20 Table Between Two Chairs Layouts for Inspiration

You might still end up with some empty space in your home after rearranging furniture or moving to a new place. Decorate these empty corners with a table between two chairs.

There are many ways to decorate a space with two chairs and a table. Check out these layouts to add to your home.

Dining Table and Two Chairs

Dining Table and Two ChairsPin

This dining table and two chairs would look great in a breakfast nook of a kitchen. The white table with wood legs is large enough to hold a flower vase, a small fruit bowl, and two dining sets. The gray-blue chairs have wood legs that match the table.

An abstract-gray picture with a white frame decorates the white wall in the dining room. A small-white cabinet with light-colored wood legs makes a great place to store dishes. The top can be used to add décor and color to the room.

Gray and blue vases with flowers add some color to this bright-white dining room.

Armchairs and Copper Table

Armchairs and Copper TablePin

Two gray armchairs surround a small-copper table. A cream and gray rug decorate the gray floor in this room. Dark-blue walls add a dramatic look to this lounging space.

The small-copper table adds some shine to this space. A smoky vase with white flowers decorates the top of the copper table, along with other décor pieces.

The gray chairs are enhanced by the dark-brown wood armrests and legs.

Wooden Chairs and Table

Wooden Chairs and TablePin

A small-circular table is surrounded by a lamp and two armchairs. The gray tabletop is supported by four metal legs and a circular enclosure on the bottom, which creates an interesting design for this small table.

The two armchairs have gray cushions with wooden supports that are also make up the armrests and legs. One chair has a lime-colored pillow while the other has a blue pillow, which adds some nice color to this space.

The huge window in the back ads plenty of sunlight and creates more space in this room.

Gray Chairs and Table

Gray Chairs and TablePin

The two chairs are covered in beautifully-designed fabric that goes well with the surroundings. The purple flowers on the small table bring out the blue color in the blue-gray fabric on the chairs. The floral design on these chairs gives a vintage feel to the space.

The small-metal table between the chairs is simple in design and function and looks great with the clear vase of purple flowers. The gray cushions by the window also match the color in the chairs.

The cream-colored window curtains are sheer enough to allow some sunlight in and give privacy for those who prefer it.

Small Dining Table and Two Chairs

Small Dining Table and Two ChairsPin

This modern dining room has a small table with two chairs in it. The table is white with a simple and modern design. It is decorated with small vases and plants, which add some color and décor to this space.

The chairs are dark gray with dark-brown wood legs for support. Sheer-white curtains allow plenty of sunlight in with some privacy to this room. The white walls and curtains brighten up the room and make it look bigger than it is.

Light-wood floors darken this room a bit and add some texture to this simple and beautiful space.

Stylish Table and Two Chairs

Stylish Table and Two ChairsPin

The round table in this room is held up by tiny legs that come together just below the tabletop. A clear vase with bright orange flowers and bright stems decorate this small table, along with the dishes and cups.

Each chair around the table has a gray cushion to sit on. The stylish legs and back are made of many lines to create an interesting, but functional piece of furniture.

A huge chandelier in the shape of a globe hangs just above the table. The room is lit up by the bright sunlight coming in from the windows on the left.

Round Table and Two Chairs

Round Table and Two ChairsPin

These gray chairs are covered in a gray velour with dark wood legs. The round table in between the chairs is made of dark wood and has two layers to hold décor and other items.

A ceramic vase in gray with beautiful cream and green hydrangeas decorate the top of the table. The rest of the table is kept plain.

A floor lampstand behind the chair on the left. Its gray shade decorates the light underneath. The purple curtains with floral designs add beautiful color and décor to this space.

Black Chairs and Table

Black Chairs and TablePin

Two small benches stand between a small black table in this space. The small table can be folded up and stored by the wall or in a closet. A bottle of red wine, two wine glasses, and two bowls of strawberries and apples decorate this small table.

The cushion on each bench is covered in black fabric with a floral design outlined in white. The legs are black to match the cushion and table.

A huge and white chandelier hangs above the chairs and table to give light to this space.

Fireplace Table and Chairs

Fireplace Table and ChairsPin

These two chairs and table sit just in front of a marble fireplace. The wood and metal chairs can be easily folded and stored in a closet or on a nearby wall.

The white table is held up by metal legs. Clear and white glasses sit on top of the table as elegant pieces of décor.

Light wood floors add extra color to this mostly white room. Statues and other décor elements sit on the mantle above the white and gray marble fireplace. A white and black lamp stands next to the fireplace to give some light to this area.

Two White Chairs and Table

Two White Chairs and TablePin

Add some simple elegance to your kitchen with these two white chairs and table. Both the chairs and table are made of wood and painted over in white.

The table is plain with a circular top and four legs. The legs and back of the chairs have some design in the details. Added décor keeps this space from looking too simple.

