What Color Walls Go With a Brown Sofa? (31 Ideas With Pictures)

Did you just buy a brown sofa? Then, congratulations on a new piece of furniture for your living room!

If you are tired of the color of your walls, there are plenty of shades to choose from to pair with your new brown sofa. Keep reading to get some ideas on what color wall to pair with your brown couch.

Brown and White Walls

Brown and White WallsPin

Brown and white walls will go with a brown sofa, as the picture shows. A wall covered in wood panels is just behind the brown sectional. A smaller white wall is on the far side, which leads to the dining room.

A brown rug matches the sofa and wall. Beautiful wood floors in a herringbone pattern cover the rest of the floors to the dining room.

A black circular coffee table is decorated with a book and décor in brown as well. The brown frame on the white wall needs a picture to add some color to the space. The brown wall would also look nice with a colorful picture or painting.

Dark Brown Bookshelf

Dark Brown BookshelfPin

A bookshelf can also act as a wall. This brown leather sofa sits in front of a large bookshelf in dark brown wood. The bookshelf seems to cover most of the space on the wall.

A white rug under the sofa helps it stand out against the dark bookcase and floors. White vases and books on the shelves match the plain white rug on the floor.

Books, vases, and other items are placed on the shelves to fill up the space and keep it looking interesting. All the furniture and items match well in neutral colors.

Cream Walls

Cream WallsPin

This brown sectional is surrounded by walls in cream. The panels and lines on the walls add design to the space, along with the framed images in several colors.

The panels on the walls are large enough to fit several items. One side is covered in framed images, while the other wall has a single hanging ornament above the couch. Both designs look great with the brown sofa.

The rest of the furniture and décor in the room go with both the couch and walls. A wooden bookshelf covers up part of the left side of the wall with books and other items.

Light-Gray Wall

Light Gray WallPin

This worn leather couch stands out well against the light-gray wall behind it. The rest of this modern living room is put together with various furniture pieces and décor that go with both the brown sofa and gray wall.

A rug with a blue and cream design fits well with the floor and wall. Sunflowers in a gray vase make the side table on the right pop with bright colors. Black lamps stand above the flowers to brighten the couch and surrounding area in the evenings.

A table with drawers and a brown bookcase stand near the wall on the left. The bookcase matches the leather couch.

Black Wall

Black WallPin

The black wall in this living room creates a dramatic look with the brown leather Chester sofa in front of it. The panels and lines on the black wall create a three-dimensional look.

The wood floors with a gorgeous herringbone pattern goes well with the Chester couch on top of it. The black carpet with its many curves goes with the black wall behind it.

Smaller pieces of furniture in black and brass match both the wall and couch. The coffee table and side table are both made with black tops on brass legs. The lamp is opposite with a brass shade on black legs.

Old Wooden Paneling

Old Wooden PanelingPin

This dark brown couch goes beautifully with both the old wooden paneling and white marbled walls. Both colors add an interesting break to the wall and living room. These walls also go well with other furniture and décor pieces in the room.

Both the couch and walls go with the beautiful wood floors, which is a shade of brown that is lighter than both the sofa and wall. A coffee table that looks like a storage chest also matches nicely with the browns in this living room.

The only things missing are pictures to hang on both the light and dark walls. These can be paintings or pictures in neutral or bright colors.

Brick Wall

Brick WallPin

A brick wall is a great choice to pair up with a brown sofa. Several of the bricks are in shades that match the brown on the couch. The red bricks are a great contrast against the brown sofa as well.

The tan plant pot matches the light wood floors well. The light floors brighten up the space against the dark brown and reds on the couch and wall.

The small palm adds height, style, and an additional color to this living room. Some pictures and wall décor would look great on the brick wall as well.

Gray Textured Wall

Gray Textured WallPin

This brown couch really stands out against the dark gray wall that is textured with brush strokes all over. The brown sofa pops against the grays in this living room.

The golden coffee tables match well with the brown on the couch and add interesting texture and design to the living room. The rug also adds more lines and texture with its black-and-white chevron pattern against the light gray floor.

Clocks are an interesting choice of wall décor but match the colors on the chevron rug. The lamp and shelf balance each side of the couch well.

White Brick Wall

White Brick WallPin

The white brick wall really brightens the space in this living room. It also makes the reddish-brown on the couch stand out against the black, white, browns, and other neutral colors in the room.

The white curtains against the other white wall also make the room look larger. A few pictures in black and white break up the space on the brick wall. Rugs in several sizes and styles do the same to the tan tiled floor.

