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13 New York-Themed Room Ideas

New York is a popular place for people to travel to from all over the world. The skyline is a familiar scene for many.

Enjoy a New York vacation from home by decorating one of your rooms in a New York theme. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate into some of your rooms.

Blue New York Skyline

Blue New York SkylinePin

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Add this beautiful view of New York City on a canvas print to your New York-themed room. This canvas shows New York City’s skyline at night with a full moon. The black and white buildings are overshadowed by the bright-blue water and blue lights seen throughout the tops of some of the buildings.

This canvas comes in several sizes to fit various walls and wall areas. Hang behind a bed or above the couch in the living room as a focal point. Add other black, white, and blue pictures, as well as other décor with the New York City skyline.

Rustic New York Sign

Rustic New York SignPin

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This New York City sign is made of wood and painted over in distressed black paint for a vintage look. It comes with brackets on the back to easily hang to a wall. You can also display this sign on a shelf.

Hang your New York city sign up in the bathroom, bedroom, or living room that is decorated with pictures of New York and statues of the city’s skyline and other familiar images of New York.

You can also mix and match with New York décor that is made in a vintage style. Add other black and white décor to match as well.

New York Pillow

New York PillowPin

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Place this New York-themed pillowcase on your favorite pillow on your couch in the living room or on the bed in your guest or master bedroom. “New York City Girl” is printed in white, with a dark scene of New York City in the background.

This pillowcase comes in several sizes to fit different-sized square pillows. Measure out your pillow or purchase a new one in the right size.

Mix and match this pillowcase with other New York-themed pillows. Add pictures of New York City on the walls as well.

State Box Sign

State Box SignPin

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This box sign has a wood cut-out of the state of New York. The background has a list of cities with the largest populations in black on a burnt piece of wood. The frame is made of wood and stained in distressed black with “New York” written in cursive on white.

This will look great on a bathroom countertop, bedside stand, shelf, or side table in the living room, bedroom, or bathroom designed with New York décor. There is also a sawtooth hanger on the back if you want to hang your sign on a wall.

New York City Skylines

New York City SkylinesPin

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Place these bookends on a shelf in your library, use them to hold important papers, or just have them on display as part of your room’s décor. Each bookend shows a silhouette of New York City’s skyline with familiar buildings, such as the Empire State Building.

Each bookend is made of metal that is painted black and polished to shine. Add other New York-related décor to your bedroom, living room, library, or wherever else you choose to display your bookends. Add dark or colorful décor to mix and match with these black bookends.

Skyline Canvas Set

Skyline Canvas SetPin

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This set of three canvases show New York City’s skyline at night in various locations. The famous Hudson River can be seen in the foreground, with dark buildings rising from the ground. The city seems to come alive with lights on a dark-blue background showing the night sky.

Each canvas has been stretched and wrapped on a wood frame with hooks, ready to frame on your walls. Place each canvas next to each other to complete the skyline. Hang above the couch or bed as the main area of interest in the room of your choice.

New York City Clock

New York City ClockPin

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This unique wall clock shows familiar monuments and buildings in New York on a skyline that makes up the top part of this clock. Brooklyn Bridge is outlined in grayish-white at the bottom, with the words “New York” outlined in the shape of an apple to represent this famous city’s nickname.

This clock is made of black vinyl. The numbers and hands on the clock are gray on a black background to stand out and be easily read from a distance. The face is made of plastic and built to last to enjoy for many years.

Vintage Throw Pillow Cover

Vintage Throw Pillow CoverPin

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Decorate a bed or couch in your New York-themed room with a pillow that is covered with this pillow cover. Downtown New York is alive with cars, people, and lights covering tall buildings. The yellow taxi stands out in the foreground as the only colorful part of this pillowcase.

This 18 by 18-inch case can cover your favorite square pillow that is similar in size. Throw on the bed, couch, or armchair with other pillows and décor that relate to New York. If covering a bed or large couch, add pillows in white, black, and yellow to match the colors in this pillow cover.

Lantern Clock

Lantern ClockPin

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Place this lantern clock along with other décor designed for your New York-inspired bedroom or living room. This clock is fashioned after other clocks from New York City’s train station. It is painted a weathered white for a vintage look.

The letters and hands of the clock are in black to stand out against the white. You will need to purchase an AA battery to keep time with your new vintage clock.

Add other vintage New York décor to your living room or bedroom. You can also add white and rustic-looking décor to mix up with your other table décor pieces.

New York City Tapestry

New York City TapestryPin

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This large tapestry shows a view of New York City from one of its many high-rise buildings. The Empire State Building stands tall in the middle, making the other buildings in this urban setting look small. The blue water from the bay can be seen in the background with a sky showing colors from a setting sun.

You can use this tapestry in place of a framed picture on the wall in your living room or bedroom. Place it above your bed or behind the couch as a point-of-interest in either room. Add other pictures and décor representing New York to match.

Retro Station Clock

Retro Station ClockPin

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This retro station clock was inspired by clocks made for New York’s Grand Central Station. It is made of wrought iron and has two faces so that you can tell the time from either side of the clock as it sticks out from your bedroom or living room wall.

This clock can also be rotated to 360 degrees so that you can read it from any angle. You will need to purchase two AA batteries to enjoy keeping time with this clock from your New York-themed room.

Add other vintage New York décor to the rest of the room to match, or add other Central Station images and figures to recreate the famous station in your bedroom or living room.

New York Canvas Wall Art

New York Canvas Wall ArtPin

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Place this abstract canvas print of New York City above the couch in your living room or above the head of your bed in your bedroom. This picture depicts a colorful skyline of New York City painted in watercolors. The reflections of the buildings in the water in the foreground add depth and interest to this image.

Add other pictures of New York to your wall, as well as statues and other décor of famous New York landmarks and buildings. You can also match this painting with furniture in similar colors, such as with a cream, brown, or other couch or bed in light or dark neutral colors.

New York Subway Map

New York Subway MapPin

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Place this map of the New York Subway in your bedroom or living room decorated with New York-inspired pictures, statues, and other décor. Purchase a frame that will match the colors in this map, as well as colors in the room.

Mix and match with other maps of New York on the wall, or other images of the city on the wall.

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