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20 Seashell Bathroom Accessories

Did you know that most shells open up to the right? Seashells have been around for a long time. The oldest-known collection of seashells was discovered in Pompeii.

Seashells are a popular way to decorate a home to bring part of the ocean indoors. Mix and match with real seashells and sand in containers.

Seashell Wall Hooks

Seashell Wall HooksPin

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Place towels and other bathroom items on these seashell wall hooks. A different type of seashell decorates the wood part above each hook. The wood and shells are painted with a rustic finish.

Add other seashell accessories in a similar design and colors, such as a seashell wastebasket, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and more. Add a shower curtain, towels, and a bath mat in soft colors decorated with seashells.

This wall hook is 16.5 by 4 inches, which is plenty of space to hang several towels from. The 3D textured shells stand out against the whitewashed wood backing.

Seashell Wall Plate

Seashell Wall PlatePin

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Another accessory you can add to your seashell-themed bathroom is an electric wall plate. This graphic wall plate shows a beautiful beach scene with seashells and the ocean. Several starfish and seashells lay on the sand, with the beautiful blue ocean behind them.

There are several types of wall plates you can choose from. Purchase more than one if you have several so that they all match with each other.

Add other seashell and ocean accessories in similar colors and styles. Decorate the walls of your bathroom with scenes of the ocean. Fill up glass containers with sand and seashells to display on the counter.

Seashell Toothbrush Holder

Seashell Toothbrush HolderPin

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This beautiful toothbrush holder can also be used as a décor piece when not in use in your ocean-themed bathroom. A starfish and two seashells decorate the front part of this toothbrush holder. The sides and part behind the shells are painted to look like whitewashed wood.

Mix and match with other accessories in similar colors and designs. Display several seashells on the counter and near the bath. Add tan-colored towels with shells to hooks for family and guests to use.

The toothbrush holder is made of resin to make it last a long time. Easily clean with a damp cloth.

Seashell Toilet Paper Holder

Seashell Toilet Paper HolderPin

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This toilet paper holder will make a great addition to a bathroom decorated in seashells. The holder and seashell are both made of cast iron to be durable enough to withstand use. Both the seashell and holder are painted over in weathered white for a rustic and farmhouse look.

Two holes were drilled in the shell to place the holder on the wall or side of the bathroom cabinet. Add other cast-iron accessories painted in white, such as a towel holder, to match. Make sure to add a shower curtain, towels, and a rug in seashells to go with the accessories.

Seashell Wall Hooks

Seashell Wall HooksPin

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Place these seashell wall hooks on the wall of your bathroom, high enough to hang towels on. You can also place one next to the mirror and sink to hang your hand towel on. Install on the back of the bathroom door as an extra space for towels, or if there is no other wall space left to attach these to.

This set comes with three decorative wall hooks. One is a crab, another is a starfish and the last is a seashell. They are made of cast iron and painted over in white.

You can attach these hooks to the wall with the screws that are included. Add other white accessories and décor with seashells throughout the bathroom as well.

Seashell Wastebasket

Seashell WastebasketPin

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Place bathroom trash in this beautiful wastebasket. The sides of the wastebasket are painted similar to weathered wood. Sea glass can be seen behind the white shells and tan net.

Find accessories similar to this wastebasket to match and decorate the rest of the bathroom with. Purchase sea glass lotion pump and sea glass tissue holder to add to the countertop.

You can also add towels, a bath mat, and shower curtain in similar colors with seashells to complete your bathroom’s new look.

Seashell Cabinet Knobs

Seashell Cabinet KnobsPin

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Add these beautiful glass knobs to the cabinets in your bathroom. Each knob is decorated with an image of seashells and starfish resting on the sand in shallow ocean water. The light-blue ocean water looks almost clear against the starfish and seashells.

Each knob comes with screws to install them on your cabinet doors quickly. The images are covered in glass to protect them and give them a shiny finish. The border and back of the knobs are made of black plastic to match a variety of cabinets.

Design the rest of the bathroom with similar images of seashells and the ocean on towels, the shower curtain, mats, and pictures on the wall.

Seashell-Shaped Toilet Lid

Seashell-Shaped Toilet LidPin

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Replace your old toilet seat with this one shaped like a giant seashell. This toilet seat is made of molded wood for a comfortable fit on your toilet. It comes in both white and bone.

You can get this toilet seat and cover in either round or elongated. Make sure you measure your toilet before making a purchase.

Place a woven basket filled with large seashells on the back of your toilet. You can also add one large seashell as a décor piece to the back of the toilet and place others around the countertop.

Seashell Bath Towels

Seashell Bath TowelsPin

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Keep these towels in your seashell-themed bathroom for guests and family members to use. This 6-piece set comes with 2 bath towels, 2 wash towels, and 2 hand towels. They are tan and decorated with blue seashells near the bottom.

