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25 Beautiful Red Wallpapers You Should Check Out

If the rooms in your house need some updating, add colored wallpaper. Red wallpaper can add drama and brighten up a room.

Use wallpaper that is all red for more drama, or add wallpaper with just hints of red to add to your room. Here are 25 red wallpapers you should check out to add to your home.

Shiny Red Wallpaper

Shiny Red WallpaperPin

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This red wallpaper will dramatically update any room you place it in. The shiny finish on the wallpaper makes it a perfect match for any kitchen or workroom. Add to one wall as a statement wall in a living room or study.

The gridlines on the backside allow you to cut to fit specific wall spaces easily. All you need to do is peel off the back and stick to the wallpaper of your choice. It is made of PVC and will last for you to enjoy for many years.

Red Brick Wallpaper

Red Brick WallpaperPin

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For those who prefer a more rustic look, this red brick wallpaper will be perfect for you. Place this red and brown brick wallpaper on the wall behind a fireplace for a cozy feel. Use as wallpaper for all four walls of a basement bedroom or rec room.

This brick red wallpaper comes in several sizes to fit different sized walls. You do not need to purchase any glue since the wallpaper will stick to the wall on its own. It is waterproof so you do not have to worry about water damaging your wallpaper.

Dark Red Wood Wallpaper

Dark Red Wood WallpaperPin

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This dark red wood wallpaper will add drama to any wall its placed on. Place in a study, living room or bedroom. Place on one wall as a statement piece or add to all four walls for a more dark and dramatic effect. Balance out with white and neutral-colored furniture and décor.

Just peel and stick to the wall or walls of your choice. It is 0.12 mm thick, so should not tear easily. Your wallpaper will come in a tube and will not wrinkle for a professional look when installed.

Abstract Wall Mural

Abstract Wall MuralPin

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Stick this wall mural to a wall in the living room, dining room, or a bedroom for a unique look. The red and grey swirls will keep guests interested and will be the talk at your next home social event. Use light-colored furniture and décor to keep the focal point of the room on the wall.

This fabric made wallpaper comes in several pieces for easy installation. All you need to do is peel and stick the pieces to the wall. You can also remove and place the wallpaper elsewhere by simply peeling it off and sticking it to another wall.

Red Damask Wallpaper

Red Damask WallpaperPin

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For a more elegant look, check out this red damask wallpaper. This Victorian-style wallpaper has intricate details and is textured with a vinyl coating. This wallpaper will make a beautiful addition to a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or hallway.

Buy plenty of rolls so that you have plenty for your wall or walls. You will need to purchase glue, but once your wallpaper is in place, you can enjoy it for many years. Just clean with a wet towel and your wallpaper will look as good as new.

Red and Blue Floral Wallpaper

Red and Blue Floral WallpaperPin

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This red and blue floral wallpaper will look great in the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and hallway. Use on all four walls, one wall as a statement piece, or sections of wall for a unique look.

Balance out the red and blues by using white, cream, or neutral colors for décor and furniture. You can also keep the furniture neutral, but add some pieces of red and blue décor to balance out the look of the room.

This vintage-looking wallpaper is easy to apply by just peeling and sticking to the wall of your choice. Your wallpaper won’t leave any residue when it’s time to replace it.

Checkered Wallpaper Border

Checkered Wallpaper BorderPin

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This checkered wallpaper border would look great in a child’s room, garage, or kitchen for a retro look. Purchase enough spools to make an entire checkered wall or rows for a more unique look. Paint all or part of the wall red will the wallpaper in front for a more dramatic wall.

This wallpaper border is prepasted for easy and quick installation. This checkered wallpaper is washable and strippable for easy cleaning and replacement. Proper care will allow you to enjoy your wallpaper border for many years.

Red Glitter Wallpaper

Red Glitter WallpaperPin

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For a festive look, check out this red glitter wallpaper. Use as a statement wall during the holidays or a child’s room for a whimsical look. Balance out the rest of the room with soft reds, creams, and neutrals.

