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12 Tropical Tablecloths

Tropical rainforests have fascinated people for many years. Strange animals live in these forests, as well as beautiful plants and flowers.

Bring some of the tropics home with you on a tablecloth. Add one or some of these tropical tablecloths to your tables to enjoy at home.

Tropical Leaves Tablecloth

Tropical Leaves TableclothPin

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Place these tropical tablecloths on your tables at the next Hawaiian party you host in your home. This set comes with three packs of tablecloths. Each tablecloth is made of plastic and ready to use on tables, on the wall, or on a door.

The tablecloths are decorated with large and small green monstera and palm leaves, and plumeria flowers in pink and white. The plants float along a white background.

Add colorful dishes that are green, pink, and white to match the tablecloth. You can also use a small, leafy houseplant as a centerpiece.

Black Tropical Tablecloth

Black Tropical TableclothPin

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This tablecloth is filled with huge tropical leaves in different shades of green. The leaves overlap each other and lay on a black background.

The cloth comes in two different sizes, so make sure you measure your table before you make a purchase. It is made of 100% polyester and just needs to be wiped clean when there are spills.

Add some colorful, tropical plants as centerpieces with white dishes and glasses so that the focus is on the beautiful tablecloth.

White Tropical Tablecloth

White Tropical TableclothPin

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Large, tropical leaves in shades of blue and teal cover this white tablecloth. The leaves were originally painted in vivid watercolors, then printed onto the cloth.

This tablecloth comes in several sizes and can fit square or rectangular tables. Use this polyester cloth for your next spring or summer social event.

Tropical Leaf and Flower Tablecloth

Tropical Leaf and Flower TableclothPin

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This tablecloth is filled with a beautiful variety of tropical leaves and flowers on a white background. A green border decorates the edge of the tablecloth and blends in with the green leaves floating all over. Brightly-colored birds fly around the plants and add to this beautiful tablecloth.

The cloth comes in different sizes to fit square, round, and rectangular tables. It is made of 100% cotton and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Place this tablecloth on a table in the spring or summer during a lunch or dinner party for guests and family to enjoy.

Kona Tropics Tablecloth

Kona Tropics TableclothPin

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Tropical plants and flowers painted in soft colors cover this tablecloth. The images are transferred onto the cloth in soft colors, so they don’t take away from other décor in the room.

Add a bowl full of tropical fruits to the table as a snack and centerpiece. Match décor with the cloth by adding statues and other items in similar colors throughout the room.

Blue Tropical Tablecloth

Blue Tropical TableclothPin

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Leaves and flowers in several shades of blue and green are printed onto a white background on this tablecloth. Some of the leaves and flowers are colored in, while others are hand-drawn. The plants overlap each other in a tropical design on the cloth.

The tablecloth is made of 100% peva with a backing made of 100% polyester flannel. The cloth is made to be resistant to wrinkles or stains. Just wipe with a damp cloth when dirty.

Add some colorful flowers on or around the table during mealtime to enjoy with your tropical tablecloth.

Floral Tropical Tablecloth

Floral Tropical TableclothPin

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Vibrant colors fill this outdoor tablecloth with a zipper to fit over umbrellas on a round table. Brightly-colored tropical flowers and leaves fill the cloth over a turquoise background. This cloth would look great on an outdoor table during a pool party, barbeque, or birthday party held outdoors.

A small piece of cloth folds over the zipper to blend in with the design of the tablecloth. It is made of 100% polyester with a hole in the middle to fit on a table with an umbrella. When dirty, clean in the washing machine to use for future parties and events.

Abstract Tropical Tablecloth

Abstract Tropical TableclothPin

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Leaves painted in watercolors in hues of blue, yellow, and green grow against a white background on this tablecloth. The tablecloth is designed to use indoors or outdoors. It comes in several sizes to fit rectangular, oval, and oblong tables.

It is made of 100% polyester and is heavy enough to stay on the table, even when used outside. It is made to not fade and repels stains and mildew.

Display this brightly-colored tablecloth on a large table for your next indoor or outdoor party.

Island Flowers Tablecloth

Island Flowers TableclothPin

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Pink-and-red hibiscus, pink plumeria flowers and tropical leaves in several sizes and hues of green cover the majority of the space on this tablecloth. Hints of the cream background can be seen between the large, green leaves and pink flowers.

Lay the satiny cloth on the table you use for potlucks or parties. Place leafy houseplants on the center of the table as décor. Add dishes of food or solid plates on the table for guests to eat with.

Decorate other parts of the room with faux or real hibiscus and plumeria plants in similar colors to match the tablecloth.

Palm Trees Tablecloth

Palm Trees TableclothPin

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Most of the design on this round tablecloth can be seen near the edges. Palm trees and other tropical plants grow from the edges and are drawn in pencil with some gray shading. Hints of color can be seen on birds and flowers that are painted in watercolors.

The rest of the tablecloth is left cream. You can add more color with a floral centerpiece and dishes.

The tablecloth is made of 100% cotton and also comes in other shapes and dimensions. You can place this one on a round table in a kitchen nook.

Aloha Tropical Tablecloth

Aloha Tropical TableclothPin

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Tropical plants and pineapples float along a bright-blue background along the sides of this tablecloth. The middle is left white with the design on the sides. Ripe pineapples, red hibiscus, green palm leaves and other tropical flowers decorate this festive tablecloth.

This plastic cloth will go great for a Hawaiian party, child’s birthday, or other event held in the spring and summer. There is plenty of space in the middle to place food and drinks for a potluck, a centerpiece, or plastic dishes to eat from.

Tropical Fish Tablecloth

Tropical Fish TableclothPin

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Enjoy a beach party over the summer with this tropical fish tablecloth. Colorful fish swim around seashells outlined in white with red coral on a teal background. You can also use this cloth for a fish-themed birthday for a child.

You can get either a round or oblong-shaped tablecloth, based on the table you want to use with it. The cloth is made of 100% vinyl with a flannel back made of 100% olefin. Easily clean up spills by wiping with a damp cloth as needed.

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