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15 Tall Director Chairs with Side Table

Director chairs have been widely used since Hollywood has been making movies. These tall chairs make it easy to see all around while resting.

Since their introduction, these chairs have been used elsewhere and are updated with sturdier materials and compartments. Here are some director chairs with side tables for you to consider.

Pink Tall Director Chair

Pink Tall Director ChairPin

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This director chair is at a tall height at 40 inches. The metal parts are made of sturdy steel with fabric over the seat and back. A nifty side table is included that can fold down when you are finished using the chair.

There is a hole where a cup can be placed, and plenty of room for snacks on the small table. On the left side are compartments that can hold belongings, such as a phone and wallet. A piece of cloth is also attached to the lower part of the chair to place larger belongings.

VIP Tall Director Chair

VIP Tall Director ChairPin

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The aluminum frame will keep you steadily in your seat as you relax in this tall director chair. Despite the 375-pound limit of this chair, it is lightweight and easy to carry around. The seat, back, and the compartment on the left side are made of polyester fabric in black.

A side table pops out from the right side, with a hole large enough to fit a cup. A zippered carry bag with handles makes it easy to store and carry the director chair from place to place.

Brown Director Chair

Brown Director ChairPin

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Look stylish sitting in your brown-and-black tall director chair. This chair is made of alloy steel and can hold up to 300 pounds. The textile material on the seat and back is brown-and-black.

There is also material on the lower part of the chair that can be used to store items to use when needed. Compartments on the left side are made of the same textile material as the seat and back. A folding table with a cup holder is located conveniently on the right side.

Tall Black Director Chair

Tall Black Director ChairPin

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This tall director chair is made by Earth&Skye in alloy steel with black-and-gray material on the back and sitting area. This chair comes with two tables on either side. One table folds up with a cup holder. The other table swivels to the front.

There is also a space on the left side to store some items, made in the same material as the seat and back of the chair. The seat is 26 inches high and can hold plenty of weight. When finished, fold and easily carry this lightweight chair to store for later use.

Tall Blue Director Chair

Tall Blue Director ChairPin

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Sit comfortably on the textile decorated in blue with a gray stripe down the middle while watching a sporting event or directing a play or move. This chair comes in two different heights.

There are two places to store items while watching or directing events. A small table folds up with a place to set a drink on the right side. Pouches hang from the left side to place your phone and other small items.

Black King Camp Director Chair

Black King Camp Director ChairPin

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This KingCamp director chair can be used for camping, for a makeup artist, director, or parent watching their kids play sports outside. You can also order this chair in bright pink. It comes with a small table on the right that folds out and also includes a hole to place a cup.

There is also a side storage bag hanging on the left that can hold magazines, your cell phone, and other small items. The chair weighs 16 pounds and can hold 300 pounds of weight.

Tall Brown Director Chair

Tall Brown Director ChairPin

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This director chair comes in several colors, including brown, black, and blue with a black or beige diamond design on the back. The chair is by Shaddock Fishing and the frame is made of aluminum. The chair can hold 300 pounds.

A black table folds up on the right to place food, drinks, and notes. There is also a fabric storage pocket on the left side. When finished sitting in your chair, just fold it up and place in the storage bag that comes with it.

Coastrail Blue Director Chair

Coastrail Blue Director ChairPin

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The Coastrail director chair is made for outdoor use. It is heavy duty and large for a comfortable seat that can hold 400 pounds for long periods of time.

The blue bag on the left side has small compartments for a makeup artist to use. A back pocket can be used for larger items. The table on the right folds up and down for your convenience and use. There is also a small, foldable footrest at the bottom when needed.

Director Chair with Two Tables

Director Chair with Two TablesPin

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This black chair has two identical tables that fold up on both sides, with a storage shelf underneath. You can purchase the direction chair with a cart or carry bag. The arms are padded for a comfortable sitting experience every time.

One table has a mobile holder, and the other table has a place for a cell phone charging station for your convenience. The chair only weighs 15 pounds, so it will be easy to carry in the bag or cart from place to place.

Personalized Black Director Chair

Personalized Black Director ChairPin

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Personalize the backrest of your director chair with your name or the name of your company. A table folds down on the right with a storage area on the left. An extra layer of fabric is near the bottom of the chair to place small items.

For your text, you can have 18 characters with the font and letter color of your choice. You can also have the text on the inside or outside of the chair.

Black and Silver Director Chair

Black and Silver Director ChairPin

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This aluminum director chair is 45 inches high. It comes with a storage compartment and a table with a cup holder that hangs down when not being used. The skeleton is made of sturdy steel that can hold up to 265 pounds.

The chair has a variety of uses and areas that it can be placed, such as by the pool, patio, game room, or used for camping. When not used, the chair can be folded and stored away in a closet.

Deluxe Director Chair

Deluxe Director ChairPin

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This deluxe director chair is made of aluminum, with black polyester covering the back and seat. The back part and arms have extra cushioning to keep you comfortable while sitting on the chair. It weighs only eight pounds and can hold up to 320 pounds.

A small table with a cup holder is on the right, with a pouch to hold belongings on the left. When finished, just fold your chair and store in the garage or closet for later use.

Tall Director Chair

Tall Director ChairPin

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The heavy-duty director chair by Kamp-Rite is made of steel with a footrest. The logo can be seen on the back in black behind fabric in beige and blue that is comfortable to sit on.

A small table folds up on the other side, with a space to hold a cup. Use this chair at the beach, a sporting event, to direct a movie, and more.

Tuscany Pro Director Chair

Tuscany Pro Director ChairPin

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This all-black director chair has the option of being purchased with a cart or carry bag. It is by TuscanyPro and includes many storage compartments to use while watching a sport game, camping, or directing a scene from a movie.

The chair folds open to also include a table that folds down, a storage bag, and a storage net in the front. Keep snacks, drinks, notes, magazines, and other belongings in these storage areas.

Sturdy 630D polyester fabric covers the seat and back area. The height of the seat is 29 inches and can hold 375 pounds.

Heavy-Duty Tall Director Chair

Heavy-Duty Tall Director ChairPin

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This director chair comes with a foldable table and several places to place drinks on hot days. A makeup artist can store their brushes in these holders as well.

You can order this chair alone, with an LED light, a storage cart, or umbrella light kit. It can hold 275 pounds but only weighs 14 pounds to easily carry around.

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