The gray pillows don’t seem to match the brown couch, but go with the gray armchair, coffee table, and large rug. There is plenty of space for more pictures and prints on the wall above the brown bookshelf.

Light-Pink Wall

Light Pink WallPin

The brown velvet sofa matches the light pink and white walls around it. Browns, soft-pink, and grays seem to be the dominant colors in this living room.

Several shades of pink can also be seen on various décor pieces throughout the room. Dark pink stands out against the other colors on the abstract painting on the wall. Pillows and vases can also be seen in pinks.

The light-wooden coffee table and wood bookcase match well with the brown sectional, even though each piece of furniture is finished in a different shade of brown.

Dark-Green Wall

Dark Green WallPin

This dark-green wall looks beautiful against the brown sofa in this bold living room. Both colors complement each other well.

The flat coffee table looks a little low but goes with the couch, which sits low to the ground as well. The black on the table reflects the dark green on the wall, making the coffee table look green.

The white marbled floors brighten up the dark wall and couch and is a great contrast against the darker colors in this living room. Adding pictures, prints, or paintings in light colors to the green wall can also break up the space and lighten up the room as well.

Dark-Gray Wall

Dark Gray WallPin

This dark-gray wall is a sharp contrast against the light-brown sofa in this living room. Filtered sunlight coming in through the blinds from the window brighten up the dark colors in this room also.

The silver sectional breaks up the space on the blank wall in the back. Adding pictures and three-dimensional art to the wall would be a great use of this space.

The striped rug is a great choice for this room, since it combines browns and grays. The dark-brown pillows match the darker stripes on the rug and darker parts of the room.

Natural Brick Wall

Natural Brick WallPin

This natural-toned brick wall goes beautifully with this brown leather sofa in a rugged modern living room. Many neutral colors can be seen on the wall that match the brown on the couch and other parts of the room. Bright light from outside illuminates this part of the living room.

The rug adds some beautiful color to the space without overtaking it, since the colors are slightly muted. The nesting coffee tables match the brown on the couch and offer additional space to display décor.

Light bulbs hidden under glass is an interesting look for the wall. There is plenty of space for photographs and artwork to feature on the brick wall, too.

Gray Brick Wall

Gray Brick WallPin

The gray brick wall and sofa match each other well. Each brick is a different shade of gray to keep the wall looking interesting. Wood floors warm up the bottom part of the room with their deep colors and design.

The round, cream-colored rug matches the other colors in the room, as well as brighten up the space. Adding dark-blue pillows and a blanket to the couch is a great way to add some additional color.

The floor lamp, chandelier, and large windows can also brighten up the dark colors in this room on a sunny day.

Reddish-Brown Brick Wall

Reddish Brown Brick WallPin

This reddish-brown brick wall matches beautifully with the brown leather sofa and other seats in this urban-style living room. The couches and chairs are similar in color, while the bricks are all in different shades of red and brown.

Two side tables stand on either side of the large sofa by the wall. The tops are in red and brown to match both the couches and brick wall. A black coffee table sits in the center of the seats with a beautiful bouquet of white flowers.

The room would look more personal with a large picture or a series of pictures on the brick wall.

Teal Wall

Teal WallPin

This brown sofa sits in front of a wall painted a dark teal. This dark wall creates a moody atmosphere in this modern living room.

The floor lamp lightens up the couch and part of the wall, as well as the pillows on the couch in cream and tan colors. Gorgeous wood floors match the wooden coffee table and tall bookcase made of wood.

A cream-colored rug would look great on the floor near the sofa and coffee table. This would also further brighten up the room. Adding photographs or artwork on the wall would break up the blank space and add some color to the room as well.

White Walls

White WallsPin

White walls are a classic choice for a living room. They can brighten up the room and make it appear larger than it looks. White walls also look great when paired with brown sofas.

These white walls go well with the brown and beige sofas in this living room. Neutral colors keep the room looking natural with plenty of design. Large windows allow plenty of natural sunlight in during the day.

The lamps and coffee tables match the couches with hint of brown. A square print is a great choice to hang on the wall near the windows in the corner of the room.

Olive-Green Walls

Olive Green WallsPin

These olive-green walls go beautifully with this brown-leather sectional in the living room. Olive-green and white curtains are pushed aside to allow plenty of sunlight in from the large windows.

A dark-green rug with some design surrounds the couch and black coffee table, also matching the walls. Several pillows on the couch are covered in solid green or a cream-and-green design that also matches the walls and rug.

