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18 Snowflake Tablecloths

Snowflakes come in a plethora of sizes and designs in nature. Temperature changes can affect what each snowflake will look like as it falls to the ground.

Add a snowflake-inspired scene to your living room with a snowflake tablecloth. Here are some decorative tablecloths with snowflake scenes that you can use during the winter and holiday season.

Red Snowflake Tablecloth

Red Snowflake TableclothPin

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This festive tablecloth is covered in white snowflakes in different sizes on a shimmery-red background. The snowflakes are outlined in white in various designs with white dots also decorating the red tablecloth.

The tablecloth is a great way to dress up your dining room table during the holidays. Add white dishes lined in gold or silver, to help the snowflakes stand out on the cloth. Add some holiday centerpieces with small houseplants or festive plants to finish the table’s new look.

It comes in several sizes and is made of 100% polyester.

Lace Snowflake Tablecloth

Lace Snowflake TableclothPin

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A lacey tablecloth is a great way to add a vintage look to your holiday décor in the dining room. Snowflakes in different styles and sizes decorate this beautiful tablecloth.

At the center is one snowflake surrounded by solid white with a snowflakes pattern surrounding the white part. Various snowflakes float around the rest of the tablecloth, with the border made up of more snowflakes.

Add a solid-white, green, or red tablecloth underneath for additional color and layers to add to this one. A floral or holiday centerpiece would look great over the solid-white part of this cloth.

White Snowflake Tablecloth

White Snowflake TableclothPin

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This snow-white tablecloth is covered in snowflakes that sparkle in gold. Metallic yarn was sewn into snowflake shapes that vary in style and size all over the tablecloth. Tiny stars sewn into the cloth also make it shine.

It comes in various sizes to fit round, oval, or rectangular-shaped tables. You can also fold the cloth to make it into a runner on your table instead.

Add a wreath decorated with holly berries with candles in the center in the middle of your table. Place china wear in white with gold trim around the table for a festive dining experience during Christmas.

Gray Snowflake Tablecloth

Gray Snowflake TableclothPin

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The tablecloth is covered in white and gray snowflakes on a gray background. Different shades of gray and white were the only colors used. The snowflakes float in varying sizes and designs to create a beautiful tablecloth.

This vinyl cloth glitters in gray and white and will protect your table with a flannel backing. Spot clean when dirty so that you and guests can enjoy this tablecloth for many years.

Blue Snowflake Tablecloth

Blue Snowflake TableclothPin

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Snowflakes in white, gray, light blue and navy blue cover the dark-blue background of this tablecloth. The snowflakes are made in several styles and sizes, as well as overlap to create a beautiful and festive design on this cloth to cover a table.

Add white dishes with or without snowflakes to the top of the table. Decorate the middle with white flowers in a glass or white vase. Add other décor in blues with snowflakes throughout the dining room for an indoor snowy look.

Blue and White Snowflake Tablecloth

Blue and White Snowflake TableclothPin

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This set of three tablecloths is covered with blue snowflakes on a white background. Large and small snowflakes, along with tiny, blue tufts of snow, float along the white background. Each snowflake was made with a different design.

Each snowflake tablecloth is made of plastic, making them great to use to cover tables for one holiday season. Using a plastic tablecloth is a great way to keep stains off your table. When finished, just throw your clothes away so that you can buy new ones with different designs the following year.

Red and Blue Snowflake Tablecloth

Red and Blue Snowflake TableclothPin

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Add holiday color to your table with this snowflake tablecloth. Red, blue, and green snowflakes dance along a white background. Each snowflake differs in design and size.

This tablecloth would look great on a white or wood table stained a dark shade of brown. Add centerpieces and décor with wood features for a farmhouse look.

Navy and Silver Snowflake Tablecloth

Navy and Silver Snowflake TableclothPin

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This tablecloth shines in navy blue and silver. Silvery-white snowflakes in a variety of designs and sizes float against a shimmery-blue background.

This vinyl tablecloth will make a great festive piece to use during the holidays. Add holiday-themed centerpieces in red and green to the middle of the table with plenty of dishes for guests to use.

It is backed with flannel and comes in different sizes and shapes to fit all kinds of tables.

Plaid Snowflake Tablecloth

Plaid Snowflake TableclothPin

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White snowflakes dance along a background in red plaid. Each snowflake is made in intricate designs with smaller snowflakes in between the larger ones. The plaid background includes white, black, pink, and red lines all crossing each other.