The fabric backing keeps the glitter in place with strong adhesive for easy installation. Just and peel and stick the sparkly wallpaper to the wall or walls of your choice. Make sure to buy enough rolls to cover the wall or walls. Any leftovers can be used for pieces on a wall or DIY projects.

Red Marble Wallpaper

Red Marble WallpaperPin

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The soft reds, pinks, and creams on this wallpaper will add a touch of elegance to any room you install it in. This realistic looking marble wallpaper will look beautiful in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Mix and match with other colors or keep the rest of the room looking simple with light reds and creams.

The gridlines on the back paper make it easy to measure and cut out what you need. Once you cut enough, just peel and stick where you want your wallpaper to be. The PVC material made wallpaper will last since its waterproof and durable.

Red and Gold Wallpaper

Red and Gold WallpaperPin

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This red and gold damask wallpaper is a great way to add a classic and vintage look to your room. Enjoy the fine details in the pattern in whatever room or rooms you place the wallpaper in. Add to a wall or walls in the dining room, living room, hallway, bathroom, or bedroom.

This damask wallpaper would look beautiful in a classically designed room with cream-colored furniture. Add gold and red elements in some of the décor to match with the walls.

The vinyl wallpaper is backed with paper and needs paste applied, but once it’s on the wall you can enjoy it for many years with proper care.

Chevron Wood Wallpaper

Chevron Wood WallpaperPin

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This Chevron wood wallpaper will give a cozy and fun feel to any room its placed in. Install in the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, study, or behind a fireplace for a rustic look. Add some wood furniture for a cabin feel or contrast with lighter colors.

The installation is easy by just peeling and sticking the wallpaper to the wall or walls of your choice. It is made of durable PVC material and won’t leave a sticky residue behind like regular wallpaper.

Red Rose Wall Mural

Red Rose Wall MuralPin

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This gorgeous red rose wall mural will make a great statement wall piece in any room you place it in. Install in the living room or bedroom for a dramatic and dark look. Place red roses in vases throughout the room for a repeated décor look with some black and red décor.

This wallpaper is easy to install. It comes in 4 pieces that peel and stick for a complete look. You can remove and replace the wallpaper without leaving residue behind since this wallpaper is made of high-quality material.

Oxidized Metal Wallpaper

Oxidized Metal WallpaperPin

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For an urban feel, try out this oxidized metal wallpaper. Place in a bedroom, bathroom, hallway, kitchen, living or dining room. Keep the rest of the room simple with black or white furniture, or use a color in the wallpaper, such as the red and incorporate that in the décor and furniture.

Just peel and stick your oxidized metal wallpaper to the wall or walls of your choosing. You can remove and reposition the wallpaper without worrying about leaving behind a sticky residue. This is perfect for renters who want something more than a plain white wall.

Bright Red Brick Wall Backdrop

Bright Red Brick Wall BackdropPin

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This bright red brick wall backdrop would make the perfect wallpaper for a child’s room or kitchen. This would also make a great backdrop for a holiday-themed room for parties. This wallpaper can be cut to fit various walls.

The waterproof material is easy to hang from a wall with nails or clips. To clean, just use mild detergent and warm water, then air dry to enjoy for many seasons.

Red Flowers Wallpaper

Red Flowers WallpaperPin

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This beautiful red and pink flowers wallpaper would look great in a kitchen, dining room, hallway, bathroom, or bedroom. Use on all four walls or one wall as the area of interest in the room.

The red and pink flowers really pop out against the green, blue, and turquoise greenery with white background. Make the entire wall or walls pop by using a minimal amount of décor with little color or neutral colors.

To keep the pattern looking smooth, overlap about 3 mm of each section. Peel and stick to the wall of your choice to enjoy.

Modern Red Wallpaper

Modern Red WallpaperPin

This modern red wallpaper makes an interesting contrast to the stark white couch. Dark, red shapes are set against a bright red background for a unique contrast between the two shades of red. The polished wood floors and white couch make a nice contrast against the reds in the room.

