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15 Sunflower Wallpapers to Delight Yourself for Any Room

Sunflowers are some of the most popular and widely recognized flowers in the entire world. They are made up of thousands of tiny flowers, making them unique to other flowers. Sunflowers are also popularly used as backgrounds in photographs.

Sunflowers can evoke a memory of summer or sunshine. These cheery flowers can brighten up a room or space easily in your home. There are many ways to include sunflowers in your home. Here are 15 sunflower wallpapers to delight yourself for any room.

Sunflower Fields Wallpaper

Sunflower Fields WallpaperPin

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If you want something other than a repeat pattern of sunflowers all over your wall, choose a wall mural like this one.

As soon as you take a look at your wall, you will feel as if you are in the middle of a sunflower field, with the beautiful sunset horizon miles in the distance. This mural is a great way to feel away from home while at home.

This wallpaper is easy to install using six smaller murals. If you want to move the mural to another wall, just peel off the mural and stick it somewhere else.

You Are My Sunshine Tapestry

You Are My Sunshine TapestryPin

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If the thought of sticking a mural on your wall is not appealing, try a tapestry. The positive message on this tapestry, along with the bright sunflowers, will put everyone who walks into this room in a good mood. This makes a great motivational tapestry for a public space as well.

You can choose from three different sizes, based on how large the wall is that you want to hang it on, as well as how much of the wall you want to cover. This tapestry is easy to care for and machine washable.

The silky polyester material is soft, durable, and won’t fade so that you can enjoy it for many years.

Sunflower Wall Paper Border

Sunflower Wall Paper BorderPin

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This rustic looking sunflower wallpaper border would look great in the kitchen. Add an old farmhouse or old-fashioned look to your kitchen with this border along the top part of the walls. This is great for those who prefer a low-key look that doesn’t take away from the rest of the room.

This wallpaper border will be easy to apply since it comes pre-pasted. If you don’t need all of the border, just keep the extra on the spool it comes on. Don’t worry about getting last night’s dinner on your wall border. Just clean it with a wet sponge and it will look as good as new.

Sunflower Backdrop

Sunflower BackdropPin

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This backdrop would look great in a kid’s room or girl’s bedroom. The bright yellow sunflowers are offset by the gray wood in the background. Adding other yellow elements to the room, such as a yellow carpet or drapes, can keep the design fun and bright.

This backdrop comes in a variety of dimensions to fit different sized walls. This sunflower backdrop is also a cheaper alternative to many wallpaper that is available.

Your backdrop will come rolled up for easy assembly onto the wall of your choice. Don’t place too much furniture around your sunflower wall to keep it the main point of the room.

Tapestry Wall Hanging

Tapestry Wall HangingPin

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This tapestry wall hanging will make a great statement piece in any room. The soft yellow petals with green leaves against a white background will stand out in any room its placed in. Add some live or artificial sunflowers in the room to keep the décor and look consistent.

This beautiful tapestry comes in two sizes to fit several walls and spaces. The colors will stay bright, no matter how many times you get it washed. This tapestry is made of quality material and won’t leave a toxic smell in your home.

Each tapestry comes with three nails and hooks for easy assembly.

Huge Sunflower Wallpaper

Huge Sunflower WallpaperPin

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Another alternative to staying away from the typical small print patterned wallpaper is with this huge sunflower mural wallpaper. This sunflower mural would look great in a room with minimal furniture and décor, since it would immediately take center stage of the room. Add just a little bit of décor in yellow throughout the room to bring it all together.

This mural takes little time to put together, which makes it perfect for busy people. It comes in 4 pieces for a quick installation. Just keep clean with a dry cloth to keep it looking new.

This mural is perfect for sunflower lovers and lovers of nature.

Peel and Stick Sunflower Wallpaper

Peel and Stick Sunflower WallpaperPin

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This whimsical looking sunflower wallpaper border would look great in a child’s room, bathroom, or kitchen. The bright and soft colors on the border give a cheerful vibe to whichever room its placed in.

Keep the design of the room cohesive by adding décor elements in similar colors or just pick one color to bring out in the design. This wallpaper is perfect for flower lovers.

Your plastic wallpaper border will come rolled up for easy assembly. Just roll back and store what you don’t use. A grid on the back will make it easy to measure and cut out for the perfect fit.

