List of Colors That Start With “G”

List of Colors That Start With G

Bright pink is known as the world’s oldest color. It came from molecular fossils that had pigment older than the dinosaurs. The world is still full of color today. Here are some hues that start with the letter g. Gainsboro …

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List of Colors That Start With “F”

List of Colors That Start With F

Isaac Newton discovered that color is produced from white light through a prism. He recognized that there were seven main colors, although many can be found in between. Below is a sample of some of these colors. These are hues …

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List of Colors That Start With “E”

List of Colors That Start With E

It was commonly thought that all colors came from various mixtures of black and white, based on findings from Aristotle. We now know that this is far from the truth. Isaac Newton conducted experiments with a prism to prove that …

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List of Colors That Start With “D”

List of Colors That Start With D

Colors add interest to the world and are a great way to describe something. Even within the color world, there are many variations with hues. The color wheel shows the basic colors that many recognize, although there are many more. …

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List of Colors That Start With “C”

List of Colors That Start With C

While there are only three primary colors, which are red, blue, and yellow, the world is full of many more. In art, these three colors can be mixed together to make other colors. Even in one hue, there can be …

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A Collection a Day Project and Book

Girls collection

A list of collections of everyday items. I document my journey here where I will list interesting items for each day. Enjoy! Dominos Antique toy cars Photos from Barcelona Wine Corks Plates Hanging on The Wall Hipster Clothes and Accessories …

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21 Different Types of Rulers

Different Types of Rulers

Wooden measuring tools are reported to have been used as early as 2650 B.C. These simple yet essential tools have since been used for measuring dimensions, drawing lines and serving as a guide for cutting materials. Throughout their history, rulers …

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29 Different Types of Scissors

Different Types of Scissors

The earliest use of scissors reported was in Mesopotamia between 3,000 and 4,000 years ago. About 100 A.D., the Romans are credited with inventing pivoted style scissors made of iron or bronze. The design of these cutting tools included blades …

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40 Awesome Brown Bedroom Ideas

Ornate Brown Shabby Chic Bedroom with Elaborate Gold Details

The color brown is frequently associated with strength, dependability and security. Because it is a natural, earthy color, brown represents feelings of comfort, warmth and safety. Different shades of brown can be considered down-to-earth, sophisticated or casual in their visual …

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List of Colors That Start With “B”

List of Colors That Start With B

Using colors is a great way to describe objects in everyday life. They also play a huge role in artwork. Besides the primary colors of red, blue and yellow, there are secondary hues and tertiary tones on the color wheel. …

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List of Colors That Start With “A”

List of Colors That Start With A

Colors have been used to describe various items, people, objects, and nature, as well as artwork since people have been around. Common colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Most people recognize these. Many other colors exist between …

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Kitchen items that start with a specific letter

Kitchen items

The kitchen has been the central room for cooking and baking since antiquity. Ancient Romans and Greeks had stoves and ovens in homes for the wealthy, while others had to share kitchen spaces. Over time, the look of kitchens has …

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Bathroom items that start with a specific letter

Bathroom items

Bathrooms have been around since antiquity. The ancient Greeks and Romans used baths as a social gathering place, as well as a place to get clean. Bathrooms have changed drastically since then. Even though bathrooms have gotten smaller, since they …

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39 Owl Shower Curtains for your Bathroom

Owl Shower Curtains

In ancient Greece, Little Owls were considered to be the companions of the goddess of wisdom, Athena. Even today, they are associated with overly serious students (“book-worms”) and shrewd people with knowledge. Yet their endearing wise, scholarly look, piercing eyes …

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40 Kitchens with Dark Wooden Floor

Center Island Kitchen

Choosing the type of floor in your kitchen can make or break the look and use of the room. There are many types of materials to use for the kitchen floor. Two of the most popular types are hardwood and …

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30 Rose Shower Curtains

Rose Shower Curtains

Roses are well-known flowers that grow all over the world. The oldest one is 1,000 years old and is located in Germany on a wall at the Hildesheim Cathedral. You can admire your own roses for years in your bathroom …

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22 Types of Dressers

Mixed Material Dresser

Dressers are a staple furniture piece that are great to use to store clothes in a bedroom, as well as a great design piece to add to a room. They have been used since the Tudor times in England and …

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70 Different Types of Clocks

Different Types of Clocks

Clocks have been used since the beginning of time and in many different forms. Sundials are the earliest known type of timepiece made by man. Since then, clocks have become smaller, in the form of watches, and more sophisticated. There …

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Household Items That Start with a Specific Letter

Household Items

Household items are essential in today’s world. You would be surprised to know how much you depend on little everyday items if you were to count them all. Toilet paper is just one prime example that many people can’t live …

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22 Fish Pillows

Fish pillows

Did you know that catfish have more tastebuds than people do? Fish are fascinating creatures and come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. These sea creatures are enjoyed as pets and as a sport to catch. Keep a …

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