24 Silver Bedroom Décor Ideas

There are many ways you can update your bedroom. Add a glamourous look to your bedroom with some silver.

This can be done with silver wallpaper, a silver bedspread, or add silver details in smaller décor pieces, such as lamps and pillows. Here are 25 silver bedroom décor ideas to consider next time you want to redo one or more of your bedrooms.

Silver Walls Bedroom

Silver Walls BedroomPin

This beautiful bedroom is mainly done in dark silver with some white and light silver. The walls are painted a dramatic dark silver color, with just a strip of white where the silver mirror is set up. A picture all in white, except for the dark roses on the left is on the wall above the bed.

The bed’s head and footboard are decorated in light, silver delicate lines that swirl in a beautiful design. The comforter is dark silver with white stripes with silver and white pillows decorating the bed’s head.

Silver Painting Bedroom

Silver Painting BedroomPin

This bedroom is decorated in silver and white, with some mint and black mixed in. The mint-colored chair, lamp, and pillow add some color to this bedroom, as well as the green plants surrounding the bed. The silver painting above the bed seems to blend into the white walls with its white border.

The black side table, light fixtures, and black shelf is a great way to balance out the light and dark colors in this bedroom. The bed also has a nice mixture of shades, with silver being the main color.

Silver Striped Wallpaper Bedroom

Silver Striped Wallpaper BedroomPin

The beautiful shades of purple overshadow the silver features. The silver and purple striped wall adds an interesting mix of colors and lines. The different purple pillows and purple blanket shades add a nice splash of color to the white comforter on the bed.

The silver headboard, mirrors, and lamps add some shine to this room. The cream and purple decorated curtains add some color to that side of the room. Two silver pillows are a great way to add balance to the purple ones on the bed.

Soft Silver Bedroom

Soft Silver BedroomPin

Soft silver with some tan are the main colors in this bedroom. The bed is covered in a silver-colored comforter with silver and tan pillows. The headboard is a lighter shade of silver, almost gray.

An oversized desk lamp in silver and tan give light to the bed area. A silver picture, rug, and privacy shade keep this color consistent throughout this space. The tan floor cushion, light wood and gray chair, and other tan features keep the space looking natural.

Light-colored floor tiles and natural sunlight keep this space open and bright.

Silver Blue Bedroom

Silver Blue BedroomPin

The dark blue-gray walls and light wood floors are a great balance of dark and light in this bedroom. Bluish silver blankets and pillows lighten the room as well. The silver and gold paintings are a great mix of lines and design to add to the dark wall.

The wood desk and cabinets match nicely with the beautiful wood flooring. The black and white pouf adds attractive design and lines to the floor space. Flowers and other green houseplants add extra color into this bedroom as well.

Dark Silver Bedroom

Dark Silver BedroomPin

Dark silver and white are the primary colors in this bedroom. The white and gray zig-zags on the pillows add interesting lines and design to the bed. The white and black and silver pillows match nicely with the white and dark gray blankets on the bed.

Bright white walls and white floors brighten up this bedroom space. The gray and cream rug near the end of the bed is a great way to break up the white flooring by adding some design and darker color to this area.

Gold and Silver Bedroom

Gold and Silver BedroomPin

Silver with splashes of gold can be seen in this bedroom. The light blue walls look silver against the bed and curtains. A silver comforter and cylinder-shaped silver pillows decorate the gold-framed bed.

Gold framed pictures decorate both walls. Silver curtains adorn the windows, with sheer silver curtains in the middle to allow for some sunlight and privacy in this luxurious bedroom.

The rug on the floor and flowers in the beautiful vase by the window add more color to this lovely bedroom.

Silver and Black Bedroom

Silver and Black BedroomPin

This simple but beautifully decorated bedroom looks like it came out of a black and white movie. The dark silver headboard and bed is a stark contrast against the white blanket. Black and dark silver pillows decorate the top of the bed.

Simple black and silver tables are on either side of the bed with minimal décor. Gorgeous lamps give plenty of light on either side of the bed as well. Natural sunlight from the window provides a soft glow to this bedroom.

A silvery-gray rug decorates the bottom of the bed above a light-colored floor. Some pictures decorate the bright walls next to the bed.

Silver and White Bedroom

Silver and White BedroomPin

This simple but elegant bedroom is made up of dark silver and white. The white comforter is decorated with silver and gray pillows. The red pillow and vase next to the bed add some color to this bedroom.

Dark gray curtains cover the windows. A black and white silhouette framed in black breaks up the white wall behind the bed. The simple white lamp seems to float from a thin line to the ceiling.

The black table and black metal magazine holder are great ways to add some dark décor to this mainly light-colored bedroom.

Silver Lilac Bedroom

Silver Lilac BedroomPin

This beautiful bedroom is made up of white, silver, and pink. The walls are painted silver with a gilded border around the windows. Beautiful pink curtains add décor and shade to the windows. A huge, white panel with floral shapes decorates the wall behind the bed.

This white panel, along with the long pink headboard, makes the bed and room seem longer than it is. The bed is decorated with a beautiful cream comforter and pillows with silvery lace sewed in. Pink, round pillows add interesting shape and décor to the bed.

Silver Spread Bedroom

Silver Spread BedroomPin

This simple, yet beautiful bedroom has the perfect balance of white, gray, and black. The grayish silver bedspread is topped with gray and white pillows. The dark gray is offset by a pure white headboard with two black and silver lamps.

The black and silver tables on either side of the bed are a nice touch, as well as the black and silver décor on each. The white walls are broken up with black and white pictures of tall buildings. The white flooring gets some added dimension, color, and lines with the black and white rug at the foot of the bed.

