How to Mix and Match Pillows on a Sofa? (Including 30 Examples)

Are you bored of the pillows on your sofa? Trade them in for new ones to update the look of the couch in your living room.

There are many ways to mix and match furniture with these ornamental supports. If you are used to plain cushions, switch it up with colorful ones or pillows with patterns. Below are some different ways to match pillows to a couch to give you some ideas.

Zig-zag Pillows

Zig-zag PillowsPin

One way to mix and match pillows on a sofa is to use patterned pillows on a sofa that is in one color. The colorful pillows on this cream couch stand out because of their bright color. The pillow in the middle blends in with the color on the couch.

The other pillows also go with some of the furniture in the rest of the room, such as the yellow chair and wicker table. A couch in this color can be matched with pillows in a variety of colors and patterns.

Polka Dot Pillows

Polka Dot PillowsPin

This bright-yellow couch matches well with the pillows with colorful dots all over. The yellow dots match the couch, while the other dots add whimsical color to this space. The small, gray sofa tones down the colors a bit.

The sofa and pillows stand out in this room with the other furniture and décor pieces. The print of cupcakes on the wall matches with the pillow and couch, although the cupcakes are more toned down in color.

Striped Neutral Pillows

Striped Neutral PillowsPin

The brown-striped pillows don’t necessarily go with the couch but match well with other brown accessories and furniture pieces in this boho-inspired room. The pillow with gray-and-white stripes matches well with the light-gray couch.

Adding the brown pillows is a great way to keep the couch matching the rest of the room. The green and brown dried plants add a nice touch of the outdoors in this neutral room.

Round Pillows

Round PillowsPin

Another way to match pillows with a sofa is to use pillows in shapes that are not traditional, such as these round ones. Although the pillows are not in the same color as the rust couch, they still match with their deep colors.

All the pillows are round, so they match each other in a way as well. The décor also goes well with the pillows. The dark-gray rug matches the gray pillow and blanket. The gray-and-black abstract art on the wall matches the pillows in the same color.

Textured Pillows

Textured PillowsPin

The soft colors on these pillows go well with the gray couch. Each pillow is in a different color and texture yet go well together. The colors on the couch and pillows also go with some of the items in this living room.

Two pink and one gray vase are on the round, white table next to the couch. A solid-cream and sheer-white curtains partially cover up the window behind. All of these colors and items go well together in this space.

Floral Pillows

Floral PillowsPin

All of these brightly-colored pillows go well together, although they are in different designs. They are all in similar colors and stand out against the white couch. Adding colorful pillows like these are a great way to add some design and color to a light-colored couch like this one.

The other décor and furniture match well with the couch, since they are in similar neutral colors. You can replace these pillows with others throughout the seasons and holidays.

Fabric Pillows

Fabric PillowsPin

This gorgeous, vintage couch gets some added glamour with these luxurious pillows. Although the pillows are much lighter in color than the couch, the shiny fabric matches the sheen on the gold legs and other gold parts of the sofa.

The pillows add a nice touch of texture and lighter colors to the dark-blue on the velvet cushions on the couch. The rest of the room is in the same room, but the gold on the couch and pillows.

Colorful Pillows

Colorful PillowsPin

These pillows add plenty of color to this white couch. Each pillow is in a different color and style, but since they all include some white, they match well with the couch.

The white coffee table with the white tree statue also matches well with the couch. All these white pieces of furniture and décor fade into the background with the rainbow of colors on the pillow.

Lime-green Pillows

Lime green PillowsPin

The gray couch and lime-green pillows blend in with the other colors in this living room. The pillows are in a variety of fabric, textures, and designs, but all match in similar colors. The green pillows are also a great choice of color to match the décor in this room.

The yellow pillow in the middle of the couch has a hint of green seen on the back but goes with the bright-yellow chair beside the couch and lemon sitting with the fruit on the table.