Pictures in neutral colors would look great on the walls and would fill up the blank space here. Adding green house plants would also be a nice touch.

White Walls With Dark-Brown Sectional

White Walls With Dark Brown SectionalPin

These white walls go well with the dark-brown sectional in this living room. The sectional fits perfectly in the corner next to the staircase, allowing plenty of space for more furniture and décor.

The brown sofa matches well with the wooden floors that are a shade lighter, as well as the stairs. The pillows are also in different shades of brown and also match the browns in the neutral-colored rug in the center of the room.

A white-and-brown lamp stands next to the couch and can also double as a décor piece. Adding a coffee table with candles would also make a great addition to this living room.

Cream-Colored Bricks

Cream Colored BricksPin

A brick wall in one shade of cream is a great choice to pair with the brown leather sofa in this living room. Other colors can be seen that match both the brown couch and cream wall.

Light olive-green curtains add some color to each corner of the windows, while sheer-white ones allow some filtered sunlight in. Both the couch and chair have pillows in blues, gray, and black-and-white that add some color and design to both seating areas.

Brown Wall

Brown WallPin

This soft-brown wall goes well with the bright leather sofa and rattan armchairs. The soft-pink, blue and yellow designs on the pillows match the neutral-colored walls, furniture, and other décor in the living room.

A mural or series of images in similar colors would be a great addition to the wall and room.

Blue Wall

Blue WallPin

The dark-blue wall contrasts well with the light-brown sofa and armchair in this living room. The dark wall is balanced out by the lighter colors in the furniture, rug, and wooden floors.

Dark-brown pillows are a great addition to the couch, as well as a great match with the dark-blue wall. A coffee table in dark colors with décor would look great in the center of the light-gray rug.



These bookshelves are filled with books in all kinds of colors. The wooden bookshelf acts as a wall since it takes up most of the space behind the brown leather sofa in this study. The covers of the books create a colorful scene with neutral-colored furniture in the foreground.

A rug in red with designs in several colors and wooden coffee tables make a great addition to the dark-colored floor.

White Paneled Wall

White Paneled WallPin

The white walls with panels is brightened up by the lights fastened on a paneled section. The brown leather sectional matches well with the white walls. There is plenty of space to add small pictures to each section of the wall.

The furniture set around the rug balances out the lighter walls and flooring to create a beautiful room in neutral colors.

Striped Green Walls

Striped Green WallsPin

A green wall is an interesting to choice to pair with a brown couch, but it works in this living room. Dark and light-green vertical stripes cover the wall just behind a brown sofa. The bright-green pillows help the couch go with the wall.

The green armchair and olive-green curtains also make a great addition to this living room.

Wood Walls

Wood WallsPin

Wood paneling paired with white wallpaper create a beautiful look in this study. The dark-brown leather sofa almost seems to blend in with walls that lead to a ceiling in the same wood.

A wooden chair and desk stand opposite the couch next to a cream-colored carpet on a white marble floor. This dark room can be brightened up by opening the curtains and letting in some light to enjoy the view.

White Wall

White WallPin

The white wall matches well with the brown sofa and other furniture in this living room. An abstract painting in neutral colors hangs just above the brown couch.

Gray pillows match the gray rug and curtains covered the large windows. Large and small house plants and flowers are a great addition of color and design to this living space.

Red Wall

Red WallPin

Make a bold statement by pairing a red wall with a brown couch in the living room. Bright orange pillows help the wall not stand out so much with the rest of the room. The beautiful wood floors also have a red tint to them that go with the wall.

A way to tone down the bold red wall is to add some paintings and prints in neutral colors to go with the rest of the room.

Black Wall With Brown Sofa

Black Wall With Brown SofaPin

A black wall creates a dramatic look with the brown sofa in this living room space. A large painting or several pictures on the wall can help balance out the dark and light parts of this room more.

Black-and-white curtains make a great pair on the window, as well as the rug in a black-and-white design.

Black Plaster Walls

Black Plaster WallsPin

Walls with black plaster surround two brown couches and armchairs in this living room. The top of the walls light up with lights that surround the entire room. The black coffee table seems to blend in with the gray rug under the couches.

Light-colored paintings, prints, and photographs on the walls would brighten the room up, as well as open windows on clear days.

Black and Gold Walls

Black and Gold WallsPin

Black walls trimmed in gold make a beautiful choice to pair with this golden-brown sofa. The entire living room glitters in gold and satin fabric on the couches, pillows, and rug.

The side table gleams in the same pattern as the walls. Mirrors on each wall make the room look larger than it is.

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