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25 Whale Shower Curtains

Whales are the largest mammals in the entire world. The blue whale, is the largest of them all, weighing several hundred pounds, which comes out to a few hundred tons.

Enjoy these magnificent creatures in your bathroom on a shower curtain. Here are some whale curtains to inspire you next time you want to redo your bathroom.

Kid Whale Shower Curtains

Kid Whale Shower CurtainsPin

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This colorful whale-themed shower curtain will look great in a child’s bathroom. Two whales swim in the ocean, surrounded by various animals and plants. Several ships float above on the surface.

The whales, animals, and sea life all float on a light-blue background. Use the white hooks included to hang the curtain or purchase stainless steel ones to add some shine to this space.

Make sure to hang up towels and place a mat on the floor in a matching color from the curtain as well.

Swimming Whales Shower Curtain

Swimming Whales Shower CurtainPin

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The blue whales in this shower curtain swim upward into the waves at the top of the ocean. The currents swirl around them in beautiful designs. Shells, crabs, and fish swim around them, with the ocean floor covered in plants.

Add ocean décor and images of whales and the ocean to the walls of the bathroom. The curtains are made of 100% polyester and can be washed in the washing machine when dirty.

Whale Print Shower Curtains

Whale Print Shower CurtainsPin

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This simple print features white whales with the occasional turquoise one swimming in the deep-blue sea. One row of whales swim in one direction, while the whales above and below swim in the opposite direction.

Place a navy mat and navy or printed towels with similar designs on hooks near the shower and bath. Scatter seashells throughout the bathroom to create an ocean-like atmosphere.

A variety of rings and hooks can be used to hang the curtain from to enjoy in a child’s bathroom.

Cat Riding Whale

Cat Riding WhalePin

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A cat rides a whale in this whimsical shower curtain scene. The blue waves with white foam are copied from vintage prints of Japanese wave art. The waves curl into tiny points above the ocean.

The cat stands on the back of the whale with a triton in one hand, holding the reins in the other. The images are printed on a background of old planks of stained wood white.

This curtain can be ordered in several sizes and is made of polyester.

Abstract Whales Shower Curtain

Abstract Whales Shower CurtainPin

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The whales and fish on this shower curtain are printed in black and several shades of blue. Each whale is covered in designs or shapes in white. Ocean waves in blue are between each animal against a white background.

The simple design and colors would look great in a boy’s bathroom. Add some bathmats and towels in similar colors. Purchase some art décor in blues and ocean-themed to hang on the walls.

Whale Design Shower Curtain

Whale Design Shower CurtainPin

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This detailed shower curtain will look great in a master or guest bathroom. A large, blue whale swims just under a sailing ship. “Deep blue sea” is printed on white on the dark-blue whale.

“Never stop exploring” is printed in navy blue on a white banner, floating away in the ocean painted in blue-and-green watercolors. Add ocean-themed towels, mats, and décor to create an underwater bathroom.

Moby Dick Shower Curtain

Moby Dick Shower CurtainPin

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The shower curtain depicted the famous white whale, Moby Dick. The pale-colored whale swims upward from the deepest parts of the ocean to destroy the sailing ship floating in the middle.

Bubbles form around the whale’s mouth and body as it swims as fast as possible toward the ship. Lovers of the book, Moby Dick, will appreciate having this shower curtain in their bathroom.

This vibrantly-colored shower curtain won’t fade and will dry fast to be enjoyed for years.

Whale and Lighthouse Curtain

Whale and Lighthouse CurtainPin

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The whimsical image on this shower curtain features a humpback whale swimming, with two lighthouses and a boat on its back. From the top, it looks like the lighthouses and boat are near the ocean.

The whale and its “riders” seem to float in mid-air on a white background. The watercolor image would look great in a master or guest bathroom. Hang the curtain from hooks in blue to add more color to the top.

Whale Tail Shower Curtain

Whale Tail Shower CurtainPin

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A whale’s tail splashes upward, splashing water everywhere, while the rest of its body dives back into the ocean. White foam can be seen all around the body and tail of the whale.

Calm ocean water in black and blue surround the black whale. Strokes of watercolor paint in turquoise cover part of the top of the white shower curtain.

Add solid-blue towels and bathmats, or ones with ocean images on them. Decorate the rest of the bathroom with décor and accessories with images of the ocean.

Different Whales Shower Curtain

Different Whales Shower CurtainPin

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Different types of whales swim around each other to form a circle on this shower curtain.

Find other whale décor and accessories in blue to match with the curtain.

Whale Tail Curtain

Whale Tail CurtainPin

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The dark tail of a whale about to go into the depths of the ocean looks striking against the white of the shower curtain. Vivid blues and grays make up the tail and ocean waves in dark watercolors.

