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14 Sunflower Tablecloths

Sunflowers are universally popular flowers that are well recognized all over the world for their bright, yellow petals. Draw in wildlife (birds, bees and insects) into your garden by growing sunflowers.

You can also enjoy sunflowers indoors in your dining room. Here are some sunflower tablecloths that you can place on your table to brighten your indoor space.

Large Sunflowers Tablecloth

Large Sunflowers TableclothPin

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This tablecloth is covered in sunflowers of different sizes. All the sunflowers are dark brown in the middle. The petals start orange near the center, then fade into yellow on the edges.

Pieces of natural burlap and handwritten words float behind the sunflowers on a light-yellow background. This tablecloth would work great for a spring or summer dinner party. Make sure to add lots of sunflower bouquets on and around the table.

This tablecloth is made of polyester and is waterproof, so spills won’t ruin it.

Round Sunflower Tablecloth

Round Sunflower TableclothPin

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This round tablecloth is covered with huge, yellow sunflowers with brown centers near the edges. Green leaves and white flowers emerge from behind the larger sunflowers. The tablecloth is edged with beautiful details in lace while the rest is in a cream color background.

Add more color to the table with a centerpiece made of green houseplants, sunflowers, or a combination of flowers in yellow and white. Add sunflower-themed dishes or white dishes to match.

This tablecloth also comes in other dimensions to fit rectangular tables.

Rectangular Sunflower Tablecloth

Rectangular Sunflower TableclothPin

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The tablecloth is decorated with yellow-and-orange sunflowers and red poppies. The flowers grow from green stems and leaves on a white background. The edge of the tablecloth is decorated with brown thread.

Add a bouquet of sunflowers and poppies in a white vase on the center of the table. Add dishes that are solid-red, yellow, or white to go with the tablecloth.

This is made of 100% vinyl with a polyester and flannel backing. When dirty, wash with mild soap and a damp cloth.

Euro Sunflower Tablecloth

Euro Sunflower TableclothPin

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Bright-yellow sunflowers with green stems and leaves cover the white tablecloth. This tablecloth comes in sizes to fit circular and rectangular tables to add some design and décor to your dining space.

Decorate the table with sunflowers and other yellow flowers in glass or white vases. White dishes with napkins covered in sunflowers would be a great addition.

It is made of polyester and can be cleaned in the washing machine when dirty and to last for many meals and parties.

Black Sunflower Tablecloth

Black Sunflower TableclothPin

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This tablecloth is great for those who prefer black and a more dramatic design on their tablecloth. Large, yellow sunflowers with brown centers float along a black background on this tablecloth. Add to a light-colored table and chair set to darken the space, or match with a black or dark-wood set for a more-daring look in the dining room.

Add sunflowers to a black vase for décor on your new tablecloth. Keep the table dark by setting out black dishes with yellow napkins to match the cloth.

Distressed Sunflower Tablecloth

Distressed Sunflower TableclothPin

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The tablecloth is decorated with yellow sunflowers and green leaves in watercolor painted on a background made of whitewashed wood for a distressed look. Acorns, pumpkins, and other plants are sketched on with a black pencil.

This tablecloth would look great in a dining room with a farmhouse or rustic design. Add sunflowers or other flowers in vases on the table. White or yellow dishes would match well with the cloth.

Decorate the rest of the room with yellow, sunflowers, and furniture in whitewashed wood.

Sunflower Bouquet Tablecloth

Sunflower Bouquet TableclothPin

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This rustic tablecloth is filled with sunflowers in yellow and white with red trim. White sunflowers outlined in brown border the tablecloth against a vivid-red background. Just above this border are yellow sunflowers in wicker baskets.

The top of the tablecloth is decorated with sunflowers floating on a white background. Add some fruit in a wooden bowl to decorate the top of the table. Add more color with red dishes or keep it simple with white dishes around the table.

Sunflower and Apples Tablecloth

Sunflower and Apples TableclothPin

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Add this tablecloth to a farmhouse-themed dining room. The tablecloth is covered in yellow sunflowers with brown middles and red apples painted on a weathered-white background. Green leaves and stems are attached to the apples and sunflowers.

Some of the apples are cut in half to reveal their white fruit and seeds. Add a white vase and white dishes to keep the focus on the detailed tablecloth.

This cloth is made of vinyl with a flannel backing. This waterproof cloth is easy to care for by wiping clean with a wet cloth piece.

Sunflower Bouquet Tablecloth

Sunflower Bouquet TableclothPin

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You don’t need to place a bouquet of flowers on a table with this tablecloth. Large sunflowers, red poppies, and other flowers cover this white tablecloth that is bordered with lace.

This tablecloth would look great in an area of the dining room that has little color and design so that it stands out as a functional décor piece on its own.

Sunflower and Butterfly Tablecloth

Sunflower and Butterfly TableclothPin

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Colorful butterflies fluttering around sunflowers decorates this round tablecloth. The flowers are in shades of yellow and orange with green leaves. The butterflies are in brown, orange, and yellow on a white background.

The edges have a beautiful lace border, which add a nice touch of design to the circular cloth. Keep the tablecloth the main piece of design by adding white or cream dishes during mealtimes.

It is made of 100% polyester and can be washed in the washing machine to keep it looking new.

Sunflower Décor Tablecloth

Sunflower Décor TableclothPin

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Huge sunflowers bursting in yellow cover the majority of this tablecloth. Each sunflower has a dark-brown center that lightens at the edges. Large, green leaves can be seen out of the corners of the flowers.

Place in a dining room with plenty of neutral colors and browns. Add some yellow décor throughout the room as well.

Striped Sunflower Tablecloth

Striped Sunflower TableclothPin

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Large yellow-and-brown sunflowers float along a background with thick stripes in black and white. The jagged stripes add an interesting design to this tablecloth.

Place on a table with chairs in black and white. Add black-and-white décor throughout the room with plenty of sunflowers. You can even place solid dishes in black and white on the table to bring these colors out as well.

Sunflower Black Tablecloth

Sunflower Black TableclothPin

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The yellow sunflowers look striking on this black tablecloth. The yellow and black contrast well with each other. The lace border is a nice addition.

The tablecloth would match well with a black table and chairs. Add white dishes to the top to offset the dark colors.

This cloth is made of polyester and can be used indoors or outdoors. Hand wash when dirty.

Embroidered Sunflower Tablecloth

Embroidered Sunflower TableclothPin

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This gorgeous tablecloth has leaves, sunflowers, and daisies embroidered onto the white fabric. Die-cut floral designs are along the edge of this round cloth as well.

The sunflowers are embroidered with flowers that are orange and yellow with green leaves. Tiny daisies in orange and yellow also add to this detailed cloth.

If you have other tables in the dining room, you can purchase embroidered table runners to match this tablecloth for a dinner or lunch party during the summer or spring months.

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