Dark Neutral Pillows

Dark Neutral PillowsPin

Solid pillows can also go well with a couch. These pillows are all in solid, dark colors but help the gray couch stand out among the other furniture in the room. The pillows also match the abstract art on the wall.

The brown pillows go with the wooden coffee table and wood bookshelf in the corner. The side table in pink and red seems to stand out but still matches with the pink pillow on the left.

Children’s Sofa and Pillows

Children’s Sofa and PillowsPin

The moon and cloud pillows are a great addition to this couch in a children’s room. The soft colors go well with each other, and the shapes add a make-believe feeling to the space.

The pillow with herringbone patterns in various colors includes all the colors in the room, including the soft yellow in the couch. The sky-shaped pillows can also double as stuffed animals for a child to play with.

The designer did a great job of blending in all the colors in each piece of furniture and décor in this child’s room.

Pastel Pillows

Pastel PillowsPin

The white couch in this living room is decorated with pillows in pretty, pastel colors. Some of the pillows have patterns and different textures. They go well with the couch, and the chalkboard wallpaper in black and pastel colors.

The lamp with the white shade and large palm tree create some height in this living room. The side chair is made up of interesting shapes but matches the white sofa. The side table with the pineapples and abstract image on the wall is a great use of this space.

Patterned Pillows

Patterned PillowsPin

Another way to mix and match pillows on a sofa is to use pillows with different designs but in similar colors. The taupe pillows match the color on the couch, as well as each other. The pillow with a pattern similar to a giraffe’s coat adds some design to the couch.

The brown curtains match the pillows and couch well. Adding sheer curtains between the brown ones is a great way to use the window space without leaving it too open.

Pillows in Different Colors

Pillows in Different ColorsPin

The gray color of the couch’s fabric will go with a variety of colors and designs on pillows. The mustard-colored pillow stands out from the gray-and-black ones on the couch.

Despite the neutral colors, each dark pillow is in a different shade texture and pattern to create an interesting look on the couch.

Variety of Pillows

Variety of PillowsPin

These pillows are in different colors but go with the colors on the couch, wall, and the rest of the room. The solid colors are nice and blend in well with the couch. The pillow with an abstract pattern in black and white and the pillow with a blue animal add some interesting design to the couch.

The blue-gray wall is soft enough to not overtake the rest of the room but is a great addition to color and goes with the rest of the room’s color scheme.

Neutral Sofas

Neutral SofasPin

The natural colors go well together in this living room. There is a mixture of shape, color, and design on the pillows on the couch. The variety of pillows adds an interesting look to the couch.

The pillows also go with the natural furniture and décor in the room. The gray-blue pillow on the rattan armchair can be switched with one of the pillows on the couch from time to time.

Shaped Pillows

Shaped PillowsPin

Pillows in different shapes and colors add variety to this couch. The lone circular pillow stands out among the others due to its color, texture, and shape. The other square pillows are in slightly different sizes but also differ in color, design, and shape.

The mint-green couch goes well with the green rug on the floor and gray wall in the back. Wood furniture matches the wooden legs on the couch and blends in with the rest of the colors in the room.

Floral Pillows on Grey Couch

Floral Pillows on Grey CouchPin

These pillows on the couch stand out with their bold colors and prints. The black-and-white pillows with floral designs and the dark-navy pillows with stripes and circles overtake the light-gray couch they sit on.

The green blanket is a great addition to color and matches the clear-green shelf above the couch. The lamp is a good addition of light and design with its dark shade and decorative stand.

Different Pillows

Different PillowsPin

Many couches are decorated with the standard two pillows, one on each end. This one has two pillows on each end of the couch, but they are in different colors.

The gray pillow would be great for someone who prefers a subtle look in their living room. The floral pillow stands out with its dark colors and beautiful design.

Another feature of this living room is the checkered floor in black and white. The blank, white wall behind the couch and tables needs to be covered in mirrors, pictures, and artwork.

Bright Pillows

Bright PillowsPin

The bright pillows in various colors and designs overtake this solid-tan couch. What is great about this couch color is that you can change the look and design by changing the pillows throughout the year.

