25 Awesome Orange Bedroom Ideas

There are many ways to enhance the look of a bedroom by just adding one color to the décor and furniture. Orange is a bold and bright color choice.

You can add just a few orange pieces to your bedroom, or make huge changes with orange walls. Here are 25 ideas for orange bedrooms to try next time you want to update your room.

Black and Orange Bedroom

Black and Orange BedroomPin

The orange, black, and white colors are a great contrast in this bedroom. Bright-orange abstract pictures on the black wall stand out with their white borders. The orange chair with black and white patterned pillow match up nicely with the colors on the bed.

The black comforter partially covers up the orange and white blankets on the bed. Orange, black, and white pillows decorate the head of the bed as well.

Orange Pillows Bedroom

Orange Pillows BedroomPin

The white, brown, and orange in this bedroom give it a natural feel. Brown and orange pillows cover the white comforter on the bed. Orange and tan blankets draped over the bed add some color to this area.

The wood elements further enhance the orange in this bedroom. Orange and brown décor sit on top of a light-brown bedside table on the right. The wood panels on either side of the bed are a nice addition to the white walls.

Orange Walls Bedroom

Orange Walls BedroomPin

This master bedroom has orange and white walls that match the orange, white, and wood parts of this room. The wall between the two windows is completely orange, with a large brown dresser. The windows are covered with sheer orange and white curtains that allow plenty of light in this bedroom.

The bed has a dark brown frame and is decorated orange and white pillows and sheets. The wall behind the bed is sectioned off in blocks of orange and white.

Orange Sheets Bedroom

Orange Sheets BedroomPin

The orange-striped comforter and pillow really stand out against the white pillows and sheets on the bed. The bright-orange wall behind the bed almost looks like an extension of the gray headboard. A circular mirror with an orange and yellow border covers up part of the wall above the white desk.

A clear-orange table sits next to the bed to add some more color to this space. The brown stool below the desk is the only other color in the room. The rest of the room is in white.

Orange Bedroom

Orange BedroomPin

This bedroom is made up of orange, white, and brown, except for the silver blinds covering the window. A bright-orange sheet covers the middle of the bed over the orange, brown, and white sheet decorated with floral designs.

The orange pillows on the brown headboard are a nice addition of color to the bed. Another interesting feature is the orange abstract piece above the bed, which matches nicely with the solid-orange pillows and bedsheet.

Orange Stripes Bedroom

Orange Stripes BedroomPin

The light-orange stripes on the walls add color to this bedroom. The walls that are completely orange also add plenty of color to the space. The bed is done in neutral-brown colors with light-orange pillows.

The cubbies and organizers on the far end of this bedroom are done in a nice mix of wood, orange, and yellow. The striped and solid-orange walls match nicely with the wood cabinets and flooring in this bedroom.

Bright Orange Bedroom

Bright Orange BedroomPin

These bright-orange colors are perfect for this girl’s bedroom. The bright-orange walls match nicely with the comforter covered in stripes in various shades of orange. The pillows also match in light and dark orange and white.

The floral curtains add more color and design to the windows in this bedroom. The dark-orange décor on the white table and desk match well with the white and orange features in the bedroom. The tan carpet brings the colors in this bedroom together well.

Orange Wallpaper Bedroom

Orange Wallpaper BedroomPin

This bedroom is filled with many patterns and designs in orange. The small bed is covered with a dark-orange blanket with patterns. The walls are covered with heavily-patterned wallpaper in orange, white, and black in a floral design.

The windows are also covered in curtains with an orange and white floral design. The carpet is covered with dark-orange and brown shapes as well. All the designs and patterns combined create an interesting and colorful bedroom look.

Dark Orange Bedroom

Dark Orange BedroomPin

The twin beds match up nicely with their comforters, bedsheets and pillows in this bedroom. Each bed has a pillow in orange and cream floral prints that are contrasting with each other. Both beds have the same orange and white comforters and sheets, as well as the same white and orange pillows.

A vase of beautiful orange flowers in a brown vase decorates the table between the two beds. An orange lounging chair with green pillow sits near the doors. Bright-orange décor decorates the desk looking out to the beautiful views outside the large windows.

Light Orange Bedroom

Light Orange BedroomPin

The light-orange comforter and pillow sheets are a great contrast with the mint-green walls in this bedroom. The light-wood features also match nicely with the light colors in this bedroom. The wood bench at the foot of the bed almost blends in with the orange comforter.

Three brown wicker baskets below the bench are a great space to store extra items in this bedroom. The light-wood tables on either side of the bed hold golden décor that goes well with the orange in this bedroom.

Bright Orange Bedsheets Bedroom

Bright Orange Bedsheets BedroomPin

Bright-orange colors pop against the white and light brown in this bedroom. A bold-orange blanket covers part of the white comforter on the bed. Orange pillows are laid in front of white ones at the top of the bed.

Orange pumpkins and mums decorate parts of this autumn-inspired bedroom. The tan pillows at the head of the bed, wood blinds, and wood crate blend in well with the other colors in this bedroom. Brass lights and gold décor also enhance the look of this orange and white bedroom.

Dirty Orange Bedroom

Dirty Orange BedroomPin

Add some color to your bedroom with a colorful bedspread and pillows. A dirty-orange bedspread is partially covered by a white-woven blanket. White and dirty-orange pillows decorate the top of the bed with a brown and white-striped pillow.

