What Is a Chaise Sofa? (Including 15 Examples)

Chaise sofas include a lounging area where you can put up your feet while relaxing on the couch with family and friends. The chaise sofa is an updated version of the chaise lounge.

Chaise lounges became popular during the time French Victorian age in the 16th century. These were made for wealthy ladies who needed a place to relax that was not in the bedroom.

The chaise is now attached to one side of a sofa. Sofas are larger and can fit more people on the seats than the traditional chaise.

Chaise sofas can cost several hundred dollars to several thousand. This is based on materials, how many are made, and how in-demand the sofa is. These sofas are great to have around since people can sit on them or lay down.

Here are 15 examples with images:

Blue Chaise Sofa

Blue Chaise SofaPin

This blue sofa includes a chaise at one end that can be moved to the other side of the couch. It looks like it is made of polyester with plenty of cushioning, or another material that would be comfortable to lounge around on. The couch is slightly lifted from the ground on four, short legs made of wood.

This couch looks like it would be great to sleep on with the many pillows on it. The pillows add some great color and design to the couch.

Red Chaise Sofa

Red Chaise SofaPin

If you want to make a colorful statement in your living room, then purchase a red chaise sofa, similar to this one. It looks like a regular sofa, with extra material on one end. The arms, cushions, and sides are all made of the same material.

Pink pillows are a great contrast to the darker red on the couch and can add some great support to a weak or sensitive back. One pillow can be used to sleep on the chaise part of the couch.

Brown Chaise Sofa

Brown Chaise SofaPin

This two-toned brown chaise sofa will look great in a living room with other furniture in neutral colors. The light and dark-brown fabric is a great way to add some style and design without adding anything else to the sofa.

The dark-brown cushions can also be used to lay on while resting or watching television. A drink or remote control can rest on the flat armrests on either side of the couch.

Yellow Chaise Sofa

Yellow Chaise SofaPin

This bright-yellow sofa looks more like an abstract art piece than furniture. The flat cushions on both ends can be used as armrests and places to keep drinks and snacks. The wide chaise on the right looks large enough to fit two people at a time.

The gray pillows are a nice contrast with the yellow and add additional back support. The chaise part looks like it can be separated from the rest of the sofa if there is room to do so.

Purple-Blue Chaise Sofa

Purple Blue Chaise SofaPin

The purple-blue sofa looks like it can fit in the corner of the living room where the chaise is. The purple fabric is a great color if you want something that is not neutral, but it’s still light enough to pair with traditional colors.

The pillows add some dimension to the sofa, as well as back support and a place to lie your head when resting on the chaise side. Switch out the purple pillows for cushions in other colors and designs to match the season and rest of the room.

White Chaise Sofa

White Chaise SofaPin

This beautiful chase sofa looks modern in white, but don’t risk it if you have children or pets, unless you don’t mind stains or have an excellent stain remover. The solid black-and-yellow pillows add some color to the corner of the couch.

The chaise looks like a cozy area to rest on, since the back support goes almost to the edge on both sides. Add some colorful blankets for cold days and to decorate the couch with.

Light-blue Chaise Sofa

Light blue Chaise SofaPin

This pretty sofa is a great way to add some color to your living room. The black supports and legs add some color near the lower part of the sofa. Plenty of pillows are included for guests and family to use.

The chaise area can function as a sitting place or area for napping. Children who prefer sleeping with a lot of pillows will love to rest in this spot.

Light-brown Chaise Sofa

Light brown Chaise SofaPin

This sofa and pillows are a nice combination of patterns on a solid surface. The brown couch almost looks blush against the pillows that are designed with cream, pink, and gray lines woven throughout.

The chaise part of the sofa is smaller than many modern versions, but still is a great place to rest and relax during the day and night.

Tan Chaise Sofa

Tan Chaise SofaPin

If the chaise part of the sofa is not enough space, find one where the rest of it can be used as a bed like this one. The thin sides and back of this couch mean there is plenty of space to add thick cushions and pillows.

Blankets can be kept in a basket on the side when not in use during the day, or one can be folded on the couch to add some color to the space.

Blush Chaise Sofa

Blush Chaise SofaPin

Here is a blush-colored chaise sofa set up in a colorful living room. It looks great against the green wall with the chaise part near the window.

With the couch in this corner, guests and family members can still converse with each other, even if some are on the other side of the room.

Gray Chaise Sofa

Gray Chaise SofaPin

Several pillows add a pop of color to this gray chaise sofa. The red, lavender, and striped pillows look great against the solid-gray cushions on the couch.

Guests can choose to sit on the couch side or relax on the chaise. Both sides can be used to relax on if the people are small enough to lay on both ends.

Dark-blue Chaise Sofa

Dark blue Chaise SofaPin

This modern chaise sofa includes cushions with a damask design in blue and white. The sofa at the far right can be used as a pillow when someone wants to relax or take a nap on the lounge.

The couch looks great alone, since the cushions add some décor and design, along with wood on the armrests.

Light-gray Chaise Sofa

Light gray Chaise SofaPin

Place this sofa in a corner of your living room so that the back can hug two corners. Light-gray cushions provide plenty of comfortable seating and relaxing on all areas of the couch.

The colorful pillows with geometric patterns are a great way to add some color and design to the couch. Add a colorful blanket to match and for cold nights.

Beige Chaise Sofa

Beige Chaise SofaPin

There are plenty of pillows to share with a family who want to lounge on the couch for a movie night. A child or parent who needs to lay down can use the far corner.

The pillows provide extra back support. You can also swap these pillows for more colorful ones throughout the year to match your mood or the season.

Floral Chaise Sofa

Floral Chaise SofaPin

There is no need to add anything extra to this highly decorative couch. The entire couch is upholstered in a blue floral pattern. The pillows are also decorated with a floral pattern in orange and blue.

You can add a white or cream-colored solid blanket as décor, but this couch is beautiful on its own as a functional décor piece.

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