22 Types of Dressers

Dressers are a staple furniture piece that are great to use to store clothes in a bedroom, as well as a great design piece to add to a room. They have been used since the Tudor times in England and elsewhere.

Get some great ideas on varieties of dressers you can add to your home. Below are different types that can fit in all kinds of rooms and designs.

By Design:

Three Drawer

Three DrawerPin

This dresser has three large drawers, which is plenty of space to fit clothing, décor, and other items in. The rectangular top has plenty of space for décor and other trinkets.

The lamp with the white shade and decorative, clear baubles on the stem match the white pulls on the gray dresser. The small, red vase matches the red flowers in the tall, clear vase off to the side.

This gray dresser would look great in a bedroom with other gray furniture, such as a nightstand and bedframe.

Drawer Dresser

Drawer DresserPin

This dresser comes with 12 small drawers, all in the same size. These are great for smaller items, such as décor, school supplies, or art supplies.

The black pulls stand out against the gray paint on the wooden dresser. Mix and match with other furniture in white or other colors.

If in a bedroom, add a lamp with colorful décor pieces, or line up favorite books along the long side near the back of the top part.

Dresser and Vanity

Dresser and VanityPin

This gorgeous dresser and bench will stand out in a bedroom or bathroom with its design and bright coloring. Turquoise is a bold choice that will look great in a beach or vintage-themed room.

The curved lines and floral details add a look that was probably common for its day. Three small drawers are located at the top, with two smaller doors on both sides and space for the bench or legs to go in the middle when sitting down.

Tone down the color of the dresser by adding décor that is in white or neutral colors.

Modern Dresser

Modern DresserPin

The modern dresser has a sleek design with black pulls and a rectangular shape.

Four drawers in three different sizes are plenty of space for items to go in this living room dresser. It can be used as the entertainment center, with a flat-screen television hanging on the wall above it, or to place things out of sight, with space for décor on top.

Place behind a couch or against a wall for plenty of space for other furniture and décor pieces in your living room.

Dresser with Shelves

Dresser with ShelvesPin

The square-shaped dresser consists of drawers, doors, and shelf space. The white dresser sits on a table and legs made of light wood. The rest of the wooden piece of furniture is painted white, with holes used to open the drawers and doors.

The sleek lines and clean look have a modern feel to it. The drawers can fit a variety of clothes, while displaying favorite décor and other things on the shelves. There is also space for other items to sit on the very top, as well as space for storage boxes to fit below the legs.

By Material:

Mixed Material Dresser

Mixed Material DresserPin

This dresser stands out with its many colors and materials that it’s made of. The drawers are made of different woods, plastic, and metal.

A variety of pulls are also installed on the drawer. Some are made of plastic with others made of different metals. The pulls are also made in a mix of knobs and handles.

The main parts of the dresser, such as the sides and top, are made of a different material than the drawers in white, to match the variety of drawers and pulls.

Mahogany Dresser

Mahogany DresserPin

A beautiful dresser made of mahogany wood stands in the corner of this room. The rings and other patterns of the tree can be seen on the drawers. The sides are sculpted to look like columns with raised legs on the floor.

There is plenty of space on top to place items. A variety of vases with dried plants cover up the top of this dresser, with a few on the floor.

The checkered floor matches the dress with brown squares. The striped rug is a great way to add some additional color and design to the floor space.

Oak Wood Dresser

Oak Wood DresserPin

This antique dresser is made of beautiful oak wood with carvings all over. The top, sides, drawers, bottom, and legs are all carved to go with style popular in its day. Brass pulls make it easy to open and close the drawers.

This old-fashioned dresser would look great in the bedroom, hallway, or dining room of a house decorated in a vintage style. Add a rustic lamp with décor to the top. Clothing, décor, and other extra items can be placed in the drawers for later use.

By Style:

Vintage Dresser

Vintage DresserPin

A vintage dresser is a great way to add character to a room in your home. This vintage dresser is made of wood and painted over in soft blue with brass handles. The drawers and cabinets have floral designs in them, with curved legs at the bottom.

This would look great in the hallway, living room, or bedroom with other vintage furniture. If using to store clothes, add shelves to both sides where the doors are to use as extra compartments for the clothes to go.

Farmhouse Dresser

Farmhouse DresserPin

The rectangular-shaped dresser is made of wood and painted over with a distressed finish, giving it a rustic look, which is great to use in a room styled with the farmhouse look.

Pulls are in different shapes to add some variety to the drawers. There is also carvings along the edge of the sides and drawers that add some décor to this piece of furniture.

There is also plenty of space for items to be on display at the top. One or two lamps, candles, books, statues, and other décor would look great from there.

Retro Dresser

Retro DresserPin

This sleek dresser has a retro look to it with round buttons and tapered legs. Another detail is the drawer with inlaid wood, which makes this dresser stand out among others.

The record player and palm tree in a dark pot are a great addition as well. Even the dark-green paint on the wall helps the wood dresser stand out in the room.