Brown Headboard Silver Bedroom

Brown Headboard Silver BedroomPin

Silver details add some color and shine to this neutral-colored bedroom. The brown headboard is a great contrast with the white walls and striped bedspread and pillows.

The minimal-style paintings next to the bed is a great way to bring out the grays in this bedroom.

Minimal Silver Bedroom

Minimal Silver BedroomPin

This minimally styled bedroom is decorated in gray, cream, and tan. The cream bedspread is decorated with a dark, gray blanket and silver-gray and cream pillows. A shelf with a gray wall can be seen near the floor next to the bed.

The white and tan features brighten up the room. The open windows also bring in plenty of sunshine and make the room look larger than it is. Woven décor on the walls and pictures add dimension and design to this bedroom.

Silver Gray Bedroom

Silver Gray BedroomPin

Shades of gray and white are scattered throughout this simply colored room. The bright, white walls add more light and make this silver room look larger. The white and gold light fixture adds an interesting color and texture above the bed.

Light and dark gray and silver pillows and blankets are a great contrast with the white comforter. The silver rugs on the white floors are also a great combination with the rest of the silver and white in this bedroom.

Neutral Silver Bedroom

Neutral Silver BedroomPin

The neutral gray, cream, and white in this room are a beautiful combination. The mirrored bedside table adds some shine and glamour to this bedroom. Some color and lines make an impressive design on the bed. Vertical gray lines on a white bedspread are partially covered by a silvery gray blanket with geometric shapes.

These same lines and shapes can be seen on some of the pillows for a repeated pattern. The white and gray bedside lamp adds exciting design to the room as well. The wood flooring and cream walls with attractive décor bring the colors of this bedroom together.

Silver Pastel Bedroom

Silver Pastel BedroomPin

The silver wall with white paneling adds an interesting look to this silver and pink bedroom. Sunlight coming in from the window accentuates the silver and colorful parts of this room.

A pink blanket and colorful floral pillows balance out the gray and silver parts of this bedroom. The gray and sheer curtains add additional décor to the window area.

Luxurious Silver Bedroom

Luxurious Silver BedroomPin

This luxurious silver room is fit for a king or queen. The silvery-blue bedspread seems to sparkle against the gold details on all the furniture. The cream, pink, and silver-blue pillows seem to shimmer the same way the bedspread and pink blanket do. The headboard, bed’s legs, bench, chair, and dresser drawers are all lined with gold to make this bedroom shine.

The ceiling appears to have several layers, with designs in bright white on the inset. The silver curtains, cream rug, and dark wood floors also add to the luxurious look of this gorgeous bedroom.

Light Silver and Yellow Bedroom

Light Silver and Yellow BedroomPin

The tall windows surrounding this bedroom allow plenty of bright light to enhance the white, silver, and yellow in this room. The light silver bedspread, and silver and white pillows are overpowered with the dark blue and yellow décor.

The dark blue and yellow blankets add an interesting contrast of colors at the foot of the bed. Bright yellow and white pillows peek out against the bold, yellow headboard. Floral silver lamps decorate the top of the wood and silver bedtables. The white walls are kept plain to keep the focus on the bed.

Silver Comforter Bedroom

Silver Comforter BedroomPin

The fuzzy silver, gray comforter reminds one of animal skin and gives the bedroom a cozy feel. Cream, gray, tan, and white pillows add muted color to the top of the bed. Long, sheer curtains add length and drama to the bed’s head, making the room larger. The white wall is broken up with gray walls on either side.

A silver glass lamp with white shade is an excellent addition of décor to this bedroom. The gray, pink, and cream design on the chair and rug add some interesting design and color to the room as well.

Gray Brick Bedroom

Gray Brick BedroomPin

The light gray brick walls in this bedroom give it an urban feel, while the grayish-blue quilt on the bed gives the room a farmhouse look with plenty of colors. Plain, white pillows partially cover up the light, gray headboard.

The dark gray and black lamps on either side of the bed is a great way to enhance the gray walls. The gray walls seem to flow together with the help of the solid gray curtains. When pulled back, the windows offer plenty of sunshine in this gray bedroom.

Silver Pillow Bedroom

Silver Pillow BedroomPin

The silver pillows on this bed make the space shine. Small, dark, silver pillows add some color and dimension, along with the other white pillows lined up neatly behind them. Silver and white pillows add more color and attractive shape to the end of the bed.

The handles on the bedside tables and décor on the lamps also add some shine to this bedroom. The grays balance the white and cream nicely in this room.

Silver Headboard Bedroom

Silver Headboard BedroomPin

Silver and black create a dramatic look in this luxurious bedroom. The bright, silver headboard stands out against the dark, gray wall. Beautiful, silver side tables shine on each side of the bed.

The black and silver comforter on the bed goes well with the headboard and wall. Black, red, and black and gray pillows make a beautiful addition to this bedroom.

Light Silver Bedroom

Light Silver BedroomPin

The oval mirror with silver border creates a larger looking bedroom. The light silver and white comforter add other light parts of the room are a great contrast against the dramatic black walls.

The gray rugs on the gray tiled floor, white dresser and other white features also balance out the dark walls nicely.

Purple and Silver Bedroom

Purple and Silver BedroomPin

This silver and white room has some purple added into the color scheme. Purple pillows and a purple and silver comforter make an interesting combination on the bed.

A beautiful silver mirror decorates the wall on the far side of this attic bedroom. Other purple details can be seen on the wall where the mirrors are.

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