How to Decorate a Round Coffee Table?

A coffee table is a staple piece of furniture in most modern living rooms. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but are generally a smallish table centered between couches and chairs as a central place to chat.

Some coffee tables are practical, while others are more decorative and can be used to display beautiful items that match the living room. Below are some ideas on how to decorate round coffee tables to inspire you.

Coffee Table Bowls

Coffee Table BowlsPin

The round coffee table in this photograph is edged with rose gold with the same gold on the legs and supports. The metal color goes great with the frame on the wall, and wood elements throughout the living room.

The round-shaped glasses is a great way to blend in with the shape on the table. By adding just a few pieces to the table, the space does not feel overwhelmed, especially with the smaller table right next to it.

By adding just a few pieces on top, the metal parts of the table, as well as the glass top can be enjoyed by those who stay in this space for a while.

Coffee Table Vases

Coffee Table VasesPin

Even though this coffee table is small, there is still plenty of space for small décor on top. Small vases with plants is a great way to decorate a round coffee table. There is a mix of opaque and clear vases that vary in shape, color, and design.

They all blend in well with the light wood in the coffee table and legs. A small leaf adds a nice touch of greenery to the middle vase, as well as some more color to this space. The quilted blue coaster makes this vase stand out and adds an extra touch of décor to the table.

Coffee Table with Vase

Coffee Table with VasePin

This round coffee table is only decorated with a single vase, but still stands out as the focal point of the room. The blue ombre on the vase fades from dark to light blue as it reaches the black tabletop. The yellow lilies with their green stems and leaves are a great contrast with the blues and grays in the rest of this living room.

Even though the vase and flowers are the only décor on the table, they stand out due to their size and colors. There is still plenty of room for guests to place glasses or plates on the outer edges of the table if this room is also used as a place to have a meal when there is a large party in attendance.

Light-Gray Décor

Light Gray DécorPin

The small coffee table in this light-colored living room is decorated with a small vase and matching mugs. The white tabletop matches perfectly with the white flowers against the gray on the rectangular planter. Matching gray mugs fit snugly next to the pot, with plenty of room for other décor on the other side.

The light-gray mugs and planter go well with the beautiful wood floors and soft blues on the couch. The wooden legs on the table make it look larger by being pointed slightly outward, giving the coffee table a unique look.

Antique Decorations

Antique DecorationsPin

The round coffee table in this image is an antique made with wood that has been polished to shine. Décor covered in gold stand out against the dark wood on the small round tabletop.

The décor on the table match well with designs that look to be antiques as well. Flowers and other floral motifs cover the outer edge of the picture frame. The small goblet has similar designs on the top and bottom.

This coffee table and décor would look great next to a wall in the hallway or between to couches in the living room, with similar wood furniture and golden decorations.

Vases on Table

Vases on TablePin

The simple décor on the coffee table matches the simple look of the rest of this living room. Small vases in different colors and shapes fit in the center of a light-wood table.

Tall and short vases make for an interesting, yet pretty look on the table. The colors go with the rest of the room, done in white, pink, tan and black.

The tall vase stands out with striking black marks against a white background. The turquoise and pink vases match the pink and black in the room with their light colors. Single flowers in different colors could be added to each vase to make this part of the room stand out even more.

Natural Decorations

Natural DecorationsPin

These coffee tables go together having the same shape and design. All three fit nicely in the middle of the living room with round table tops.

Three wooden legs on each table match the wicker mats on the white and blue tables. The blue mugs also go with the blue table. The décor makes this a nice space to relax and enjoy snacks with family and friends.

Adding a small candle or bud vase to each table in similar colors can also add to the design of this part of the living room.

White Coffee Table Décor

White Coffee Table DécorPin

The décor on the coffee table in this modern living room is minimal, which goes great with the look in the room. Thin books and a silver laptop give the space a studious look and feel.

The green plant stands out as the only item in this color on the table. It matches the large houseplant off to the side on the right, where natural light from a window can be seen.

The silver laptop goes with the gray couch, black chair, and simple, gray rug on the floor. The round, white coffee table stands out as a lighter piece.

White Décor

White DécorPin

Two small round coffee tables make up space, versus a larger one. Each have different pieces of décor in similar colors.

The large white vase with green plants matches the other white features in the room. The tulips are the only plants in the room, but add some nice, fresh color to the space.

The white teacup and saucer stand on top of books on the smaller coffee table. The light-gray covers on the books contrasts with the darker gray on the sectional couch.

The green on the large table, as well as the gray-blue on the couch and picture on the wall add some soft color to this living room.

Dark Decorations

Dark DecorationsPin

The black coffee table stands out among the neutral browns in this modern living room. Round globes in various shades of brown sit in a wide, white bowl that matches the browns in this space.

These are the only décor items on the table so that people can admire the design of the coffee table itself. A lower shelf on the other side allows plenty of room for more décor if desired.

