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12 Navy Blue Shower Curtains

Blue is a common color that has had various uses and symbols throughout time. People admire blue eyes since only 8-10 percent of the entire world’s population possess this eye color.

Navy blue is a darker shade of blue, but still common. Here are some navy blue shower curtains you can add to your bathroom.

Solid Navy Blue Shower Curtain

Solid Navy Blue Shower CurtainPin

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This navy blue shower curtain is a great way to update a bathroom on a budget. This solid-blue shower curtain has a waffle texture throughout the entire fabric. It is made of polyester and can be cleaned in the washing machine when dirty.

Change up a dull-looking bathroom with this bold shower curtain. Purchase stainless-steel hooks for extra shine and don’t forget to buy a liner. Add some white or navy towels and bathmats to keep the look consistent throughout the bathroom.

Navy Botanical Shower Curtain

Navy Botanical Shower CurtainPin

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This navy shower curtain has some color and would look great in a master or guest bathroom. Navy and light-blue leaves grow against a white background on this curtain. This will work well for those who don’t want to add much color or design to their bathroom.

Purchase a liner for extra privacy and to keep water in the shower and tub. Buy navy towels and mats with leaves or find some solid ones. You can also add accessories in navy with some design to your countertop.

Navy Damask Shower Curtain

Navy Damask Shower CurtainPin

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This printed shower curtain will look wonderful in a guest or master bathroom that needs some color. The damask print is in navy blue with a white background. Add décor with this pattern and in blue throughout the bathroom.

Add decorative shower hooks and a white liner. Make sure to hang up blue and white towels and to lay down mats in similar colors and designs. You can also add houseplants if you want some additional color in your bathroom.

Navy Vine Shower Curtain

Navy Vine Shower CurtainPin

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The shower curtain is made up of weeping willow flowers hanging down against a navy blue background. The flowers hang down in white, gray, and light blue. The combination of dark and light blue with on a floral design look beautiful on this shower curtain.

Add navy and floral accessories throughout the bathroom, as well as navy or white towels and bathmats in floral patterns. Don’t forget to purchase a nice set of hangers to install your shower curtain on.

Navy and Gray Shower Curtain

Navy and Gray Shower CurtainPin

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This shower curtain is covered in a pattern that is navy blue, gray, and light blue. The colorful shapes are separated by curved lines in white. Add this shower curtain to your master or guest bathroom.

This textured shower curtain looks like it is made of linen but is 100% polyester. Wash in the washing machine when dirty. Add décor and accessories in a mix of blues, grays, and white to complete the new look in your bathroom.

Navy Trellis Print Shower Curtain

Navy Trellis Print Shower CurtainPin

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The trellis print on this shower curtain stands out in navy with white lines to separate the shapes on the entire curtain. This is a great way to add some color or change the look of your bathroom.

Keep mildew from growing on your new shower curtain by washing it in the washing machine from time to time. Place in a mesh laundry bag before putting it in the washing machine so that it looks fresh and new when you take it out to dry.

Navy Sequins Shower Curtain

Navy Sequins Shower CurtainPin

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This elegant shower curtain sparkles with sequins and color. The curtain is navy blue at the top with a thick stripe full of sequins just below it. The top half of the sequin stripe is silver, and the bottom shimmers with blue sequins.

The rest of the curtain is a solid white. Purchase decorative hooks with rhinestones to add even more elegance to this shower curtain. Place a navy bathmat on the floor that shines, along with towels that have sequins in their design.

Navy Ombre Shower Curtain

Navy Ombre Shower CurtainPin

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Place this ombre shower curtain to your shower for a new design and color in your bathroom. The curtain is white at the top, gradually darkening into a light navy blue until it is a bold navy-blue color near the bottom. The textured fabric adds to the design of the curtain as well.

Add solid or decorated navy-blue bathmats for guests to step out near the tub. Install the curtain with the 12 plastic rings it comes with or purchase sturdier stainless-steel ones.

Navy Striped Shower Curtain

Navy Striped Shower CurtainPin

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Add a nautical look to your bathroom with this blue-and-white striped shower curtain. Thick lines of white and navy blue are printed horizontally on this polyester shower curtain. The curtain stays in place with a weighted hem.

Stainless steel hooks are a great way to add some shine, as well as a liner for some privacy.

Floral Navy Shower Curtain

Floral Navy Shower CurtainPin

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Floral lovers will enjoy having this shower curtain in their master or guest bathroom. Leaves and flowers are printed in detail in shades of navy blue on white background. Add prints to the wall with floral designs in white and navy to match.

Add stainless-steel or blue-decorative hooks to the top of the curtain. You can also keep it plain and install with white, plastic hooks. Hang up towels in white and navy with similar designs and place a navy mat near the bath area.

Navy Lines Shower Curtain

Navy Lines Shower CurtainPin

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This minimally-designed shower curtain is a great way to add some color and design to a bathroom that needs some updating. Wavy lines in navy blue swirl down the shower curtain vertically against a white background.

The curtain is made of 100% polyester on fabric that has some texture. Some light can come through, so if you prefer more privacy and darkness in the shower, install a liner on the inside.

Navy Paisley Shower Curtain

Navy Paisley Shower CurtainPin

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A thick border of fabric at the top is in solid navy. The rest of the shower curtain is covered in a paisley design in navy and white. Add fancy hooks at the top for more décor and shine on the curtain.

It is made of polyester and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine so that you and guests can enjoy this curtain for many years.

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