The dresser would also look great in a retro-inspired bedroom. Replace the plant or record with a lava lamp, and other retro-era décor.

Scandi Dresser

Scandi DresserPin

This scandi dresser is based on Scandinavian design concepts that include simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. The flat-gray color on the dresser is decorated with crown-covered pulls that go with the look in this child’s bedroom.

The simple lines allow for plenty of functionality to easily use the drawers and top of the dresser. The random items on top can be replaced by stuffed animals or plants. There is also plenty of room to place clothing and other items in the three drawers.

Colorful décor items on top can also make up for the simple colors of the dresser.

Chinese Style Dresser

Chinese Style DresserPin

The Chinese style dresser is also simple in design and appearance. It has two small drawers above two doors. Clean lines go down where four legs lift off the dresser from the floor.

This vintage Chinese dresser looks to be made of wood painted over in green, which has signs of age along the edges. Black pulls are used to open and close the drawers and doors.

Dresser with Changing Table

Dresser with Changing TablePin

The dresser has an ombre coloring look to it, with the lowest drawer in bright green, fading into a light-mint green at the top. A changing table is at the top so that this can go into a nursery to use to change a baby’s diaper and store diapers and clothes into the drawer spaces.

The huge pulls make it easy to open and close when needed. When the baby is older, the top part can be used to place décor, such as a lamp, books, and toys. Make sure to add other furniture and décor in similar shades of green.

Coastal Dresser

Coastal DresserPin

This dresser would look great in a room with a beach or coastal theme. A metal skeleton and legs gives the dresser a slightly urban feel. Six drawers are plenty of space for clothing, décor, and any other items that need to have a place to be stored away.

The dresser is made of wood with a gray, weathered look to it. Pulls in clear plastic with metal parts gives it a modern look. Place in a bedroom or study to use as a storage space. Add decorative items to the top that match the rest of the décor in the room.

Contemporary Dresser

Contemporary DresserPin

This dresser is painted in a bold red to match the wall and other pieces in the room. The modern dresser has clean lines and a simple, but functional look. Dark pulls are a great match with the red paint on the wood. The legs lift up the furniture a bit off the ground so that a rug and other small pieces can fit underneath.

Other elements of red can be seen in the room. A wicker basket with a sweater sits on a pillow with red-and-white jagged lines. A red umbrella hangs from a cabinet door.

The natural and cream elements in the room make the red not so overbearing.

By Size:

Large Dresser

Large DresserPin

This large dresser will have a place against a wall near the foot of the bed in the master bedroom or side of the bed with other furniture in wood. A mirror on the wall above the dresser would be a nice use of the space around.

The dresser is simple, but elegant with straight lines and a little carving. Golden pulls add some décor and shine to this large dresser, where shirts, pants, socks, and other articles can go. Dress up the top with a lamp and some statues and other decorative elements.

Tall Dresser

Tall DresserPin

This chest of drawers would go great in a corner of the room where there is plenty of room to place a piece of furniture that needs more space vertically. The off-white dresser looks great in this room with light and other natural elements.

The wooden top is a place to store extra clothes or decorative items, such as the small wicker baskets that match the ones on the floor next to the mirror. Brass pulls make it easy to open and close the drawers and also match the natural colors in the room.

Long Dresser

Long DresserPin

This long, white dresser goes well with the modern farmhouse look in the bedroom. Simple lines with metal pulls add to the simplicity already in the room with other décor and furniture. The lightly carved legs, drawers, and edges add some design to this piece of furniture.

The three large drawers in the middle are surrounded by three smaller ones on both sides, which is plenty of space to store clothes and other materials. The books, alarm clock and green houseplants in the black pot are a great addition of décor to the top.

By Shape:

Rectangular Dresser

Rectangular DresserPin

This rectangular dresser has a modern look with simple lines, color, and pulls. Even the décor on top has a simple look to it.

It would fit well in a bedroom or even the living room. It can be used as the entertainment center, with a television on top or hanging from the wall.

The candles and vases are a nice addition of décor to the long top. Even though the lamp is also white, the textured base gives it an interesting look.

Dresser with Mirrors

Dresser with MirrorsPin

The dresser with mirrors has an interesting shape when put together. The side mirrors can be moved against a wall or inward to make space for other items.

Place the dresser and mirrors in a bedroom with other antiques or in the bathroom as a vanity. The large drawers at the bottom can fit clothes, while the smaller drawers can fit makeup, brushes, and other smaller pieces.

Some décor can fit on the tops, although there is not much space. This unique-looking dresser looks beautiful on its own without additional decorations.

Square Dresser

Square DresserPin

This square dresser has tall legs that lift it off the ground about a foot high, making it taller. Holes and drawers in different sizes are located all over to fit items that are large and small in them. The bright color of the wood gives it a retro look, along with the various sizes of the shelves and drawers.

Place in a bedroom, living room, hallway, or wherever there is space for this piece of furniture. Add books or décor to the shelves. Small pieces of clothing or unused items can be stored in the drawers.

There is also extra space below to store books, blankets, and boxes. You can also add décor to the top.

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