansion kitchen. The light-colored tiles on the floor lighten up an otherwise dark kitchen. The light tiles on the backsplash and large light fixture above the dining table also lighten up the space.

Natural light coming in from the sliding glass door and kitchen windows brightens up the dark wood found throughout the kitchen. Red flowers and other green plants is a great way to add color to this space. The red striped chairs, window valance, and red curtains go beautifully with the wood in the design.

Modern Black and Wood Kitchen

Modern Black and Wood KitchenPin

The black barstools and black appliances balance out the stark black in the dining table and chairs. The wood cabinets and cream-colored backsplash, floors, and light walls also keep the kitchen space from looking too dark.

Green houseplants add some life and color into this space as well. A black minimal chandelier above the dining area and black drop lights above the kitchen island add additional contrast to lights and darks in this space.

Wood Modern Mansion Kitchen

Wood Modern Mansion KitchenPin

This mansion kitchen has futuristic vibes with interesting designs in the stool chairs and oven vent. The red on the side wall goes well with the horizontally striped wood on the bar, cabinets, drawers, and kitchen wall.

Three small lights dangle near the kitchen window for extra light while preparing meals. The stove top vent is a stark contrast to the rest of the kitchen with its black color and design. The interesting design on the stool chairs also creates an interesting look in this kitchen.

Minimal Mansion Kitchen

Minimal Mansion KitchenPin

Plenty of light can be seen streaming in this modern blue and white kitchen mansion. The white countertops stand out against the dark blue cabinet walls and kitchen island. The stainless-steel appliances stand out with the steel on the stool chairs next to the island.

The kitchen window behind the island widens up into what looks like a nook space, perfect for a small table and chairs, or a quiet place to read and reflect on the day while admiring the view.

Black and White Mansion Kitchen

Black and White Mansion KitchenPin

This mansion kitchen completely made up in white and black pays reminds the viewer of a checkered floor with an updated look. A mix of modern and retro is seen in the colors and other details in this kitchen.

Black shiny countertops, appliances, and barstools bring the kitchen together with the dining space with black drapes, a black dining table, and black cushions on the chairs. Cream and stark white can be found on the cabinets, chairs, and backsplash in the kitchen.

Chandelier Mansion Kitchen

Chandelier Mansion KitchenPin

The beautiful chandelier seems to stand out against an otherwise regular looking kitchen. The wood panels and cabinets are a classic touch to this open kitchen. The steel appliances match beautifully with the gray countertops on the island and other parts of the kitchen.

Huge Island Kitchen

Huge Island KitchenPin

The huge island is the centerpiece of this beautiful mansion kitchen. The white marble countertop goes beautifully with the white on the kitchen cabinets and drawers. The cream-colored backsplash is put on display with lights that make this area glow.

The dark wood on the island goes well with the gray upholstered chairs next to it. Two steel lights dangle from the ceiling on either side of the island, brightening up this space. The red dials on the oven and stove top, as well as some décor, add color to this space.

Two Chandelier Mansion Kitchen

Two Chandelier Mansion KitchenPin

This luxury kitchen is set apart by the others with gorgeous cylinder-shaped chandeliers above the island. The wavy patterns in the backsplash and countertops add exciting lines in the kitchen.

The light gray island and cabinets brighten up this beautiful space, with cozy-looking wood flooring to complete this kitchen space.

Wood Beams Mansion Kitchen

Wood Beams Mansion KitchenPin

The wood beams in this mansion kitchen and wood details in the floor match up well with the creams and dark elements in the rest of this space. The creams and browns keep the look simple.

Light fixtures also keep with this simple look with thin lined metal cages to give off light throughout the room. Plenty of natural light floods in from the windows and doors on the right.

Natural Mansion Kitchen

Natural Mansion KitchenPin

This wood and cream mansion kitchen is an update of the country farmhouse look. Beautiful light wood covers the cabinets and space around the kitchen island. Dark wood balances the light wood with features and details above large cabinet doors on the right, and the dark wood on the dining table and chairs in the foreground.

Brown and cream marble counter spaces and tabletops are a nice balance with the rest of the neutral browns in the kitchen. Some oranges and greens are excellent color additions with plants displayed throughout the kitchen, as well as orange candles, pots, and dishtowels.

Glossy Black Mansion Kitchen

Glossy Black Mansion KitchenPin

The glossy black and white features of this kitchen are balanced out by the light blue backsplash. Black countertops, a dark refrigerator, and black details around the cabinets are offset by the bright white on the ovens, drawers, and extra cabinets.

This kitchen is perfect for someone who wants to keep the colors and look basic, while functional and modern.

Stainless Steel Mansion Kitchen

Stainless Steel Mansion KitchenPin

The stainless-steel appliances seem to melt into the cabinet space in this gorgeous modern looking mansion kitchen. The light-colored cabinets contrast well with the dark features on the kitchen island, bar chairs, and light fixtures.

The five drop lights allow for plenty of light in the island space, while the other ceiling lights give plenty of light to the rest of the kitchen. The wood flooring is a nice and warm touch to this kitchen as well.

