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15 Tree Wallpapers for Nature Lovers

Trees are the oldest living organisms on the earth. Methuselah is a tree in Caifornia’s White Mountains and is over 4800 years old. Most trees do not die from old age.

Bring this part of nature into your home with tree wallpaper. Add plenty of green, leafy houseplants to the room to include even more nature to your living space.

Birch Tree Wallpaper

Birch Tree WallpaperPin

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Enjoy a walk in the woods indoors with this tree wallpaper. Gray birch trees grow from the grow up, forming natural stripes with small branches emerging on both sides. The gray trunks of the trees grow in front of a light-gray background.

Add this wallpaper to a living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Add furniture and décor in white and soft blue to bring out the grays in the wallpaper.

This wallpaper easily peels and sticks to the wall or walls of your choice. Remove from walls without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Black and White Tree Wallpaper

Black and White Tree WallpaperPin

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This birch tree wallpaper is in black and white. It is great for rooms that need a wall updated without too much color or design. The black-shaded trunks and branches of birch trees grow vertically on a white background.

Add as little or as much décor to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or dining room. You can also decorate the room in black and white to match the walls.

Just peel and stick to the walls in the room that needs updating. This wallpaper can be washed and removed when you want to replace it.

Off-White Tree Wallpaper

Off-White Tree WallpaperPin

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This lightly-designed wallpaper is decorated with tree branches and buds in soft gray on a white background. This wallpaper is a great way to update walls with just a little color and design.

Add this wallpaper to the walls in your kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, hallway, or bedroom. Add as little or as much décor and color as you want to the room. Combine gray, white, and your favorite color to match with the walls for a simple design.

This wallpaper will easily stick to any flat wall surface.

Scandi Tree Wallpaper

Scandi Tree WallpaperPin

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Decorate some walls in your home with this Scandi tree wallpaper. Gray branches grow from the ground with orange leaves growing from smaller branches. The trees and leaves are painted on a pale-yellow background.

Match the room’s décor with similar colors from the wallpaper. Add a gray couch with orange and yellow blankets and pillows. If in a bedroom, decorate with a bed made of light wood with a gray comforter or a comforter in similar colors as the wallpaper.

Add some large houseplants to create an indoor forest in your room of choice.

Gray Tree Wallpaper

Gray Tree WallpaperPin

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This tree wallpaper is done in soft grays and greens. Soft gray tree trunks, branches and leaves grow upward. Soft-green birds perch on branches of these trees.

The birds and trees stand out against the white background of the wallpaper. Place this wallpaper in a bedroom or living room. Add furniture and décor in light colors to match up with the tree wallpaper.

Peel and stick the wallpaper to one wall as a décor wall, or place on all the walls in the room of your choice.

Folklore Tree Wallpaper

Folklore Tree WallpaperPin

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Tiny trees are outlined in white lines and designs to create folklore trees on a taupe background. The wallpaper also comes in black, white and gray, and white and blue.

Add the wallpaper to a bedroom or bathroom that needs to be updated. Measure out how much wallpaper you need, then cut, peel and stick to the walls. This wallpaper can also be removed without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Weeping Tree Wallpaper

Weeping Tree WallpaperPin

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This wallpaper made up of weeping trees will look great in nursery, kitchen, bedroom bathroom, or living room. The tree branches and leaves are painted in different shades of beige and white on a light-gray background.

Match the furniture and décor with the walls, or add some soft colors to the room. Add soft-pinks or blues if using this wallpaper in a nursery. Mix and match beige and other soft colors to add more color and design to the room of your choice.

The wallpaper comes in a roll and will peel and stick to a wall with a smooth surface.

Grove Trees Wallpaper

Grove Trees WallpaperPin

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Small groups of tiny forest trees decorate this wallpaper. Small trees in shades of green and olive decorate a light-beige background. Place this wallpaper on the bedroom, bathroom, or living room walls.

Add dark or light-colored wood furniture to match with the walls. Include beige and green blankets and pillows to match the wallpaper with.

This tree wallpaper comes prepasted to easily install on your walls. This wallpaper is also strippable and washable to keep clean and take off the walls when you want to replace it.

Palm Trees Wallpaper

Palm Trees WallpaperPin

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Create a tropical feel in one of your rooms with this wallpaper made up of palm trees. Green palm leaves grow from brown trunks on a white background. The huge leaves in dark and light green overlap each other in a pattern throughout the wallpaper.

Place this wallpaper in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom. Add large indoor plants to create a tropical feel indoors. Get white or furniture made of natural wood that matches the trunks on the trees in the wallpaper.

Make sure to purchase wallpaper glue, since this wallpaper comes unpasted.

Deer in Forest Wallpaper

Deer in Forest WallpaperPin

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This gray and white wallpaper contains a forest full of wildlife. Trees, flowers, deer, birds, and rabbits prance around in a pattern made up of gray and white. The wildlife and plants are all printed in white with a dark-gray background.

Add this dark and light wallpaper to your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or hallway. Add a mix of white and gray furniture with some color in the décor.

This Scandinavian-influenced wallpaper will easily peel and stick to the surface of your choice. Make sure to apply the wallpaper to a smooth surface so that it lays flat on the wall.

Tree Silhouette Wallpaper

Tree Silhouette WallpaperPin

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The trees in this wallpaper are silhouettes in beige on a light-yellow background. This wallpaper will work great in a room where you want to update the walls with just a little color and design.

Use the furniture and décor you already have in the room, or incorporate yellows into your design to match the wallpaper. This wallpaper comes prepasted and ready to install onto your walls.

Blue Birch Tree Wallpaper

Blue Birch Tree WallpaperPin

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White birch trees are decorated on a light-blue background to create a beautiful wallpaper design. The trees and branches are shaded to create a 3-dimensional effect on the walls.

The wallpaper comes prepasted on a roll. Use on one wall as a statement area of the room, or on all the walls to brighten and update the room’s look.

Apple Blossom Tree Wallpaper

Apple Blossom Tree WallpaperPin

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Pink and white apple blossoms bloom from gray branches on this tree wallpaper. The white and pink flowers stand out against the light-gray background.

This wallpaper will look great in the bathroom, bedroom, hallway, or living room. You will need to purchase paste to apply to the wallpaper. Soak, then hang on your walls to enjoy.

Charcoal Trees Wallpaper

Charcoal Trees WallpaperPin

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Gray branches and trees emerge from a charcoal background on this wallpaper. Place in a room where you want to update and darken the walls.

You will need to purchase paste to use on the wallpaper to stick it to your walls. The wallpaper is strippable and washable when dirty. Place it on one wall or all the walls to give your room a darker look.

Bonsai Tree Wallpaper

Bonsai Tree WallpaperPin

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The decorative bonsai trees and flowers are made with tiny lines for a unique look. The outline of the plants are done in white on a gray background. This wallpaper also comes in tan, green, and navy.

Have wallpaper paste on-hand to apply to your wallpaper when it arrives. This wallpaper will go great in any room you paste it in. Choose a color that matches your furniture and décor.

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