Add a mix of blue-and-white bathmats and towels. Hang up the shower curtains with the hooks that come with it, or purchase stainless steel or blue ones to add some color to the top of the curtains.

Swimming Whales Shower Curtain

Swimming Whales Shower CurtainPin

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Blue whales swim among the deep, blue sea on this shower curtain. Whales in navy and bright blue swim among waters that are light blue. White bubbles add some shapes and design to the curtain.

This would look great in a child’s, young adult’s, or guest bathroom. This curtain does not come with hooks, but you can purchase a set in a variety of styles and colors to match the blue whales.

Three Whales Shower Curtain

Three Whales Shower CurtainPin

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Three whales in various sizes swim above the ocean water on this shower curtain designed to display in a child’s bathroom. The gray-and-white zig-zag pattern in the background stands out against the blue whales and ocean at the bottom.

Complete your child’s bathroom with whale-inspired accessories and art.

Colorful Whale Shower Curtain

Colorful Whale Shower CurtainPin

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This colorful whale shower curtain will look great in a child’s bathroom. The whale is made up of various shapes and colors. He swims just above the ocean floor, which is made up of arches in blue, purple, and white.

Colorful bubbles in soft pastels float above the whale. Some fish and a crab swim around the whale to keep him company.

Mustached Whale Shower Curtain

Mustached Whale Shower CurtainPin

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This silly whale swims around wearing a black mustache on a shower curtain that belongs in a child’s bathroom. The whale blows out bubbles in an array of colors from his blowhole.

The image looks vibrant on the white shower curtain. Add a liner and colorful hooks to complete the look in your shower and bathtub.

Whale in Ocean

Whale in OceanPin

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The whale on this shower curtain is painted in soft grays and blues in watercolors. Dark drips of water in shades of blue and green spew out of the whale’s spout. He swims above waves in blue and green.

Find towels and mats in blues and greens to hang up and lay on the ground.

Underwater Whale Shower Curtain

Underwater Whale Shower CurtainPin

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A huge whale swims up to the surface as a girl in a sailboat looks down into the water on this beautiful image on the curtain. The watercolor image is painted mainly in blues and grays. A full moon can be seen around clouds and stars in the night sky.

Finding décor in blues to display on the countertop and walls of your bathroom that will go with this curtain.

Whale Pattern Curtain

Whale Pattern CurtainPin

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Whales in gray and turquoise swim across a white background on this shower curtain. The whales swim in a row in opposite directions, spraying out water from their spouts. Place this in a child’s bathroom for the young whale lover in your home.

This shower curtain comes in several lengths, is made of polyester, and can be washed in the washing machine.

Humpback Whale Shower Curtain

Humpback Whale Shower CurtainPin

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A dark humpback whale quietly swims in the blue ocean on this beautiful shower curtain. The watercolor image depicts the giant whale swimming gracefully in the ocean. The whale and ocean are painted in different shades of blue.

Hang up your new curtain as soon as it arrives with white plastic hooks that come with it.

Black and White Whales

Black and White WhalesPin

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Different whales drawn in black and white cover this shower curtain. Place this shower curtain in the guest bathroom or a bathroom where not much color and design is desired.

Hang up black-and-white towels to match, and bath mats to step on after a shower or bath.

Whale Blowing Water

Whale Blowing WaterPin

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This children’s shower curtains shows a blue whale spewing out large drops of water while swimming in the ocean. Blue wavy lines between white ones and a strip of turquoise is used to border the top part of the curtain.

The whale’s body is navy blue with a lighter tail, fin, and eye. The water droplets are in light and dark blue.

Whale Swimming with Fish

Whale Swimming with FishPin

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A humpback whale swims around bright-orange fish on this shower curtain. The whale and ocean are painted in blue watercolors. The small fish stand out in bold orange.

Hang up this shower curtain in the master or guest bathroom. Add a bathmat and towels in blue with some orange to go with the curtain.

Whales and Anchors Curtain

Whales and Anchors CurtainPin

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Whales printed in blue and pink swim among sailboats, anchors, and boat wheels on this shower curtain for a child’s bathroom. A boy or girl will love the images and colors in their bathroom.

Add décor in pink and blue with ocean scenes to match.

Whales Shower Curtain

Whales Shower CurtainPin

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Colorful whales of all types fall out of the showerhead to form a triangle on this comedic shower curtain. The whales fall to the ground in black, yellow, green, blue, orange, and white.

Some are wearing hats, while others are wearing headphones. A child who loves whales will enjoy seeing this scene in their bathroom.

Orca Whale Shower Curtain

Orca Whale Shower CurtainPin

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Two orca whales swim around each other, watching the viewer curiously. The whales are painted in dark blue with white markings. Dark bubbles surround the whales, with the light-blue ocean fading into white along the border.

Make sure to add other ocean décor throughout the bathroom, along with blue towels and mats.

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