These towels are made of cotton and are comfortable to use. They are machine washable as well.

Add other seashell-themed décor and accessories to the rest of the bathroom in similar colors.

Seashell Accessory Set

Seashell Accessory SetPin

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This 5-piece bathroom accessory set comes with a toothbrush holder, two tumblers, a soap dish, and a soap dispenser. Each piece is decorated with a seashell, seahorse, or starfish. They are mainly tan with some blue in the tumblers and soap dish.

These accessories are made of resin to last long for plenty of use. Fill the shell dispenser with soap or lotion. Place toothbrushes and toothpaste the shell holder.

Place a bar of soap on the starfish soap dish. Add other accessories and bathroom décor with seashells in similar colors.

Seashell Curtain Hooks

Seashell Curtain HooksPin

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These colorful hooks will dress up a plain shower curtain. You can also add them to a shower curtain with seashells in similar colors.

The starfish are red while the seashells are blue. The hooks are made of stainless-steel and the shells are made of resin to keep them lasting a long time.

Decorate the rest of your bathroom with plenty of seashells and seashell décor. Find towels, rugs, and a shower curtain and accessories with seashells in similar colors.

Seashell Tumbler

Seashell TumblerPin

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Add this tumbler to your bathroom to use or as a decorative piece to display in your seashell-themed bathroom. This tumbler is made of beautiful sea glass. The outside is decorated with seashells and a tan net.

Purchase other sea glass accessories to match with your tumbler, such as a lotion dispenser and toothbrush holder made of sea glass. Add sand and small shells to display in your sea glass tumbler or use after brushing your teeth.

Seashell Towel Set

Seashell Towel SetPin

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This 4-piece toilet set comes with a body towel, hand towel, and two face towels. These towels are cream and decorated with seashells in neutral tans and blues. The body and hand towel have a striped border with decorative beads.

These towels are made of 100% cotton and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine after use. Add other accessories in similar colors with plenty of seashells to complete your ocean bathroom.

Seashell Toilet Seat

Seashell Toilet SeatPin

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This decorative toilet seat will look great in a seashell-themed bathroom. The toilet cover and seat are made of polyresin. A variety of small seashells are embedded in the polyresin.

A seahorse is located near the center of the seat, surrounded by colorful seashells. This toilet cover and seat come in several colors to match the colors of your bathroom.

Seashell Bath Mat

Seashell Bath MatPin

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This bathmat is made up of a variety of starfish and seashells floating between swirling waves of water. The seashells and water are outlined in both blue, brown and tan. Small designs can be seen in the seashells floating in the water.

This mat is made of a soft, plush surface for a comfortable feel. The anti-slip backing will keep your mat in place, even when wet.

Seashell Wastebasket

Seashell WastebasketPin

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This wastebasket looks like a piece of art with a print of an ocean scene on the side. The resin-made wastebasket is built to last and enjoy while in the restroom. The outer part is designed to look like driftwood with several seashells resting at the bottom.

A calm ocean with seagulls and a lighthouse can be seen in the print on the wastebasket. Match the wastebasket with a liquid dispenser, toothbrush holder, and other accessories in the same design.

Blue Seashell Accessory Set

Blue Seashell Accessory SetPin

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This seashell accessory set will look great in a bathroom decorated in blue and seashells. The toothbrush holder, liquid dispenser, and tumbler are all made to look like conch shells painted a pearly blue. The soap dish is in the shape of a clamshell.

These accessories are made of ceramic and can be seen as beautiful décor when not in use. Add real seashells and other accessories to complete your seashell bathroom.

Shells Wastebasket

Shells WastebasketPin

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This wastebasket is made of iron and painted over in weathered white. Outlines of various seashells can be seen decorating the outer part of the wastebasket. It is 9 by 10 inches high, making it a great size to place in the corner of the bathroom and out of the way.

Add other coastal accessories and décor in white with seashells throughout your bathroom. Decorate the shower with a seashell curtain and placemats on the floor.

Light Blue Seashell Accessory Set

Light Blue Seashell Accessory SetPin

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Add this seashell accessory set to your seashell-themed bathroom. This 4-piece set is made of polyresin and decorated with seashells. A starfish or seashell decorates the center of each item painted over in pearly turquoise.

The outer part of each accessory is made in lines to look like white wood painted over in light-pearly turquoise. This set comes with a soap dish, soap or lotion dispenser, toothbrush holder, and tumbler.

Seashell Toothbrush Holder

Seashell Toothbrush HolderPin

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This seashell toothbrush holder will make a great accessory for your bathroom decorated in seashells. It is made of resin and cement.

A starfish and seashells decorate the back of the holder, which can hold up to four toothbrushes. The bottom part is designed with a blue mosaic border as a decorative addition.

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