15 Beautiful Sofa and Two Chairs Layouts for Your Living Room

Living rooms are to relax after a long day at work and visit with family and friends on holidays and other special days. The way you arrange your furniture can create a welcoming space for family and friends who visit.

Decorating your living room with a sofa and two chairs is a very popular way to do so. There are several ways to arrange your sofa and chairs based on the shape of your living room and atmosphere you want to create.

Here are 15 different sofa and two chairs layouts for your living room.

Gray Sofa and Two Chairs

Gray Sofa and Two ChairsPin

This beautiful gray sofa and two chairs are arranged in a way that creates a relaxing space to converse and enjoy the company from the opposite chairs in the room. The soft gray sofa and chairs contrast nicely with their white and gray pillows and the white throw on the larger sofa.

The dark gray shaded lamps with silver details, the dark coffee table, and other dark features in the room bring the entire look together. The large windows add soft light from outside during the day, while the fire glows with a soft ambiance at night.

Modern Sofa and Two Chairs

Modern Sofa and Two ChairsPin

The fireplace appears to spill into the carpet with similar colors, offsetting the grays in the couch and sofas. The silver oval coffee table next to the sofa and main coffee table add interesting details with their design to the rest of the living room.

The soft grays and creams in the brickwork around the fireplace and cream-colored rug keep the main focus on the darker couch and chairs. Minimal décor keeps the space looking neat and modern. The open windows allow for natural sunlight to filter in during the day.

Family Sofa and Two Chairs

Family Sofa and Two ChairsPin

The placement of the couches and chairs gives a feeling of openness to the room. The tall windows and high ceiling also create the same transparency. The tan and gray stripes on the chairs contrast nicely with the brown in the couches.

The floral rug below the coffee table and two couches adds some color to balance out the neutrals found in the rest of the living room. The soft brown on the window frames coincides with the soft brown on the couches, bringing the colors and design of the space together.

White Sofa and Two Chairs

White Sofa and Two ChairsPin

This contemporary living room style brightens up the room with neutral and bright colors. The cream-colored chairs mesh well with the light tan sofa. The red, green, tan, and cream pillows bring out these colors in the painting on the wall.

Light olive-colored walls add a bit more color in the room. The beautiful hardwood floors are a nice touch to the warm-colored space. The room brightens up as a welcoming space with natural light coming through the large window during the day.

Beige Sofa and Two Chairs

Beige Sofa and Two ChairsPin

This beautiful space is bathed in sunlight from the windows that take up almost one side of the room. The soft beige couch and chairs seem to light up with the white walls and other light-colored features in the room. The round ottoman used as a coffee table brings both sides of the room together with similar color and design.

The light gray carpet matches with the gray patterned and cream pillows on the couch, while the mustard yellow pillows gives the space a pop of color. The piece of art on the opposite wall breaks up the space on the wall nicely.

Olive Sofa and Two Chairs

Olive Sofa and Two ChairsPin

Plenty of color can be seen in this living room without being overpowering in soft olive, red, cream, and tan. The couch and two chairs balance each other well with colors and designs. Different colored pillows add a nice touch to the olive couch without taking away from the space.

The reds and oranges in the olive couch and chair match up with the brown, tan, and orange seen on the brown couch and ottoman. The floral rug stays neutral with similar, soft colors. The curtains and fireplace also stay in line with the décor.

Cream Sofa and Two Chairs

Cream Sofa and Two ChairsPin

This modern look uses three different styles of couches and chairs in three different colors. The cream, olive, and dark brown couch go well with the rest of the design and colors in the living room. The cream couch has olive and brown pillows to match with the olive and brown chairs.

The glass coffee table with green plant adds an elegant touch to the space. The checkered table behind the couches adds an interesting look to the living room as well with similar colors.

Light Sofa and Two Chairs

Light Sofa and Two ChairsPin

The placement of the sofa and two chairs allows for plenty of conversation in an open space. The creams and grays on the sofa and chairs make the wood chairs and other wood details in the room stand out. The pretzel-like pillow in dark gray on the sofa keeps this area the focal point, with a light gray light seemingly floating from the ceiling above.

The green houseplants stand out against the neutrals in this living room, adding life and color in this calming atmosphere. Sheer curtains allow for some soft natural light to flood the room during the day.

Minimal Sofa and Two Chairs

Minimal Sofa and Two ChairsPin

The light tan sofa and chairs are a great contrast with the black coffee table in the middle of this living room space. The gray pillow on the sofa brings out the soft grays in the photograph hanging on the wall.

The large, white daisies in the clear vase on the black coffee table is a nice touch of décor. The cream and tan rug also keeps the space neutral with similar colors in the couch and chairs.

Elegant Sofa and Two Chairs

Elegant Sofa and Two ChairsPin

This area’s living space is set apart from the rest of this busy room with an ornate chandelier. Surrounding the chandelier with a coffee table, sofa, and two chairs is a great way to use this space. The creams and browns found throughout the room seem to play off the soft light flooding in from the window and light fixtures.

The turquoise couch is a stark contrast to the two light brown chairs, but adds enough color to balance the rest of the space. The yellow and gray pillows on the blue couch, along with the colorful décor on the coffee table, adds plenty of color to this cozy space.

Tan Sofa and Two Chairs

Tan Sofa and Two ChairsPin

The olive walls look beautiful against the cream chairs and tan sofa in this living room. The red pillows on the tan couch keep the brick red fireplace from looking out of place. The décor is kept minimal to keep the room looking beautiful yet straightforward with muted colors.

Enjoy plenty of natural sunlight with three open windows in various sizes. A small glass coffee table is just enough for the central part of the room to keep everything balanced and in place.

Leather Sofa and Two Chairs

Leather Sofa and Two ChairsPin

This impressive wall of windows brings in plenty of light to this elegantly designed living room. The wood paneling on the windows contrasts nicely with the red leather couches and gray sofas. The pillows also add a nice touch of texture and color to the leather couches.

Wood detailing on the tables, cabinet, and windows are great additions to the couches. The creams in the floor and wall keep the focus on the living space and furniture.

Black Sofa and Two Chairs

Black Sofa and Two ChairsPin

A play on darks and lights is evident in the modern design in this living room space. The black leather couches match up nicely with the dark patterned chairs and dark wood on the side and coffee table. The dark wood in the entertainment center, windows, beams on the ceiling, and candles by the fireplace keep the dark look consistent throughout the room.

The light colors in the rug, window space, walls, fireplace, flowers and other décor add an outstanding balance of creams and whites in the room. Natural light from the windows brightens up the dark and light spaces in this room.

Light Tan Sofa and Two Chairs

Light Tan Sofa and Two ChairsPin

The elegant sofa and chairs in this room, along with the wallpaper, give this space a vintage look. The color is kept minimal with light tan sofa and chairs with black details. A modest chandelier hangs just above a small side table.

A larger round table sits just to the side of the couch. The light brown in the tiles keeps the focus on the couches and light streaming in from the windows.

Light Gray Sofa and Two Chairs

Light Gray Sofa and Two ChairsPin

The light gray and light blue are a nice contrast in this living room. The large, blue carpet is an excellent addition to the light gray sofa and dark gray patterned chairs. The soft blue and cream pillows give the gray couch some nice color while matching it with the carpet and other décor in this space.

The modern fireplace with light gray wood panels adds some pleasant warmth to the room. Some natural light can be enjoyed throughout the day with the various windows found in this space.

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