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17 Unique and Creative Red Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

If you want to update the look of your kitchen and are not sure how, pick a color to start with. There are many décor pieces for kitchen in a variety of colors.

Add red to your kitchen for a bold and colorful look. Here are 17 ideas for wall décor for a red kitchen.

Metal Wall Stars

Metal Wall StarsPin

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Add these metal stars to a newly decorated red kitchen. Each star is in a different size to add some variety to this set. They are made of steel metal and hand-painted in distressed red to look old.

These metal stars would look great in a kitchen that has a Texas theme or rustic farmhouse theme. Add other metal and red décor to the kitchen to match with your metal stars. Don’t forget to add some red curtains to your kitchen window as well.

Place these stars on one wall, or scatter on all the walls with other décor pieces.

Red Rose Canvases

Red Rose CanvasesPin

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These romantic pictures of red roses will look great in a red-themed kitchen. This set comes with four canvases with different pictures of roses. Each canvas has a black and white image, with a red rose as the main part of the picture.

The canvases come in several dimensions to meet a variety of wall spaces. Place the four canvases in a horizontal pattern on the wall to appear longer. Position them in a square, or any way that fits your walls and design.

Add other red and rose-themed décor to your kitchen to complete the look.

Wooden Wall Plaque

Wooden Wall PlaquePin

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This fun wall plaque would look great in a kitchen with a rustic or farmhouse theme. The word “Eat” is created with wood and painted in weathered red for a rustic look to add to one of the walls in your kitchen.

It is 7.75 by 15.75 inches long, which will make it stand out when placed on a wall in your rustic and red kitchen. Two metal pieces shaped like triangles will easily anchor this word to one of your walls.

Add other wood and red pieces to your kitchen to match this wall plaque. Mix and match with other wall décor for an interesting wall design.

Kitchen Wall Clock

Kitchen Wall ClockPin

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Friends and family will enjoy keeping time with this red kitchen-themed wall clock. A red fork or spoon stretches out from behind each number in a pattern around the entire clock. The numbers are white to stand out and be easily read against the red face of the clock.

This wall clock is made of stainless steel and plastic. The clock, forks, and spoons are all red. This clock will stand out on any color wall you place it on in your kitchen.

Add other red décor, as well as oversized forks and spoons to the wall for an interesting design.

Retro Kitchen Wall Art

Retro Kitchen Wall ArtPin

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These four wall art prints are done in a retro design in white, gray, and various shades of red. Each print depicts different kitchen utensils with quotes about each one. These prints come unframed so that you can choose what type and color of frame to display them in.

All four prints are 8 by 10 inches, making them a great size to add to one or several of your kitchen walls. Purchase red frames to enhance the reds in each print and to add more of this color to your kitchen.

Rustic Red Clock

Rustic Red ClockPin

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This rustic-looking wall clock made of wood and painted in distressed red and other colors for a rustic-farmhouse look. Each number is painted in black to stand out against the red in the wood. The black hands on the clock match perfectly with the black numbers.

Place this rustic wall clock in a space in your kitchen where you can easily view the clock while cooking and baking. Add other red and rustic pieces to your wall and countertops to match with this clock.

Country Apple Wall Decals

Country Apple Wall DecalsPin

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Add some red to your kitchen walls with these country apple wall decals. Each set of decals comes with four sheets of 40 red apples, berries, and red and gold stars in a rustic and farmhouse style. Mix and match these decals on a wall in your kitchen for a unique wall décor look.

You can remove and reposition each decal without leaving behind a sticky residue on the walls. Add other apple, star and red-colored décor to your kitchen. This can be fake or real red apples in a wicker basket, star décor on the wall, or other red and rustic décor.

Kitchen Rules Mural

Kitchen Rules MuralPin

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Place this kitchen rules mural on a wall area in your kitchen for all your family and friends to see. This mural comes in several sizes to fit various walls and wall spaces in the kitchen. This die-cut is printed in red on a white background.