This tablecloth is made of vinyl with a flannel back. Use a damp cloth and mild soap to clean after use.

Hang snowflakes and Christmas ornaments around the dining room. Use a garland as a runner with ornaments to decorate the table.

White and Red Snowflake Tablecloth

White and Red Snowflake TableclothPin

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This tablecloth is printed with white snowflakes in simple designs on a bright-red background. The snowflakes come in several designs. Striped candy canes are also included on the tablecloth.

You can also purchase matching chair covers if you like. Add gold candlesticks to the center of the table with white china for a beautiful table.

Hang garland from a nearby window with red, green, and white ornaments to match the tablecloth. Scatter wrapped candy canes around the candlesticks to emphasize this centerpiece.

Twinkle Snowflake Tablecloth

Twinkle Snowflake TableclothPin

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Let your dining room twinkle this holiday season with this snowflake-designed tablecloth. The tablecloth shimmers with silver snowflakes and dots all over the white background.

This festive tablecloth is made of 100% polyester. Keep the décor simple with white and silver dishes and décor or add other colors to match the rest of the room. The tablecloth comes in several sizes to fit different tables that are round or rectangular.

Festive Snowflake Tablecloth

Festive Snowflake TableclothPin

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Enjoy a winter wonderland in your dining space with this snowflake tablecloth. Huge and small snowflakes float along one side of this cloth. The white snowflakes drift below sparkling dots of light that move above the snowflakes.

Drape a white table with white chairs with this tablecloth to make the flakes of snow stand out in the room. Set out dishes with a winter design on them or use white dishes with silver details to serve food to guests and family.

Ivory and Gold Snowflake Tablecloth

Ivory and Gold Snowflake TableclothPin

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This tablecloth shines in a peachy-gold color with gold snowflakes that shine in the light. The snowflakes are made in a slightly darker color than the background. This elegant tablecloth would look great on a table used for a dinner party around Christmastime.

The cloth is made of 100% polyester in a metallic finish. It can be easily cleaned in the washing machine to use year after year.

Tiny Snowflakes Tablecloth

Tiny Snowflakes TableclothPin

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Small, white snowflakes cover a red background on this vinyl tablecloth. Each snowflake looks a little different. Even smaller snowflakes and dots make up the space between the larger flakes on the bold-red tablecloth.

This cloth is backed with polyester and easy to clean by wiping with a wet cloth. Hang white snowflakes from the light fixture above the table. Place a Christmas-themed centerpiece with candles to the middle of the table.

White and Blue Snowflake Tablecloth

White and Blue Snowflake TableclothPin

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This white and blue snowflake tablecloth is inverted in the center for an interesting design. White snowflakes float on the outer edges on a blue background. The center of the cloth is white with blue snowflakes.

The plastic tablecloth will keep your table safe from messes and spills during holiday parties. Decorate the table with blue and white snowflakes with fake snow in similar colors. Add additional color by placing small houseplants in the center in white or blue pots.

Blue Snowflake Tablecloth

Blue Snowflake TableclothPin

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White and dark-blue snowflakes float against a light-blue background on this tablecloth. Pale-blue snowflakes float behind the white and darker-blue ones. The flakes of snow overlap each other to create a busy scene.

This tablecloth is made of polyester with a satiny finish. It would look best on a white table with the same color chairs but can also work on darker furniture.

Add small fir trees with white snowflakes to the center of the table. Keep the dishes simple in white with clear glasses.

Blue and White Snowflakes Tablecloth

Blue and White Snowflakes TableclothPin

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The tablecloth is in several shades of blue with snowflakes making up the border on either end. White snow partially covers the snowflakes along the border. Flakes of snow in white and dark blue can be seen behind the snow.

Larger flakes float around the other sides and middle, outlined in blue and gray. Tiny tufts of blue and white snow blow upward, away from the snowflakes bordering the tablecloth.

Add fake snow around a centerpiece with snowflakes in the center of the table for a more festive look.

Ombre Snowflakes Tablecloth

Ombre Snowflakes TableclothPin

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The tablecloth starts as light gray in the middle, then turns into a darker gray along the edges in a beautiful ombre design. A lacey pattern swirls in light-gray lines in the center of the tablecloth. These lines fade into white near the edges, next to the detailed snowflakes.

This tablecloth will work great for those who prefer just a little color with minimal design in their living room. Keep the décor soft in grays and whites on and around the table. Decorate a white or gray table with the same color in the chairs to match.

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