45 Amazing Mansion Pool Ideas

Pakistan has the oldest swimming pool in the entire world. Swimming pools have been around for thousands of years. The Great Bath in Pakistan was built in the 3rd millennium BC.

Pools are still popular to use today. Get inspired by these mansion pools below.

Luxury Mansion Pool

Luxury Mansion PoolPin

The infinity pool creates a border around the outside of this luxurious mansion. Plenty of tropical trees create a border on one side of the pool. The Jacuzzi is built right next to the pool, with some water falling into the large pool.

There are plenty of places to sit in the shade, as well as a table and chairs located in the open for those who prefer catching the sunrays. Guests can get their feet and legs wet as they sit on the half-circle built out toward the pool.

Mansion Pool by Bedroom

Mansion Pool by BedroomPin

The bedroom in this mansion opens up to a beautiful pool surrounded by the house and tropical trees. Guests can enter the pool by a set of stairs into the pool near the bedroom. The bottom of the pool is decorated with tiles in blues and black.

Guests and family members can relax on wicker chairs under the shade of the house and columns. Large candles next to the pool light up the area at night.

Luxury Pool

Luxury PoolPin

Orange tiles decorate the space around the beautiful pool and mansion. Tropical trees and decorative bushes in gray pots are scattered around the pool and next to the house. Small tiles decorate the bottom of the pool.

A Jacuzzi is built inside the pool, next to stairs leading into the pool. Family and guests can enjoy the outdoors sitting on the chairs around a table in the shade next to the mansion.

Mansion Infinity Pool

Mansion Infinity PoolPin

The infinity pool wraps around the outside border of this beautiful mansion. The pool was built right next to the home, so that family and guests can watch swimmers from inside. Tan tiles decorate the space around the pool and next to the mansion.

Views of the city, hills, and ocean can be seen from this pool. Turquoise tiles decorate the space around the pool’s border and along the edge of the pool where it is next to the house.

Custom Swimming Pool

Custom Swimming PoolPin

A hot tub was built in the center and next to the pool on the grounds of this home. Stone details border the walls between the pool and hot tub, as well as on the steps leading up to the pool house.

Water from the hot tub spills out and into the pool as a beautiful waterfall against stonework. A seating area can be seen along the border in the pool for family and friends to rest while watching others swim.

White House Swimming Pool

White House Swimming PoolPin

Plants and the modern mansion surround this rectangular pool. Several small trees in white pots decorate the outside area of the pool. Other tropical and green plants border the pool on several sides.

There are several places for family and friends to sit and lounge around outside the pool. A table and chairs are set up in a shaded area to eat meals on mild-weathered days. A tarp is set up to shade some of the pool and deck.

Holiday Mansion Pool

Holiday Mansion PoolPin

This sparkling pool has steps on the far side to get in and out of easily. White tiles border the pool and patio surrounding the outside area.

Plants grow in terracotta pots to add some color near the pool. Two light-gray chairs sit near the pool for friends and family to sunbathe and relax on.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor Swimming PoolPin

This indoor pool wraps around stone columns in beautiful curves that look like ocean waves. There is a seating area around the pool’s curve in the foreground, with steps near the middle of this luxurious pool.

Tiny squares in white, blue, and black cover the sides, squares, and bottom of the pool as a beautiful mosaic. The outer border of the pool is gray with light-brown tiles covering the rest of the floor.

Pool Dining Area

Pool Dining AreaPin

Family and friends can dine and visit with each other at the outside dining table and chairs, while others relax in the pool on the other side of the glass fence. The walls on one side of the mansion are covered in windows so that people can enjoy a view of the pool and plants from any room.

Light-gray tiles with white grout decorate the floor of the patio and area surrounding the pool. White cement and wood columns hold up the ceiling over the fan and dining area next to the pool.

Indoor Pool Wood Ceiling

Indoor Pool Wood CeilingPin

Chandeliers hang above the indoor pool and light up the entire room. Guests can relax on one of the many lounge chairs on two sides of the pool. The black tiles in the pool reflect the light from the chandeliers.

A large fountain with lights adds ambiance to one side of the pool. The many windows on the walls make this room appear larger and brighter, with light coming in from outside on clear days.

Swimming Pool Mansion

Swimming Pool MansionPin

The walls in this pool room curve upward to form a high ceiling to make the room appear larger. The huge pool is surrounded by chairs and loveseats woven together with colorful cushions. Palm trees and other green plants surround the pool and add some life to this room.