Large Sunflower Tapestry

Large Sunflower TapestryPin

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This enlarged watercolor painting of sunflowers on a tapestry will definitely be a showstopper in any room its placed in. This delightful tapestry will brighten up any room you choose to hang it in. This tapestry will look great in a room with natural sunlight to make the room much brighter.

This sunflower watercolor tapestry is made of polyester, so it will last for many years for you to enjoy. Special technology is used to make sure each tapestry is clearly printed with a vibrantly colored design to enjoy as wall décor.

There are several sizes available to fit a variety of wall spaces. This tapestry will make a great alternative to a picture or wallpaper.

Light Yellow Sunflowers Border

Light Yellow Sunflowers BorderPin

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This light-yellow sunflower border will go perfectly in a room with rustic and farmhouse décor. A white or neutral colored room can be brightened up a bit with just a little of this border showing along the top part of the walls. The colors are light enough to add a little color while still keeping the rest of the room simple.

This border is small enough to use as a gift or DIY home project. The border will arrive prepasted. All you have to do is add water, then stick to your wall of choice.

If you are feeling extra creative, purchase several of borders and place a few vertically on a wall for a unique look.

Sunflower Fields Backdrop

Sunflower Fields BackdropPin

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You will feel like you stepped out into an endless sunflower field when you enter a room with this backdrop. This beautiful field of sunflowers seems to stretch out for miles until it meets with the horizon. Soft pastels light up the sky as you gaze into the beautiful sunrise/sunset.

This backdrop is a great alternative to more expensive wallpapers and will cover plenty of wall space. It is made of vinyl and will be sent folded, so it may need to be ironed to get out any creases before being placed on a wall.

Peel and Stick Border Decals

Peel and Stick Border DecalsPin

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For those who prefer a more minimal look, this peel and stick wallpaper is just for you. Add this to the bathroom wall, a wall in a bedroom, or other wall that just needs a little something to bring it together with the rest of the room.

This sunflower border decal works great for those who prefer a lot of white space or are looking for a farmhouse look without making the room appear too busy.

These decals are safe to use on walls and won’t leave any residue if and when you decide to remove the decal. The decals come on one sheet and easily come off the sheet and onto your wall.

Oil Painting Sunflowers

Oil Painting SunflowersPin

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This sunflower mural is great for those who love and appreciate art. This is an enlarged replica of an oil painting depicting a field of wild sunflowers. A colorful sunset can be seen in the distance with soft pastel colors found throughout the entire mural.

This mural would look great as a major statement piece in the living room or a bedroom. Give the room a comprehensive look by adding some décor in similar colors while leaving the furniture neutral.

These stickers are not made cheaply, so there is no worry about residue being left behind on walls. Just peel and stick your sunflower oil painting mural where you want it!

Rustic Sunflower Border Wallpaper

Rustic Sunflower Border WallpaperPin

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This rustic sunflower border wallpaper would look great lining the top or bottom part of the wall. The leaves seam to blend into the rest of the wall since that part of the border is not cut straight, but cut along the light green leaves. Small insects flying around the flowers seem to bring this border to life.

This sunflower border wallpaper would look great in a country style bathroom filled with natural light. Keep the décor simple with soft yellow and greens. You can even add fresh sunflowers in a vase or other sunflower décor to bring the room together.

This border is easy to assemble and clean to enjoy for many years.

Close-up Sunflower Field Wall Mural

Close-up Sunflower Field Wall MuralPin

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Get up close and personal with this close-up of a sunflower field mural. The wall seems to come alive with these huge flowers with a gorgeous blue sky in the background. Brighten up a dark room with this mural, or liven up a room by adding these sunflowers to make the room feel like you are enjoying a beautiful day outside.

This mural is easy to put together using the 6 pieces to make the entire mural. When you are ready, just peel and stick to the wall of your choice. The mural is made of quality materials, so when you are ready to remove it there will be no residue left behind on the wall.

Rustic Sunflower Border

Rustic Sunflower BorderPin

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This old fashioned looking print would look great as border wallpaper in the kitchen, bathroom, or a child’s room. The soft yellows, greens, and reds against a cream background will make this border blend in with just about any type of décor.

Each sunflower border comes packaged in a spool that is 6 inches tall by 5 yards. The design repeats itself every 24 inches. If you don’t end up using the entire border, just keep the remaining parts on the spool to use in another room or DIY project.

This rustic sunflower border is easy to apply since it comes prepasted, ready to be placed in your room of choice. Use as a border near the bottom or top of a wall to add just a bit of floral décor to your room.

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