A large picture with shades of brown above the beige couch would be a nice addition to this living room space.

White Candles

White CandlesPin

The coffee table in this image is a décor piece itself with a beautiful round tabletop that sits on shiny gold metal legs. The soft lines on the top contrast sharply with the geometric design on the legs.

The three white candles in various sizes add a nice addition of design to the top. These could be moved to the middle, so that guests have a place to set their drinks and food when visiting.

The white candles and tabletop stand out against the gray in the carpet and couch. Small, white lines in the carpet keep the table and candles well in the design and colors in this living room.

Glass Decorations

Glass DecorationsPin

This beautiful round coffee table is decorated with glass globes on a metal plate. The globes are a great choice of décor, since they match the glass top of the table. The glass is held by the dark border of the table, which matches the wood on the chairs and other tables in this living room.

While the blue glass globe stands out against the clear ones and dark parts of the table, it matches well with the ocean scene above the fireplace, as well as the light blue in the rug below and other blue décor pieces seen throughout the living room.

Holiday Décor

Holiday DécorPin

These red and white decorations are perfect for the holiday season. Add these to a plain coffee table for a festive look during Christmas. The crystal vase has some design on the outside but filling it with ornaments is a great way to use the balls that might not fit on a tree or are extra.

The vintage tray covered in gold will match well with the shape of a round coffee table in the center of the living room. Adding fir and fake snow create a beautiful winter wonderland centerpiece to enjoy throughout the season.

Neutral Décor

Neutral DécorPin

Decorations in natural and neutral colors cover the small space on top of this small, round coffee table. The brown wooden vase, brown globes, and book with tan pages goes with the wooden table top. The feathery leaves in the vase adds an interesting look of texture and lines to this space.

The coffee table and decorations match well with the colors and design in the rest of this living room. Other brown and neutral features include the sandless and mat, tan blanket in the natural-looking basket, and the pillow on the couch.

Blue Decorations

Blue DecorationsPin

Why have one round coffee table when you can have two? Two matching coffee tables take up space in the middle of this living room. The smaller one is a little taller than the larger table, but still covered in a dusty, blue tabletop.

Both are decorated with beautiful blue vases. The large table has the smaller vases, while the smaller one is decorated with the larger vase. Both are filled with green plants and small flowers, which add some color to this dark space.

Wood Coffee Table with Décor

Wood Coffee Table with DécorPin

Create a natural look in your living room with this small coffee table and decorations. The small, wooden top of the table is decorated with many lines that create circular designs. Black metal legs give it plenty of height.

The tiny elephant figure stands out against the candle and natural-looking mug next to it. Adding a burning candle is a great way to incorporate a calming mood at night in the living room. Including a mug of tea is also a great way to enjoy a relaxing evening.

Metal Décor

Metal DécorPin

The rattan coffee table in the middle gives an urban look to this space with its many metal pieces in a flat black. The teapot and mug match perfectly in the same flat black color. The black coffee table and décor contrast sharply with the natural-looking parts of the room.

Light-wooden pieces combined with green houseplants surround the table. The round mirror matches the table with its shape. The black metal planter in front of the mirror goes well with the table and its décor.

Black Décor

Black DécorPin

Another way to decorate a round coffee table is having each décor piece a little different yet share a similarity to keep everything together in the design of the room. For example, the bird statue, vase, and glass orb are all very different pieces of design, but still go with the coffee table due to their materials and color.

The black vase and detailed black bird statue match well with the black metal on the round coffee table. The green leaves sticking out of the vase go with the green glass globe. These unique pieces stand out as the darkest pieces of décor and furniture in this living room.

Flowers on Rose Gold Table

Flowers on Rose Gold TablePin

These rose gold coffee tables with their rose-colored tops go beautifully with the pink couch, painting, and soft-pink curtains off to the left side of the room.

The round coffee tables look elegant enough to stand on their own without décor, but the vase filled with pink roses is a nice addition. The clear glass vase allows viewers to enjoy the bright green stems that add color to the room.

While the green stems and leaves stand out against the pink on the tables and couch, they go perfectly with the houseplants in this living room.

Table with Bouquet

Table with BouquetPin

A huge bouquet of flowers is a great way to decorate a coffee table. The pink bouquet of roses on the larger coffee table takes up most of the marble table top. The roses and box add color, design, and lines to this space.

The smaller table set with a single glass can be replaced with a smaller vase to match the décor on the other table. The colors on these coffee tables go well with the blush-pink couch behind. The velvet box can also be a stand-alone piece with added texture and color.

Antique Candle Holders

Antique Candle HoldersPin

Using candles and candle holders is another great way to decorate a round coffee table. Two glass candle holders and a wooden rustic one act as a centerpiece on the metal table top in this room. All the pieces look aged and give this space in the room an antique look.

The small candle on the tall holder adds just a little color to this space. Lighting all the candles at night will give off a soft glow in the room and add a romantic look to the space.

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