Brown and Black Mansion Kitchen

Brown and Black Mansion KitchenPin

This modern mansion kitchen has two functional islands. The one in the foreground serves as a bar and place to wash dishes in the sink. The island in the back has a smaller sink and some storage space for extra kitchen tools.

The browns, black and cream keep the space looking minimal and modern. The black drop lights above the first island have a modern look with thick beams to hold the lights in place while adding some black to this space.

Open Modern Mansion Kitchen

Open Modern Mansion KitchenPin

Enjoy panoramic views of nature outside from this open modern mansion kitchen. Colors are minimal, with just some color on the bright red dining chairs, to keep the focus on the beautiful views outside.

Dark gray countertops match well with the light gray cabinets and flooring. The stove top and vent create an open space so that everyone can get great views of outside, no matter where they are standing.

Neutral Mansion Kitchen

Neutral Mansion KitchenPin

The island in this kitchen has many functions with plenty of room to eat and create culinary delights. You can wash dishes on one side of the island while friends and family can visit while sitting comfortably on the other side. There is also plenty of space to display brightly colored bowls of fruit on the beautiful brown marble countertop.

The kitchen colors are neutrals with creams and browns, while still looking elegant. Three lights encased in huge spheres float just above the island, giving plenty of light to this area when needed. Most of the dishes can be stored away in the cream cabinets, while favorites can be put on display on the shelves next to the window.

Red and Black Kitchen

Red and Black KitchenPin

Lovers of red will appreciate this modern mansion kitchen. Shiny red cabinets surround both sides of this kitchen. The red seats, rug, and details on the ceiling are an excellent way to keep this color in the room. The red tiles placed among the cream ones on the backsplash are also a great way to feature this color.

Black is also featured in this kitchen on the cabinet handles, trim, and televisions. The cream countertops, white walls, and light gray floors keep the bright red from overpowering this modern kitchen.

White Mansion Kitchen

White Mansion KitchenPin

This kitchen space is covered almost entirely in white and cream. The beautiful wood floors are a nice contrast against the minimal white found throughout the kitchen.
The black stool, wood table and chairs, and steel details and appliances balance out the white.

The beautiful minimal white kitchen island is the focal point of this space. Two substantial steel lights dangle from tiny wires from the white ceiling. Smaller lights are placed in the ceiling throughout the room so that no space is left in the dark.

Yellow Curtains Mansion Kitchen

Yellow Curtains Mansion KitchenPin

This brown and white kitchen has color included in the cabinets and décor. The wood countertop on the kitchen island matches up with the wood legs on the chairs next to it. Creams and whites can be seen on the cabinets on the island and the main part of the kitchen, as well as the kitchen countertops.

The soft green cabinets on either side of the island is a nice break from the white found throughout the rest of the kitchen. The yellow and orange curtains are also a great way to add color.

Black and Gold Mansion Kitchen

Black and Gold Mansion KitchenPin

This gorgeous kitchen features a mainly black kitchen with beautiful gold details. Cream marble countertops sit on black cabinets with intricate gold detailing. The gold against the black really makes the details in this kitchen pop.

The dark steel refrigerator fits perfectly with the colors and space. Black curtains with designs cover part of the kitchen window. A gold and copper chandelier hangs just above the island, giving the kitchen plenty of light to see all the beautiful details in this room.

Mansion Kitchen with Many Seats

Mansion Kitchen with Many SeatsPin

This luxury kitchen has two islands with a wrap-around seating arrangement for plenty of guests. Most of the kitchen is in neutral colors with wood cabinets and white countertops and walls. The light brown table with orange wrap-around seating draws the eye to the open fire on the other side of the room.

A beautiful modern chandelier hangs in one corner of the kitchen, giving plenty of light to the room and making for an interesting conversation piece. The rest of the kitchen is simple, with steel appliances and other modern features.

Two-toned Mansion Kitchen

Two-toned Mansion KitchenPin

The two-toned grays on the kitchen island’s cabinets go with the gray brickwork on the cozy fireplace. The rest of the room stays neutral with grays, browns, and creams. Small lights hang from the ceiling just above the island.

A modern looking chandelier gives light to the dining space nearby. The rest of the room gets plenty of natural light from the enormous windows on the left side. This beautiful mansion kitchen stays modern with neutral colors and minimal design.

Long Island Mansion Kitchen

Long Island Mansion KitchenPin

This kitchen is perfect for entertaining guests with its long island. Guests can sit on one side of the island, while the host or hostess prepares the meal and drinks on the other side. Impressive columns support both sides of the island.

The cabinets and island are made with wood, while the countertops are decorated with beautiful, gray marble. Plenty of light can be seen from the window in the back and lights above the island.

Wood Island Mansion Kitchen

Wood Island Mansion KitchenPin

The wood cabinets seem to float against the all-white wall in the back of this kitchen. The windows on either side bring in plenty of light to brighten up the white countertops on the kitchen and island.