The rest of the décor brings the room’s look together. Each lamp has a bright red shade that goes nicely with the darker design in the wallpaper. The bright red pillows make the background of the wallpaper pop out as well.

Red Floral Wallpaper

Red Floral WallpaperPin

The minimal design in this red floral wallpaper contrasts nicely with the rest of the room. The red curtains on the window make the red flowers, stems, and leaves stand out against the cream background.

The gray couch and other dark furniture in the room are an excellent contrast to the white and red of the wallpaper. The red and white pillows and sheets also help bring out the wallpaper against the greys in the room.

Large Red Floral Wallpaper

Large Red Floral WallpaperPin

The wallpaper in this room looks like a piece of art with large floral prints in reds and dark greens set against a cream background. The couch, red pillow, red vases and red walls on either side keep the red the main color in the room.

The white pillows and polished cream-colored vases keep the cream background also part of the room. The bright green pillows contrast nicely with the dark green in the wallpaper.

Vertical Red Lines Wallpaper

Vertical Red Lines WallpaperPin

This modern-day room looks striking with the vertical lined wallpaper in dark and bright red. The neutral colored décor and floor contrast sharply with the reds in the wallpaper.

The black lines in the wall décor and couch, as well as the black border on the bottom of the wall blend in nicely with the reds. The lit-up wall décor, cream-colored couch and light wood floors offset the reds and blacks white the brown vase and branches balance out the rest of the room.

Vintage Red Wallpaper

Vintage Red WallpaperPin

This beautiful vintage wallpaper goes perfectly with the décor and furniture in this old fashioned looking bedroom. The red and cream in the wallpaper is nicely repeated on the pillows and comforters on the bed. The rocking chair and footrest also blend in nicely with its reds and creams.

The neutral cream furniture stays in line with the rest of the room. A light red lampshade is a nice touch as well. The green carpet and leafy houseplant are just a light contrast to the reds and creams in the rest of the room.

Solid Red Wallpaper

Solid Red WallpaperPin

This bold red solid wall contrasts beautifully with the décor and furniture in this modern-looking room. The black shelves go nicely with the red, while the cream and bright green vases and books are a stark contrast.

The couch is a nice solid, neutral gray color, while the bright red and green pillows bring this area together with the wallpaper. The white lights are also a beautiful contrast with the dark red wallpaper.

Floral Red and Gold Wallpaper

Floral Red and Gold WallpaperPin

This vintage-looking red and gold wallpaper is perfect for this bathroom. Both the gold and red make the white of the bathroom furniture and appliances pop out.

The brown wood floors and brown trashcan balance out the red while the white border along the wall keeps the two separated. The neutral-colored ceiling with light also brings the colors and overall look together.

Red Flowers Wallpaper

Red Flowers WallpaperPin

This colorful vintage floral wallpaper is a nice contrast against the dark color in the dresser. The gold trim brings out the yellows in the floral design of the wallpaper. The white flowers with large, green leaves in the gold vase also bring out those colors in the wallpaper.

The gold masks bring out some glitz and compare nicely with the busyness of the wallpaper, while blending in with the dresser. The sheer white curtains also bring the look together with the cream background in the wallpaper.

Large Red Flowers Wallpaper

Large Red Flowers WallpaperPin

This modern floral print goes nicely with the solid violet wall. The red, pink, orange and cream in the wallpaper look like an art piece set against the rest of the room.

The cream-colored armchair keeps the room neutral and blends in well with the cream background in the wallpaper. Adding contrasts sharply with the floral print, but also keeps them together by bringing out the reds in both.

Red Rose Wallpaper

Red Rose WallpaperPin

The vintage red rose wallpaper looks great with the equally vintage looking chair. The border wallpaper makes this portion of the room fit for royalty with column-like shapes.

The chair brings out the tiny red details in the flowers against the wall. The green leaves are a nice contrast compared to the rest of the room’s look.

Despite the reds in both the chair and wallpaper being different, the contrast between the two colors makes for a complete look in the room. The neutral browns in the floor, chair edges, and wallpaper border also contrast nicely with the wallpaper.

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