Peel and stick to a smooth wall surface. It can be easily taken off without ruining the wall beneath it. Decorate this decal with other red and white wall décor to add to your red-themed kitchen space.

Red Wall Clock

Red Wall ClockPin

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This red wall clock has a vintage look to it with a white face and bright-red border. Place this retro clock on the wall in your red and retro-designed kitchen. Add other red and retro décor around the clock for a colorful wall.

The black numbers and hands stand out against the white face of the clock. The curved red frame stands out with its bold color and thick border. This ticking on this clock is quiet and needs one AA battery to run, which is not included.

3D Flower Vase

3D Flower VasePin

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Add this 3D mural to a narrow wall for a dramatic look in your kitchen. This mural consists of a long, black vase with bright- red flowers on dark, black stems. This floral mural is 59 inches tall and will stand out on any wall space it takes up.

Each piece is made of highly polished acrylic and is thick to make it pop against any wall you place it on. You can apply your vase to a smooth or rough surface. Mix and match with other red and black décor to match.

Personalized Wood Wall Décor

Personalized Wood Wall DécorPin

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This personalized wooden kitchen wall décor piece will look great in a kitchen decorated with a rust and farmhouse look. These signs come in several dimensions to fit a variety of wall spaces.

Each sign can be customized with your name and specific year. The letters and border are all printed in white to stand out against the dark-red background.

You can easily hang your sign with the natural jute rope or saw-tooth hanger located on the back. Just hammer a nail on the wall and hang your sign for you and your family to enjoy.

Kitchen Word Décor

Kitchen Word DécorPin

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Hang this red wood sign in your kitchen in case family and friends forget where they are. This sign is handcrafted with wood and painted over in red for a matte finish. The word “kitchen” is done in cursive for a stylish look to add to one of your kitchen walls.

Mix and match with other wood and red wall décor in your kitchen. Place on the wall above the stovetop or other large wall space to enjoy.

Kitchen Quote Sticker

Kitchen Quote StickerPin

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Place this quote decal on the wall above your stovetop or other wall in your kitchen for all to enjoy. The words are printed in block and cursive lettering in black. Two red hearts add some color and décor to this decal piece.

Stick to a smooth wall surface in your kitchen. This decal can also be easily removed without leaving any residue behind.

Frying Pan Wall Clock

Frying Pan Wall ClockPin

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This wall clock is made to look like a frying pan on your kitchen wall. The numbers and hands on the clock are done in black against a silver face. The border around the clock is painted red with a black handle just above the number 12.

Each hand is shaped to look like a knife and fork for a unique look to the clock. This clock is 10 inches in circumference and requires one AA battery, which needs to be purchase separately.

Red Trees Canvas Art

Red Trees Canvas ArtPin

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These red tree paintings will look great in your red kitchen. Each canvas is printed with a different scene of red trees at night. The trees emerge from gray or red dirt with black branches.

Stars can be seen in the background, with one picture showing a sliver of the moon in the corner. This set of three canvas pictures come in two different sizes for you to choose from. These pictures will arrive to you ready to hang on their hooks.

Red Tealight Wall Candle Holder

Red Tealight Wall Candle HolderPin

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Place this beautiful red candlelight holder in your kitchen decorate with reds and flowers. This wall sconce is made of glass, acrylic, and iron.

Stems emerge from the bottom, with some ending in tiny, red buds. Two open flowers can hold tealight candles to use as night.

Place candles in the flowers at night or use as a decorative wall piece during the day.

Metal Flower Wall Art

Metal Flower Wall ArtPin

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Place this large metal flower on a wall in your kitchen. This wall art piece is made of metal and painted over in red with a dark center. A small hook is located on one of the petals in the back to easily hang from a nail on your kitchen wall.

Purchase other flowers in different colors to create a floral wall. You can also hang up other red metal décor pieces to match.

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