12 Teal Living Room Décor Ideas

Adding a splash of color is a great way to update a living room space. There are many colors you can do this with.

Teal is a great blue color you can combine in furniture and décor. Here are 12 teal living room décor ideas if you want to add some color to your living room space.

Teal Wall Living Room

Teal Wall Living RoomPin

This beautiful living room looks striking with its bright teal wall. Light and dark teal can be found throughout the décor in the room. White and wood elements balance out the dark teal colors.

The dark walls are balanced with white décor and lighter shelves. The cream-colored couch is decorated with teal pillows and a teal throw blanket. A light teal sitting chair is an excellent contrast to the cream couch.

Natural sunlight from the window brightens up the dark spaces in this living room. Houseplants scattered throughout the room is a great way to enhance the teal parts.

Teal and Green Living Room

Teal and Green Living RoomPin

The teal and green stand out in the neutral colored living room. A teal couch is decorated with green pillows. A gray wall with white panels is a great way to contrast with the colorful couch area.

The dark carpet and neutral walls allow the focus to be on the couch’s teal and green. An open window provides plenty of sunlight to lighten and brighten all the colors in this living room.

Teal Walls Living Room

Teal Walls Living RoomPin

The bright teal walls accentuate the other colors in this living room. The teal walls are two-toned with light paneling on the bottom half. The bright blue couches and curtains really make the blues in this room stand out.

The large green houseplant between the two couches is a great way to bring the color of the walls into the living room, and to add some life into the space. The red rug is a great contrast with the blues in the room and matches nicely with the couches and wall due to the blue and green in the carpet.

Teal Rug Living Room

Teal Rug Living RoomPin

Teal and cream are the primary colors in this living room and are a great combination of light and dark colors. Both colors stand out on the beautiful dark wood flooring and white walls. The cream and teal rug is a great way to bring both colors together in the living room.

The cream couch is balanced with the teal pillows and teal table by the window. The tall, green houseplant in the corner adds color and matches with the teal in the room. The windows remain neutral with sheer curtains between tan ones pulled back.

Teal and Yellow Living Room

Teal and Yellow Living RoomPin

The mustard yellow pillows stand out against the dark teal couch. The ottoman filled with cups is a great way to balance the mustard color with the teal. The white walls brighten up the living room with natural light coming from outside.

The wood flooring helps the teal and mustard on the couch and ottoman blend in with the dark colors in the room. The black and white rug and dark furniture in the back of the living room balance out the colors in the rest of the living space.

Dark Teal Wall Living Room

Dark Teal Wall Living RoomPin

The dark teal wall overshadows the neutral colors in this living room. The gray cushions and pillows on the wood-framed couch add a lighter color to the room. The blanket with black dots on a white background is a great way to add some exciting design in the area.

The light gray flooring and basketweave floor cushion are a great way to match up with the neutral colored couch and other parts of this room. Having a teal wall is a great way to add some color and define the walls in this living space.

Teal Living Room

Teal Living RoomPin

Different shades of teal mixed with neutral colors can be seen in this living room. The teal-green wall matches up with the light teal chair and light teal rug on the light gray striped floor. The white brick wall on the left is a great way to break up the colorful teal-green wall.

Gray curtains cover sunlight coming in and balance some of the colors by being a neutral shade. The books and décor on the shelve add a variety of color to this teal living room space.

Light Teal Living Room

Light Teal Living RoomPin

The teal in this living room is paired up with green houseplants and light wood furniture. The white walls brighten up the room, as well as create more space while being lit up by some sunlight coming in through the sheer curtains on the windows.

Teal cushions on a wood frame with navy, white, and tan pillows is a great way to combine color with wood on the couch. The wood table with a light covered top on the white rug keeps the room looking neutral with just some added color.

Teal Pillows Living Room

Teal Pillows Living RoomPin

The colorful pillows on this light teal couch draw attention with their bright colors. Bright yellow, teal, red, and red and white striped pillows add bright color to the neutral teals in this living room.

The white tiled floors, white walls, and sheer, white curtains add bright light and space to this room. The light green and white striped curtains are a great way to add some color and design to the windows.

The white lamp almost appears light teal in color when standing right next to the couch.

Teal Chairs Living Room

Teal Chairs Living RoomPin

These two teal-colored chairs add some color to this living room space. They match up with the teal in the abstract art piece near the window. The pillows add some interesting design and color to the chairs with tan, brown, and black splotches on a cream background.

Natural sunlight coming in from the windows behind the chairs brighten up the walls, creating a bright space to visit with family and friends. The chairs are the focal part of this living room with their bright color and design on the pillows.

Teal and Natural Living Room

Teal and Natural Living RoomPin

The wood and woven décor and furniture in this teal room give it an earthy look with bright colors. The woven, circular wall pieces stand out against the dark teal wall. The gray couch and blue pillow match up with the walls.

Light gray curtains allow plenty of sun in when draw back during the day. The wood floors look beautiful, matched up with the wood and woven features of this beautiful living room.

Teal White Living Room

Teal White Living RoomPin

This light teal living room features a gorgeous chandelier and paintings on the wall. The light teal and white match beautifully against the wood floors. Teal and white pillow are an excellent addition to the all-white couch.

The round coffee table stands just under the chandelier, making the couch and table a focal point in this living room. Tall windows allow plenty of light in to brighten up with white furniture and teal walls.

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