The orange, yellow, and white pillows go together since they are all solid but with different textures and patterns. The red-and-green pillows match with their white zig zags.

Teal Pillows

Teal PillowsPin

The teal wall stands out in this living room as an unusual color choice for a wall. This is probably why some of the pillows are in green and teal, which match well with the wall. The white couch helps to lighten up the room, along with the sheer curtains and other lighter elements here.

The pillows match the wall and the couch. The fuzzy pillow on the left side stands out with its thick layer of faux fur. The other pillows help to match the couch with the teal wall and other teal décor in the living room.

Patterned Pillows on Black Sofa

Patterned Pillows on Black SofaPin

A solid-black couch is a bold choice of color for a living room. The pillows help to reduce the boldness in a variety of colors and patterns. The red chair on the side with a patterned back piece also adds some color to this living room.

The patterned pillows in colorful designs stand out on the black sofa. The pink pillow with the same pattern as the chair would look great either on the chair or couch. The brick wall with patterned pictures creates an interesting look.

Neon Pillows

Neon PillowsPin

These neon pillows match perfectly with the wall décor and poufs on the ground. Despite the gray-and-white base of the room, these pillows and accessories make up for the lack of color.

Someone who prefers less color can switch the pillows to more subtle ones. The pillows on this sofa are all in different colors, but are all bright in color, so match when combined.

Yellow Pillows

Yellow PillowsPin

The yellow pillows on this couch do not match in design but are in similar colors. They also match well with some of the décor in this living room. The mix of solid and zig-zag pillows adds some great design on the couch.

The yellow vase in the background and yellow apples pop out with help from the pillows. If the pillows were green, the green décor would stand out more.

Southwestern Pillows

Southwestern PillowsPin

This sofa bed has a completely different look, thanks to the blanket in a southwestern pattern. The solid-colored pillows are each in a various color that is featured on the blanket. The navy-striped pillow also matches the navy and stripes in the blanket.

This striped look is repeated in the bold pattern in the curtains that are pulled back. This colorful scene can look more complete with décor on the wall and around the room.

Pastel Pillows on Beige Couch

Pastel Pillows on Beige CouchPin

The pastel-colored pillows match the pastels in some of the furniture and décor. Having the square pillows on one side and the circular pillow on the other side creates an interesting look on the sofa.

The colors on the pillow balance well with similar colors throughout the room. The “g” on the wall looks off-balance, since the rest of the wall is plain. Pastel prints would look great between the “g” and the windows.

Diamond Pillows

Diamond PillowsPin

These pillows are in the typical square-shape that is popular today, but they are pointed to look like diamonds. The dark colors on the pillows and how they are laid on the couches stand out against the white fabric.

The pillows on the striped couch blend in well together. One matches the couch, while the other is in a solid-black with a floral print. The darker pillows balance out the white in this room beautifully.

Soft-Colored Pillows

Soft-Colored PillowsPin

Another way to mix and match pillows on a sofa is to blend in pastel-colored pillows with pillows that have designs in neutral colors. This mixture of pillows works well on this cream couch. They add just a little color and design here.

The bright-green pillow on the dark-gray chair next to the sofa stands out against the dark color.

Nature-Based Pillows

Nature-Based PillowsPin

The colors and design on the pillows on this green sofa create a natural look in this living room. The various greens and blues on the couch and throughout the room give the impression of a tropical forest or rainforest.

Even though the sofa and pillows are not in the exact same color, the combinations of blues, greens, black, and gray go well together.

Striped Pillows

Striped PillowsPin

The various shades of gray and white stand out against the dark gray of this couch instead of blending in. Although the rug is also gray, it has a geometric pattern outlined in white to look more interesting than a solid-gray rug.

There are also other details in gray, such as the gray-wicker pot and the basket with gray blankets. Each gray piece is made in various shades with a different design to create an exciting scene.

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