White curtains are pulled back so that family and friends can enjoy the views while relaxing in the large pool. The large windows allow plenty of natural sunlight in during the day.

Indoor Round Pool

Indoor Round PoolPin

This gorgeous indoor pool is almost shaped in a perfect circle with blue tiles at the bottom. The ceiling also mirrors the circular pool, with large and small circles and blue lights.

The columns are decorated with brown tiles that are polished to shine. There is a circular support where each column meets the ceiling. The shapes and curves on the pool and ceiling create an interesting design in this room.

Indoor Pool and Sauna

Indoor Pool and SaunaPin

This pool is located on the inside of a mansion made of concrete. The walkway is plain with gray tiles surrounding the pool. The pool’s water is still and sits right next to a concrete slab of a wall.

A bench sits on a dark ground, right next to the door of a sauna. Thin, wood planks make up the walls of the sauna on the outside. Lights can be seen set back against a layer of ceiling to light up the room.

Dolphin Swimming Pool

Dolphin Swimming PoolPin

This swimming pool is built right next to a mansion painted in blue and white on the outside. A small, white fence separates the pool from the main house.

Blue tiles form the bottom of this luxurious pool. Tiles in the shape of a dolphin form a mosaic image at the bottom of the pool.

Tan tiles decorate the ground around the pool and white fence. White columns on the outside hold up the ceiling where family and friends can sit and enjoy the views.

Indoor Pool with Clouds

Indoor Pool with CloudsPin

This indoor pool is surrounded with wavy columns decorated in blue and tan tiles to look like sand and the ocean. The beautiful tiles on the floor are in shades of brown, tan, and gray.

The ceiling above the pool is cut out with a scene of a blue sky filled with clouds. Small lights surround this part of the ceiling to give plenty of light to the pool room.

The windows surrounding the pool make the room larger and bring in plenty of light during the day.

Blue Indoor Pool

Blue Indoor PoolPin

The blue ceiling mirrors the pool and makes the room look spacious. This indoor pool is decorated with many small tiles in various shade of blue at the bottom and along the outside border. Other blue tiles decorate the floor and part of the walls in this pool room.

Huge windows further enlarge the room and add plenty of natural light during the day. Lights inside the pool and on the ceiling also light up this room.

Indoor Dolphin Pool

Indoor Dolphin PoolPin

The bottom of this indoor pool is designed with blue tiles in the shapes of dolphins. These mosaic images are set against a white background and surrounded by tiny tiles in different shades of blue.

The outer border of the pool is also decorated with tiny, blue tiles. The wall opposite the columns is designed with a beautiful mural of an outdoor scene. Small houseplants decorate the other side of the pool between the white columns.

Geometric Swimming Pool

Geometric Swimming PoolPin

The pool at this mansion is designed at one end to be narrow so that the hot tub can fit right next to it. Dark tiles surround the pool and hot tub, compared to the rest of the deck, which is covered with lighter slabs.

Tropical plants and trees provide privacy on one side of the hot tub and pool. Some pool chairs are set up on the other side for family and friends to relax on and sunbathe. An outdoor shower is set up so that guests can shower before and after using the pool and hot tub.

Dark Swimming Pool

Dark Swimming PoolPin

A pool with two levels sits on the deck of a beautiful villa in the tropics. Dark-colored tiles decorate the bottom and sides of the pools so that the water looks black.

There are plenty of chairs set up next to the pools so that guests can rest and sunbathe on sunny days. There are also places next to the house where guests can sit in the shade.

Beautiful views of the coast can be seen in the pool and on other parts of the deck.

Front Swimming Pool

Front Swimming PoolPin

This swimming pool was built right in front of the mansion, with stairs leading up the house. The pool is decorated with tiny tiles in black and pool at the bottom and along the sides.

Gray tiles surround the deck and grassy area near the main house. Family and friends can visit outside and away from the sun by sitting on the chairs and couch under the patio located on the first level.

Summer Mansion and Pool

Summer Mansion and PoolPin

Brightly-colored bougainvillea and other tropical plants surround this beautiful pool at this summer mansion. Bright, blue tiles cover the bottom, sides, and stairs in the pool. The patio surrounding the pool is made up of natural-looking tiles in different shades of tan and brown.

There are plenty of pool chairs around the umbrellas so that friends and family can sit in the shade or move the chairs into the sun.

Concrete Indoor Pool

Concrete Indoor PoolPin

Family and friends can swim or relax on the chairs in this indoor pool. The pool is built off the ground and shallow, so no steps are needed to get in. The tiles in the pool are in shades of gray to match the tiles on the floor and the walls.