The brown headboard, chair, and bookcase enhance the beautiful orange bed. Cream and white pillows and blankets are a nice contrast with the orange as well.

Orange and Brown Bedroom

Orange and Brown BedroomPin

This bedroom is decorated with orange, brown, and tan colors. An orange blanket and pillows decorate this bed. The brown-plaid blanket is a nice addition of color and design to the bed.

Woven and wood features give a natural feel to this bedroom. The bed is lifted up on a wooden platform with wooden side tables on either side of the bed. A circular-woven table adds interesting design to the foot of the bed.

Light Orange and White Bedroom

Light Orange and White BedroomPin

Light orange and white are the main colors in this bedroom. A light-orange blanket and pillows decorate the top of this bed, along with white pillows and an orange-plaid blanket. The light-orange clock adds some color to the white wall.

Light wood details bring out the orange in this bedroom. The light-colored wood side table and drawers add natural color to this living space.

Orange Plaid Bedroom

Orange Plaid BedroomPin

The bold-orange walls dominate this colorful bedroom. A burnt-orange plaid blanket decorates the bed, as well as orange and white pillows. The white canvases with handwritten words adds décor to the orange wall behind the bed.

The industrial and black light fixture adds some light to this bedroom. The white side table with orange and gold décor balance nicely with the rest of the orange and white in this space.

Boho Orange Bedroom

Boho Orange BedroomPin

This orange bedroom is filled with natural and wood furniture and houseplants for a boho look. A small and white blanket covers a larger orange blanket on the bed. Orange, white, and striped pillows decorate the top of the bed.

Wicker baskets add a natural look to this bedroom. A ficus plant with huge, green leaves adds color and life to the right side of the bed. Bright light from the window streams in to brighten up this beautiful bedroom.

Orange Headboard Bedroom

Orange Headboard BedroomPin

A decorative-orange blanket is hung behind the bed in the place a headboard would be. An orange blanket covers the foot of the bed and adds cover over the white bedspread. Orange towels cover a white side table near the door.

The wood details around the windows and on the door, add some beautiful décor and color to these areas of the room. The wood also brings out the orange as well.

Orange Bedding Bedroom

Orange Bedding BedroomPin

The dark colors on this bed add an interesting look to this bedroom. Burgundy, orange, and black blankets cover the bed for a dramatic look. Orange, black, and gray pillows sit in front of the wooden headboard.

The white wall remains blanket behind the bed to keep the bed the focal area of this space. The golden fireplace next to the bed brings out the orange on the bed’s blanket and pillows.

Orange and Green Bedroom

Orange and Green BedroomPin

Orange and green are the dominant colors in this children’s bedroom. An orange blanket and green and orange pillows decorate the small bed on a black frame. The walls are painted green for a dark and dramatic look.

The wooden floors, wooden table, and tan mat match up well with the orange on the bed. A green snake plant in the foreground and other green décor balance out with the orange in this bedroom.

Orange and Gray Bedroom

Orange and Gray BedroomPin

Gray walls darken this bedroom, while the orange and white details brighten it up with some color. A gray blanket covers up an orange sheet on the bed. Orange and gray pillows decorate the bed, as well as pillows with white and orange designs on them.

Sunlight coming in from the blinds adds some light to this dark bedroom. The wood details on the gray chair and side table bring out the orange on the bed. A green houseplant adds some addition color to this space.

Orange Walls Bedroom with King-Size Bed

Orange Walls Bedroom with King-Size BedPin

Orange walls add bright color to this bedroom space. The gray sheets and blankets on the bed balance out the bright color on the walls. A black door and black armchair also tone down the brightly-colored walls in this room.

The brick details on the mirror is a nice addition of orange color to the space. The large mirrors also create depth and more space. Beautiful wood floors and cream-colored curtains add a finishing touch to this dark and colorful bedroom.

Orange Pillows Boho-Style Bedroom

Orange Pillows Boho-Style BedroomPin

Colorful pillows in shades of orange, olive green, yellow, and pastel pink decorate the bed in this girl’s boho-style bedroom. A patterned bedsheet and striped blanket add interesting colors and designs to this space.

The green dresser with decorative pulls adds more bright color to this bedroom. The black and white patterned rug and pouf add neutral color and design to the floor space.

Peachy Orange Bedroom

Peachy Orange BedroomPin

This beautiful bedroom is covered in different shades of orange and patterns. The double beds have light-orange covers on the beds and pillows with a dark-orange lining.

The wall space just behind the beds are covered in a patterned wallpaper with dark-orange leaves behind a light-orange background with stripes. The curtains have the same leaf patterns in different shades of orange.

The floor is covered in tiles with light and dark-orange marbling. Light coming in from the windows brightens up this colorful bedroom.

Gold Orange Bedroom

Gold Orange BedroomPin

Gold and cream pillows and sheets cover the bed in this bedroom. Other pillows in cream and orange are mixed in as well.

The gray headboard creates a dark look compared to the light cream, gold, and orange on the bed. A dark-orange wall covers the space next to the window.

Brown Orange Bedroom

Brown Orange BedroomPin

The orange, yellow, and brown colors on this bed give it a festive fall feel. Orange, yellow, and brown solid-colored pillows decorate the top of the bed. An orange bedspread covers up brown sheets.

The headboard and walls are white. Red flowers are in a vase on the left. A canvas filled with orange, red, yellow, and white daisies adds more color to this beautiful bedroom.

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