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13 Retro Wallpapers You Will Love for Your Home

Older style trends tend to find their way back every few years. Retro style is no exception. What is considered retro anyway?

Retro is defined as being relative to a style from the past. This can be considered something that is old fashioned, not necessarily just a specific time period, such as the 1960’s. Experience a blast from the past with these 13 retro wallpapers you will love to use in your home.

Gram and Brown Wallpaper

Gram and Brown WallpaperPin

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This orange and brown patterned wallpaper will make you feel like you just stepped back into the 1960s. This would make a fun area of a living room or bedroom. Decorate all the walls with this wallpaper, or choose one wall to use as the main piece for the room.

Thankfully, this wallpaper won’t be as hard to place on the wall as the ones in the 60s and 70s. With Superfresco technology, this wallpaper easily sticks to the wall of your choice to enjoy. Wash your retro wallpaper with a damp cloth to keep it looking new for years.

Keep the rest of the room simple, or decorate with creams and oranges for a retro 60s look.

Blue Floral Wallpaper

Blue Floral WallpaperPin

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Another beautiful retro look that keeps coming back is floral designed wallpaper. This beautiful wallpaper looks timeless with its cream and brown peonies set against an aqua blue background. This wallpaper would look great as a statement wall in the living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

This retro wallpaper is easy to assemble by just peeling and sticking to the wall or walls of your choosing. If you notice stains or dirt on your wallpaper, just clean it off with a damp sponge.

Your blue peony wallpaper will come in a roll that is precut. Make sure to measure out extra in case you want to use some for a future project or craft.

Newspaper Wallpaper

Newspaper WallpaperPin

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For a unique look, check out this wallpaper made from a variety of vintage newspapers. The black and white images and print will go great in any room. Add interest to a study or bathroom by updating a wall with this newspaper patterned wallpaper. This can also work as a great conversation starter with guests.

This newspaper wallpaper is made of high quality PVC to enjoy for many years on your wall. It comes in a roll and easily peels and sticks to the wall of your choice.

Add a vintage flair with old memorabilia, and other vintage prints and décor to create an interesting looking room for you and guests to enjoy.

Colorful Geometric Shapes Wallpaper

Colorful Geometric Shapes WallpaperPin

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Those who enjoy color and art will love this geometric shaped wallpaper. The lines and colors give a retro flair adding a sense of interest with the array of vibrant colors against the cream lines found in between the shapes.

This wallpaper is easy to assemble with just 6 pieces to place on your wall. Peel off and stick each piece where you want it. If you don’t like where you placed your wallpaper, just peel off since it won’t leave any marks on your wall.

Keep the rest of the room looking simple, since this wall will stand out with its shapes and colors. Use in a guest bedroom with white décor and furniture, or in a children’s room with colorful features.

Grey Garden Wallpaper

Grey Garden WallpaperPin

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This intricately designed floral wallpaper combines details with soft colors. The vintage wallpaper pays homage to older prints with a woodland pattern.
Leafy green trees, pinecones, and tulip looking flowers dance along in repeated patterns against a soft grey background. White lines contrast with the grey and make the other shapes stand out.

Use this wallpaper on a wall or sections of a wall to add interest and color to a room. If you change your mind about the placement of your wallpaper, just peel off and stick to another wall without worrying about leaving behind any residue.

Add décor with similar colors or a vintage look to keep the room’s design comprehensive.

Yellow and Gray Wallpaper

Yellow and Gray WallpaperPin

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This yellow wallpaper with geometric designs will bring a retro feel to any room its placed in. Soft gold, grey and cream can add just a touch of color to your walls. Brighten up the living room, bedroom, or hallway with this wallpaper.

This wallpaper is great for those who want to get more involved in installing wallpaper, since you must paste the product to the wall.

This is not ideal for those who rent, since the wallpaper needs to be able to stay up for a long period of time. It’s perfect for homeowners who want a more permanent fixture on their walls.