The concrete on the wall next to the pool is built to look like individual bricks. Lights are set back in the walls to give a faint glow. The ceiling above the pool is textured to look like waves.

Relaxing Swimming Pool

Relaxing Swimming PoolPin

This relaxing swimming pool has a shallow tanning ledge on one side. Guests can sunbathe in the water by placing a chair near the umbrella in the pool while watching other people play and swim in other parts of the pool.

White concrete surrounds the edge of the pool. Red, blue, and white tiles decorate other parts of the patio next to the pool. The grassy area next to the pool with plenty of plants and trees also creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Indoor Pool and Seating Area

Indoor Pool and Seating AreaPin

The pool in this room is decorated with tiles in various shapes and shades of blue. Tiles in different shades of brown decorate the wall on the far end of the pool. Two stairs lead into the pool on one side.

Sand-colored tiles surround the pool. Tiles in various shades of tan and cream cover the patio and seating area. Family and friends can eat and relax at the table and chairs near the pool.

Rocks Swimming Pool

Rocks Swimming PoolPin

This long pool has bars that lead to the steps into the pool at one end. Natural-colored tiles decorate the sides of the pool. A steel wall separates the pool from the smooth rocks and grassy area.

Trees and chairs surround the pool in this relaxing yard. Huge windows in the house allow family members and guests to enjoy views of the pool and plants from inside.

Waterfall Swimming Pool

Waterfall Swimming PoolPin

This swimming pool has a shallow area for seating in the shape of a square. The rectangular part is deeper and includes a waterfall that spills in the middle of the pool. Beautiful tiles decorate the front section of where the waterfall flows out.

A Jacuzzi can be seen beyond the clear safety fence. Light-colored tiles decorate the border around the pool and by the Jacuzzi. Friends and family can visit underneath the patio while watching others relax in the pool.

Garden Pool

Garden PoolPin

This pool was built right in the middle of a beautiful garden. Grass, trees, and other plants surround the pool and nearby areas.

Large stones surround the shallow part of the pool in the foreground. A grass hut stands on the far end where family and friends can visit in the shade.

Dark Indoor Pool

Dark Indoor PoolPin

A pool and Jacuzzi stand side by side in this dark pool room. Steps lead up and into both the pool and Jacuzzi.

The tiles inside both are black to make the water look dark. The wall in the black is dark gray and designed with lines in circles and other lines that are horizontal on the wall. The other walls have slabs of gray material to make the entire room look dark.

Luxury Swimming Pool

Luxury Swimming PoolPin

This beautiful blue pool is built right next to a gorgeous white mansion. The pool is decorated with blue tiles above the water. Gray tiles cover the ground surrounding the pool.

Tropical trees and other plants decorate one side of the pool. The other side is shaded by a patio held up by huge, white columns. Some furniture is set up in this area for family and guests to enjoy fresh air while staying out of the sun.

Black and White Pool

Black and White PoolPin

This indoor pool room is made up mainly of white with some black. This geometric-shaped pool is filled with beautiful, blue water. Metal bars lead to stairs into the pool.

White tiles surround the pool and other ground areas in this room. A thick, black strip runs along the bottom part of the walls, with thinner stripes of black on the higher parts as well.

Small windows allow some sun to filter in during the day, while keeping the rest of the room private.

Luxury Home Swimming Pool

Luxury Home Swimming PoolPin

This pool includes a shallow area to sunbathe while also enjoying the cool water. A hut stands on one end of the pool where guests can get a break from the sun. Blue tiles in the pool make the water look bluer than it already is.

The shallow area is covered in tan to look like sand at the beach. Guests can lounge on pool seats on the grassy area. Other family and friends can enjoy relaxing outside on patio furniture near the house.

Gold Indoor Swimming Pool

Gold Indoor Swimming PoolPin

This indoor swimming pool is built next to a beautiful staircase. The white walls and huge windows make it bright enough to look like the pool is outside. Gold tiles, columns, and other décor make this pool room shine.

Blue-tiled steps lead into a clear-blue swimming pool. Raised tiles surround the pool and separate it from the rest of the room. Shells, pottery, and other items decorate the edge of the pool.

Luxury Infinity Pool

Luxury Infinity PoolPin

This infinity pool is covered in blue tiles inside and outside with white grout to make each tile stand out. Water spills out to a lower level where more tiles can be seen. A two-story mansion in white with many windows sits next to this swimming pool.

