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15 Awesome Marilyn Monroe-Themed Décor Items For Your Home

Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926 and became one of the most glamorous and sought-after icons of the 20th century. Despite a tumultuous and difficult childhood, she overcame her past to pursue what eventually became a star-studded Hollywood film career. Even when some of her acting teachers told her that she lacked the talent to succeed at acting, she refused to believe them, achieving success without their encouragement.

Marilyn’s dazzling image has since appeared on products of all types worldwide, from dynamic larger-than-life posters and calendars to key chains, watches and clothing. One of Marilyn’s most famous quotes is, “A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.” By living her life accordingly, she created a unique image of glamour and stardom that made the world brighter for her many fans.

Fifteen glamorous items of Marilyn Monroe-themed décor that will add an awesome touch of sparkling brilliance to your home include the following:

Marilyn Monroe Glamorous Handmade Wall Clock

Marilyn Monroe Glamorous Handmade Wall ClockPin

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The Hollywood-style dazzle and glamour of this dynamic wall clock displaying Marilyn Monroe’s image in multi-colored fashion makes this clock a popular item of home décor. The movie-star fashion and flair of this wall-clock design attract attention while adding strong decorative focus to your room décor.

Equipped with a simple keyhole on the back for hanging on a small hook, this clock offers a silent, non-ticking and reliable mechanism. It has a sturdy acrylic-glass base and will last for long-term enjoyment. This trendy and attractive clock will enhance modern minimalist, boho or classic contemporary room décor in your choice of color schemes.

DIY Marilyn Monroe Diamond Painting by Number Kits

DIY Marilyn Monroe Diamond Painting by Number KitsPin

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This DIY picture featuring crystal rhinestone-diamond embroidery painting of the image of Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe add instant glamour to any room. Your living room, den, family entertainment room or bar area will glow with glamour and glitz when you place this artwork on display.

Although this attractive arts and crafts style painting kit requires some time and concentration to complete, the result is a stunning wall display. Since you paint with different colors according to the numbered pattern, virtually anyone can undertake this project. Suitable as a major accessory in a sleek contemporary or casual-chic style interior, this painting will attract plenty of attention.

Marilyn Monroe “She’ll Conquer The World” Quote Dictionary Art Print

Marilyn Monroe “She'll Conquer The World” Quote Dictionary Art PrintPin

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Displaying this wall print of the famous Marilyn Monroe quote, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world,” is sure to evoke many interesting comments from your friends. When you place this printed quote with the background of a vintage dictionary page on a wall in your den, sunroom, or entertainment area, it will become the center of attention at your holiday parties and gatherings.

If you own multiple items of Marilyn memorabilia, this print is a perfect addition to your collection. When displayed with other items of this collection, this print will help create a dynamic and attractive Marilyn-themed room. By including room furnishings and accessories from the late 1940s through the mid-1960s, you can design a charming interior from this era. With a neutral or black and white color scheme as a background, your dynamic and colorful Marilyn décor will sparkle and shine.

Large Marilyn Monroe Vinyl Sticker as Wall Decal

Large Marilyn Monroe Vinyl Sticker as Wall DecalPin

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This stunning large-size Marilyn Monroe decal sticker made of durable vinyl makes dramatic wall art and room décor. Displaying images of Marilyn’s eyes, brows, nose and lips, it creates the essence of a complete portrait. The characteristic red lips became a symbol or signature for the Monroe persona during her years of stardom and afterward.

This impressive Marilyn wall art is especially popular among college students and young people living in apartments. While visually representing her glamour and presence, it gives the wall an open, uncovered quality. This wall décor is especially attractive in minimalist style rooms styled in black, white and red or rooms with at least one pristine white display wall.

Marilyn, Audrey and Brigitte Bubble Gum Fashion Canvas Posters

Marilyn, Audrey and Brigitte Bubble Gum Fashion Canvas PostersPin

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These high-definition, colorful pastel prints on canvas depict realistic images of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot blowing bubblegum bubbles. This is a great gift item for teens and adults of all ages. It will enliven your living room, bedroom, home office or bar and entertainment area with amusing movie star fashion.