The brown in the wall cabinets can also be seen on the island and cabinets and drawers in the rest of the kitchen. The design is kept minimal so that the family and guests can enjoy the beautiful outside views.

Elegant Kitchen

Elegant KitchenPin

This gorgeous kitchen looks breathtaking with dark cabinets and dining space, stained glass ceiling, and chandeliers to lighten up the space. The dark dining table has an island feel with plenty of storage space underneath. Black is also featured in the cabinets and other wall space around the kitchen.

The beautiful stained glass above the dining area brightens up the dark parts of this kitchen, as well as the cream and gray marbled floor. Two chandeliers and other décor add even more beauty to this impressive kitchen.

Copper Mansion Kitchen

Copper Mansion KitchenPin

This ornately designed kitchen definitely has its place in a mansion. The cabinets and drawers are all lined with gold, making the creamy white in this space stand out. The copper utensils are nice touch and a great addition to the gold décor around the cabinetry.

The windows allow in plenty of sunlight to really make this beautiful kitchen shine. The wood floors are a great way to keep the copper and gold flowing throughout the rest of the room. Even the vent above the stove appears regal with thick gold trim.

Farmhouse Style Mansion Kitchen

Farmhouse Style Mansion KitchenPin

This kitchen looks like pieces of a farm were taken and beautifully pieced together in the design. The detailing on the kitchen island, oven vent, wood floors, and wood cabinets give a farmhouse feel to this kitchen.

The white countertops, walls, and cupboards by the oven vent help brighten up the space. Beautiful glass light fixtures hang above the kitchen island, further lighting up this cooking and eating area.

White Minimal Mansion Kitchen

White Minimal Mansion KitchenPin

Those who enjoy minimalism with little color will love this modern mansion kitchen. The entire space is almost made completely in white, besides the two stainless steel ovens. It’s hard to tell the difference between all the components of this kitchen due to the monochrome color scheme.

The bright white cabinets, appliances, and island blend into the stark white tiled floors. A hint of steel is seen on the island chairs, but the seats and woven backing are all made of white material. The bowl of fruit and orchids bring in just a bit of color to this basic modern kitchen.

Blue Detailed Kitchen

Blue Detailed KitchenPin

The blue tufted chairs add just enough color to this beautiful kitchen. The silver gray tiled backsplash looks similar to brickwork on a fireplace. White cabinets go well with the gray marble countertops, silver backsplash, and stainless-steel appliances.

Two cylinder-shaped lights dangle from intricately detailed wire that look woven into the ceiling. The lights from the ceiling and outdoors and light wood floors also brighten up this beautiful kitchen space.

Five Lights Mansion Kitchen

Five Lights Mansion KitchenPin

This modern mansion kitchen has all the basics included and more. Five lights dangle down from the ceiling just above the kitchen island, making the focus on this area of the kitchen. The beautiful marble countertops go well with the stainless-steel appliances and silver and gray details on the island chairs.

The cream and white walls and cupboards help brighten up the space, as well as the lights. The hardwood floors and wood salad bowl warm up this cozy kitchen space.

Bright Red Mansion Kitchen

Bright Red Mansion KitchenPin

This modern luxury kitchen looks both with its bright red and black against the white and wood. The bright red overlaid on the cabinets seem to take over the kitchen space with its bold color. The black on the stoves and outlines around the stovetop are a great contrast.

The lights above the stovetop and island makes the white on the countertops glow. The brightly colors fruits, vegetables, and glasses or orange juice are great additions of color to this vivid kitchen. The light wood floors keep the focus on the black and white cabinet details all around.

Red Wall Mansion Kitchen

Red Wall Mansion KitchenPin

This mansion kitchen is designed with minimalism in mind with just touches of color throughout the space. Dark wood cabinets make the white tiles on the backsplash, countertops and white cabinets look bright against the dark wood.

The red wall stands apart from the other neutral colors in this kitchen. The napkins on the island table, dining table, and bouquet bring some red into the kitchen space so that the wall is not too much of a contrast. The beautiful chandelier looks modern with lights seeming to be wrapped in steel ribbons shaped as a sphere.

Detailed Mansion Kitchen

Detailed Mansion KitchenPin

This mansion kitchen has all kinds of beautiful details in the design. Ornate scrolls with intricate designs surround the vent above the stove, looking fit for royalty. Dark wood cabinets balance out the creams on the countertops and backsplash.

A little color can be seen in the décor. The orange and black vase brings out the dark wood in the cabinets. Colorful wineglasses decorate the top of the bar area next to the stainless-steel refrigerator. This kitchen is definitely designed with royalty in mind.

Wood Detailed Mansion Kitchen

Wood Detailed Mansion KitchenPin

This all wood kitchen is a unique homage to colonial-style kitchen fit for luxury. The light tan countertops are a nice contrast to the dark wood cabinets and details found throughout this kitchen. Beautiful designs and motifs can be seen carved in the wood above the cabinet spaces.

The floor has tiles in varying shades of tan and brown to match the wood in the rest of the kitchen. The windows by the sink brighten up this space, as well as the lightly colored tiles on the backsplash.

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