How to Put a Throw Blanket on a Sofa? (Including 15 Examples)

Blankets are a great accessory to have near sofas. They can also add some décor and color to a plain sofa.

There are several ways to add a blanket to a sofa. Some popular choices include folding one neatly on a seat or back of the couch or draping the blanket on the sofa.

Below are some ways to add throw blankets to couches.

Gray, Fuzzy Blanket

Gray Fuzzy BlanketPin

A popular way to place a blanket on a sofa is to simply drape it over one part of the sofa. A gray shag blanket is draped over a couch with taupe cushions. The white pillows with gray stripes look great over the blanket but can also lay on the other side of the couch.

The other furniture and décor bring the look of the entire room together. The lamp creates a soft glow throughout this living room. The large houseplants in the corner is a great way to use this empty space.

White Throw Blanket

White Throw BlanketPin

A white blanket is draped over the left side of the couch, with pillows covering up the rest of the seat and back. Extra blankets can be seen tossed into the wicker basket on the left side of the couch.

Having a blanket on the side of the couch is a great idea because it is easily accessible to those who want to use it. The bright colors on the pillows make up for the neutral colors on the couch. The bouquet of flowers on the black table is also a great addition of color.

Purple Blanket

Purple BlanketPin

This purple blanket is draped strategically over the seat, arms and back of the couch. The tassels form a diagonal line that creates some design on the white couch. The blanket also adds some deep color to this area.

Pillows in similar colors that can match both the couch and blanket would be a nice addition. Switching out the white orchids for pink ones would also add more color. The beautiful, white drapes create texture next to the window, with some color in the tassels that keep it tied.

Magenta Blanket

Magenta BlanketPin

The magenta blanket is folded over the couch in a space where there are no pillows. The tassels can be seen near the bottom and match well with the bold magenta pillows, as well as the striped and floral pillow on the couch.

Both the pillows and blanket can be switched with a different color scheme to match with the seasons and holidays throughout the year.

Fur Blanket

Fur BlanketPin

This faux fur throw looks like it was just thrown on the couch, with pillows tossed on it. This “thrown” look is very popular nowadays. This is a great way to cover up stains or tears on a couch if you don’t want to purchase a cover.

You can also easily grab the blanket to stay cozy on cold nights. The fur pillows are a great addition since they match the blanket with their texture. Although two of the pillows are in brown, they still match with their “fur” look.

Tan Blanket

Tan BlanketPin

This tan blanket looks like it was also tossed on the couch, except that the bottom part was gently pushed to the side to fall to the floor. The decorative pillow was neatly placed in the middle of the couch but would also look great on either side.

The blanket and pillow are a great combination since they match each other and the couch. The pillow is in dark, neutral colors but looks interesting with its many shapes and designs.

Throw Blankets

Throw BlanketsPin

These two throw blankets were gently draped in the middle of the couch, landing on the back, seat, and draped over to touch the ground.

The teal blanket can be barely seen since it almost perfectly matches the color of the sofa. The gray blanket stands out in color and design but goes with the gray-and-white pillows.

The gray blanket also has cream fringe on the bottom as an extra design. The pillows look great on either side of the couch. The pillows are all in different designs, which also make them stand out on the teal couch.

Yellow Throw Blanket

Yellow Throw BlanketPin

This blanket is folded and draped over the couch, so that it has a more put-together look than blankets that are draped over sofas. The bold-yellow blanket has some nice fringe at the bottom, which adds some design to the plain cloth.

The blanket almost stands out awkwardly against the gray sofa, but the lighter-yellow pillows match well with it, as well as the other yellow décor found throughout the room.

Pillows on Blanket

Pillows on BlanketPin

The blanket on this couch is folded on the seat as an extra layer to sit on. If someone is cold, they can just wrap it around them. Having the pillows on and around the blanket helps it blend in and look like it is part of the couch.

The couch sits in a nook by a window where there is plenty of sunlight during the day. The light, neutral colors on the pillows, couch, and blanket blend together well. The texture on the blanket and some of the pillows add to the design of the space.

Blanket over Couch

Blanket over CouchPin

The beautiful blanket on this couch covers the seat and back, making it blend in with the large piece of furniture. Parts of the blanket are in the same cream color as the couch. The soft-blue stripes add some color and design to the couch. The blanket also matches well with the star pillows.

The white walls and side table brighten up the room and match with the light-colored sofa and blanket. The wood floors add warmth to this bright space.

Pink Blanket

Pink BlanketPin

The two blankets are draped neatly over the right side of this pink couch, ready to use. One blanket is slightly draped over the one underneath, which is one way to put a throw blanket on a sofa. The other side is filled with colorful pillows that match the couch.

The soft-gray wall looks purple next to the couch and matches well with some of the pillows. The wallpaper on the back of the shelves matches the rug in the same pattern and colors.

Pillows over Blanket

Pillows over BlanketPin

A gray-and-white patterned blanket is folded over one arm on this white couch. Other blankets hang on a wooden rack to the side. The blanket is partially covered with pillows, which help to keep in on the arm.

Bright sunlight makes the white even brighter in this room, creating a larger space. The denim-like curtains create an interesting design near the windows. Light-wood furniture with the white on the couch and other details create a natural feel to this living room.

Purple Blanket on Gray Sofa

Purple Blanket on Gray SofaPin

This thick, purple blanket is folded and drapes down one side of the couch. This would be a great blanket to have during cold months. It adds a bright color to the light-gray couch and white pillows.

The fern and other houseplants make great décor in this white space. A faux animal fur rug can be seen below the couch. Another alternative is using a rug with purple to add some color to the floor.

Orange Blanket

Orange BlanketPin

The bright-orange blanket looks like it’s about to drop to the floor on the side of the couch. The pillows keep in place over the arm of the gray couch. The blanket drapes nicely without looking uneven next to the couch.

The orange pillow and bowl of oranges blend in well with the blanket and are a great contrast against the gray couch and pillows. There is plenty of room to add even more color to this space.

Patterned Blanket

Patterned BlanketPin

A patterned blanket is slightly folded and draped over the lounge part of this sectional couch. The furniture is in plain colors, but the décor make up for the lack of color. The blanket matches the couch with some gray but stands out with the bright-red in the pattern.

Some red can also be seen in one of the books on the shelf. The cacti and houseplants add some life and more color to the living room. The light-brown on the curtains, shelves and pillow give the space a natural feel.

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