Guests can climb into the pool using the steel rail and steps into the pool on the opposite side. Plenty of chairs and tables surround the pool so that family and friends can sunbathe and relax while enjoying the pool and mild weather.

Round Swimming Pool

Round Swimming PoolPin

The pools in this indoor room are decorated with white, light, and dark-blue tiles to make the water look very blue. The columns supporting the walls and ceiling are made with sand-colored bricks.

The tiles around the pool and rest of the room are light gray and go well with the white ceiling. The walls are made with planks of wood. The materials and colors used in this room create a feeling of being outside.

Tan Indoor Swimming Pool

Tan Indoor Swimming PoolPin

This indoor swimming pool is covered in blue, black, and white tiles. The tiles also decorate the outside edge of the pool. The walls and columns are decorated with tiles in various shades of tan to look like sand at the beach.

This pool room has a tall ceiling with plenty of lights to brighten up the pool. One side of the room is made of huge windows for guests to enjoy views of the outside and to also make the room look huge.

Light-colored Indoor Pool

Light-colored Indoor PoolPin

This light-colored pool is surrounded by dark tiles. Lighter tiles cover the rest of the floor in this pool room. Two sets of handlebars lead to steps in the deep side of the pool on opposite sides.

A brown deck on the opposite side contains lounge chairs for guests to lay on when not swimming in the pool. A wall filled with windows allows plenty of sunlight in during the day and beautiful views for family and guests to enjoy.

Pool by Garden

Pool by GardenPin

This pool is surrounded by grass, trees, and other plants in a garden. The edge of the pool above the water is covered in blue. White tiles border the pool on the ground.

The outer deck surrounding the pool is covered in tiles of varying shades of gray in different shapes. A wicker chair is set up for family and friends to enjoy views of the pool and garden. White columns add décor on the other end of the pool.

Marble Pool

Marble PoolPin

This indoor pool is made with beautiful black and white marble along the edge and top of the pool. The same marble is built into the wall and used to surround the green plants along the windows.

The pool is surrounded by windows, which allow plenty of natural light to stream in during the day.

Modern Mansion Pool

Modern Mansion PoolPin

The Jacuzzi next to the pool bubbles with warm water. This Jacuzzi sits a little higher in the pool so that the warm water can spill into the cooler pool water. Wide steps lead into the pool on the near side next to the Jacuzzi.

Small waterfalls cascade down on the left side of the pool. White tiles surround the pool and Jacuzzi. The rest of the deck is made with wood flooring and surrounded by a thin, black fence with trees surrounding this relaxing space.

Tropical Swimming Pool

Tropical Swimming PoolPin

The pool in this yard is surrounded by wood planks to make it easy for friends and family to walk around. Bricks in different shades of brown and tan surround the inner-top part of the pool and far side of the garden.

Grass, tropical trees and other plants also surround this beautiful pool. Guests and family members can sit on the wood or shallow edge of the pool during warm, summer days.

White Indoor Swimming Pool

White Indoor Swimming PoolPin

This indoor swimming pool gets plenty of outdoor light from the large windows. The windows, and white walls keep the room looking bright during the day.

The wicker chairs with white cushions match the wood details around the windows. Guests can enjoy outdoor views while relaxing in the pool.

Brick Walls Pool

Brick Walls PoolPin

This swimming pool is surrounded in bricks walls that are gray. The deep-blue pool is surrounded by blue tiles with brown tiles around the outer part of the pool and deck.

Brown Adirondacks face each other on the far side of the pool, where family and friends can visit while watching others swim.

Modern Pool and Deck

Modern Pool and DeckPin

This rectangular pool faces a huge patio where friends and family can enjoy each other’s company while kids play in the pool. The pool is surrounded by gray tiles with wood planks on the rest of the ground and patio area.

On the right side of the pool is a shallow edge where swimmers can sit and cool off while others swim around.

Mansion with Pool

Mansion with PoolPin

A mansion and pool house surround the pool on this property. The water is blue-green and looks similar to water in the ocean. Steel bars can lead swimmers to the stairs in the pool.

Cement tiles make up the border around the pool, with bricks in different sizes laying between the pool and homes.

Unicorn Swimming Pool

Unicorn Swimming PoolPin

Kids and adults will love floating on the large unicorn in this cool pool. The near side is shallow enough to sit on the ledge in the water with the deeper part on the far end of the pool.

Gray tiles cover the bottom and sides of the pool. An umbrella with pool chairs is set up on the far end for relaxing while watching others swim and float around in the pool.

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