Blue and White Terracotta Wallpaper

Blue and White Terracotta WallpaperPin

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This beautiful blue and terracotta designed wallpaper will give a vintage feel to any room its placed in. Geometric shapes in blue, tan, white, and light grey add a touch of color to the room of your choice.

Use just a section of wall as an accent or cover up the wall to use as the focal point of the room. Use blue décor pieces to bring the look of the room together, or stick with neutrals to keep the wall the centerpiece of the room.

This blue wallpaper is easy to use by just peeling and sticking it to the wall of your choice. It would look great in a kitchen or bathroom to add some color to those spaces.

Midcentury Colorful Wallpaper

Midcentury Colorful WallpaperPin

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Add a pop of color to any room with this midcentury retro wallpaper. Teardrop shapes in reds, oranges, tans, creams and greens will give a retro feel to any room. Keep the rest of the room looking simple with cream colors to really make this wallpaper stand out.

The wallpaper comes in four pieces, but it is easy to adhere to a wall by just peeling and sticking. This wallpaper is made with high quality material and won’t leave a sticky residue behind when you are ready to remove it from your wall.

Place in a hallway with older photographs to really give the space a retro feel and look. Mix and match with old and new décor pieces for a modern flair.

Gold Geometric Wallpaper

Gold Geometric WallpaperPin

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For those who prefer something with a simple design and just a splash of color will love this gold geometric patterned wallpaper. This would create a minimally designed accent wall in the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, hallway, or bedroom. For gold lovers, add gold accents and décor to bring the look of the room together.

The way the shapes are put together make the wallpaper come alive with 3 dimensional effects. Use this wallpaper to cover the entire wall, or parts of it.

All you need to do is peel and stick this unique wallpaper where you want it. Enjoy watching the shapes and lines come alive in your room of choice.

Pom Floral Wallpaper

Pom Floral WallpaperPin

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Floral lovers will appreciate the subtle colors and shapes in this wallpaper. Cover all the walls with these oversized pom pom flowers, or choose one wall as the focal point of the room. Choose from several color schemes that will go with just about any décor or color combination in your room.

This wallpaper will definitely take you back to a retro era as it takes a little more time and is not as easy to apply as other wallpapers. You will need to purchase paste to apply to the back of the wallpaper to keep it sticking to your walls to enjoy for many years.

If you do get stains on your floral wallpaper, the vinyl made paper is washable.

Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti WallpaperPin

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You will feel like you are walking the inner-city streets of Los Angeles or another urban city with this graffiti wallpaper. The vivid colors splashed all over will definitely make a great conversation piece at your next dinner party with guests talking about your wallpaper all night long.

Mix and match décor by incorporating the reds, blues, and creams from the wallpaper onto your furniture or other items in the room. You can also choose one color to showcase on accent pieces such as pillows and figurines in your color of choice from the wallpaper.

This retro wallpaper comes with a modern flair with easy installation. Your wallpaper comes in 6 pieces and easily peels and sticks to your wall with no residue when removed.

Purple Flowers Wallpaper

Purple Flowers WallpaperPin

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Give your room of choice some old-fashioned flair with these pretty purple flowers wallpaper. Dress up a hallway on one side or use in the bathroom to add some color and interest to your room. The soft purples and creams won’t take away from other décor and can easily be used as an accent wall or on all the walls.

This vintage pattern gets an updated look with easy installation. A grid on the backing paper makes it simple to measure and cut to fit the wall or walls of your choice. The resin PVC can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove stains and keep the wallpaper looking brand new.

White and Gold Shatter Wallpaper

White and Gold Shatter WallpaperPin

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This gold shatter wallpaper has minimal color and lines but keeps your wall looking interesting with the way the lines intertwine with each other. Choose from basic white and gold, or sky and gold with just a hint of blue in the background. Reminisce about your younger years with either choice of striking wallpaper.

Your gold geometric wallpaper is easy to install by just peeling and sticking to the wall or walls of your choosing. The wallpaper will leave no residue, making it perfect for renters who want to add their own touch to their temporary home.

Have fun putting your room together with gold, cream, and light blue décor and accents.

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