These prints are waterproof and UV-resistant, and they retain their original colors well. Ready for framing when you receive them, these appealing film icon prints bring a touch of stylish humor to your family gatherings and parties. These elegant and delightful Hollywood-style wall canvases complement and enhance vintage, mid-century or contemporary-chic interior décor.

Advanced Graphics Life Size Marilyn Cardboard Cutout with Net Stockings

Advanced Graphics Life Size Marilyn Cardboard Cutout with Net StockingsPin

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This stunning life-size cardboard cutout of Marilyn Monroe in glamour-girl splendor and wearing her famous net stockings is favorite party décor at home and in the office. From casual home gatherings with friends to galas, festivals and fundraisers, this cutout can be used as dramatic decoration.

Produced using advanced HD printing technology, this life-like Monroe cutout has lasting charm and stylish allure. The show-girl outfit, heels, hairstyle and pose are all typical of Marilyn. For anyone who favors Marilyn collectibles, this is an ideal item to acquire and display in your vintage parlor, modern solarium or streamlined contemporary monochrome interiors.

Marilyn Monroe “Candle in the Wind” Canvas Print for Wall Art Décor

Marilyn Monroe “Candle in the Wind” Canvas Print for Wall Art DécorPin

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This amazing “Candle in the Wind” Marilyn Monroe poster on wood is popular with shoppers of all ages. This Hollywood icon has lasting impact on the public, and this poster is high on the list of the most requested Marilyn memorabilia.

This textured poster looks like a painting on canvas, and it can enhance virtually any style of décor. Art lovers often include this poster in their home art collection displays, and it is seen frequently on the walls of business offices. Whether your home interiors are designed in mid-century modern, contemporary classic or minimalist style, this poster will brighten your décor.

Marilyn Monroe Ballerina Dress Design Plush Throw Blanket

Marilyn Monroe Ballerina Dress Design Plush Throw BlanketPin

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This soft, micro-plush fleece blanket in black and white displays the stunning image of Marilyn Monroe wearing her famous ballerina dress. It is ideal for decorating your bedroom, the family room or for use on your outdoor deck lounge chair. This stylish blanket is washable, and the image will not fade or streak.

This luxurious blanket is the perfect addition to any room that is decorated with Marilyn memorabilia. Many people like the idea of having Monroe-themed items that can be used in different rooms rather than hanging on the wall in one interior space. The soft, fluffy fabric of this blanket also gives a three-dimensional quality to its glamorous image of Marilyn.

Artist’s Original 5-Piece Framed Oil Painting on Canvas of Marilyn Monroe

Artist's Original 5-Piece Framed Oil Painting on Canvas of Marilyn MonroePin

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This dynamic artist’s oil portrait painting of Marilyn Monroe on 5 separate canvases is fascinating and captivating. In white, gray, black and pink with the signature bright red lips, this unique series of canvases will create a glamorous Marilyn wall in your room. Whether you hang this portrait in your home office, bedroom, den or living room, it will give the interior space a fashionable Hollywood atmosphere.

This hand-painted artwork is eco-friendly, and the image and colors will not fade. Every order of this item will be slightly different since it is hand-painted. Each canvas is framed and equipped with a hook for easy hanging on a wall in your home, and all paintings are waterproof and sun-fast.

Personalized Marilyn Monroe Grinder for Spices, Herbs and Teas

Personalized Marilyn Monroe Grinder for Spices, Herbs and TeasPin

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This large-size grinder for spices, herbs and teas is made of a durable zinc alloy. It has sharp, strong teeth and a micron mesh screen as well as finger grips to ensure a non-slip grip during grinding. There is also textured detailing on the lid for sure, easy gripping and handling.