Two gray furs add padding and décor to both chairs. The gray teapot and pink roses add some farmhouse charm to the table. The gray walls keep the space looking neutral with some added color in the décor.

Coffee Table and Chairs

Coffee Table and ChairsPin

The chairs and table provide some color in this neutral space. The chair on the left is padded in red while the chair on the right has cushions that are blue. The red and blue cushions stand out against the cream border and legs.

The round table is dark, but lightens up with beautiful lace laying on it like a tablecloth. The lace cloth and a small bouquet in a metal vase are all that decorate the top of the table.

The tan wall and light wood flooring allow the colorful chairs to stand out in this relaxing space.

Purple Chairs and Table

Purple Chairs and TablePin

Purple chairs and a small round table take up the space in this area of the room. Both armchairs are upholstered with dark purple fabric. Each chair is decorated with a sequined-silver pillow that sparkles in the light.

The simple round table in the middle of the two purple chairs are decorated with a lamp and two vases filled with plants. The lamp is white and gives off soft color in this space. The wood container is filled with succulents while the clear vase holds pink flowers.

The light walls allow the purple couches to stand out in this beautiful space.

Metal Table and Chairs

Metal Table and ChairsPin

These metal chairs and table belong in a breakfast nook in the kitchen. The chairs and table are made in the same metal painted black. Both the table and chairs are designed with small curves in the back and legs.

A huge, purple vase sits at one end of the table, right in front of the window. The vase holds beautiful-white flowers and plenty of greenery to add some décor and color to the table.

The small window allows plenty of natural light in to brighten this space up during the day.

Two Armchairs and Table

Two Armchairs and TablePin

The small table made of wood is surrounded by two comfortable chairs in this nook of the room. The chair on the left is gray with a faint pattern and cream-colored pillow on top. The white armchair on the right has a pillow designed to look like a clock.

The table is made of wood and stained brown with a white lamp on top to brighten up the space. The window just behind the lamp also adds plenty of natural sunlight in during the day.

A small basket on the bottom shelf of the table is a great place to store books and other items when not in use.

Black Chairs and Table with Refrigerator

Black Chairs and Table with RefrigeratorPin

This wooden desk table is surrounded by two black chairs on either side. Each chair has a gray-colored cushion as added comfort and design. The wooden table has two drawers that can be used as storage.

Coffee and other supplies are on top of the table, making it a great space to use as a breakfast nook in the kitchen. The orange wall adds some color to this space with dark furniture.

The white curtains by the window allow some sunlight in to brighten up this space as well.

Black and White Chairs and Table

Black and White Chairs and TablePin

A black and a white chair sit between a white table in a nook space. Each chair sits on metal and wood legs. The table is painted white and in a simple design.

The table is decorated a beautiful, white vase that contains green leaves. A book, white candles, and gold décor also decorate the top of the table, adding some color to this space.

The white walls and light wood flooring give a clean and bright look to this space. The modern light-fixture just above the table brightens up this space even more with light.

Modern Chairs and Table

Modern Chairs and TablePin

The chairs and table add interesting design to this modern space. Both armchairs are upholstered with gray fabric and a soft-red seat and buttons with wooden legs.

The table in the middle is held up by four wood legs. Shorter legs surround the table, which can also be seen as a modern design piece.

A small vase with a green plant decorates the top of the table. The green wall adds more color to this space. Other wooden tables can be seen in the room that match well with the middle table and legs on the chairs.

Red Chairs and Table

Red Chairs and TablePin

The colors in this space are mainly red and white. Two red chairs are on opposite sides of an industrial-looking metal table. Both chairs are built in different styles, but are the same red color.

The chair on the left has a red pillow that can be used as extra back support and is held up by four metal legs. The small chair on the right is built in a modern design with legs similar to legs on a desk chair.

The metal table is held up by four legs with wheels on each leg, so that it can be moved easily.

Lounge Chairs and Table

Lounge Chairs and TablePin

These lounge chairs look comfortable to sit on between the chest used as a table. Both chairs are upholstered with fabric decorated with cream and tan stripes. The dark, wooden legs on the chair are stained the same color as the chest.

The chest has three drawers that can be used to store unused items in the room. Several items are used to decorate the table part at the top.

A decorative candles and vase, a dog figure, and a framed picture all add décor and color to this space.

Armchairs and Table

Armchairs and TablePin

Both armchairs sit between a small table that holds a white vase filled with red and white roses. A floor lamp sits behind the table, giving plenty of light to this space.

Both armchairs are made of polished wood and cream-colored upholstered fabric. The tabletop is overlaid with glass and made mainly of polished wood.

Sheer curtains in front of the window allow plenty of natural sunlight in to brighten up this elegant space.

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