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15 Owl Curtains for Kitchen

Update your kitchen by adding curtains to the windows. You can find kitchen curtains in many styles and colors.

A unique option is adding owl curtains in your kitchen with other décor to match. Here are 15 owl curtains to add to your kitchen windows.

Blue Owl Kitchen Curtains

Blue Owl Kitchen CurtainsPin

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Add some color to your kitchen with these cute owl kitchen curtains. Small blue and brown owls perch on brown branches where little, green leaves are sprouting. The cream background creates a neutral look to this owl kitchen curtain set.

These curtains come in several sizes to fit a variety of kitchen windows. Allow plenty of sunlight in during the day, or enjoy privacy by keeping the curtains closed. Purchase a rod that matches the color and style of these kitchen curtains.

Add other décor with owls, blues and browns to match with the curtains in your updated kitchen.

Sheer Owl Curtains

Sheer Owl CurtainsPin

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Hang these long curtains from your kitchen windows for a dramatic look in your cooking and baking space. Soft brown owls perch on tree branches with leaves on a white background. Details are drawn out in light brown for a subtle look and design on the curtains.

These curtains are a great way to add a little color and design to your kitchen windows. You will need to purchase a hanging rod separately. Buy one that is brown or bronze to bring out the light brown in this curtain set.

Cartoon Owl Curtains

Cartoon Owl CurtainsPin

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These kitchen curtains are decorated with blue and green owls that are hanging out on dark brown branches. Green, blue, brown, and white leaves sprout from the branches or are floating in the air against a white background. The owls are designed with patterns in the same colors as the leaves.

Add decor in the kitchen in blues, browns, greens, and whites with owls to match your new curtains. The satin fabric allows some light to come in, even when closed for privacy.

Green Owls Valance

Green Owls ValancePin

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This valance would be a great way to add some décor to a window or windows in your kitchen. Green, yellow, and orange owls float around leaves on a dark brown background. You will need to purchase a matching curtain rod separately.

Match this valance with other kitchen décor that is brown and green, with owls. You can also add dark brown or green curtains to the rest of the windows for more privacy.

This valance is made of silky polyester. It can be cleaned in the washing machine to keep it looking new to use and enjoy for a long time.

Owl Couple Curtains

Owl Couple CurtainsPin

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A pink and turquoise owl couple sit on a dark brown tree branch that has little pink flowers and turquoise leaves growing from it. This scene stands out against the white background of the two curtains.

Enjoy looking at this cute owl curtain set while getting some filtered sunlight and privacy. Pull open the curtains to enjoy more sunlight on clear days.

Add other owl décor, as well as décor in pink and turquoise to match your new owl curtains.

Owl Couples Curtains

Owl Couples CurtainsPin

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Four owl couples sit on dark brown tree branches growing bright green leaves. Each owl couple consist of a pink and turquoise owl with dark brown wings. The bright white background on the curtain makes these cute owls stand out in their bright colors.

Decorate the rest of your kitchen in owls, pinks, and turquoise to match these curtains. These satin curtains allow some sunlight in and privacy when closed. Open them up to enjoy fresh air.

Don’t forget to buy a matching rod to complete your new kitchen window look.

Owl Valance

Owl ValancePin

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This owl valance would go great in a kitchen decorated in a rustic farmhouse style with neutral colors and muted colors similar to what is here. Colorful owls decorated in orange, tan, red, blue, and green designs sit on lines against a decorative tan background. The bottom of the valance has a border with a red stripe and tan pattern inside for a colorful design.

This 100% polyester made valance will last for years with the right care. Wash in the washing machine when dirty to keep it looking nice and new.

Two Owls Curtains

Two Owls CurtainsPin

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These curtains show an image of two cute owls sitting on a swing that is tied to a tree branch. The branch is blooming beautiful blue and pink flowers. The pink and turquoise colored owls look at each other on the swing. This colorful image stands out against the white background.

Add other colorful décor to the kitchen in pinks and blues, with owls to match the curtains.

The satin fabric curtains can be cleaned in the washing machine to keep them looking nice and brand new to enjoy for many years.

Colorful Owl Curtains

Colorful Owl CurtainsPin

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Two colorful owls take up most of the space on each side of these curtains. A different colored flower makes up each eye of the owls. They have brightly colored feathers with pink chests and are against a teal blue background.

Add owl décor and other décor that is just as colorful to match with these curtains. Add décor in teal, red, orange, and green to bring these colors out in the curtains. Add pictures of owls and owl statues throughout the kitchen as well.

Spring Owl Curtain Set

Spring Owl Curtain SetPin

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These white kitchen curtains are perfect for someone who just want a little color and design on their curtains. This curtain and valance set have several brown owls embroidered on white curtains.

Brown owls sit on white branches with yellow flowers and the word “owl” embroidered next to them. One owl is between each satin-like border at the bottom of the curtains. The valance has the same owl embroidered three times on the fabric.

This 100% polyester made curtain set can be cleaned in the washing machine to enjoy for many years.

Owl Curtain Tier Pair

Owl Curtain Tier PairPin

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Place this spice owl tier curtain pair on your window for some privacy, while allowing sunlight to stream into your kitchen during the day. Cute owls in various dark colors perch on several lines on the curtain. Floral decorations in similar colors float on the light-tan background.

At the bottom of the curtains is a border in a spice red with tan-circular decorations. You can purchase a matching valance for the top part of your window if you like.

This curtain is made of 100% polyester and can be cleaned in the washing machine to keep it looking new.

Embroidered Owl Curtain

Embroidered Owl CurtainPin

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Decorate the windows in your owl-themed kitchen with this beautiful embroidered owl curtain. This Roman curtain hangs down vertically. To get more sunlight, tie up the curtain with ribbons on both sides.

These sheer curtains are made of 100% polyester. The top part is a thick border of orange. Three embroidered owls perch on black tree limbs near the top.

Sheer-orange ribbons hang down to tie the bottom of the curtains up. You can hang an opaque curtain behind this one for more privacy.

Mocha Owl Valance

Mocha Owl ValancePin

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Hang this valance at the top of your window for some added décor. Purchase the matching curtains to add more décor and privacy if you want to.

Brown and light-blue owls perch on brown tree branches with green leaves. The trunks reach upward and create stripes on the valance. Small and white circular designs add décor to the tree branch stripes against a cream background.

This valance is 56 by 14 inches, so make sure to measure your window to see if it will fit. You will need to purchase a window rod separately.

Colorful Owls Curtains

Colorful Owls CurtainsPin

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Hang these colorful owl curtains on your kitchen window for some privacy and décor in this space. Orange, blue, and green owls seem to float around colorful floral designs on a light-yellow background.

This set of two panels measures 55 by 39 inches long. They are made of silky satin. When dirty, you can clean your curtains in the washing machine on cold, then hang dry to enjoy.

You will need to purchase a curtain rod separately. You can get a plain white one, or more decorative one to match the rest of your owl-themed kitchen.

Pink Owl Valance

Pink Owl ValancePin

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Hang this pink owl valance on your kitchen window with other pink and owl décor. Purchase a white or pink set of curtains to add more décor and privacy to the lower part of your kitchen window.

A pink and red owl quietly sits on a branch where a pink flower is blooming. The other blue and pink owl winks as it flies, clutching a branch with a pink flower. Both owls stand out against a white background.

The top border is a thin piece of pink ribbon. The bottom border is fancier with a thicker pink line. Small, white flowers are set in a pattern against the pink for a pretty scene on this valance.

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