As the perfect holiday gift, this grinder can be personalized with the name of the recipient if you like. This design is considered a collectible, and it has a fine-caliber finish. This item comes with a convenient scraper, and the pump mechanism has manual operation.

Marilyn Monroe Fabric Shower Curtain for Film Star Bath Décor

Marilyn Monroe Fabric Shower Curtain for Film Star Bath DécorPin

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The glamour and glitz of this Marilyn Monroe shower curtain will enliven your bath décor with dynamic color and fashion. The curtain image is printed using advanced digital technology and will not fade. This polyester curtain is eco-friendly, non-vinyl and non-PEVA, and its thickness helps make this product durable for long-term use.

This dramatic curtain will be the major focal point of your bathroom décor, and it will enhance the overall style of the room. When placed in a mid-century modern bath, this curtain will recall the 1950s glamour of Hollywood. If you use this dynamic curtain in a modern minimalist or monochrome-styled bath, the room will assume the ambiance of a showplace for this charismatic portrait as the major item of décor.

Marilyn Monroe “Diamonds Are Forever” Latte Mug

Marilyn Monroe “Diamonds Are Forever” Latte MugPin

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This Marilyn Monroe “Diamonds Are Forever” latte mug features an image of Marilyn getting a tattoo on her back from a skeleton. The artist of this unique artwork is David Gonzales. This mug is especially popular among college students, and its very real yet somewhat surrealistic image in gray and white is striking against the black ceramic mug as a background.

This mug should be treated as a crafted work of art and washed by hand. It is not dishwasher safe and is not intended for use in a microwave oven. Many young workers who collect Marilyn memorabilia like to include some of these items in their office décor, and this mug is a popular choice.

Canvas Wall Art Poster of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis Presley

Canvas Wall Art Poster of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis PresleyPin

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This captivating wall canvas depicts a movie set style scene of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis Presley clowning with a phone in a bar. This star-studded canvas is the ideal item of Hollywood décor to brighten any room in your home. The UV-protected canvas displays a top-quality HD image produced with premium-caliber inks and advanced printing techniques.

This large, dramatic poster is any Hollywood buff’s treasured item of memorabilia. Due to its inclusion of three major leading film icons of the 1950s, it will highlight any retro film collection. In a home interior that features retro, boho, minimalist, arts and crafts or contemporary-chic design, this unique wall art of stars will shine brightly.

Charismatic Marilyn Monroe Retro Metal Sign in 8 Pieces

Charismatic Marilyn Monroe Retro Metal Sign in 8 PiecesPin

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This stunning large rectangular metal sign displaying photo-real images of Marilyn Monroe is made of tin and iron. The images are waterproof and colorfast, and they are easy to clean and maintain. This dazzling signage is the ideal choice for decorating your home office, den, family entertainment room or bar area.

These eight different glamorous images of Marilyn each reveal her starring icon persona and allure. Together, they create a charismatic wall sign with the sparkle and endless shine that only Hollywood stars possessed in the 1950s. All of these images reveal Marilyn at the height of her stardom, and they will empower your retro, mid-century or contemporary rooms with ultimate glitz, glamour and style.

Marilyn Monroe in Pink Dress Life-Size Stand-Up Cardboard Cutout

Marilyn Monroe in Pink Dress Life-Size Stand-Up Cardboard CutoutPin

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This top-quality two-dimensional image of Marilyn is printed on sturdy cardboard. It has an attached easel that enables it to become a steady freestanding realistic graphic of Marilyn when assembled. Although it is only two-dimensional, the startling true-to-life image of this cutout gives it the look of a three-dimensional standing portrait.

This stylish, show-stopping image reveals Marilyn at her very best. It showcases her beauty, charm and movie-star allure, displaying the charismatic smile and ambiance that made her a leading Hollywood icon. Although this cutout exhibits the top fashion and style of the 1950s world of glamour, it aligns with the chic styles of today as well, and it can enhance the décor of a vintage, modern minimalist or classic contemporary room interior.

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